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Author: Chris Lang

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These PROPERTY BRIEFINGS are more like fireside chats – where Chris Lang (Amazon Best-selling author & Australia's leading property adviser) is interviewed on the issues vital to your success with Commercial Property.

Originally weekly, for 20 to 25 mins ... now the clear preference is monthly, for around 10 minutes.

Topics vary from fundamentals … to invaluable insights – everything you really need to know, to master Commercial Property.

Some of them include:

* Property Selection
* Packaging the Deal correctly
* Key Negotiating Tips
* Setting Up Your Finance
* Eliminating Unnecessary Risk
157 Episodes
In this Episode, we will explore ...* The Impact of the Royal Commission.* Stick to what is Tested and True.* 6 Key Aspects you can Control.THE NEXT PODCAST will tackle the Fundamental Laws of Negotiation.
In this Episode, we will explore ...  * Your required homework.  * Interpreting what you uncover.  * The reasons for this apparent disparity. THE NEXT PODCAST will explore How to Boost your Borrowing Potential.
In this Episode, we will explore ...* The difference between Commercial & Residential.* Developing a Value-add strategy.* Understanding proper ongoing Management.THE NEXT PODCAST we'll explore why Selling Yields vary.
In this Episode, we will explore ...* Accurately assessing your Equity.* Failing to allow for Acquisition Costs.* The simple Rule to safeguard yourself.THE NEXT PODCAST we'll cover Purchase Price Vs Actual Value.
In this Episode, we will explore …* Should you manage your own property?* Understanding your legal responsibilities.* Your obligations as a Landlord.* How to protect your interests.THE NEXT PODCAST we’ll talk about Choosing the Right Purchase Vehicle.
In this Episode, we will explore ....* Why do capital city office markets fluctuate?* Which markets are the most predictable?* How will this affect things going forward?* What does it mean for Commercial property Investors?You can download these two Charts.THE NEXT PODCAST we'll talk about Complying with Regulations.
In this Episode, we will discuss ...* Why would you accept a yield below-market?* What about an above-market yield?* Issues with a non-conforming use.* The homework you need to undertake.THE NEXT PODCAST we'll talk about Seeking Consistent Performance.
In this Episode, we will discuss ...* The Importance of understanding what's involved.* Deciding on the ideal Policy for your Commercial Property.* A little-known Secret about how to optimize your claim.IN THE NEXT PODCAST we'll talk about Selling Yields.
Today, we will take a look at ... * How Total Returns for commercial property have trended since 2006.* And then, you will be given a handy breakdown between rental yields and capital growth – on a sector-by-sector basis.* Finally, you will delve into the current state of the Retail property market – taking a forward look at its prospects going forward.You can also download the charts mentioned in the podcast from ... NEXT PODCAST will explore the importance of Insurance.
In this Episode, we will discuss ...* The Issues involved.* Some Solutions.* Being fully aware.THE NEXT PODCAST will help you Understand Total Returns.
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