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The me I was tomorrow
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The me I was tomorrow

Author: JamiQuan Saenz

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Conversations with “The Perfect Stranger” each colors within & outside the lines of conversation, webbing contradiction into a coherent journey that shifts the listner's experience from one of complacency to one of leading edge discovery.
JamiQuan, a multi-dimensional,quick-witted conversationalist,embodies the spirit of the streets,clinical therapist, entrepreneur, mother, & Yogini.
Having hit rock bottom herself & dug deeper; JamiQuan has allowed the wisdom of the unknown to blow new wind into her life & the lives of others.

Warning: Self-Awareness is needed. You may be triggered..

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11 Episodes

Sy the Mighty Minder 2:2


Guest Spot: Lacey Wilson Finally Part 3:3
Unscripted, uncensored, vulnerablity in exploration. Got us ... here The finally, but not really. What an amazing journey.Thank you for the AMAZING support, consumption, likes, shares you have given and continue to give in support of this passion. Storytellers UNITE! Welcome back, we are pleased to have you here!Yall remember Lacey.. Maybe been looking forward to her.. ME TOO! Here she is Recap:Lacey is a visionary, storyteller, mediator and conflict coach, working with individuals, families, and workplaces who are experiencing interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. She believes we all have an internal landscape that is the result of our lived experiences,; at some point, we get to take responsibility for that landscape, shave away old habits and patterns, and live life on our own terms- in appreciation, health, and abundance. Coming from a large family in small-town Texas, Lacey's personal story is not one of ease and privilege. It is riddled with societal pressures, racial, gender, and sexual oppression, emotional abuse, and anxiety. But there’s so much beauty in her breakdown(s); understanding her story has taught her how to thrive. She dreams big. She dreams deep, and is unapologetic about it.You can find Lacey at: Become a supporter of this podcast:
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