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HOELISTIC: Living Like You Give a F*ck

HOELISTIC: Living Like You Give a F*ck

Author: Saha-Kehau Paulo, CMP.

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The art of living your best life with Certified Metaphysical Practitioner & Astrologist, Saha-Kehau Paulo, a woke & petty mother of four, living in Sin City.

Join her on this journey through metaphysics & motherhood as she runs a household of 4 kids, 2 dogs, a black cat, & a man child, all while trying to maintain her sanity.
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12. Hustle? Nah... ALIGN!
If you haven't felt it yet, January is bringing some major transformations.  With the Solar Eclipse that we had in the first week and the Lunar Eclipse that's happening on Sunday (which I'll talk more about on next week's episode — it'll be a day late but you'll still be able to work with the energy.  I'll make a post this week about it if you want to get the inside scoop now), we all have so many choices to make!I love starting off my week with a mudra, it gives me some insight about what the energy will be all about, and like magick, Source gave us a mudra to help with this transformative energy.This week, we need to make it a nonnegotiable and allow the dualities all around us to work together harmoniously.  I'm talking about the inner parts of us (intuition and ego), as well as externally with others (women and men) because up above....Venus and Mars are doing their thang.  This isn't a tug of war, it's a dance.  So don't step on anyone's toes, and play nicely, daddy (Saturn) is watching.I also talked about gua sha and how you can do it at home RIGHT NOW and then shared a random ass theory for Theory/Truther Thursday (still can't decide what to call that segment).  Hope you enjoy the show! C O N N E C T Blog: FB: IG: Twitter: YT:  D O N A T I O N S  If you would like to contribute to a bottle of Moscato, help me to feed  my kids, pay some bills and keep this podcast going — because receiving  gifts and acts of service are my love languages, please consider  donating to the show at  or look me up on Venmo: sahakehau

12. Hustle? Nah... ALIGN!


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