DiscoverThe HVO Show with the HVOGuy...Jeff Gelder ~
The HVO Show with the HVOGuy...Jeff Gelder ~
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The HVO Show with the HVOGuy...Jeff Gelder ~

Author: Jeff Gelder

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HVO - Heartfelt Voice Over, Guy!

A big believer in the power and influence of the human voice, Jeff has been working in the pro voiceover/Emcee industry for over 20 years.

During each episode of The HVO Show, in addition to interviewing a special guest, at the end of the show Jeff will get their answers to the top three questions...

1. If you could choose any type and gender of voice, what would you prefer to listen to?
2. Is there a particular accent that affects they way you feel? If so, what is it and why.
3. How do you feel about your own voice? Support this podcast:
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How can you be/become the true leader that you are and powerfully find the best way to lend your voice? I don't mean give it away!  Tune-in as I interview Leadership Expert Karl Bimshas for some great ideas. --- Support this podcast:
Believe it, to see it.

Believe it, to see it.


There’s a lot happening in our lives right now all around the world. It’s quite easy to go down the rabbit hole of negativity and fear, and anxiety. There are many ways to keep this from happening, and pull yourself out of it if you do. This episode is just to check in, say hello and give you some tips that might help through this strange time. Be good to yourself and kind to your family and friends. Thanks for listening! Jeff --- Support this podcast:
Searching for voice talent online can be a daunting task. Give this podcast a listen and learn ways to find the right voice talent to represent your company, product or project. --- Support this podcast:
You know how important it is to have a visible brand/logo for your business. It's equally important to have an audio brand as well. Listen here and Jeff Gelder will tell you why. --- Support this podcast:
There are a variety of types of voiceover. Find out the many uses of a professional voice to enhance your business. Jeff Gelder discusses exactly what a voiceover is and the benefits of hiring a professional voice talent. --- Support this podcast:
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