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Author: Chris Lang

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These PROPERTY BRIEFINGS are more like fireside chats – where Chris Lang (Amazon Best-selling author and Australia's leading property adviser) is interviewed on issues vital to your success with Commercial Property.

Initially weekly for 20-25 minutes – now the clear preference is monthly for around 10-12 minutes.

Topics vary from fundamentals … to invaluable insights – everything you really need to know, to Master Commercial Property.

Some Topics included:
* Property Selection
* Packaging the Deal correctly
* Key Negotiating Tips
* Setting Up Your Finance
* Eliminating Unnecessary Risk
195 Episodes
My sincere apologies for the intermittent podcasts of late. It's just that my Inquisitor recently underwent open heart surgery – which tends to rearrange anyone's schedule. As such, this may be the last episode for a while. But you can always call me (on 0425 791 254) if you do have any specific queries. Happy investing and best wishes … Chris
Understanding … * How to quickly engage with the other party. * Logic & Reason Vs Emotion * What is Mirroring? * Mirroring in Action.
Today we’ll explore … * Getting things in perspective. * Some of the basic tools. * How Direct marketing works. * Measuring the results. THE NEXT PODCAST is about Negotiating Psychology
You will discover … * When to undertake Due Diligence. * Which consultants should be involved. * The Secret in receiving a quick report. * Do you need this for every property? THE NEXT PODCAST will explore the Importance of Advertising
You will discover … * Short-listing is just the start. * How to choose the right software. * The importance of a 4-year timeframe. * How to gather the information you need. THE NEXT PODCAST is about Handling The Due Diligence
You will discover … * No need for “Subject to Finance”. * How to Stop Paying Too Much. * The Key Elements of a Proposal. * Don't Simply Focus on Price. THE NEXT PODCAST is about Conducting a Detailed Analysis
Understand what's going on … Residential Vs Commercial Loans Why are commercial roads different? Understanding Risk Assessment How to ensure a good Interest Rate THE NEXT PODCAST explores How to Package The Deal.
You will discover … * Some of the Key Skills * Delving a little deeper * The secret of having clear Goals * Getting serious is what counts THE NEXT PODCAST gives you some Timely Tips on Finance Effective Goal Setting
Understand what's really going on ... * The RBA's measured approach * Some of the tell-tale signs * Housing prices * Consumer sentiment THE NEXT PODCAST will reveal How to Succeed with Commercial Property
Here you will discover … * The importance of Boundaries * How to make Concessions * How to use Silence to your advantage * "No" is actually not a refusal THE NEXT PODCAST will explain the Real Story Behind Inflation
In this episode, learn about ... * The Simplest of Remedies. * Using a Measured Approach. * How to Ask for Help. * How to build tour Support Team. THE NEXT PODCAST explores some Key Negotiating Strategies.
Taking you "behind the curtain" to ... * Help you structure a Win-Win outcome. * Identify your main Aim. * Learn how to gather Information. * Properly plan and ask the right Questions. THE NEXT PODCAST helps you Overcome Procrastination.
Giving you some insight on how to ... * Define acceptable Risk. * Identify the various steps involved. * Improve your success rate. * Recognise any potential pitfalls. THE NEXT PODCAST takes you behind the scenes of a Negotiation.
Helping you understand how things will be ... * The impact of Working from home. * How Office life will change forever. * Lockdown and CBD occupancy levels. * Demand for suburban locations. THE NEXT PODCAST explores How to Avoid Unnecessary Risk.
Helping you become a Master Negotiator ... * The benefit of Research. * Listening is so important. * How Strategy and Patience pay off. * Your best negotiating approach. THE NEXT PODCAST explores the post-Covid Office market.
Discover a number of Valuable Insights ... * Avoiding a common misconception. * How to handle the ATO's restrictions. * Capitalising on your renovations. * How to leave nothing on the table. THE NEXT PODCAST will reveal Several Negotiating Tips.
Here are some Valuable Insights ... * How to set things up to Succeed. * Structuring your Best Outcome. * The 20 Questions you Need to Answer. THE NEXT PODCAST will explore Depreciation for Older Properties.
It's really quite simple ... * Adopt a 3-step Approach. * Understand the Components. * The importance of your Headline. THE NEXT PODCAST will explain the Framework for a Great Negotiation.
By popular request ... * How to approach a Negotiation. * Adding appeal to your Proposal. * How to avoid a Win:Lose situation. * Time can be your friend. CLICK HERE to Learn even more. THE NEXT PODCAST will explain How to Capture Your Prospect's Attention.
In this Episode, you will discover ... * It's not easy – despite low interest rates. * The 6 Key Factors you need to address. * How to frame a Winning Presentation.  THE NEXT PODCAST will give you some Handy Negotiating Tips.
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