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Good + Social is a series of conversations with social and environmental innovators from across industries. These creative and compassionate human beings are bucking the system, turning ideas inside out and industries upside down to have a greater impact. Tune in each week to catch the stories of business owners, nonprofit leaders, activists, and risk takers who are innovating on existing practices and making decisions based on more than bottom lines. Their creativity is truly contagious.
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Joining us from New York is Adrian Solgaard, founder of Solgaard. Ever since Adrian was a kid he has loved connecting things - he actually asked for tape one year for Christmas! A couple decades later and the passion hasn’t faded. Both of his businesses were born from the sheer desire to connect two interests - first bike locks and bags and sometime later suitcases and sustainability. Today he runs Solgaard, a luggage company out of New York City with a unique line of suitcases produced from ocean waste. Always looking to make simple connections between interesting ideas, Adrian joins us to talk about the travel industry, ocean waste, and digging deep to create change.
Today’s conversation is with Chris Baker, the Founder of One Seed Expeditions. Chris grew up in West Virginia, he graduated, moved to Hawaii, lived in a van, travelled to Nepal, and fell deep in love with adventure. He draws inspiration from visiting places unfamiliar and pushing himself to feel uncomfortable. His passion for exploration led him to found a company that raises the bar for what people expect out of their travel, from forging deep local connections to energy input and waste output. Chris impacts local change through global experience, leading One Seed Expeditions to invest in local solutions and entrepreneurs. We’re talking wanderlust, microfinance, community and dignity.
Amirah Jiwa is a social impact strategist, having spent several years leading social impact for popular luggage company, Away. She joins us today to talk about her international upbringing, her personal passion for social change, and the ways in which she believes that businesses can have a significant impact on social issues. From her work with Warby Parker to Away, eyewear to luggage, Amirah is a brilliant strategist and thoughtful innovator and she shares how she led Away to make a real difference through its partnership with nonprofit Peace Direct. You’re in for a great conversation!
Today's conversation is with Brian Jones, founder of Kin Travel. Brian worked for his family accounting business, romanticizing Africa from afar until he packed his bags and moved to Kenya. He set out with intentions to build a tented hotel and found himself inspired by the notions of sustainable travel, deployable hospitality and ecosystem awareness along the way. Brian founded Kin and is shaking up the massive travel industry to create true connection and sustainable impact through local partnerships. This episode is a love letter, both poetic and honest. Get ready to feel some serious wanderlust.
Today's conversation is with Eric Korman, CEO of PHLUR. Fascinated by business, Eric collected coke bottles as a child and read Forbes as a teenager. After working for all the major consumer-facing brands, Eric turned his sights to the fragrance industry. He launched PHLUR and from day one worked to build conscious capitalism into the organization’s value system. Balancing beautiful design with environmental impact, Eric is leading PHLUR to push the boundaries of imagination. He is a digital mastermind and an excellent human on a mission to positively impact the way we smell, live and experience.
Today's conversation is with Suzanne Siemens, co-founder of Lunapads. Suzanne left a stable corporate accounting career after an encounter with her now business partner Madeline, majorly changed her life. Shortly after the meet cute, Suzanne and Madeline launched Lunapads, a menstrual hygiene powerhouse and one of the first on the scene to disrupt a five-billion-dollar industry. Lunapads set out to be the aspiring Patagonia of period products. The brand is thoughtful and inclusive, defining their target market as menstruators to better represent those who are gender non-conforming. Suzanne addresses the ick factor of a business built on bleeding. Learning more about Suzanne’s story and knowing that Lunapads is out there fighting towards menstrual equity on a global-scale is reassuring, inspiring and empowering.
Today's conversation is with Cyrus Sutton, co-founder of Manda Naturals. Cyrus was a professional surfer and documentary filmmaker spending most of his time outdoors. When skin cancer hit too close to home, Cyrus was inspired to produce a safe and effective product that he couldn't find anywhere on the market. We're talking about health and the environment and how important it is to choose products that protect both.
Today’s conversation is with Molly Hayward. A graduate of a tiny and feminist liberal arts school, Molly was inspired early on to pursue a career in social impact. Assuming she would end up in the nonprofit sector, her career took a twist after a trip to Africa inspired a deep desire to disrupt the female hygiene industry. Molly joins us to talk about feminism, social impact, and her personal experience innovating in an industry that hasn’t really evolved in decades. We’re talking tampons, women’s rights, and social entrepreneurship and it’s a conversation I think you’re going to love!
Today's conversation is with Lisa Bronner, granddaughter of the late Dr. Bronner. Lisa pulls back the curtain on her family business, sharing her grandfather's story founding Dr. Bronner's as well as the family's vision for change. We talk about environmental values, inadequate industry standards, and how parenting has shaped the lens through which she strives to have an impact.
Marci Zaroff is the founder of Marci Zaroff is the founder of Ecofashion Corp, author of Eco Renaissance, and an all around sustainable business bad ass. She is a social impact pioneer and she holds the trademark for the term eco-fashion, among others. Marci’s episode is all about connecting source to story and appreciating our ecosystem. Marci explains the power of business to affect positive change in the world and why it matters to surround yourself with people who share your vision. From rollerskating to organic fiber to plant-based proteins. Get ready to be educated and inspired., author of Eco Renaissance, and an all around sustainable business bad ass. She is a social impact pioneer and she holds the trademark for the term eco-fashion, among others. Marci’s episode is all about connecting source to story and appreciating our ecosystem. Marci explains the power of business to affect positive change in the world and why it matters to surround yourself with people who share your vision. From rollerskating to organic fiber to plant-based proteins. Get ready to be educated and inspired.
