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Hopps is back! She's not drunk and she's keeping us on track again.... kind of.  This week we talk hockey, filipinos, slice of life, disappointing anime, and 90's anime. 
@emptyx_xfujo joined the bears on a misadventure into edginess.  The Bears have found themselves in dangerous territories with out Hopps to supervise, as well as a bad influence.  We learn about J Cole news, Porno Grind, Elon Musk Neko Girls, and Premature Dickies times. 
This week we talk Nakama, tech confusion, Beareitei movie night, and most importantly... we ACTUALLY talk about anime and share some unpopular opinions. 



The Bears found their Hopps again and we hit her with the hard hitting questions. 
So... it's been a while... Right?  Trust me, we missed y'all too.  On this episode we learn that The Bears really need Hopps here to keep us in line.  This whole episode was a borderline disaster.  On this episode we discuss our current watchings, who The Bears are gay for, and we play "Would You Rather"
Oh, hello... Alonso has been waiting for you. He was a little scared that he lost you in the swamps of last week's episode. Luckily for us - Alonso has agreed to tell us an exciting tale as a palate cleanser.  This week he tells us an amazing tale from the fanfiction library.  Join Ice Bear as he takes you to the down the path of the true Pokemon Master!If you like what you hear, follow our podcast Instagram: BY MYUU if you like it, please go check out his music. He's very talented!
Well, on this episode, we confront our parents, learn about each other's first kiss, new year goals, and what sadboiz really is about.  So join Hopps and The Bears on this episode's shenanigans.
Christmas was late in The Beareitei because Hopps didn't wake up the bears. So this week we talk about the holidays and things get a little spicy in the bear room. 
Oh, So we heard you all liked visiting Alonso. Well, luckily for you Alonso invited us back into his cabin for another story.  This week he tells us a classic tale from reddit history.  Join Ice Bear as he takes you to the unfortunate adventure through the putrid swamps of Dagobah.If you like what you hear, follow our podcast Instagram: BY MYUU if you like it, please go check out his music. He's very talented!
This week Krista (@keleecosplay / @terrible.hime on IG) joins Hopps & The Bears, to teach us how to properly pop the booty for pictures, and that it's not all that bad for Panda to have a hairy pan cakes. 
NEW SEGMENT!PICTURE THIS!A nice cozy cabin, a crackling fire in the fireplace, a giant leather chair, and a majestic Ice Bear sitting comfortably.  Our very own Alonso Tigerheart is taking us down a journey with select literature masterpieces from questionable authors, cringe fanfictions, and other various beautiful abominations.So please, listen to him narrate these tales, and let us know what you think! 
Theres so much going on this season that the bears can't even catch up. We have a bunch of good anime filling this season, live action travesties, bear dramas, and bunny books. It's a whole endeavor just learning about it.  Join us as Hopps and The Bears discuss all the what's whats and who's who's of right now.
Here we go again... Another Guess the OST game, that we are now calling The Bunny Brawl. Let's see which bear brings honor to their home, and which bear dishonors their life.
On this episode we explore pet peeves, our last words, and Hopps and the Bears find themselves in a dire situation.
This week Hopps leads the bears down the rabbit hole, and shows us the joys of playing games.  We all had a lot of fun exploring this foreign land, and if everyone likes it, then we'll journey here again with some guests.
On this episode we learn what Senpai's dreams and ambitions are for The Beareitei, that Ice Bear has his concealed carry, and that Hopps is a deceiver. 
The Bears are here and learn that The Y doesn't like hairless rabbits, the best way to cook a hot pocket, and introducing a new full member of our family.
On this episode we meet David (@fullmetallifter on IG), who is an awesome weightlifter and otaku.  On this episode we go into the differences between powerlifting and weightlifting, as well as talk federations, training, weight cuts, and feels anime. 
The bears learn if there is in fact no walks in the jungle...... or prison.
Krista Lee (@keleecosplay / @terrible.hime on IG) is an amazing cosplayer and who also likes to kick ass in her gym... a personal gym thats equipped with an actual DDR machine for cardio.  Join us as we talk figma, training, and why One Piece is the greatest anime ever.
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