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Discover your next adventure here or check off your bucket list destinations. Travel tales by travel professionals, authors, historians, linguists and more who make the unusual, niche and unique trips happen!
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New Destinations For Experienced Travelers ( ( I had to assign Katherine Parker-Magyar a spirit animal it would be a youthful pup caught in a "full-body-wag". "You love travel? I love travel! LET'S TALK TRAVEL!" is my experience interviewing Katherine. Katherine Parker-Magyar has the accomplishments of a rigorous academic, a sense of adventure rivaling Lewis and Clark and stamps on her passport to brag about. This episode will expose you to the joy Katherine brings to travel writing and perhaps pick up a few new destinations for your bucket list! We cover the world by region and explore alternative destinations for travelers that have trekked the well-worn paths of popular destinations.In additional to her bylines (Architectural Digest, Forbes, The Week, Business Insider and more...) Katherine shares her love of books and her favorite charities. The Amal Foundation aims to support young Palestinian refugees seeking higher education. Amal, in Arabic, translates to "hope" in English. That is exactly what this foundation does and for a staggeringly affordably cost. (See link below.)Podcast Topics Include:Where are millennials from China traveling?The friendliness and culture of DominicaSanta is from Finland!Vet what you read and choose reputable travel journalists writingChoose to consume reputable travel productsWhen in doubt, ask a professional. Find and travel agent with experience in the region you want to travel in.Tips on travel writingThe art of hoarding and moving booksArt of Blenheim Palace and the Birth Place of Winston ChurchillBring a portable chargerRegister for travel rewards!Travel to build relationships and goodwillThe Amal FoundationWhat is Katherine’s favorite state? WYOMING!New locations to visit for the seasoned jetsetterAlternate locations to popular tourist spots350th Anniversary Rembrandt, an artist for our time... selfies and naked women!Where to see live bears in a city center!Swim in ancient thermal spas formerly home to mythical dragons...Katherine's closing words, "I don't want to play favorites... but everyone should go to Dominica and Kenya!" Special Guest: Katherine Parker-Magyar.
Cloe Jager:Aussie | Journalist | Travel Lover | PodcasterJournalist by day and podcaster by night, Cloe Jager joins the podcast to talk about traveling in Australia. She is also the host of the Travel Lust Podcast. Cloe brings her passion for travel to Travel Radio Podcast this week to help travelers manage expectations and travel smarter while touring in Australia. Topics Include:• Is Cloe an Aussie criminal?• Local weather trends• Are locals friendly? (Please note Cloe's spot on "Old Timer" voice...)• Three cities to visit as a tourist• Where to surf (not Cloe's strong suite, but she knows where to go!)• Interacting with indigenous people• Marijuana Tourism• Snorkeling• Transportation in Australia• Tasmania, the forgotten island of exploding apples• Is smoking acceptable in Australia• Shark detection app• Talk about a "walk about"• Traditional greetings - "Hey" or "G'day"?• What side of the street to walk on?• Translating an Aussie menu• DON'T LITTER• Cloe's Australian location bucket list Special Guest: Cloe Jager.
Flying Virgin Atlantic Airlines For the First TimeOn today's episode Joe and Sara Springer join the podcast to bring two different perspectives on flying Virgin Atlantic for the first time. We talk Wine Bingo, Lady Gaga's meat dress, beating the "touchscreen" entertainment console, Laser beam eyes and more...Hands down - Three for three participants give Virgin Atlantic two thumbs up! Points:Where to book your flightsCompare Economy Basic to extra leg room in Comfort DelightFlying Virgin Atlantic with kids in tow vs. middle seat single travelerWhere did my leg room go..? vs. building blanket forts in an entire rowMeal service to other in flight mealsGetting boozy mid-AtlanticIn flight entertainmentSpecial Guests: Joseph Chapa and Sara Springer Kroupa.
