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The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show

Author: Matt Powers

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Here I discuss sports memorabilia, autographs, and a whole bunch of other fun topics around the sports world. Always informative and fun!
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With the recent explosion in the sports collectible ticket market, I thought it would be a good time to put together a video and bring some clarity to the subject.Here are some topics we will discuss today.#1 Why tickets have become popular#2 Is this a fad? Are they actually collectible?#3 The types of tickets people are collecting#4 Future of the ticket marketwww.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
We all want to get the best possible autograph on our sports card. Ever get a card back from a signing and think WTF happened? The ink looks like it didn't dry in the place it went onto the card or has holes in it. Streaks everywhere.I know we all want to blame the autograph promoter for the bad autograph, but often times, it has to do with the crappy surface of the card, especially with modern cards such as Prizm and Chrome and their glossy surface.If a card’s surfac...
Getting an authentication sticker added to the back of your card can sound like a stressful decision. What should you do? Should you add one?That's today's topic where I discuss 5 reasons you should and 5 reasons you shouldn't. www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
We've all heard the stories, a FedEx shipment goes missing or even worse, the contents inside are stolen. How can you protect yourself when shipping high dollar cards to PSA? That's today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
What's the deal with those PSA slabs that say TRADING CARD on them and not the card information.Are they legit?Why would someone want that on their label as opposed to the standard PSA label outlining the information about the card?That's today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
What does it mean to have an exclusive autograph contract?Are they good or bad for the hobby?Do all athletes honor them?That's today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
We’ve all had or known someone who has had packages lost/stolen in the mail. Seems to be a running joke with the post office. Just saw a video on @nothinglike90scards Instagram that I shared last video of a FedEx employee stealing 5 of his most important cards en route to PSA.With PSA re-opening up its economy service I am sure more and more people will be shipping cards out to them. What are somethings you can do to protect yourself in case something like @nothinglike90scar...
We’ve all heard about recent theft and break-ins in the hobby. Explosion of the hobby and values going up, stores and collectors are becoming targets.Just recently, Nat Turner, one of the owners at PSA, just had his car broken into in a locked residential garage overnight, stealing over 1 million in cards. Fortunately for him, he was able to recover all of the cards.With all this craziness going on, what can you do as a collector to protect yourself? Let’s talk about ...
Baseball prospects are SUPER fun to invest in. You never know which one will take off.But how do we do it right? How do we do it so we don't lose all of our money or even make money?That's today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
We've all been there, selling an autograph or trading card too cheap. But nothing tops this one, selling a card that eventually became worth $3.5 million dollars for $9,000!It got me thinking, what were some items I sold too cheap? That's today's topic. Enjoy!www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
The G.O.A.T has officially retired. Tom Brady is no longer playing in the NFL. What does his autograph future look like? What types of items should we be buying on him? That is today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
Barry Bonds didn't get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. No shocker there. But was that the right move by MLB? www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
He seems severely undervalued. Autographed jerseys and basketballs for $600? A top 5 NBA player of all-time. Why is that?www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
There are a TON of Quarterback's autographs to invest in. Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes. But who do you buy? I will give you my pick today.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
Just a tough situation Logan Paul got put in with his recent purchase of a fake Pokemon sealed case for $3.5 million. What can we learn from this disaster? Here are 3 takeaways.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
Sports Card grading has changed big time over the last few years. 2022 is no different. Who should you be using? I will give you my take today.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
There are 3 choices when it comes to getting your autograph authenticated. PSA, JSA, and Beckett. But who should you use and why? That's today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
If you are new to the sports memorabilia hobby it can be very confusing what supplies you might need to get started.Today's podcast covers all that and more.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
2021 was an interesting year for all of us. What was the biggest disappointment for the autograph industry? Take a listen and find out.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
There are a couple options when it comes to getting your autographs authenticated by PSA DNA. You can either send them into a submission group or send them in direct to PSA DNA yourself.But how do you know what option is best for you? That is today's topic.www.powerssportsmemorabilia.com
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