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Peabiddies: Pursue the Art of Noticing
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Peabiddies: Pursue the Art of Noticing

Author: Elizabeth Marshall

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Welcome to Peabiddies: an invitation to discover uncover & celebrate everyday beauty, awe and wonder.
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Join me for the final episode of Season Two. We are moving into a summertime rhythm here at Peabiddies Podcast. We will continue to product brand new episodes throughout the summer months. However, we'll change up our pace a bit, with episodes releasing twice a month or so rather than on a weekly basis.We'll return in the fall to our weekly format.Thank you for continuing to listen in and be sure to follow us on social media or better yet, subscribe to the podcast so that you don't miss an episode. We would love that. We're so happy you are here and we hope you'll continue to listen in, share with friends, and consider leaving us a review or a comment.I'm your host Elizabeth Wynne Marshall. I'm so glad you've chosen to spend part of your day with me.
A conversation with Singer/Songwriter, Nashville based artist Christa Wells.Visit Christa on Instagram @christawellsmusic & stop by her Patreon account to learn more about Christa's most recent projects. You may also consider becoming a Patreon supporter, a Christa Wells insiderYou may also find Christa's music on You Tube, Spotify, and I Tunes. Be sure to subscribe and follow her there.{During our conversation you will hear a reference to a beautiful short film project made by Don and Joy Prouty -}You may view this film on Instagram @Tiffany_Scott or @teamtrumanfoundation /
Explore with me the wit and whimsy of artist Caroline Lord. Caroline is the creative behind the wildly imaginative art that is Foliage Faces. Taking fresh cuttings from her yard, she creates delightful and whimsical portraits. Each one a masterpiece, each one unique and winsome. Follow her on Instagram at @lord.caroline & @foliagefaces. And visit her website www.carolinelord.comAnd follow us on Instagram at @peabiddiespodcast & @elizabethwynnemarshallWe invite you to visit and click the tabs there to both sign up for the Peabiddies Notebook newsletter and follow along there where we introduce new projects and post new work of poetry and prose.
Join me for my interview with artist, painter and friend Jennie of Jennie Lou Art.Jennie is an artist—a full time professional painter who currently focuses her time on live wedding painting of both ceremonies and receptions. Visit her website and follow her on instagram at @jennielouart
If you listened to last week's episode, you heard a reading from a project I'm passionate about, this passion to pursue the art of noticing—together with you.This week listen in as I begin to share a bit more of how I came to this place of deep longing to be more fully present and to practice with more intentionality,  this fine art of noticing. May this will resonate deeply with you too. Perhaps you long to slow down a bit, sit still a bit, and savor in your every day moments with more of your senses.Join me.And please visit my website here: to sign up for my newsletter and to follow along on Instagram where I am sharing more of what I'm noticing.visit me on instagram @peabiddiespodcast & @elizabethwynnemarshall 
Join me for Episode 14 of this second season of Peabiddies Podcast. In this episode I share with you some of my own poetic prose, some words I've penned on pursuing the art of noticing. These words come from a project I have been deep diving into for several years. I hope you enjoy them. I am pleased to share them with my listeners. In this episode I also share with you some practical ideas for pursuing the art of noticing, speak a little to what's coming up after Easter and offer you a prayer for the journey.Please consider sharing this podcast with a friend. And if you find a moment, would you consider also, writing a brief review for the podcast on iTunes. In the world of podcasting, this helps others find us. And that's a good good thing for a newish podcast.Thank you for joining me here. I am so grateful for you—my listeners. Happy Easter. with grace and peace,Elizabeth
Season Two - Episode 13

Season Two - Episode 13


Join me today for something a little bit different.I'm your host Elizabeth Wynne Marshall and you've joined me for Peabiddies: Pursue the Art of Noticing. I'm so glad you're here.
In this season of Lenten as we move toward Easter, I am quietening things a bit here on the podcast. Let's talk a little about the art of noticing. Let's ponder the fine art of paying attention. My guests will return after Easter. But for now, I am taking the mic. I am so grateful you have joined the conversation. I am cheering you on as you discover, uncover, and unwrap more of the beauty in your everyday.Peace and grace, Elizabeth
Join me as I invite you to slow the pace, quiet the space, and linger in these days of the Lenten season
Season Two - Episode 10

Season Two - Episode 10


Part Two of my two part series, an interview with Libby John of Art and Faith Conversations Podcast.
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