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Decide, Communicate, Execute

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Leaders have to lead in a world of high-speed, high-stress chaos. The essence of leadership is making good decisions; communicating those decisions and then seeing those decisions are executed in the midst of uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, fluidity and disorder. There are lots of ways to lose. A bad decision, regardless of how well communicated and executed will fail. A good decision poorly communicated will result execution failure. Then, there are times when great decisions are clearly communicated and still are not executed. Your mastery of these skills – or the lack thereof – will determine your future. Join Gene Blanton and his guest list of world-class leaders and elevate your ability to Decide-Communicate-Execute.
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Today Gene discusses the high cost of employee disengagement.
On today's show, Gene discusses one of the hardest jobs a leader has - Confronting Reality - as he reviews the book of the same title by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan.
Gene's guest today is his business partner at Boldmore Growth Partners, Wade Myers. Gene and Wade, a Harvard MBA grad, Boston Consulting Group alumni and serial entrepreneur discuss the difference between thinking strategically and tactically and making analytical decisions versus intuitive.
Gene unveils the lessons of entrepreneurship with special guest. Tune in!
How well are you able to find new talent? Are you able to keep them? It's one of the biggest challenges that leaders face. Gene explains the main things that keep employees happy, the big different a highly motivated employee can make, and of course what the Marines can teach you about recruiting.
Gene walks you through the 12 questions you need to ask as a leader before your company makes big decisions. Are there hidden biases in your organization?
Stuart Hunter and Chad Fleming - Benchmark never quits. Join Gene Blanton as he discusses leadership and decision-making strategies developed in the United States Marine Corps
Gene sits down this week with Bill Wallace, founder of Success North Dallas. They discuss servant leadership, the best leaders they've encountered, and how you can be a catalyst for success. Gene will also give you a short lesson in how being a follower is essential for being a good leader.
Legendary fighter pilot John Boyd is the mind behind the "O.O.D.A Loop," a method for understanding how to make good decisions. Gene walks you through the method, and explains the step that most people mess up.
Gene Blanton walks you through the reasons that businesses should pay attention to how the Marines approach leadership.
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