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Author: Quindell Evans

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The Blue Poet Tree Podcast is where we discuss the habits that it takes to create a successful life and the habits it takes to breakthrough a stressful life. Designed to get the people’s perspective of Quindell Evans and his creative designs such as his music, his “Pick-Up Poet Tree” Educational Playing Card Game, “The M.O.U.T.H. Book Messages of Uplift to Heal,” his fitness game “Drop And Give Me Fitness” and more so prepare for a joyous ride.
226 Episodes
Crown - I (eye) Pineal - E (eee) Throat - A (aye) I mixed the pineal and throat up in the audio (apologies) Heart - Uh Solar Plexus - Hah Sacral Plexus - Oh, Kah & Shh Root - You
Everything from gmo’s & marijuana to broken families & eugenics.
Quindell invites Madame Woo in to help him pilot the first episode of the Money Meditation Magic podcast. They discuss how to cleanse your aura to make way for abundance, prosperity and wealth to be invited in. They also discuss the importance of breathing exercises to manifestation and other things. Most importantly, Madame Woo shares testimonials of how her New Moon and Full Moon Vision Board Ritual Party has allowed many people to manifest wealth including six figure incomes, cars and homes. Money Meditation Magic is a 5-Step program that entrains you, your body and mind to vibrate on the frequency of abundance, prosperity and wealth. Get your copy of the book: Join the program:
Sex in your dreams is more powerful than you may know. We’re continuing the theme of telling our story before someone else does. As black people, we must have a black mind. This was originally recorded in ClubHouse where you can add me: @BluePoetTree
The media is powerful. Scientifically, it can be explained by the fact that televisions & phones release alpha waves that “program” our minds in hypnotic ways. Culturally, it can be explained by the fact that we spend the majority of our time on our phones and in front of the tv screen making what we consume from these outlets so easy to accepted as truth. The media created the myth or idea that the black american family is divided which is causing black youth and children to be less privileged compared to other ethnicities. I’m not jacking it. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. We have to tell the narrate the black experience ourselves or the media will control how we are perceived worldwide. This was originally recorded in ClubHouse where you can add me: @BluePoetTree
Stop giving to Goofys who can’t receive. And focus on your capacity to receive what you desire. This was originally recorded in ClubHouse where you can add me: @BluePoetTree
The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for noting the difference in people, places and things. Men and non black races are commonly left brained and cultivate separation, breaking down whole things into parts. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for noting the similarities in people, places and things. Women and black races are commonly right brained and cultivate unity, building up whole things from its parts. The western world or the western mind is commonly left brained, analytical, extrovert and cultivate separation so it’s not surprising when women and black races who reside in the western world develop and function more from the left brained than their brains are built to. It’s like going against the grain of how you’re supposed to be, limiting their creativity. Here’s my reflection.
Manifesting money begins with your intentions, your money beliefs and how you treat money. Money will treat you how you treat it. To put you on to some Money Meditation Magic, in this episode, Quindell shares 3 simple strategies, tools or rituals you can use to manifest money and to vibrate in the frequency of wealth, abundance and prosperity. Visit for more.
In ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT episodes of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast, we discuss the purpose of ancestor money also known as joss paper. We cover how to use it and what happens when you do. Tap in. 🎯 is where you can find more resources on how to manifest money, how to harmonize with money and how to vibrate on the frequency of wealth, abundance and prosperity. 💰🧘🏿‍♂️✨ Money Meditation Magic is the name of the program…the 5 step program to entrain you to be wealthy.
Chapter 2 reading with Ifé: In “Of Water & The Spirit,” Malidoma Somé writes a story that should probably only be shared oratorically. A very rare masterpiece is this book, allowing the reader to live his experiences. We review the introduction and chapter 1 giving out takeaways. Then we read chapter 2 and share our takeaways when prompted to by inspiration.
This is for the alive, not the dead 💀 LOL ;; if you know, you know ..
This is how we do it: I'm gonna change your name To love & I'll only call you when I need you I'm gonna change your name to mirror & I'll take a selfie just to see you I'm gonna change your name to mine & use sign language to make rhymes Body language to make music & our playlist might be mixxy But we're a perfect match So we'll get through this I'm gonna change your name
F✨ck Valentines Day

F✨ck Valentines Day


Whenever you are ready: The Truth Is I Fell In Love With My President The Day She Was Assassinated By Cupid & At Her Funeral I Was The Coffin And She Was A Walking Down The Aisle Presented By Her Father For Me To Lay Down Forever & We Lived Happily Everyday Since The 2nd Week Of February You Were Mine My Valentine
How it all started: Our bodies grow Until we're mature Enough to know But knowledge isn't power Until it's shared with another soul There's one thing We all have in common & that's pain The most pleasured man s the most insane Because in vein he hates himself He hides behind his games He plays for help He digs holes & receives points For every body that disposed ...
Want Your Own Podcast: What's beauty? Is it the piercing stare That causes one to imagine The never ending stairs That he paces up To get to the floor where he can have you? Is beauty the duty of your eyes that speak Your mouth that listens Your ears that whistle Your nose that senses Senses that make silence feel intensely loud How could beauty know what beauty is? Only you know what beauty truly is!
Podcast Start-Up: If Elijah Starved If Moses Refrained If Christ Fasted In The Desert Of The Judaean You Could Have Faith Despite Going To Bed With Not Having What It Takes You Could Wake Up Wanting To Make Your Own Way To Create Your Own Lane If Elijah Starved If Moses Refrained If Christ Fasted In The Desert Of The Judaean You Could Have Faith
Make money sharing your story: I'll never forget the time When time stopped The hour hand became seconds Every wrist became a watch As I watched the runner speed by I knew I'd come in second place Place me in another race First place Is guaranteed for me to take Because second place is a waste I'll never forget the time I came second place in that race
Start your own podcast: What if .. Time could rewind, how far do I have to go back to miss taking for granted the signs & mistakes could be handled on time ! What if .. I chased what I needed instead of what I wanted to make things easy and please me. Would I have been selfish ? Living life selfless seems to backfire and keep me down. What if .. I could go back higher like I was in youth and chase the truth.
Life Is War

Life Is War

2020-12-1208:08 Fight until the battle begins Because the war hasn't begun Don't give up now if you want to win Because the war is already won One day, one hour, one minute One second away from victory Grow old when it's cold & the heat will be history Blissfully blisters won't visit But live on the pivot of ambition Ambush the pain now Look up & dance when the rains down Nothing is easy if you deserve it So serve it with your greatest service Sure it'll all be worth it
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lee francis

that hits very slappy. sorry man obviously I'm geeky not hood but I get this. so far anyway it's long but uh yeah 😅 fuck haha I switched off completely too then I went more or less monk. haha 🤣 anyway I think you'd like one of mine which yeah is a bit bad of me but take a look at perfect's about the objectification and isolation of women.

Nov 10th
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lee francis

I found this guy just now browsing and he's great!. so I'll admit different to what I was looking for but so worth the listen.

Nov 10th

lee francis

this is great!

Nov 10th
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