DiscoverBuilding Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti
Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti
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Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti

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These podcasts are about building better relationships at home and work with Angela Ambrosia, Love and Relationship Coach and Patti Oskvarek, Leadership and Work-Life Balance Coach.
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Today we will explore how to interact with Social Media and keep yourself focused on the impact that social media and addictive viral media has on how you treat others with care or carelessness. When Angela trained in Mass Communication we researched the history of documentary and fiction film, radio, creative video and theater. She used the term Mass Communication and the modern forms of Social Media and Viral Media grew out of these forms of mass communication as a way for every human to participate actively in all forms of mass communication. Social Media was a way for the people to create their own stories and respond to the mass media being projected on them or about them. In spiritual work we call this type of collective back and forth of thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and communication in humanity - Mass Consciousness.  Angela always been struck by how Mass Communication and Mass Consciousness are two very different worlds of the media and spirituality that have a lot to offer each other about how to control or worsen the negative aspects of human thoughts and emotions.   Mass Consciousness is the collective thoughts and emotions created, experienced and projected by humans through all time.  This includes all the literature, all media, all the thoughts your ancestors had, all the thoughts you have when you’re not even aware you’re having thoughts. Some people also refer to Mass Consciousness as the thought sphere.  However, Mass Consciousness is not just thoughts. It is the emotions and thoughts that have been experienced by humanity through all time. And these are not just in written form. Many cultures did not use writing, they used spoken words, they used art, architecture and all cultures had love and relationships, families, communities, tribes and these had thoughts and feelings. So Mass Consciousness is the collective of all these thoughts and feelings.  Is this similar to shadow work? Shadow work comes from the term “the shadow self,” which was coined by famed 20th-century psychologist Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, this term describes the unconscious parts of the personality that our conscious ego doesn't want to identify in itself.  Shadow work is a process of inner work in which you bring those unwanted parts to the surface to purify, heal, and integrate into yourself. Your shadow isn't something to be ashamed of or something to hate. It simply points to where you have work to do and where you got to give yourself more love. Often if you watch that media, if you literally just watched how the media makes you FEEL, you would get the TRUE impact of that viral media. Try this experiment:  Before you even get on social media - take a note of how you feel and write it down.  Then go on social media for 5 minutes. Get off - and notice how you feel and write down how you feel. And be honest. If you do this experiment over time. You will see the difference. There are some positive examples of viral media - like my favorite eurovision band from Iceland- that had a dance craze from their song “Think about things”  from Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnið. To Book an Energy Healing Session with Angela To book a coaching or reiki session with Patti Thank you for listening! DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that we will be sharing affiliate links in this post. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast episode Angela and Patti explore how to be honest about what’s not working in a relationship. "Being honest” does not mean being mean. Being honest does not mean you are right and the other person is wrong. It is sharing your feelings so things can change. Being honest means being clear about your feelings and contributing solutions to what you want to change or need based on your perception of the situation. When you feel upset and discouraged inside towards others, pull out your journal and start writing exactly how you feel. Then, step away from the situation until you have calmed down. I know this may be hard at first, but it can change how you feel and save relationships whether it is a friendship, marriage and your reputation at work by taking these small steps. Angela talks about Graham Gibbs created a great Reflective Practice with 6 steps that helps break down what your feelings are about a situation so that concrete actions can be implemented that help include the value of our feelings. Description of the experience Feelings and thoughts about the experience Evaluation of the experience, both good and bad Analysis to make sense of the situation Conclusion about what you learned and what you could have done differently Action plan for how you would deal with similar situations in the future, or general changes you might find appropriate. Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare Honesty with oneself and others is one of the biggest challenges in life.  Being Authentic is not about hurting, criticizing, manipulating, pushing your viewpoint, or offending others. It's about being kind, compassionate, respectful about the other person while keeping it real.  Honesty delivered in the right way expresses wisdom, boundaries and releases expectations. Think before you speak - Is it true, Is it helpful, Is it inspiring, Is it necessary, Is it kind (Author unknown) Here are some reflection questions to think about and write in your journal. * What is the difference between being honest and insensitive to others? * How can honesty with yourself change your life and relationships at home and work? To Book an Energy Healing Session with Angela: To Book a Coaching or Reiki Session with Patti: We would love to hear your thoughts about this episode topic.  