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Ambition-Innovation-Effort Podcast

Author: Travis Daigle

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Travis Daigle teaches personal growth and development. In this Podcast he explores what it means to experience freedom in all areas of life and how we grow more resilient as we face challenges in the process. Travis shares lessons learned from personal experiences: overcoming obesity, getting out of debt, working as an Electrical Engineer in Corporate America, and becoming a US Army Green Beret/Combat Veteran.
14 Episodes
Audio from what I feel may be my best speech to date! How do we learn to trust our instincts when the follow on actions separate us from the herd?
Can you hold yourself accountable? Do you have anything to hold yourself accountable to? In this speech I challenge the teenagers present to begin developing the skill of personal accountability and I share this how I have done this in my own life.
Audio from the South Sound Small Business Summit in May 3rd ( , Check out the video on my YouTube channel: “Travis Daigle CDC”.
This is the second class from the Winter Quarter of Grit City Monday's at UW-Tacoma.  I talk primarily about asking questions about what is 'true' relative to being healthy.  What do we want to be able to do with our bodies in the future and where are we today?  In my journey over the last 26 years of cultivating health in my own life I have learned that the main task is to problem solve.  Don't look for the best diet or best exercise routine.  Look for the best strategy relative to where you are and where you want to go.  Hope y'all enjoy.Website
"We need to have better individual awareness so that we can have better group awareness."  That's a quote from one of the young women in the audience that I presented to January 23rd, 2019 at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.  They have a group of young people (ages 15-24) that they gather regularly to talk about ways by which they can elevate their own voices in the local community and the voices of others.  This one was big on Emotional Freedom!  The ability to empathize with the other starts with breaking down the conditions that create our own patterns of thinking.  It's amazing how spending time on personal growth has gives one clarity to notice patterns in others.  We're all different but our emotions create common ground.  Hope y'all enjoy!Questions? - Email TravisDaigleCDC@gmail.comWebsite / YouTube
Audio from the class at UWT.  Sorry for the audio quality at points.  The VIBE is always different when I'm presenting to a group.  Be sure to listen.Questions? - Travis@TravisDaigleCDC.com
A review of all the concepts covered in this quarter of Grit City Mondays.
In this class I talk about the way material possessions can hinder or help our progress in life and business. Thanks for listening!
Third clash of GCM fall 2018 Quarter. Talking about money! Life blood of a business and a Life!
This is the second class of the Fall 2018 Quarter of Grit City Mondays at UWT. In this class we talk about a principle that helps us maintain personal accountability and ownership. Overall we want to keep learning and keep getting better.
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