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We’re just some dudes talking about some dudes who play basketball. We talk about the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA, in general.
250 Episodes
Dylan and Matt T. discuss some possible trades for Schroder and Gallinari, plus current options for OKC's new head coach (surprise live reaction for Lakers-Nuggets Game 2 at the end!)
Episode 257: LU DORT

Episode 257: LU DORT


Is Lu Dort the greatest defender ever? Playoff P is back! This week's NBA picks! And more!
Just remember... we had a 0.2% chance to make it here. #PositiveVibesOnly Tyranny recaps the Houston v. OKC Game 1 as well as the rest of the playoff games so far Be sure to leave a 5-star review and positive review!
NEW SEGMENT ALERT: Money Please! Our best picks of Friday's NBA slate - Recap OKC's offensive onslaught vs. Portland - Shai or Nai - Weird Q of the Day - Predictions of Thunder's first game vs. Jazz Download and leave a 5-star review!
FRIYAY POD Alex, Dylan, and Matt discuss the first two days of NBA scrimmages, what to expect for the Thunder's first game against Boston, and End of the Year Awards! (WARNING: Contentious!) We finish with this week's Shai & Nai of the week! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave a 5-STAR REVIEW!
We're bringing back Thunder Family Feud for a special edition with our favorite fans from Thunder Twitter! Lauren (@LRMurphh), Sarah (@AnothrHipArtist), Connor (@ThreeCone), and Zach (@ThunderCounty) join Alex and Jerry for our special edition! Be sure to download, subscribe, and leave a 5-star review!
- Dennis leaves bubble for birth of child - Zion out for family emergency - NBA warns against bringing in the ladies - Shai or Nai? - Weird Q of the Day
Bubble Trouble - Richaun Holmes really likes Postmates, the ladies are already getting invited, and Ben Simmons can't throw a fish into the ocean (2:06) Dad Bracket - Uncle Phil, Coach Taylor, Andy Taylor, and more compete for the trophy + "Weird Question(s) of the Day" (23:40)  Don't forget to subscribe + leave a 5-star review!
Shai got shoes! Dylan, Jerry and Matt back for a Friyay pod -  SGA signs with Converse -  Lu Dort says Roberson is "ready to go" -  #MealGate -  "Shai or Nay" of the week Be sure to leave a five-star review and subscribe!
Quite possibly the latest we have ever recorded a podcast and it went as you would expect.... perfectly. - Steven Adams inseminated cows - SGA wears a mask and so should you - NEW SEGMENT ALERT: Shai's or Nay's Be sure to download, subscribe, and leave a 5-star review!
THE NEW SCHEDULE IN ORLANDO HAS BEEN RELEASED We break down each game the Thunder play in Orlando, plus which teams benefit from their adjusted schedules We finish with the second round of Dad Bracket (featuring special guests from the pod, very briefly) Don't forget to leave a 5-star review!
Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. On this episode of Topic: Thunder we discuss: - Lu Dort's amazing contract (for us) - Paul George is back on his BS - Latest bubble news Don't forget to leave 5-star review and subscribe!
We welcome back ScoopB (Brandon Robinson) to discuss his conversations with Kyrie Irving and others involved in the now famous conference call, Perkins comments about KD and Kyrie, and his experiences as a black reporter. We then finish up Round 1 of Dad Bracket (featuring Walter White, Ron Swanson, and more) Don't forget to leave a 5-star review and positive comment!
On this episode of Topic: Thunder podcast   - New updates on the Disney bubble  - Kyrie Irving's conference call  - NBA as Disney characters  - Dad Bracket
The unit breaks down Presti's video conference call from the weekend and dives into some of the details regarding the new play-in 8th seed format. Don't forget to subscribe, leave a 5-star review and a positive comment!
Obviously there's a lot going on in the country right now, so we took some time to discuss our feelings and experiences on the issue. Then we discuss the new decided format to resume the NBA season, and look at the Thunder's regular season schedule! Be sure to download, rate 5-stars and leave a positive review!
Dylan touches on the latest news for NBA’s return, what it means for the Thunder, and more! Stay safe 🙏🏻
THUNDER FAMILY FEUD WEEK 6 Daily Thunder (featuring @BrandonRahbar, @Crayallred, @OliviaPanchal, @JHickness9) Theme: STAT NERDS - Thunder Advanced Stats - Shot Chart Leaders by decade - 2019-2020 Shot Chart Leaders from OKC Download, subscribe, and leave a 5-star review!
The local Channel 5 news crew (KOCO) featuring Maggie Carlo, Jason Hackett, and Jennyann Roig face off against the Topic: Thunder crew in another episode of THUNDER FAMILY FEUD This week's theme: CHRIS PAUL Download and subscribe! Be sure to leave a 5-star review and leave a comment on iTunes!
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