If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #honesty #buildingbetterrelationships #relationships #relationshippodcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipcoaching --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast, we're going to look at money anxiety. Angela shares some thoughts about the new economy based on sharing and caring about yourself and others which can help relieve tension and look at money from a collaborative and self-value-affirming perspective.  During the pandemic, many of us stopped work, school, living the way we lived. Discovered many activities at home, which were things we used to do before life got busy, such as cooking, baking, making craft, making music, art, home-based exercise, journaling, talking to people, playing cards, etc.  And many people realized they were working and living in a way they didn't like.   Patti's workbook the 21 Days to Optimal Work-Life Balance. Angela talked about The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) has an article on The Vision of a Well-Being Economy, which shares how “We must shift how we understand and build societal health and prosperity, looking beyond economic growth to collective well-being and environmental sustainability.” Patti discussed - When negative thoughts or emotions enter your mind, you can allow them and redirect them. The trouble with worrying about money and work can consume you, but having strategies can relieve the anxiety. Spend some time in meditation to calm your thoughts. Listen to upbeat music to manage anxiety and manifest money. Pray about the situation for guidance and peace. Journal about the problem which is causing the worry. Go for a walk, the gym, bicycle ride, yoga or fitness classes or any type of exercise. Repeat positive affirmations. Hire a financial coach to help develop a healthy money mindset and reasonable financial goals. Angela shares about Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr’s book Rebirthing in the New Age. It is hard to get a copy of it now. One of her powerful ones is “I deserve to be loved.”Shakti Gawain has a great book called “Creating True Prosperity” that gets to your underlying beliefs around money and abundance and T Harv Eker book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Dr. Patrick Wanis that is a paid meditation download. To schedule a distant Reiki session or life coaching with Patti To schedule Angela's online Meditation Class.   #buildingbetterrelationships #calm #anxiety #moneybeliefs #manifesting  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode Angela and Patti will be discussing daily habits to prevent depression during stressful times and strengthen your relationships. The definition of depression according to the American Psychiatric Association website: Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease your ability to function at work and at home. Angela recommends the Megaway Shakes. It has 13 powerfoods, like maca, ashwagandha, cinnamon, lucuma, barley greens, and the list goes on. Brigitte from the megaway formulated her shake to directly affect the mood and hormonal system of the body. You can find out about her shake at Angela talks about Spiritual Mantras are really good for clearing the air in your home environment when things get stagnated by your thoughts and feelings. Forest therapy is used in Japan to treat depression and anxiety. Patti shared forest bathing technique in episode Episode 41 - How Spending Time in Nature Can Help You and Your Relationships. Angela talks about the book that shares how we all carry trauma called “The body keeps the score” by Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk. Angela shares about seeing the musical Come from Away in Sydney ( For those of you interested in meditation as a way to touch your own light. Angela is starting a new 8 week course on July 8, 2021 in the USA and July 9, 2021 in Australia. It's meditation for relaxation and transformation where we explore how to transform old ways of being with yourself and learn how to relax, enjoy and dive deeper into your true energy - which is the energy of joy. Meditation for Relaxation and Transformation. #BuildingBetterRelationships #Depression #Anxiety #Podcast #BetterRelationships #PreventDepression #RelationshipPodcast  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss how to deal with negative emotions and energy whether in the workplace or in your personal life. Patti:  Being negative is easy, everyone is doing it.  How does it affect you in your career and personal life? You may lose a promotion or worse yet all relationships by being a constant complainer, talking bad about others, when displaying anger and hostility or a victim mentally.  I’ve heard some people say that being positive all the time is toxic.  Why do you think that is? Angela: Perhaps they see people being falsely positive without dealing with the underlying issues that are creating imbalance in the workplace or home. And without facing the real issues of sadness, anger or fear that go unaddressed when people are trying to be positive.  Some people are fearful of positive energy for fear that they can’t ever be happy. When you are addicted to suffering, it is very hard to enjoy someone’s happiness. Plus people from the beginning of humanity have had jealousy when they think that they can’t have what others have. So if you see someone too happy, it can trigger ancient fears that somehow you are missing out. Patti: How do we change these situations from toxic to kindness? What if people stopped watching the news? What if people smiled more? What about looking at the good in others and appreciating each other? Do you think things would change for the better? Patti: Angela, you have told me many times it is okay to show your emotions.  To feel them and release them.  