Strumming the Spirit of Aloha Through AlaskaRowena describes "Aloha" as, "Sharing the best of myself with you and in return you share the best of yourself with me."If the temperature of traveling to Alaska concerns you - traveling with a pair of Hawaii ambassadors will insulate you better than your downy parka. Brain and Rowena Vasquez will share their aloha and advanced ukulele instruction on this 2nd annual Ukulele Lover's Cruise. this episode you will here Rowena, Brian and Chuck recap the 2018 Ukulele Lover's Cruise and what guests can look forward to for the 2020 cruise to Alaska. Rowena stresses that this is not a cruise where you will learn a few songs; typical of the begginer instruction level they offer on Hawaii itineraries. They truly want you to understand and learn the instrument. Participants must have ukulele basics (strumming and three common chords) in order to join in the instruction. Additional episode topics cover:Alaska ItineraryCabin choicesPast guest success storiesRowena's book project, "Random Acts of Aloha"The amazing wedding makeup artist that helped me out on my horrible face day. Thanks Vegas Barbie!DON'T FOR GET THE COZYPHONES GIVEAWAY!There are only two days left to sign up for the Cozyphone giveaway. Simply sign up for the NEWSLETTER. ( One Travel Radio Listener will be chosen to recieve a pair of Cozyphones headphones. Read the review of the children's Cozyphones HERE ( Special Guests: Brian and Rowena Rasquez and Chuck Kennedy.
Easter Pilgrimage Podcast!An estimated 168 Million Christians take faith based trips each year! The events of the Easter season and their locations are among the most popular destinations. As the Easter season approaches and Christians set off on their travels, maybe you are feeling left behind. Are you wondering where they are going? What are they doing? What is so important about Easter? Today's episode will shed light on these locations and thier historic significance. by Stephanie LeBlanc on UnsplashJudy Yirsa, St. Christopher Mission's Travel, specialises is Catholic Pilgrimages for faith based groups and families. As a past guest on Travel Radio Podcast, Judy has shared a selection of Catholic Pilgrimage routes. Of particular interest is her episode on Oberammergau, a Passion Play, only performed every ten years - don't miss it! Listen to that episode HERE. ('t forget to enter the Cozyphones giveaway for April 2019! Read Megan's Review ( and Subscribe to Newsletter ( Judy joins Travle Radio to explore Catholic Pilgrimage options as related to the upcoming Easter Holiday. From land to sea there are MANY options available to the faith curious tourist. We will explore some of those options on this episode including, guides, mobility concerns, language requirments, travel cash, visas, etc. FUN FACT: Judy loves planning pilgrimages so much she and her husband honeymooned to Catholic Pilgrim destinations in Europe!Episode Topics Include:* A 5 Star Review* Judy's experience with Cozyphones* History of Easter Pilgrimages* Judy's Recent Family Pilgrimage to Paris* Potential Routes and Locations for Easter Pilgrimages* Addressing Mobility Concerns* Language Concerns* Money Exchange* Visa Requirments* Cruise and River Cruise Pilgrimage Options* The FANNY PACK IS BACK!* Alternatives to the Fanny Pack Lara Croft Would Wear* Thank you and good bye! Special Guest: Judith Romera Yirsa.
DISCLAIMER: This episode is awesome. We cry within 5 minutes of Joe's introduction... Joe Sanok started his counseling career by running a yacht club for troubled youth, worked his way to a successful counseling practice and the NUMBER ONE mental health podcast on iTunes, "The Practice of the Practice". Topics Include:Joe's history working with troubled youthJoe's career as a counselorKnowing your child's strengths and identifying activites they can succeed inKnowing your child's triggers and identifying ways to curb or avoid travel that sets them offSetting expectations before travelingPlanning comparable punishments/consequences for public placesDo's and Don'ts of travel planningHow to involve kids in travel planningSpecific destination/activity ideas commentaryCozyPhones Headphones GIVEAWAYA full review of the products are coming soon. Simply subscribe to the Travel Radio Podcast newsletter, during the month of April, and be entered to win. Winner must be US Citizen. Prize fullfillment to be provided by Cozyphones. Sign Up Here: NEWSLETTER SIGN UP FORM ( Outs:Courtney AbramovitzTravel Planner504 434 0616Courtney@travelcentralvacations.comhttp://www.travelcentralvacations.comHelen QuickCruise Special Guest: Joe Sanok.
Jon Wu? More like Joni Wooo Hooooo!'s clients love her and you will know why after listening to this episode. Her connections in the travel industry mean her clients get white gloves service and extra amenities wherever they go. How does Joni define success? She measures in thank you notes and Christmas Cards!I asked Joni where she would eat as a luxury travel planner. Joni eats it all! She loves a Michelin rated restraunt but give her a food truck serving fried chicken butt and she's in heaven! Shout outs go to Matthew Wahlgren, our unexpected but mutual friend, and consumer of chicken butts. Joni is a gem! She travels extensively and her Instagram account is worth a gander. Check out her latest IG story ( highlighting her my recent trip to SE Asia. Special Guest: Joni Wu.