Wen-Jay Ying had no idea she would end up passionate about the food industry when a dear friend introduced her to a local CSA. Having grown up on bulk discount food products, Wen-Jay found herself disheartened by the cycle of buying poor quality food from corner stores which resulted in health conditions that drove them back to the same stores for pharmaceuticals. It was a vicious cycle she saw among her neighbors in New York City so she set out to create an alternative. In pursuit of a sense of local community, Wen-Jay launched Local Roots NYC which connects consumers to farmers and impacts both ends of the food chain. We’re talking with Wen-Jay about food systems, sustainability, and what community really means to her.
Greg Vetter is a self-proclaimed condiment lover who launched a family business after a neighbor broke into his house and stole a two-liter bottle of his mom's salad dressing from his kitchen. His mom’s recipes were just the beginning, beyond the delicious taste and good for your benefits, Tessemae’s invented clean manufacturing and forever changed the game. This is a story about family strength and clean food. As the founder of Tessemae’s, Greg has successfully embedded health and environmental values into the company’s DNA. The brand is food tribe friendly, ethical, eco-conscious and human-centric. Greg is a curious and vibrant leader, full of big energy and bigger laughs. This episode is so much fun, get ready to smile.
Today’s conversation is taking back to the early days of my career studying public health. Jackie Bowen is the Executive Director behind Clean Label Project. From midwestern girl to nonprofit leader, Jackie is sharing her story of data, nutrition, and disruption. A passionate public health expert, she is revolutionizing how consumers think about the products they put in their bodies and how little we really know about what’s in the products we purchase. She is nerdy, funny, and surrounded by a team of talented scientists. This is Jackie’s story.
Today's conversation is with Devonne Niam, E-Commerce Manager at Matter Prints. Devonne was born in China and lived in Hong Kong before moving to Singapore where a dear friend introduced her to Matter Prints. The fledgling apparel company was just getting off the ground when Devonne joined the team. From her position as E-Commerce Manager she has had a front row seat to watching and leading the growth of social mission companies within Asia. Today, Matter is fostering design-artisan collaborations, inspiring customers to value provenance and process, and pioneering sustainability practices across rural textile communities. We’re speaking with Devonne about preserving traditional artisan techniques, slowing down production, and social impact in Asia.To learn more visit To learn more visit
Today’s conversation is with Eileen Mockus, the CEO of Coyuchi. Eileen is an expert in all things textiles and she has worked with some extraordinary brands (think -- North Face, Pottery Barn, Patagonia). Eileen thought her motivation was driven by making things until she realized it was actually the fabric. Her unique perspective on materials and manufacturing will reframe your view of the industry. Her focus on the human hands that touch and make along the supply chain was refreshing, deeply meaningful and human-centric. Eileen explains why social responsibility is so much more than social compliance and how in her experience consumers want real connections with the brands that they support with their dollars.To learn more visit To learn more visit
Today’s conversation is with James Bartle, the Founder and CEO of Outland Denim. James is a cowboy at heart. He explored the Australian bush on a motorbike as a kiddo, experiencing freedom and adventure. The Liam Neeson movie Taken and a trip to Asia forever changed the trajectory of his life. After having his eyes open to the toll of human trafficking, James was compelled to take action, so he founded Outland to address the root causes of poverty with empowerment as the main goal and success metric. James is the keeper of a unique perspective, and as a result he built a genuine brand with a unique business model. This is more than just social mission, so come on and join this denim party.To learn more visit To learn more visit
Today’s conversation is with Clare Press, Sustainability Editor at Vogue Australia. The industry’s go to journalist for the intersection of fashion and sustainability, Clare has published three books and her work has been featured in VOGUE, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more. She joins us to talk about her birds eye view of the sustainable fashion space and how she’s leveraging writing to make an impact. Over the course of her career Clare has interviewed everyone from Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian to Yvon Chouinard. It’s an honor to turn the tables and share her story!To learn more visit
Today’s conversation is with Liz Bohannon, Founder of Sseko designs. Sseko is a powerhouse brand, for women by women. But, at the beginning of this story is a volunteer trip to Uganda, which led to chicken farming, to sandal making and then to the launch of a brand with a deep commitment to education for young women in rural communities. Liz has turned fashion into a mechanism by which to empower. She is a voice for gender equity, a professional storyteller, and a global changemaker by all accounts. To learn more visit
Today’s conversation is taking us across the pond to the United Kingdom. Alice Cracknell and her husband shared a passion for global health that inspired them to pursue an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. Together they launched Origin Africa - a not-for-profit organization, raising funds through the sale of authentic African fabric products. To date, 100% of profits fund community driven, needs based projects which support the tribes from which our fabric originates.
Today's conversation is with Shannon Lohr. Shannon founded a conscious fashion company, acknowledged it was a great first adventure, and then walked away. Shortly thereafter she launched Factory45 - an online accelerator program that takes sustainable apparel companies from idea to launch. Shannon offers sage advice on successfully navigating the social impact trenches, raising money, establishing ethical supply chains, and the importance of following your heart.
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