How do you do that without taking it out on the other person or projecting those emotions on them? Angela:  Have you heard of Daniel Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence? 1 Self Awareness of your Emotions 2. Managing your emotions and 3 Awareness of Social Relationships 4 Management of those Relationships. Angela: The book “Noise” by Daniel Kahneman is looking at how companies can make better decisions and stop errors at the company level that cost the company thousands of dollars.  Patti: Strategies to help stay positive? Walk away when drama is happening around you. Excuse yourself from the conversation. When there are unkind remarks about someone else, say something nice about that particular person. This action tends to halt the conversation. Plug in your headphones and listen to uplifting music. Recite Positive Affirmations. Journal about how you are feeling. Go for a quick walk and pray about the situation, listen to an uplifting podcast, music or recite positive affirmations. Concentrate on your work tasks.   Patti has a blog post series on Bad Leadership Styles.   We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with Managing Negative Emotions in Relationships Whether at Home or Work! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss building a better relationship with our planet and our environment. During lock-down, it gave the planet time to heal in many ways; the air quality from pollution became better with fewer vehicles traveling. The beaches recovered due to fewer people visiting and the wildlife starting to populate.   Where are you respecting energy? Taking notice of where you respect, giving thanks, and reciprocating energy is an excellent example of being a good steward, yourself, your family, and your planet.  In the movement classes, Angela shares how to respect your body and listen to your body. This has been the easiest way for me to learn respect for energy. When we move together, we feel how we contain energy in the body and how we lose energy in the body. And in movement you can learn where you have habits in your body that disrespect your body or don't listen to the natural flow of energy in your body that pushes the body. When we do the movement in nature, the elements of nature help us align and balance our bodies. And activity in nature, even just walking in nature, can show us how to be one with nature and respect it.  When we're caught up in modern life, we fall into habits where we forget our own nature and own body, which makes us feel disconnected from the planet. What can you do to make a difference in the world we live in and your relationship with the planet?  Reflection Questions: What kind of relationship do you want with the planet? What are your thoughts about air pollution, plastic waste in the ocean, and nuclear waste? What can I do to support the environment? When Patti is out camping or in nature, and I come across trash, she will pick it up, take it home, and throw it in the trash. Patti remembers when I was visiting a friend in Hawaii, and we were getting ready to parasail, a woman was fishing out debris from the ocean with a net, and this man said to her, why there is so much trash in the sea it won’t matter. To her, it mattered. Was she making a difference, yes, one less piece of trash in the ocean that day?  We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with improving  your relationship with the planet! Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. #podcast #betterrelationships #betterrelationshipwiththeplanet #anchorpodcast #betterplanet --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Summary of the podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss spending time in nature and how it can calm your soul and strengthen your relationships. How to Forest Bath: Go outdoors and find some trees or garden areas with various plants and trees. Turn off your phone. Walk slowly and quietly within the area. Breathe in the smells Listen to the nature sounds. Look around at your surroundings. Ask yourself, "What am I noticing?" Enjoy those moments of peace and calm. Angela shares: Use imagery, music, sound to connect you to nature. There are many meditative music videos on youtube with pictures of nature. Ever wondered why cat videos are so popular? They help people connect to the simple love of nature. What videos of nature can you watch to inspire you? A lot of David Attenborough videos are deeply inspiring. Also, Angela loves Disney's Unlikely Animal Friends, which shows the love between animals of different species. I have free meditations on my youtube channel in the I love Mondays series that help you relax and feel your body. One video talks about Creating a new love in our body and ends with a meditation.  All of the I love Mondays videos give a meditation at the end to connect to your heart and body and soul. If you want to feel and enjoy your body, Angela has a guided Visualization specifically on How to Love your Body. This specifically looks at how to enliven your senses and bring a new relationship to yourself by focusing on the minute details of the sensations in your body and building confidence, calm, and gentleness in how you connect to your body. Patti shares: Being in nature is like music to your soul and spending time connecting to oneself and God. I love meditating, praying, and journaling while in nature. It can calm your mind from chatter, relax your body and lighten the weight of your burdens holding you down. Spending time in nature with your partner can connect you at a deeper level of being at peace and tranquility with each other and the surroundings. #findingpurposeinnature #findingpurpose #forestbathing #ilovemondays #buildingbetterrelationships #podcast #relationshipspodcast #anchorpodcast #spendingtimeinnature  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss Finding Purpose Beyond Work.   