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Author: Steve Jurado

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Pursuing my dreams has been my job from the beginning. Thats all I do, I PURSUE MY DREAMS. Victory after victory, error after error, I move forward. This amazing life has taught me many lessons that are close to my heart. Many lessons that have prepared me to keep going, to stay with it and to keep learning. This podcast is where I plan to share the very best of all I have learned so far and to share all that is discovered as I go. There will be amazing guests who will share more of the same. Its been a great journey and you are welcome to come along.
26 Episodes
Don't let this world lead you into believing that "it" will give you so much more for so little. Theres much you have to give and the world needs it. Have a listen about giving less for more. Thank you as always for listening. 
Its easy to stop, doubt, struggle, quit and believe that it should all be easier. Its not easy. Life is not easy. Don't be bummed out by the struggle, its part of your growth, its part of who you are. We all need to adjust and see the bright side. Have a listen, enjoy and think about all thats good about the machine you are building. Thank you!
We are meant to take on challenges. We are designed to learn from struggle. Its the better life and you should know. Have a listen! Thank you very much for your support. 
In this age, we all want it easy. They show us that its fun, exciting and possible. In this episode, we talk about the journey of success. Its a challenge that is possible. Thank you for listening. YOU are greatly appreciated. 
Your dreams matter, they beg for your attention and demand your focus. In this podcast I share what it means to believe that your dreams can manifest from your thoughts. Your dreams can come to reality but it takes much more than just thinking about it. Have a listen please and thank you again for giving me a shot here. 
Living at todays pace, we have so much to look out for, including the people around us and in our lives. Relationships are beautiful, all of them. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for giving this podcast a try. Its greatly appreciated. 
We all do a few things in our lives that offer way more value than we realize. In this podcast I talk about stacking value within your activities. Its priceless. Thank you for listening, its always appreciated. 
This Life, I Tell YaLife is full of trials, adventure and turbulence, oh my. Its a climb and we need to keep going through thick and thin. Tune in to hear all about this outlook on life. Lets do it together. Thank you for listening! 
I've been married one month and its awesome. Love is good. This last month has taught me much about being married. The whole year has been an amazing journey. After you listen, let me know what you think. Thank you for listening.
This season be prepared to handle the month with a peace of mind. Its a good season celebrated all over the world. Try to do your best with all you have. Thank you again for listening.
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