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Find Your Soul. Find Your Soulmate
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Find Your Soul. Find Your Soulmate

Author: Niki Booker

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A podcast about love, finding yourself, fun tips and reminders about dating, and about surrendering yourself to the unnecessary demands we put on ourselves as humans. Support this podcast:
44 Episodes
Should couples have a separate bank account? Who should be in charge of the finances? Listen and find out what Niki Booker thinks. --- Support this podcast:
Are you Terrified of Dating? I know how scary it can be when you’re a shy person. I have a few suggestions for you if you’re a bit of an introvert.  --- Support this podcast:
Learn about two things every man needs if you want his endless love and adoration. What type of woman does these two things and how do you actually accomplish them? --- Support this podcast:
Do you keep getting dumped? Having a hard time getting a relationship to stick? Listen to two behaviors you may be taking that are working against you. --- Support this podcast:
Find out three traits that modern women crave in a man. It may not be what you think...  --- Support this podcast:
Do you feel like quitting? How do you change your frame of mind when you can't seem to accomplish your goal? How do you stop the self sabotaging and just do it already? --- Support this podcast:
Learn the #1 driving factor that leads to happiness in your life and about what's stopping you from achieving the life you want. --- Support this podcast:
What are those qualities you should look for on a first date? Also learn the #1 turn-off on a first date. --- Support this podcast:
Listen to me talk about the five traits that I believe take you from attractive to irresistible to the opposite sex. Also, listen to me rant about society and the cultural shifts that I see. --- Support this podcast:
Do you fight dirty or do you keep it clean when fighting with your spouse or significant other? Learn how to keep it clean so that you can build intimacy and not ruin your relationship. --- Support this podcast:
Part two of the 5 main components of emotional intelligence. Also learn why some people have multiple failed marriages. --- Support this podcast:
I talk about my story and what led me to where I am now. Basically, why you should listen to anything I have to say! --- Support this podcast:
Are you chasing men and can’t catch one? Please, never chase a man. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you disagree with me, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Listen to 10 rules all single women should follow when dating. --- Support this podcast:
I have 3 pieces of advice for ladies who are dating that I WISH I knew when I was single. I learned the hard way, but once I practiced old school dating, my dating life went from non-existent to a woman in demand. --- Support this podcast:
Are you struggling to find happiness in your life right now? Maybe you have a ton of reasons to be happy, but you still aren't. Listen and learn how to be happy. --- Support this podcast:
Do people walk all over you? Do you accept less from others because you don’t think you deserve more? Do you let people take advantage of you? Listen here. --- Support this podcast:
When I finally started to use this piece of advice, I was able to make faster decisions on whether or not I should keep a guy, or throw him back. It really helped to simplify the process. --- Support this podcast:
If you want to find the man to love forever, you have to first love men. This is for my ladies who are feeling a little pissed at men in general right now. --- Support this podcast:
Niki read a book on neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology and how that ties into happiness. Learn about what she read so that you can learn how to be happy and apply the methods to your life. Book is called "Hardwiring Happiness" by Rick Hanson, Pd. D.  --- Support this podcast:
Learn why men and women display certain behaviors when dating and how these behaviors work to ensure reproductive success. Learn why men want sex and women want commitment, and why men and women argue about money. --- Support this podcast:
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