A Summary: Having some work-life balance keeps communication open and nourishes your relationships. Take time out weekly to cherish your family life, spend time with a friend, a hobby and make some time to rest, so your life is fulfilled? Here are some self-reflection questions to ponder if you are overworking: Am I putting my work or career ahead of everything else? What is it doing to my relationships? Am I saying yes to an unreasonable workload and not taking time off or vacation? Am I connecting to my family? Do I have true friends? Am I happy? Do I smile? Am I kind to others at work? What does being successful look like? What is a satisfying life? What is a purposeful life? What is a meaningful life? Purpose is not always about big-scale plans. Purpose is about meeting people who can help you get to the next stage of life. Many of the most important or valuable connections in life start by meeting other people and seeing what opportunities may come.  To help create a work-life balance and purpose in life, Patti made an online course called - Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders! - Angela helps business owners with spirit work. What are the spiritual reasons you incarnated to have this business or life? Your business and life are often a lesson to help you develop - it's not only about the money. Of Course, there will be challenges and learnings about money. For more information on how to work with Angela go to - If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. #purpose #findingyourpurpose #MarryingPurposeandFinancialSecurity  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today’s podcast episode Angela and Patti will discuss how to find purpose through loneliness. With the ongoing pandemic many people are feeling isolated and lonely.  We want to explore this topic and share some tips and strategies to ease the emotions, find your purpose and put it into action. What does having a purpose mean? Do you believe that we are here to serve our purpose? Is there something that you feel deeply about and you know you are supposed to pursue it? What if we don’t find our purpose? Angela and Patti have been pursuing these questions for years.  Why did we feel so strongly to make this podcast? We want to help people have good relationships with oneself and others while living their best life with a purpose and intent. Angela's talks about the shadow side.  What does it need? And what does this thought or feeling have to say about my purpose? Why am I here now experiencing these feelings? Patti's gives tips of how to connect with others. Patti's has an online course through Teachable called - Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders! - This mini course is for managers, supervisors, anyone in a leadership role who’s crazy busy, working 24/7 and wants something more in life beyond their career.  This is a great way of finding your purpose outside of work. Angela's has a movement meditation class - If you want to explore your spirit moving freely check out the movement meditation class, where we take a journey through movement to explore how your divine is truly within you. If you enjoyed the podcast.  How about becoming a monthly supporter of this podcast?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #conqueringloneliness #findyourpurpose #podcast #anchorpodcast  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Today Angela and Patti have a special guest Belle Vivienne from Belle Vivienne Coaching, joining us to discuss Dating in the Pre and Post COVID World and what opportunity for online relationships has to offer. How we do dating and how we seek romantic love and build better relationships. Belle shares her experience where people during the pandemic are not using dating creatively and using online dating to dump their emotions on potential love interests or political grief and general angst. Belle shared how important it is to focus on self-healing and not dump your feelings or hurts about past relationships on others during the podcast. Taking a look at yourself and see what needs healing so that you can come to a potential new love interest and online dating with a playful and gracious approach and have more fun! In the podcast, Angela shared how she was asked by a teenager, "What is chemistry?". If you are in a couple, or single and looking to experience yourself more deeply, Angela offers: Movement Meditation classes where you can explore how your body can know itself at both the physical and spiritual level. If you do the class with a friend or partner you can explore healing techniques and safe ways to support your friend through the body and through the way you connect to their body.  The movement mediation class is on Wednesday nights in USA and Thursday mornings Sydney. To contact with Belle Vivienne her website is #podcast #relationshippodcast #listening #thanks #podcastepisode #anchorpodcast #buildbetterrelationships #relationshipbuilding #relationships  #podchasers #relationshipcoaching #datingtips --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today’s podcast episode, we will be discussing how to fool-proof relationships so they can endure during lock-down. With any relationship, you will have things that are going to irritate you about the other person. No one is perfect, and no relationship is either. You will have highs and lows during the partnership. For some, it is easier to walk away than to work it out. Anything worth having you have to work at it. Now, let's get real, there were many times Patti felt like running away, and that was pretty much my inner and outer struggles, not him. It's okay to feel this way at times, and it's alright to take a break to figure things out when needed. It takes two to have a healthy, thriving relationship. In relationships, you have two imperfect people with very different views on what a happy relationship should look like while trying to relate to each other, besides having a different upbringing, love languages, personalities, and values. Gary Chapman wrote a book on the 5 Love Languages. It's important to do things together as well. Have a date night at home - dress up, make a special dinner, etc. Sit outside with a glass of wine or beer, coffee or hot chocolate, whatever is your favorite beverage and watch the sunset, go for a walk, watch a TV show or movie together or go for a bike ride, take a drive in the car together to get outside and away from home. For more tips on surviving social isolation, we did a podcast on Episode 15 on this topic.  