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Jennifer Trigilio was abused at the innocent age of 4. This is her amazing story of how she wouldn't let that define her. She has used that darkness in her life as motivation to create Jayla's Friends! It's an organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect. Follow Jayla's Friends Here:'s Friends Website: Jennifer About Donating/Helping at Her Fundraiser on July 11th, 2019 Here: jennifer.trigilio@outlook.comLearn More About Child Help Here: "My Orphan Journey" Here:
Kimberly LaRussa was tired of all the press that focused on the negative so she created Sweet Buffalo! It is a news site and community that brings uplifting stories to the world. She also created a nonprofit that has raised funds to help several families in need! Sweet Buffalo Website: Page: Egg Hunt Event: Orphan Journey:
Hope Rises

Hope Rises


Hope Rises was started to spread more good news into our world! In under two years, Kate Glaser, founder, has published over a 1000 uplifting and heartwarming articles and has help several people in need! She is a beacon of light! Please check out her website below and follow Hope Rises on Facebook! Hope Rises Website: Hope Rises on Facebook: My Orphan Journey on Amazon: My Orphan Journey on Facebook:
Jamie and Daryl Swanson felt alone and abandoned after their three children were diagnosed with special needs. Although they felt ostracized by family, friends and society, they remained faithful and kept praying for a sign or a light at end of the tunnel. It came in the way of food. All of their children have special dietary needs, and they often struggled to afford to feed them nutritious food. They realized they were not alone in this fight so they partnered with the Trooper Brinkerhoff Foundation to create a food distribution ministry to give our special needs community nutritious food at no cost! They have grown their ministry to host events where special needs family can feel safe, understood and loved as well. To volunteer and learn about upcoming events click below and ask to join! learn more about their ministry click below and ask to join!
WNY Basketball legends Dave Mallon and Brian Dux tell their story of how Brian served as a mentor for Dave throughout college and professionally in Europe. As teammates they helped the Guildford Heat with the championship in the British Basketball League, where Brian was the MVP. After this, Brian was in a near fatal car accident. The doctors told his family to expect the worse. They didn't know Brian. Brian has defied all the odds laid before him and is now back on the court coaching at the high school level. It's a truly amazing story. Enjoy! Call in inquire about Brian's basketball club he runs in the off-season:
Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward


Supermom Debbie Cordone discusses her amazing journey of helping her autistic son live the best possible life he can! After they received life-changing help from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, she vowed to pay it forward. She created Fantastic Friends of WNY as a safe place for people with special needs and their families. an email here to be added to the volunteer list: fantasticfriendswny@gmail.comOnce Upon A Time Prom Event:
It was well beyond my teenage years before I admitted it, but I suffered from depression as a teen. In today's episode I talk about my experience going through it and what helped me. I also discuss parental characteristics that I observed during my coaching days that were common among the more successful and happier student athletes. Please remember to subscribe to this podcast and leave a review! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @beasuperheroproject
Join me today, as my dear friend, Krista Furgala shares her family's story of their six year journey to find out her son's diagnosis of DYRK1A Syndrome. Enjoy! Learn more about DYRK1A Syndrome at here to help families with DYRK1A Syndrome attend the annual convention:
What's Coming in 2019!

What's Coming in 2019!


Here's a quick little episode where I outline what is coming up for the podcast and project. I also unveil the exciting reason for my absence the past few months! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @beasuperheroproject and on Facebook through the link below:
Hey Superhero Nation! Here is episode 3 of my survivor series! Today I am joined by Steve's wife Beth Anne and brother Mark to talk about the type of man and superhero Steve was. Steve lost his fight with cancer two years ago, but his spirit and legacy will live on through the Steven Leonard Jr Foundation and the opening of the The Scuba Zone at Canisius College to serve as a mentoring program to help 500+ students per year! Please consider donating to our fundraiser "Burpees For Steve" below to raise funds for the The Zone. Also, check out Blurbs Against Buffalo, an expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity, that Steve created and is being sold locally in Buffalo. It will make for an excellent stocking stuffer! Donate to Burpees For Steve! Blurbs Against Buffalo!
2x Amazon Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker Matt Patterson tells the amazing story of his first born daughter Emily's story from being diagnosed with down syndrome at birth to battling leukemia at the young age of 2. If you would like a copy of My Emily or want to book Matt to speak just click on his website below! You can also follow him on social media below as well! @mattpattspeaksTwitter: @mattpattspeaks
Change or Die

Change or Die


Here is Survival Coach Nicholas Tarantino's story of how a troubled home and childhood led him down a path of drugs, alcohol and sex that nearly took his life. Listen to how he overcame these addictions through the discovery of his own self love and worth. He's now taking his experiences and helping others on their path to self discovery! Be sure to follow Nick on Instagram and Twitter @summatimenick to learn about his upcoming workshops in Brooklyn! 
This is the story of Emily Mondschein. 14 weeks into her pregnancy she received a phone call that her unborn child had down syndrome. She had two choices; terminate, or embrace the passion, fire and love that was growing inside her to help create a better world for her son by opening Buffalo's first brick and mortar Down Syndrome Achievement Center! Follow and contract Emily below to help her bring her passion to life!
What is holding you back from going after your dreams? Dr. Michael Downs Tarantino
They're Dead

They're Dead


Origin story of the orphan co-founder of the Be A Superhero Project!
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