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A therapist and genealogical investigator narrate interviews with real people about their experiences with shocking DNA revelations like paternity fraud, Non-Paternal Events (NPE), donor conceptions and adoptions, whether discovered by a commercial DNA test or a known disclosure. Using a blend of humor, education and awe, these two friends make sense of one of the fastest growing segments of popular culture - the surprise DNA discovery. Hosted by Christina Bryan Fitzgibbons and Jodi Klugman-Rabb.
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Julie was raised in a nice Irish Catholic family and knew from an early age she was adopted.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s more to it than that, since our stories never end in the easy places.  
In a rare treat, we get to share an interview with a biological parent.  It's rare for many reasons, but this is special because it's Allie's biological mother (previous episode).  You'll get to hear another side of this amazing story, equally as elegant and heart-warming as Allie's story.
We can’t wait for you to meet Alli.  Her episode is told through the eyes of the adoptee, and will linger in your memory the way only a good story can.  And stay tuned for the next episode, which includes an interview with her biological mother.  
When we last left Damon, he had just decided to search for his biological father.    He thought it would be as straight forward as finding Ann, but not much in the MPE, adoption world is straight forward.  Just how many DNA tests does one person have to take to find a parent anyway?
In this episode we meet Damon Davis, the former Director for the Health Data Initiative in the office of the Chief Technology Officer under the United States Department of Health & Human Services. Since holding that position, Damon has also added author and hosts the podcast Who Am I Really?, sharing adoption stories and attempts at reunion, like his own.  Damon’s story of adoption was so impactful we decided to tell it in two parts.
Like many MPE’s Laura felt different, never quite feeling she fit into the family.  And that was just the beginning of a strange and difficult journey, leading to a heartwarming ending. Laura’s adoption story was not so much told to her as something she sought out for herself, using her intuition to search for clues and follow leads.  Starting with intense studying of her adoption paperwork, Laura astutely put together the facts on the forms didn’t make sense. And those early days spent studying in the closet ultimately paid off.
Da Rhonda shares her incredible story of a childhood as one of three children with parents who were closely biologically related and not able to be the parents they should have been, resulting in more than just an MPE.  Despite her struggles, Da Rhonda displays resilience and hope, a true inspiration. Episode warning: If you lived a chaotic and abusive childhood, this episode may be triggering or may be hard to hear.If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence in the United States, the National Domestic Violence Hotline advocates are available at 1-800-799-SAFE and through online chatting at you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story on the show, contact us at
At ten years old, Stacy found divorce paperwork that detailed the child support and some confusing NPE news regarding her sister.  Divorces would become familiar experiences for Stacy’s mom as Stacy would gain fathers and lose them until the final discovery in 2019.  Family for Stacy has been experienced between two extremes: “you’ll find out when I die” and “you would have been in our lives”. Stacy tells us about walking on eggshells with mom, being a peacekeeper and family mementos.You can support the podcast at:
Cory was the favorite in the family but always thought her stepfather was a bit odd.  Then, more oddities began appearing when Cory realized there no pictures of herself over a period of time, as if she didn’t exist.  She was taught not to trust her intuition, an important skill for a performer to be denied.  Learn about Cory’s journey to DNA discovery, with identity confusion, mental health consequences and secret photos of a strange man holding her at 9 mos old.  You’ll never look at LinkedIn the same.
Tiffany and the Artist:Fatherhood means many things, but usually not multiple men.  Tiffany grew up with the ghost of her assumed, beloved father who died when she was at a tender age.  Later adopted by a step-father, she grew to know the love a father until she discovered she was donor conceived.  Tiffany’s story is full of twists and surprises, including an explanation for her artistic skills.  Tiffany teaches us about rewriting ourselves, discovering family and finding the right answers.
Born from an affair, Dinah understands the hardship of the MPE journey. She knew perseverance from living with a genetic disability so when biological family wouldn’t respond to her, she had some resilience already in place. Dinah teaches us how to have self-compassion, how to overcome feeling stuck in negative thinking, how to recognize synchronicities and a great way to respond to biological family with a pie metaphor.
Donor conception gets a lot of press these days, particularly because of the prolific donations in the US resulting in tens, if not hundreds, of siblings in some cases.  Lindsay is one such donor conceived person, who inconceivably has decided she has unfair expectations of her donor, a mere nine months into the discovery.  Although, that wasn’t the first time she discovered she was donor conceived - she was 18 when mom first tried to tell her.  With the help of an amazing group of new biological siblings, Lindsay has adapted to her DNA discovery in impressive ways.If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing your DNA discovery, contact Jodi & Christina at
Every so often we hear a story that puts our mouths agape, which is saying something considering the nature of our podcast. You may find this true when you hear how Brad learned of his adoption. Family secrets occur for many reasons and are met with a myriad of responses when an adoptee learns their story for the first time. And sometimes the shock just keeps coming. It certainly did for Brad, an active law enforcement officer, when he learned his biological father’s identity. Trust us. You want to hear this one. If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing your DNA discovery, contact Jodi & Christina at
Jodi - Part 2