How are you surviving the lock-down in your relationship?   Are you looking for an activity to connect as a couple? Angela is offering an online Wednesday movement meditation class in the USA at 7:30 pm EST, which is the following day in Sydney, Australia, Thursday, where couples can explore healing touch with their partner to feel heart connection with your partner. It happens right in the comfort of your home over zoom and is excellent for those looking to do an activity that is not just watching Netflix and can break up your routine with something new and a shared activity to enjoy with each other. You can do it with a friend or child over 14 as well.  Individuals can also join in the class and discover how to feel connected to your heart and build your awareness of what love is and how easy it is when you create a supportive environment. Some things to consider as you think about your lockdown experience.  How did you survive it, or how are you still surviving it? What have you discovered about your relationship? Did you blame yourself, your government, your partner, your children?  We would love to hear your answers to these questions of your lock-down experience. Patti and Angela are intending and wishing all the best for your relationships where you can build stronger resilient connections that will prosper in these times. How about becoming a monthly supporter?   Click on the support button in the Anchor App.  Thank you so much for listening. #podcast #relationshippodcast #listening #thanks #podcastepisode #anchorpodcast #buildbetterrelationships #survivinglockdownrelationship #relationshipbuilding #relationships #foolproofrelationships  #podchasers #relationshipcoaching  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode, we discuss what Reiki is and how it can heal you and your relationships. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, which also promotes healing. Reiki's performed through touch, or the hands are hovering over someone or by distance. Warm and soothing energy flows from the practitioner's hands into the recipient, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. Disclaimer: Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment, and it does not replace them. A Reiki treatment takes about an hour and is carried out with the recipient fully-clothed (except for shoes) and resting comfortably with pillows and a blanket on a massage table or other stable flat surface, which is a comfortable height for the Reiki practitioner to work. The Reiki practitioner's hands are placed gently on or above the body and kept still for a few minutes. The recipient may feel heat or tingling from the practitioner's hands or notice a flow of energy within the body. Recipients usually feel calm and relaxed during and after the treatment; however, some may feel energized. Reiki balances and works on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  It goes where it is needed.  It may assist with pain management, preventive care, and mental/emotional circumstances such as anxiety, addiction, stress reduction, relaxation, overwhelm and more. It focuses on sending energy into the body for optimum health.   Reiki energy moves through the body and releases blocked energy. When you are stuck mentally and emotionally in a loop when having a relaxing Reiki treatment, it can help you release that particular situation to move forward, which will help you balance your emotions towards that situation or relationship.    To find out more about Reiki visit Patti's website: Every Monday in 2021, Angela will have a FB live where you can breathe for 7 minutes and focus on what you want to manifest and focus on during the week. Angela is starting a new meditation class. To find out more at If you enjoyed our podcast - How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening. #Reiki #EnergyHealing #BetterRelationships #RelationshipCoaching #ReikiHealing #ReikiTreatment #ReikiSessions  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today's podcast, we will share some techniques to refocus your energy, which can also help you reset yourself for the year. What is Physical Self-Healing? Physical self-healing is learning and creating habits that support you, your body, and your spirit. And recognize and release patterns that are out-dated and need to go, such as workaholic tendencies, wasting your energy, thinking bad about yourself and others, and putting your body's health last. Tips on Resetting your Physical and Emotional Energy: Setting an intention for the year to determine your focus for your life. How does the intent take you further than last year? Did you achieve your goals for last year? Why not What would you love to try this year? Is it more or less of what you are doing? Physical Reset Tips: 1. Shower. And imagine the water washing over you is fresh life energy and white light. Feel that light is releasing the past. 2. Go to the ocean and release old energy. 3. Visualize yourself in a bubble of light to accept who you are just the way you are without attempting to change or be different. Light is used in healing to wash in different vibrations because we are vibrating; from our blood flow to our heartbeat, we are always vibrating. You can even now imagine yourself in a bubble of any color light and notice how it makes you feel. 4. Angela does meditation to walk you through this technique quickly on the podcast. BREATHE. FEEL HEART AND FEEL BREATH and LET GO of OLD and FOCUS ON NEW BREATH. Take a few breaths to refocus your energy. Ask the following and see what comes to you. WHAT IS IT YOU WANT FOR YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR WORLD? Every Monday in 2021, Angela has a FB live where you can breathe for 7 minutes and focus on what you want to manifest and focus on during the week.  Angela is starting a new meditation class.  