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Share strategies and tactics to overcome struggle and prepare for success. I served 26 years in prison. Lessons I learned changed the way I think and helped me develop a stronger mindset. Those mindset strategies and tactics prepared me for success. Each day I share those strategies and tactics to teach and inspire others. Click here to learn more about my story: Support this podcast:
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To build more success in your career, in your business, in your life, live authentically. That's a lesson I learned from leaders who held a success mindset. It worked for leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs. It also worked for me and it can work for you. If you want to learn more about the many lessons that powered me through 26 years in prison and allowed me to prepare for prosperity, please visit You can download a free book that will show you the meaning of authenticity. You can also see examples by checking out the website. --- Support this podcast:
When we live in a state of gratitude, more blessings open up for us. I learned that lesson while climbing through 9,500 days in prison. During those 26 years, I maintained a high level of energy and discipline, largely because I appreciated the many blessings that had come my way. Prior to learning about this concept of gratitude, a series of bad decisions drove my life. For that reason, I allowed others to influence me. Although I was a teenager when I began breaking the law, the bad decisions I made exposed me to severe challenges in the criminal justice system. Yet rather than blaming anyone or anything else for the predicament my decisions had created, I learned to think differently. And I'm grateful. Those new thoughts helped me feel stronger and helped to build my confidence. That made all the difference in the world. I learned to live in a state of gratitude​ and to be appreciative-even though I was in prison. To learn more, visit --- Support this podcast:
Success doesn't happen by accident and it rarely comes overnight. We're far more likely to succeed if we engineer the course of action. Take small, incremental action steps that can bring the outcome we want. In today's Michael Santos Mindset podcast, I talk about celebrating achievements. I used this strategy to stay motivated. That motivation allowed me to climb through 9,500 days in prison with a high level of energy and discipline. The prison system and authority figures controlled many aspects of my life. Yet I could control how I would respond to that environment. I could engineer a pathway that would lead to the outcome I wanted: to return to society successfully, with opportunities to thrive. Celebrating the small achievements helped me build confidence that I could take on larger achievements over time. Think of the long-term goals and take incremental action steps that can help you grow! To learn more, visit --- Support this podcast:
Do you really know what it means to be deliberate? In what ways are you sowing seeds today for the success you're determined to become tomorrow? This tactic of being aware is an essential component of the success mindset. I learned the importance of being aware, or keeping my head in the game, as I climbed through 9,500 days in prison. I knew that if I did not reach beyond the prison walls, the circumstances of my life would define my future. But I didn't want the prison to define me. I needed to tap into all of my critical thinking skills. Those skills would make me more aware of opportunities I could create or seize. That awareness tactic led me to publishing. I took the necessary steps to build credentials that would persuade publishers to bring my work to market. By publishing, I made the world aware of me. Are you ready to make the world aware of you? Then incorporate all tactics of the success mindset. To learn more, visit --- Support this podcast:
If you're after a success mindset, use accountability metrics to take you to the next level and the next level after that. With a success mindset, we look to where we want to be in the years and decades ahead. Without this tool, those visions seem distant. They're too far into the future. We can lose our way, much as we would lose our way if we were in the middle of the ocean and trying to make it to shore. One day we'd go in one direction, only to find that we're going in a different direction the next day. An accountability metric becomes our compass, keeping us going in the right direction at all times. I relied on accountability metrics to ensure I made progress during each of the 9,500 days that I served in prison. When I concluded my term, I used accountability metrics to track progress toward the first $1 million in assets I wanted to build. Now I'm using metrics to reach $10 million in assets. Create an accountability to fuel your success! Visit --- Support this podcast:
What action steps have you taken today to show your commitment to the success you want to build in the months and years ahead? I'm Michael Santos and I'm absolutely certain that if you follow the strategies and tactics that powered me through 9,500 days in prison, you will achieve higher levels of success. Strategies and tactics lead to a positive mindset. Taking action is an essential tactic. In today's podcast, I talk about the different tactics I used to build energy and focus. I woke early. I recorded my progress. I let the world know what I was going to do, when I was going to do it, and how the efforts I took would translate into success. I documented the tactics in a simple book I wrote called Prison! My 8,344th Day. Start taking action today and you'll achieve higher levels of success in the future. Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed? For more insight, visit --- Support this podcast:
