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The Harper is a Common Sense podcast. Produced every two weeks by Harper Guys Production. Each show is unedited. #Live #Raw
81 Episodes
Why is the divide so strong? Proud moment as a parent. Do you think there has been a bunch of cheating with our election? Light-bulb! Witnessing a deer being gutted is quite interesting.Support the show (
Do we stay back, or do we get past fast? Shitty sports broadcast crews. Stop asking if Baker Mayfield is the right guy! Do you know what other people’s job descriptions are?Support the show (
Do you have your CCW? Who do you think the biggest fantasy injury is? Cycling is a thing again! Lots of updates to go over.Support the show (
Why does Pauly want to be hated!? Getting paid for what you do can be a struggle. Who are your favorites for this year’s season?Support the show (
How important is #1? Ok, maybe not all sports, but most sports need it! Should he retire on top? 1st one of the short season. Beast mode!!Support the show (
It isn't 1960 anymore! The rats are scurrying. Why aren't they robbing stores? 2 years again Really?! There are no more shortages of TP, cut it out!! Support the show (
Is it inevitable, and what would it mean for other sports? You better bring beer! How messed up is this full school year going to be? Don't get screwed by your homeowners insurance! Welcome to Cleveland Cesar Hernandez!!Support the show (
Don't put me in a pickle! DeSean Jackson's comments!? Sports franchise name changes. Henry Fords Quote. Jake gives us an update for the non news watchers.Support the show (
What motivates you the most? Explosive Fireworks stories. Need the cops to defund the cops? Adam eats some crow from show #74. Don't do it!!Support the show (
Entertainment Stars call for end of police immunity. Could Marshall Law actually happen? Why does our government allow kickbacks? Eviction notice *Update*! Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has just begun.Support the show (
Why do people think they can have something for free? Not made with the same integrity. Those that loot and create chaos should be ashamed. Will baseball return?Support the show (
Death Row inmates who dual for clemency. Where would you go if you could go back in time? Social media and the death of communication. Why can't we just fix these saying? Support the show (
Do you miss sports? Me too! We celebrate our 70th show with our take on sports and share our top picks for Offensive and Defensive players from the “Big 3”. Who are your picks?Support the show (
More Driving Idiots. Bio-terror conspiracy. I took the plunge on these headphones and I'll tell you what I think. Why is our Justice system in such a hurry to get convictions instead of just getting it right the first time? Will there be fans in the seats this year? (We have a wager on this)Support the show (
How much of this is fake news? Tips on home protection you need to know. Is it ok to have small gatherings? What are you missing or not missing the most while in quarantine?Support the show (
Heed the warnings from your state, Soap and water people!!, Measure twice cut once, be careful.Support the show (
Who is on your list? If you could build your own boss, what would they be like? Why are people not buying it?Support the show (
Have you ever had to call the cops on shitty neighbors? Why are we ruining school holidays? Do you collect anything weird? Why do these people think they are entitled to our stuff??Support the show (
Should those ultra bright Headlights be banned? Brad Pitt at the Oscars. Do you love or hate the new 3 batter minimum rule for the MLB? Myles Garrett reinstatement. The New XFL. Lobbyist's and maximum terms needed for Senators and Representatives of the House. Should we colonize Mars? Gallows Poll Update. Pelosi & Schiff should they be prosecuted for a failed attempt at impeachment? Support the show (
He Heard a Lot of Cheating, Tony Adams watched 8,274 pitches thrown to Astros hitters. Stop standing in front of the machine for 20 minutes. RIP. Did they get it right?Support the show (
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