Jan 13, 2021, at 9 pm EST and 7 pm MT and 6 pm PT Wednesdays or 1 pm Thursdays Jan 14, 2021, in Sydney the next day. Patti's 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance Program and affirmation cards. How to write an affirmation: *Start with the words I am? *Use the word or statement in the present tense. *State it in the positive. Affirm what you want. *Keep it brief, specific, clear, and straightforward. *Have a word with (ing) *Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word. *Make the affirmation, so it resonates with you! Affirmation: I am resetting my focus on my dreams! Patti gave an example:  Someone that works all the time and has little attention or focus on their body or health.   *What are the benefits of leaving work on time? *What actions will you put in place to leave work on time? *How will you use this extra time to focus on a healthy lifestyle? *Describe your life after achieving this? How about becoming a monthly supporter.   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti get real and have a conversation about communicating in conflict. When we came up with this topic, we explored being okay to say no and have a fall-out with someone. People pleasers struggle with saying no because they are scared, leading to the person not liking them or getting upset with them. Nowadays, people are quick to avoid or ghost others instead of talking to each other. They wash their hands of people and walk away. It is easier to bail than to communicate. We hope this is not the case; we know it is better to discuss things, whether pleasant or not, for relationships to last. Patti wrote a blog called "Damaged Relationships - Are They Salvageable?" It is about fall-out relationships and how unforgiveness causes physical and emotional harm. In episode Episode 21- Lack of Communication and Overworked! Angela and Patti talked about communicating at work or when working from Home when overwhelmed with the workload. Working relationships do have fall-outs that are not pretty. Avoidance makes more stress within the Workplace because the little things start adding up to big things when not addressed. That's when all hell breaks loose in the Workplace, and people explode, get burnt out, start overthinking, become anxious, have low morale and no motivation, or even worse, quit and walk out without any notice. Patti did a blog called - How to Respond to Unprofessional People! Journal about what happened. Reflect on how they may respond to you. Create a plan of action on how to communicate calmly and to respond sensibly. In the blog post series called Bad Leadership Styles. The series is how to identify different styles of Leadership with suggestions on guidance to address these negative behaviors. I will provide the link in the show notes. How to Keep the Relationship Tips: Work on your feelings first: Are you angry and denying it? What are you feeling? If it's about being right. Why do you need to be, right? Being right is always based on a belief that you should be better than someone. Why do you have to be better than someone? If you're listening to this in the holidays and you want to focus on having better relationships, then take this time to envision or pray or imagine the type of affection or connection you would love in your relationships. If you have a topic or a question for us, please leave us a message on the Anchor App. Did you enjoy our podcasts? Please subscribe and leave a review. How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the Support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations, it helps us continue to produce more future episodes. Thank you so much for listening. #podcast #relationships #relationshipcoaching #dealingwithconflict #respondinginconflict #communicatinginconflict #communicatingbetter  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss People's Pleasing and how it can disappoint relationships, whether within yourself and relating to others. People Pleasers are very helpful and usually don't say no when someone asks them for a favor. They spend a great deal of time doing things for others and disregard their own needs. Being a People Pleaser can cause disappointment because not everyone has the same kind heart or good intentions. They can attract people who will take advantage of their generosity.  Angela and Patti share experiences of being a people pleaser, and the lessons learned. What are a few traits of a People Pleasing? * Seeks approval and words of affirmation * Fears being alone * Feelings of being selfish or guilty for not meeting the needs of others * Irritable when others don't take your advice * Being the "go-to person" when someone is in need * Covering for or taking the blame for others * Giving money away, which can lead towards depletion What are some characteristics of a people pleaser? Wants to be liked by others seek to earn it by pleasing, rescuing, giving away money and things, or flattery. They may even tell little white lies to spare people's feelings when they don't want to do something. Wants reassurance through acceptance and affection they can't express their needs openly and directly. They make others feel obligated to reciprocate. The people-pleaser may want to earn acceptance by helping others. They put other people's needs ahead of their own. When they do this, they become resentful and sometimes bitter because the other person doesn't do the same. They harbor anger, regret, and resentment from feeling used. At times they may feel responsible for other people's behavior. Saying "yes" becomes a habit, and for others, it can be an addiction that makes them feel needed in someone else's life. Feelings of security and self-confidence come from getting the approval of others. Our very first podcast episode was When to Say No and When to Say Yes! If you want to learn about Angela's kinaesthetic healing online movement classes, you can receive a free class by signing up for her newsletter here: A People Pleaser may struggle with work-life balance, and Patti has created a self-study at your own pace 21 Days to Optimal Work/Life Balance Program that addresses how to say no for people pleasers and make better boundaries, so others don't take advantage of them. How about becoming a monthly supporter.  