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Ambition-Innovation-Effort Podcast

Author: Travis Daigle

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Travis Daigle teaches personal growth and development. In this Podcast he explores what it means to experience freedom in all areas of life and how we grow more resilient as we face challenges in the process. Travis shares lessons learned from personal experiences: overcoming obesity, getting out of debt, working as an Electrical Engineer in Corporate America, and becoming a US Army Green Beret/Combat Veteran.
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Audio from what I feel may be my best speech to date! How do we learn to trust our instincts when the follow on actions separate us from the herd?
Whether we change or not, things change around us. Change has collateral damage. Progress has components of pleasure and pain. When we can’t control the external world we have only to look in and ask better questions about what we see and how we need to evolve in how we see.
Can you hold yourself accountable? Do you have anything to hold yourself accountable to? In this speech I challenge the teenagers present to begin developing the skill of personal accountability and I share this how I have done this in my own life.
Why is it easier for us to get naked and have sex, than it is to be truthful and vulnerable about who we are and where we are in life? Time for change.
In my mind, personal growth is all about enhancing our problem solving skills. The more we can strategically and objectively approach obstacles and opportunities the more likely we are to gain wisdom from these scenarios. In this episode I talk about a framework I have created to assist in this process. Visit to learn more.
Straight up! People can’t tear down something that they are unaware of. Learning to protect our hopes when they are in infancy is a vital skill in personal growth and development.
38: A Nimble Mind

38: A Nimble Mind


Adapt and Overcome. That’s how I look at challenges in life. Adaptation requires our behavior to change and that begins with our beliefs. The more willing we are to challenge our own beliefs the faster we can positively engage behavior change. In this episode I talk about this concept primarily from the point of view of personal finance. Enjoy.
The problem with fear of regret is that it doesn’t tap into our fight or flight mechanism. Our brains will protect us from physical pain automatically but metaphysical pain? Not so much....
Sometimes we have to pivot because you can’t do everything. The workshop is canceled but there’s a deeper lesson in why...
35: Imposing Your Will

35: Imposing Your Will


There are some challenges in life that don’t require a perspective shift. The simply require more effort. They require us to find another gear in our will power in order to get what we want. This is a good one for kids in high school and college.
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