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Each week I chat with business leaders who are Dialedin to their purpose and we often have live callers dial into the conversation.

New episode every Thursday

Here's some of the topics we've covered: business trends, enterprise technology, info security, workforce trends, entrepreneurship, and much more.

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Who, What, & Why Dialedin?

Who, What, & Why Dialedin?


Who: Kyle Burt, a.k.a. KB, a.k.a. #CatchKyleMillennial entrepreneur and LinkedInLive creator. Started a B2B IT consulting business in 2015 helping CIO’s, CISO’s, and IT Directors leverage great purchasing decisions in carrier and cloud services.Yet...also believes in humanizing business by creating free and valuable content in video, audio, & written form. What: interviews with millionaires, best selling authors, and IT leaders down the street. All sessions were recorded live on LinkedIn with live questions, as well as a live conference bridge where you never know who will call in.Why: everyone has a story and within every story there is a valuable insight to be learned. Our mission is to help our guests get exposure by squeezing out as much value as possible.-Please do NOT hesitate to reach out to me for any reason on LinkedIn, Instagram, or via email Kyle@catchcloud.comConnect with me on Social MediaLinks here > Send in a voice message:
Stu Heinecke, awarded marketer, Wall Street Journal cartoonist, & author of “How To Get A Meeting With Anyone” shares extraordinary experiences with us of getting meetings with high profile CEO’s and individuals.Connect with Stu HeineckeHttps:// do NOT hesitate to reach out to me for any reason on LinkedIn, Instagram, or via email Kyle@catchcloud.comConnect with me on Social MediaLinks here > Send in a voice message:
Cybersecurity Risk Management with Josh Sokol of Simple Risk.Josh has been involved in info-security since he was a child and has spent his career in the field. When he discovered risk management as a tool, it changed his perspective on cyber defenses. "Risk management allows cybersecurity professional to sleep better at night..."Also covered in this episode: Personal cybersecurity: do's & don'ts VPNs, Passwords, & MFA Blue Keep // next potential WannaCry ransomware lookalike Vendor risk management // Target, Equifax Connect with Josh Sokol on LinkedinVisit Simple Risk for free open source risk management software--Connect with Kyle Burt on Linkedin to tune in LIVE--- Send in a voice message:
“The riches are in the niches,” this is a phrase we entrepreneurs commonly hear. There is a ton of truth in this statement, yet so many of us have this underlying fear of being pigeon-holed into the niche we choose. We discussed this topic with in depth with student entrepreneur Max Mirho. Max is the host of the #Entreprenerd live series where he builds mini companies live on LinkedIn every Saturday.Https:// Send in a voice message:
David Belanger has spent over 20 years in information technology as a Cybersecurity expert, but he also shares with us another life long passion...David has been practicing the art of stick-fighting, a.k.a. Filipino Arnis for 29 years, since his high school days.On this episode, he offers up some very interesting parallels on martial arts and cybersecurity, as it relates to risk management, vulnerability, and preparation for an attack.-Follow on Linkedin or visit Send in a voice message:
John Ragsdale, a 25 year Healthcare IT Executive & Chief Information Officer (CIO) shares his journey in the world of information technology and announces his transition from CIO to startup founder.While overseeing the IT operations for his previous employers, John recognized a serious gap in technology: for various use cases, businesses are still relying heavily on Manual Efforts and Spread Sheets (MESS). He developed a "digital toolbox" with a set of developer tools that aim at improving workflow, refining manual efforts, and limiting the need for spread sheets.He started a new venture with his Co-Founder and partner Rimond Allam, Chief Architect. The App Place, or TAP Innovations is the end result. Connect with John on Linkedin and visit streaming new episodes on LinkedIn every WednesdayFollow on Linkedin or visit Send in a voice message:
Kelly Flowers is building a women in technology sorority with the goal of becoming, "as big as the girls scouts."She is Dialedin to Data Center hardware, maintenance, and migrations - but more importantly, she has a big heart for community.Kelly Lowers on Send in a voice message:
The Changing Role of the CIOMichael Cromwell is an entrepreneur, founder of EagleTech Solutions and Publisher for the UC caller, Toby Buckalew, CIO currently in podcast on LinkedIn every Wed. @ 10a central-For more info and to connect Send in a voice message:
Donald C. Kelly of the Sales Evangelist podcast and I chat in front of a Linkedin Live audience about the evolution of buyers & sellers. -Check out his podcast, the Sales Evangelist with Donald on Linkedin LIVE podcast on LinkedIn every Wed 10A & Thur 2P centralFollow on Linkedin to tune in LIVE-For more info and to connect visit Send in a voice message:
LIVE podcast on LinkedIn every Wed. @ 10:30a CTFollow on Linkedin to tune in LIVE Thursday: Steve Gumm is an entrepreneur who runs a digital marketing agency in Chicago, Il.He also makes hats...for the cast of Survivor; and a host of other things too. more info and to connect This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
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