Click on the support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations, it will help us continue to produce future episodes. Thank you so much for listening. #peoplepleaser #peoplepleasing #betterrelationships #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome #relationshipcoaching --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode, Angela and Patti explore criticism and how to respond without it overtaking your emotions.  When we thought about this topic - we wanted to come from the perspective on how to handle being criticized in your relationships and your work environment. No matter how awful someone treats you. Remember the concept of "hurting people hurt others." Stop, reflect, and walk away. I know it is hard to walk away when emotions overtake you. However, just because you don't react, it doesn't mean you didn't notice the behavior or accept it. The only way to stop a toxic person is not to engage with them. Address the situation later when you both have time to think it over and calm down, not in the heat of the moment if you can get a coaching session to help digest and explore the situation to resolve or how to handle it. I know there are times when things need immediate attention. Just remind yourself to keep your emotions in check and follow the tips we have given here. Sometimes responding in anger makes you look like a fool in front of others and may cost you career opportunities or relationships. If you have a topic or a question for us please leave us a message on the Anchor App.  Do you enjoy our podcasts? How about becoming a supporter.   Click on the support button in the Anchor App. By supporting this podcast with donations it will help us continue to produce future episodes.  Thank you so much for listening. #dealingwithcriticsm #criticism #workcriticism #careercriticism #howtorespondtocriticism #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks  #betterrelationships #relationshippodcast  #relationshipbuilding  #handlingcriticism --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss the benefits of journaling to save relationships.  Journaling is a great way to connect to oneself, work out solutions when struggling with personal relationships or work problems.  Patti tells how she learned about journaling when she belonged to a women’s group many years ago. One of the members Plynn Gutman, Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master and Author gave a talk on the benefits of journaling. She has written a journaling book with prompts called Your Journal Companion 365 Writing Prompts to Heighten Awareness of Self and Others.  Plynn makes the journaling process easy with an entire year’s worth of thought-provoking writing prompts. She explains the emotional and physiological benefits of personal writing, gives instruction on several powerful writing techniques, and offers tips on “how, where, and when” to start the process. In that presentation, Plynn made journaling fun, easy, and relaxing. We did a few different journaling techniques with her, and I have been hooked on journaling ever since. What are some of the biggest challenges in starting to journal? Finding time?  2. Getting started? 3. Or not knowing how? Schedule journaling time and be consistent. You can journal anywhere. What do you need for journaling? Pen and Paper, a notebook or  journal, there are journal apps and Journaling Prompts on Pinterest, Websites, etc. Here are some Journaling prompts to deepen and save your relationships:        1.        Describe what you want in the relationship?      2.       Describe what you don’t want in the relationship?      3.       What is the relationship like at the moment?      4.       What is working well in the relationship?      5.       What one thing can you do to make the relationship better and more of what you want it to be?      6.       What does love mean to you?       7.       What does love mean to your partner?       8.      What is meaningful about the relationship?       9.      What are some of your expectations for the relationship?      10.     What is meaningful about your relationship? Questions on feelings when you get to a block in a relationship or your feelings are hurt or coming up: 1. What am I feeling?  2. Why am I feeling this?  3. Is this my feeling - or am I picking up someone else’s feeling? In Patti’s  21- Days Optimal Work/Life Balance Workshop. there is a section on journaling..   #podcast #journaling #lifecoaching #relationships #betterrelationships #relationshipjournaling #plynngutman --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode, Angela and Patti discussed the fear of getting it wrong. How to accept we aren't always going to be perfect and that’s okay. Why are we so hard on ourselves when we make a mistake? Mistakes happen and owning up to them makes you a better person.  Hiding mistakes or blaming others isn’t good for your reputation or your relationships.  For some people the fear of making a mistake can paralyze them to the point of not taking any kind of action at all. Here are some questions for all of us to ponder: Why do you think people are afraid to fess up to their mistakes? Is it about looking bad in front of others? Is it that if they admit to making a mistake they feel they may lose a job or worse someone they love or admire? Is it fear of being embarrassed, mocked or teased? What are some mistakes that are better left unsaid?  Are there situations that shouldn’t be confessed? Making mistakes helps us learn what not to do, grow more knowledgeable and can lead to becoming successful.  Like the saying goes; I’ve tried that, done that, and I learned from it. How do you get over and move on from a mistake? Patti wrote a blog post in November of 2019 on workplace shaming called “Don't Be That (Guy) Person!”  “Is shaming an effective management strategy?”  Listeners - We would love to hear your thoughts on these questions. How can these circumstances of overcoming the fear of mistakes change and having the courage to admit it? When making a mistake and getting caught, why is it hard for some to admit it and apologize? Getting it wrong happens but sometimes our inner critic can beat us up to the point of being paralyzed or afraid to take action.  