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Author: HMA Ministries

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We are AIMing to know the truth. AIM is the Author’s Intended Meaning.

Needing Extra Truth is a podcast dedicated to spreading the truth of God's Word.

Millennials are seeking to know God’s Word based on facts. Not opinions, “I think”, or traditions, but on the Author’s Intended Meaning. Join us!
41 Episodes
Has so much response from last week that I decided to discuss it a little more.  
Our Christian Identity must be in Christ first and always or we leave room for things that will ultimately be dangerous to our creation purpose.  
Kindness is not compromise, it is a command.  
A Public Service Announcement on putting your money where your mouth is.
The greatest tool of the evangelist!
Thankful for fiends that will approach me and help me get it MORE right.  
Listen to the whole thing before you judge.  LOL 
This is a quick understanding of how to help an addict by not being an enabler.  
Tips on Studying The Bible correctly and getting the most out of it.  
How to save money, make money and spend money the Christian way.  
Podcast #28 COVID-19 Days

Podcast #28 COVID-19 Days


Initial response after first couple weeks of Pandemic. 
The church must re-connect their head knowledge of The Bible to their heart and conscience.  
Introducing a brand new group of ministers and ministries to the conversation.  
Using our time and our treasure we can make a difference in the world for Christ.  Don't claim to believe it and not DO it and worse yet, don't teach that kind of selfish religion to another generation.  
Threading the needle between political, common sense, wisdom and The Bible...I hope. 
A little talk about the Biblical system of a marriage, etc. 
Touchy subject, dealt with it in a larger perspective than just the issue itself.  
Short but powerful and controversial.  God help us!
Answering multiple questions about how to do leadership right according to scripture.  
Wrapping up our 4 part series on ministry and missions. 
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