Jodi - Part 2


Jodi’s story and candid conversation with Christina continues in this second part to the series. Not one to talk about herself often, Jodi opens up about trust issues she never knew she had and the effects of the discovery on family dynamics that haunt her to this day.  If you ever wondered how a therapist would handle upsetting family dynamics, this is your opportunity to compare what you would do.  Equal parts heartwarming acceptance from new family, and estrangement from known family, Jodi’s story describes what’s possible along the journey and what’s wrong with family secrets. The effects of misattributed parentage (MPE), aka non-paternal event or not parent expected (NPE), is far reaching and long lasting.  Jodi talks openly about the effects and the journey, lending a bit of the professional insight that helped her cope.  Of course, there’s a country song in there somewhere.If you or someone you know would like to share their DNA discovery story, contact Jodi and Christina at  Get to know Christina’s work as a #dnasleuth at and Jodi’s work with #parentalidentitydiscovery at
In the Season 3 finale, we are pleased to present actor, comic, motivational speaker, author and NPE, Tom Dreesen.  Tom began his career as one half of the first black and white comedy duo with Tim Reid, went on to hold roles on tv and film, hosted the Tonight Show in David Letterman’s absence and opened for some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, including Frank Sinatra whom he developed a very close relationship with.    Despite a long list of professional accolades, Tom’s proudest achievement is being awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award for humanitarian service to his country, because of the connection it represented to his father.A celebrated comic, Tom has a special way of telling a story; we’ve never heard an NPE story told quite this way before.   Hear how Tom learned who his father was, who knew, and the promise he made to his mother.   You’ll be inspired by a funny, charismatic man Frank Sinatra said “is a brilliant comedian and a master, Master of ceremonies.”  You can find his new book Still Standing: My Journey from Streets and Saloons to the Stage and Sinatra everywhere books are sold.Look for Season 4 in late 2020.   In the meantime, if you, or someone you know would like to be featured on an episode, contact Jodi and Christina at This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Eve Sturges

Eve Sturges


Eve Sturges is a therapist who was minding her own business until a life-changing message found its way to her, making her an NPE. She talks about resilience, synchronicity, the inevitability of life-changing news, and the repairs she made with her parents.Learn more about Eve’s LA-based therapy practice at and her podcast Everything’s Relative where you listen to podcasts.Do you, or someone you know, want to be featured on an episode of Sex, Lies & the Truth?  Get in touch with us at and learn more about Jodi and Christina.
Richard's Three Dads

Richard's Three Dads


Richard always had a hunch he was not his father's son.  This is the story of the ultimate discovery based on intuition and the changes in identity and family dynamics that result.  Get to know Richard and his family and how he's dealt with this life changing revelation.If you, or someone you know, would like to be featured on the podcast contact Jodi or Christina at
As a co-host of the podcast, Jodi has given snippets of her NPE experience alongside the guests, and in the episode with her brother Sean in season one.  In this first installment of a multi-part series, we take a deep dive into Jodi's story of TWO NPE revelations with three dads, and how Christina guided her through the process.  Jodi speaks candidly about family dynamics and emotional turmoil, giving you a peak behind the curtain, if you will.Jodi merged the personal experience of being an NPE with her expertise as a Marriage & Family Therapist to pioneer the first, and only, treatment protocol dedicated to the DNA discovery population, Parental Identity Discovery™, a curriculum she teaches in addition to using in her clinical work with patients.  Read more about Jodi on her website Learn about Christina's work on her website
Libby Copeland

Libby Copeland


Libby Copeland writes extensively about the NPE experience in her new book The Lost Family. Have questions about the origins of the various commercial DNA testing companies? She's got the answers. Wonder how the discovery of falsified parentage will affect society? Libby's on it. This isn't your typical Sex, Lies and The Truth episode.
Christina and Jodi are back with a new format after a long, unexpected hiatus.  Sometimes life gets in the way, which no one understands better than someone who discovered a surprise DNA revelation, like an NPE.  Alecia was a woman minding her own business, rehabbing after a significant medical surgery, when she discovered she wasn't the daughter of the man who raised her.  The search for her father took some twists and turns, involved rejection, misdirection and eventually a sense of family with newly found second cousin, Janet.  Ultimately, Alecia turned this experience into a passion for helping others in her position and is a partner in spearheading the Right to Know, an organization devoted to helping craft legislation for those in the NPE, donor conception and adoption worlds to know where their genetic identity comes from. Get to Know Alecia's work at Sex, Lies and the Truth is written and produced by Christina Bryan Fitzgibbons and Jodi Klugman-Rabb, LMFT.  Visit to learn more or to contact the hosts. 
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