Mt. Everest Base Camp, A Surprisingly Achievable Bucket List Expedition interviewing Karl Nessler ( and contact info by clicking his guest profile up top) I am convinced that choosing your expedition guide carefully is of utmost importance when hiking to Mt. Everest base camp. Without reserve I can say that Karl Nessler embodies the proper proportions of first hand experience, cultural knowledge, wilderness skills and a genuine love for people both Nepalese and tourists. Hiking to Mt. Everest Base Camp your body and mind will be taxed and tested. Choose a guide that is invested in you and aware of the processes you are experiencing. Karl has a 100% success rate to date. You will understand why after listening today.You can accomplish this trek. Karl might just be the guide for you! Topics in Episode Include:* Karl's first experiences on Mt. Everest* Experiencing the avalanche and aftermath in 2014* Experiencing the earthquake of 2015 on the glacier* Karl's commitment to Elevate Nepal (, a charity rebuilding villages in and around Mt. Everest (Play to see Karl in action and the beautiful community he is working hard to rebuild.)* * Summiting Mt. Everest* How to acclimation works in preparing to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest* Descending (Megan's version less technical... throw that bag down the Mt!)* Hiking to Mt. Everest Base Camp* Premium Inclusions in the trips Karl leads* Anywhere gear and inclusions* Transportation to include flights in, hiking with Yaks and a helicopter descent* Local Cultural and religious Interactions* A conservative approach to acclimation* Who is this trip for? Can you go with a heart condition? Physical ailments? * Sherpa vs Porter? Why you should use one* Accommodations* Karl's role beyond leading guests to the base camp* What surprises hikers about the trek?* What motivates hikers?* Past client's testimony blogs* Warnings* Training (see links on "long-ass walks with backpacks" below) Special Guest: Karl Nessler.
Single Travelers Resolve to Travel More in 2019!Today's episode is really fantastic for Baby Boomers who are active and would love to travel more! Singles Travel International aims to matchmake you with a compatible travel partner. Offering both land based and cruise type intineraries.Episode Topics Include:Introduction of delightful guest Tammy Weiler ( of Singles Travel International (STI)Who is the right fit for STI?How does the matchmaking process work?What types of travel does STI offer?Sample ItinerariesAre "non-singles" welcome?What happens if they discover someone is not single while on a trip?What does client success mean to STI?Food talk! What is Tammy's favorite quisine?Tammy asks Megan about why she does Travel Radio Podcast?Things get deep...Closing and goodbye!Creating life-changing singles travel experiences and unique opportunities to meet the world…together!!!(877) 765-6874Singles Travel International’s exclusive singles tours range from Caribbean Cruises for singles to fascinating, bucket list destinations like Antarctica, Galapagos and Alaska! On our vacations for singles, solo travelers meet other singles and travel in the safety of a group. Save money on single supplements – let us match you with a suitable roommate or save on our no single supplement cruises. Singles Travel International: See the world in community with other singles! Special Guest: Tammy Weiler.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am so thankful to have had so many persons from so many countries listen in 2018. My aim is to keep bringing interesting destinations, new types of travel and the professionals of the trade to the podcast. The line up is filling out nicely and I hope you enjoy my guests. They are meant to be a resource to you in planning your next adventure and would love to hear from you! #travelonAs always, if you have enjoyed this podcast series, please leave a comment or review. I would be delighted to ehar from you. info@travelradiopodcast.comBlessings to you this 2019!XOMegan Chapa - Host Travel Radio PodcastToday's podcast takes us to Windsor Castle post Royal Wedding. Despite me second guessing myself "on-air" most of my claims are true! Ha! Now, enjoy, fact check for yourself as always and please call a travel planner to make the most of your limited vacation time! Links below! Bau Baux travel jacket promised a lot on their Kickstarter campaign. I bought in hard. In fact, I bought two of these jackets, a men's for Joe and a women's for myself. After waiting almost a year for the final product I am sorrily dissapointed. I'm going to give them an "E" for Effort, a "D" for Dream a great product up and finally a "U" for Uncomfortable. Link below., one travel product Santa gave our daughter is the Instax Mini 9 instant camera. This little gem is durable and easy to use. We took this on our five day trek to Kent a few weeks ago and instanteously have a photo album of our adventure. This one is a winner! Now, to watch for Instax film to go on sale! Link below! Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.
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