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What's with this non-reality, Lifestyle changes, Teach people how to treat YOU!, Who buys these ugly beasts?, Make us a Tesla that the average consumer can afford!!
Thanks fuckhead Joe! The reason behind most shitty drivers. Have they sold their soul?, NFL Draft fun, Our version of Just Do it - Just Don't! Elon's at it again!
 New 2023 Laws for Ohio for gun carrying. This craziness that we fanatics call sports is currently a whirlwind of change. Will Mitch succeed in PIT? Shout out to Danny and Zach. Every Day Carry 3/16/2022 
The people of the US can only take so much before they break. How can some bands be so good, but their names are so bad? Taking a look at the minimum wage job problem. What 5 items would you need to survive a dooms day event?
Celebrating our 100th episode with a 2 hour live stream. Who would be in your All-Star band? Al Pacino VS Neil Diamond. We review our best ideas from 99 previous shows. Jesus VS the Egyptians in who should be included in the 7 wonders of the world. Dissecting up the song Imagine.  And much more......
What is your favorite food with you adult beverage? Mini Keeper Draft for our Fantasy Baseball league. How much is to much, when it comes to turning the mic down? Has Hollywood ran out of good ideas? If you want to watch it go to YouTube:
Our Favs & what are you watching? The neighborhood has finally been cleansed!! FFS, Just Don't! I forgot to say thank you!
Last name fun. Is it really great, or is it about new beginnings? The truth behind the curtain. When will our team get it right?
NFL Football is back!!! We have bold predictions and sleeper picks. Technology has driven some very BAD habits. More Just Don'ts. Did Gary get feedback from the Harper?
They just keep giving us content. Gary you're a douchebag! Does our government want people out of work? Good Ole Chowdahead strikes again! 
Share the wealth and make our country strong!!  Hmmm, are they just something old in a new package? Was China forgotten in an important part of history? Never to old to learn something new!
What are your phobias? Just don't do it! When things go your way unexpectedly. Chowdaheads word of the day.
(The Lost Episode) #84

(The Lost Episode) #84


We lost our marbles again.....
Have you ever saw rats on a shit pile? C'mon store educate! Is Mike Trout the new bad luck Barry? One jersey # remained unused until now. Pick a lane?
Should this be given out for free? Why don't they want us working on our investments? Kanye isn't he? C'mon people, look before you pull out!
Don't be a shitty friend. Billionaires, be more like Elon! . When will the next Bio-Terror attack be? No Baseball in 2020. Axe Throwing is a thing.
How pissed should we be at China? Did you get your stimulus check. When will my sports come back?
Are we to over saturated in things? Could you do it? Done giving it to people, This is going to be difficult, Welcome we missed you!
RIP Katie you will be missed. How much are we supposed to be able to deal with on the daily? If you could do any normal job that you wanted to do what would it be? How did they miss that? Still need to take out more trash!
It's a thing. 1st amendment rights! Is this where we are headed? C'mon man, don't be so foolish!!
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