What can we do? ❤️Self-Reflect on what happened.  What can I do to fix this situation?  Can I fix it?  What can I do differently next time? ❤️Journal about it.  Continue to write and get out all those emotions.  The disappointment, hurt, shame, your inner critic etc. ❤️Acknowledge the mistake and be humble. ❤️Apologize, keep it simple and sincere.  I am sorry. ❤️Accept the consequences and do what it takes to fix it or make it better when possible. ❤️Recite positive affirmations and reflect on all the good things you have accomplished. ❤️Turn that negative experience into a positive by learning from it. ❤️Everyone makes mistakes. This is how we become a better person from these experiences. If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes by going to: #podcast #relationshipsathomeandwork #fearofmistakes #fearofgettingwrong #anchorpodcast #listen #thanks --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today’s episode, Angela and Patti will be discussing the importance of work-life balance and having more play in daily life and relationships. Do you have work-life balance in your relationships? Are you spending valuable time with your family and close friends? Some say work-life balance is not achievable, while others say you can.  What is a balanced life really?  It is what you choose it to be.  There are going to be times in our lives where we think it can never be achievable.  The question may come - How do you stay balanced when you feel everything is crashing down around you? It may be time to step back and say enough and refocus on what truly matters. If you come from a life where you are expected to be serious, play can be difficult for you. Maybe you don’t allow yourself to play; maybe you need permission to play. Maybe you need a purpose for play. So give yourself a purpose for the play. The purpose for play could be “I’m stimulating my creative mind” or “discovering lateral thinking and new ways of coming up with solutions”.  What does play mean for you? What will it add to your life? This can be a great way to encourage play as an opportunity to invigorate your life. Life will be chaotic, hectic, and disappointing at times, but having some strategies will soften the experience. How we react to it is what determines happiness. Remember to put some of these suggestions into practice and not forget to step back, breathe, enjoy your life, remember to schedule playtime with family and friends, and let go of what does not matter. Live life to the fullest! Do you want more balance and play in your life? If yes, Patti has a 21 Days Work-Life Balance Program  21- Days Optimal Work/Life Balance Workshop. Interested in Patti’s Affirmation cards Patti also has a mini course called Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders who LOVE their Career but Want MORE in Life!   This course is for leaders who are crazy busy, working 24/7 and want something more in their life.  7 easy hacks to create some personal life balance. The link will be in the show notes as well. If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes with Angela by going to: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #play #balance --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today’s episode Angela and Patti will be talking about trusting your intuition and using it in your everyday life whether at home or work.  With all the talk going around about the world ending and let’s forget 2020.  Angela and Patti thought this would be a good topic to talk about.  Using your intuition to discern fiction from the truth.  There is so much false information and fear flying around.  Yes, some are valid but what is real and what is false? Bob Proctor says -  Intuition is God’s way of talking to us each day.  It is through your intuition that you pick up vibrations.  Every question has an answer.  It is the intuitive mind that will pick that up. According to Google dictionary.  Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  A gut-feeling about something or someone. Another point of view is that intuition is your soul talking to you.  An inner-knowing. What are signs of having good intuition? You’re an empath, you can quickly pick up on other people’s emotions. You’re a good judge of character. You’re a deep thinker, you have vivid meaningful dreams and epiphanies You’re open minded, you listen to your heart, and do what is right for you. Why is intuition helpful? It is a gut instinct or feeling and the understanding of something; not over thinking it or getting another opinion, it is just knowing. It’s helpful when you trust your intuition, and yourself; you avoid bad situations or relationships. What are some good daily practices to connect to your intuition?  Patti watched a short youtube video from Psych2Go Listen to your inner voice. Meditate. Be creative. Follow your heart and dreams.  Pay attention to your dreams. Spend time alone and allow yourself to day dream. Pay attention to your environment and others around you. Don’t over work yourself. Don’t attach yourself to negative situations, feelings or emotions. Creating peace and balance helps you strengthen your intuition.     10.  And you can try dance with angela movement meditation. So if you are feeling it’s the end of the world. What are you worried about and why? What in your life needs extra care? What is a priority for you? What part of your life is ending? Who in your life is important and why? What do you want to share with them? If your life was to end tomorrow what do you want to leave behind? If you want to dance with Angela, you can find out about her online movement classes with Angela by going here: #podcast #anchorpodcast #relationshipsatworkandhome  #relationshipcoaching #worklifebalance #lifecoaching #listen #thanks #intuition #trustingyourintuition --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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