Do you know the secret to maintaining a high level of energy and discipline? Let me tell you the solution that worked for me. I powered through 26 years as a prisoner with a success mindset. I didn't go into prison with a success mindset. Rather, I cultivated that success mindset through books I read. Those books taught me how to think about what I could do with resources around me. How could I use every day to maximize prospects for success-as I defined success. And I defined success as being able to return to society strong, with opportunities to live as a fully functioning citizen Since I knew what I wanted, I could set a clear course of action. That course of action would drive me through the years and decades ahead. I knew what books I should read. I knew how I should spend each day. I knew that if I wanted to advance prospects for success, the responsibility was on me. Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed? For more insight, visit --- Support this podcast:
Do you have the right attitude? How would you know? I'm Michael Santos and I can tell you how having the right attitude made all of the difference in my life. The right attitude powered me through 26 years in prison, and having the right attitude led to my first million dollars after I returned to society. We get the right attitude when we make a 100% commitment to success. And we all define success differently. That's the reason I strongly encourage you to define success in your life. What does success look like? In my case, I am willing to work seven days a week. I'm willing to work as many as 18 hours a day, with total focus and commitment. It's my way of living with the right attitude. There isn't any complaining. Instead, it's all about gratitude. I'm grateful. No complaining. Identify your values and goals. Then move toward them with a 100% commitment. That's why you have the right attitude. For more insight, visit --- Support this podcast:
What are you doing today to put yourself on a pathway to success? Setting clear goals is an essential tactic that will lead you into a better place, regardless of what external circumstances are governing your life today. I learned the importance of goals at the same time that I was learning the importance of mindset and making values-based decisions. Those success mindset tactics powered me through struggle and put me on the pathway to prosperity. Living in accordance with strategies and tactics will do the same for you. One of the first goals I had to conquer when I got out of prison was to get a driver's license. I didn't know that I'd forgotten how to drive. While serving 26 years, driving was not a part of my life. I had to learn all over again. But achieving the goal of getting a driver's license was the first step. It led to my getting a bank account. With a job and a bank account, I could take the next step to acquire assets. Visit for more. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the Michael Santos Mindset podcast. Really want to share the strategies that powered me through 26 years in prison. Strategies and tactics helped me to develop a mindset of success. I'm confident a success mindset can lead you to prosperity, too. In what ways are you defining success? In what ways does your definition of success define your mindset? Regardless of what challenges you're facing, or what external circumstances complicate your life, you can begin sowing seeds today that will lead to a better outcome. When we know the outcome we're after, we can begin laying out the path that will take us there. I used strategies and tactics to climb through 9,500 days in prison. I still use strategies and tactics as I build my career in society. If you want to see how a positive, mindset of success drives all of my decisions, then Visit I document the journey every day with hopes of teaching and inspiring others to build a positive mindset. --- Support this podcast:
In what ways are you striving to build a million dollars in equity? What options exist? In what ways do you invest time, energy, and resources to pursue the best option. Today's podcast offers strategies to guide your thoughts. When authorities released me from 26 years in prison, I wanted to build $1 million in assets and I had to consider options. I considered starting a business, the stock market, and real estate. To make a good decision, I considered strengths and weaknesses. Like everyone, I knew I had strengths in some areas. I had weaknesses in other areas. To build $1 million in equity, I had to focus on strengths. I chose to invest in assets that stood a strong chance of appreciating in value. The more assets I built, the more I increased my likelihood of earning millions. Get started in building assets. You may earn $1 million or more, too! Visit for strategies that worked for me and that can work for you. --- Support this podcast:
Do you know what happens when you keep everything you say, everything you think, and everything you do in harmony? When we keep everything we think, say, and do in harmony, we develop a success mindset. Use this strategy to grow and become more successful. It will help you build a pathway from where you are to where you want to go. I kept everything I said, thought, and did in harmony while I climbed through 9,500 days in prison. The strategy influenced the books I read, the people with whom I interacted, the lessons I learned. Because I could build that success mindset, I opened opportunities to publish. And by publishing, I built a stronger support network. And by building a stronger support network, I got out of prison successfully-with opportunities to build business, contribute to society, and create prosperity. If you want to build more prosperity, start by investing in yourself. Develop a success mindset and you'll achieve more. Visit for more details. --- Support this podcast:
In 2008, the venerable Wall Street firm, Lehman Brothers collapsed, wiping out assets worth trillions of dollars. That collapse led to the greatest recession of our lifetime. The stock market collapsed. The real estate market collapsed. Credit dried up. It was a tough time for many families. Since then, markets recovered and even soared to new highs. In the event of another correction, will you be prepared? A success mindset will help. In this episode, I talk about strategies to prepare for war in times of peace. Like many Americans, I've had a prosperous several years. Yet assets worth millions of dollars do not solve all problems. Think ahead. Prepare for turmoil ahead. At I show the different strategies that I'm using. Acquiring real estate with leverage is one strategy. To fund assets, I create opportunities to raise capital. I prepare every day. I encourage you to do the same. Apply strategies and tactics to build your success mindset. --- Support this podcast:
Are you ready to start building more success in your life? Then change the way you think! In today’s Michael Santos Mindset episode I reveal how a success mindset it like connecting dots. I had to start connecting dots at the start of a journey that would carry me through 26 years in federal prison. I’m revealing those dots on the My Story section of in an accordion fashion. The story is long, so I model the message after what I learned from #GaryVaynerchuk; if you haven’t listened to @garyvee I highly recommend him as a resource. I learn a lot about creating digital content from Gary's work. Readers who want to see how a success mindset carried me through the journey can see how I connected dots that led to academic credentials, publishing credentials, raising capital, investing in stocks, building businesses, and earning millions of dollars—even though I began the journey from deep in the bowels of America’s prison system. I hope you subscribe and share. --- Support this podcast:
I’m 54 years old as I record this podcast, on September 9, 2018. The Michael Santos Mindset podcast teaches others how to reach a higher potential, to break free from struggle, to build more success by changing the way we think. In episode three that I published yesterday, I revealed those ten-steps to a success mindset. In today’s episode I reveal how a success mindset led to my building $5 million in assets during my first five years of liberty. Anyone who applies these strategies and tactics to build a success mindset can build more relevance, meaning, and success in life and business. If the strategies and tactics of a success mindset could work for me, they can absolutely work for anyone else who applies themselves. Remember that a success mindset requires a pattern of visualizing the best possible outcome. Creating a plan that will take you from where you are to where you aspire to go. Putting priorities in place. Then executing the plan every day. Visit --- Support this podcast:
What is the Success Mindset? In this episode,​ I reveal more about the curriculum I’m creating at to the very clear pathway that will lead to a success mindset. I learned these techniques while I was locked inside of a jail cell as I was starting a sentence that would keep me in prison for multiple decades. By changing the way I think—developing a success mindset—I created opportunities that allowed me to grow. That success mindset led to new opportunities for building prosperity upon release. Now I teach that success mindset to others. Carole, my wife, is using the success-mindset techniques to launch a new business related to hospital consulting. You can use these success-mindset techniques to reach higher levels of performance in your life. Have you thought about steps you can take today to become more successful tomorrow? Today’s episode will give you the strategies that have worked for me and that can work for you! --- Support this podcast:
Creating success after struggle requires incremental action steps. After 26 years in prison, I knew that I had to take specific action steps to build stability for my wife and me. What strategies are you using to build prosperity? To get to the next level, my wife used the same type of mindset strategies that motivated me through prison. We thought about ways that we could raise capital to acquire real estate. Since traditional financing like mortgages and bank loans were not available to me when I got of prison, I used creative financing techniques. By thinking creatively, we succeeded in acquiring real estate. And during the first five years of my liberty, we conducted more than $9 million in real estate transactions. Those strategies were possible because of our mindset. Now we’re using the same strategy to prepare for the next five years. It’s my way of incorporating lessons I learned from Professor Marshal Goldsmith’s book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. --- Support this podcast:
Revealing background on how Socrates inspired me to change the way that I think. I was locked inside of a federal prison, facing a life sentence. Rather than dwelling on the struggle, I learned how to think about what I could do to make things right. By changing the way I thought, I could seize or create opportunities. Adhering to a values-based, goal-oriented strategy empowered me and brought discipline. I used that same strategy to begin building my career after 26 years in prison. By changing my thoughts, opportunities opened for me to acquire assets and prepare for prosperity. I encourage listeners to use this same mindset to build their lives. --- Support this podcast:
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