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The Indie Beer Show is a podcast that features San Diego Beer News® founder Brandon Hernández, Mujeres Brew House founder Esthela Davila and producer (a Societe Brewing employee) Abel Garcia along with regular contributors and friends of the show. Through weekly interviews with members of the brewing industry, we provide a balance of educational, topical and entertaining discussions. During each episode, we focus on timely topics, interesting guests, thanking our Patrons for their support, and, of course, beer!

We're doing our show live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday night at 6:30 PM PT and it has proven to be highly rewarding to be able to interact with our audience. Are you an independent brewery that would enjoy having your story and products featured on an upcoming episode? Have a news item we should discuss? Just want to say hi? Great, hit us up at or get social, links are at the bottom of the page!

Still want your podcasts in audio form? We get it and will always publish our Shows in the traditional format. You can find us in your favorite players like ITunes IHeartRadio Spotify Overcast FM Stitcher Google Play Music TuneIn and many more. You can also say "Alexa, play the podcast The Indie Beer Show", which is definitely the coolest way to access our content. Shows publish Monday mornings; subscribe today to keep up!

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Chuck joins us for what is sure to be a great evening to discuss all things Silva Brewing! While most of us know him for his time in San Diego, he, with his wife MJ, founded Silva Brewing in 2015, in Paso Robles. We are massively looking forward to catching up with this #SDBeer​ legend; known for innovation and consistency, we can't wait to hear all the details about their life in SLO. We will be featuring the following beverages on this show: Galaxy on Rye - Hazy WCIPA Ve va Che - Rustic Belgian with Brett Brux Silva Stout - Imperial Stout aged in Four Roses barrels for 18 months G-Fizz Blast - Hard Seltzer inspired by a Gin Fizz cocktailEnjoy this audio version of the live stream or relieve the entire experience like you were there the first time, the choice is yours friends! 
Let's listen back to a time when we didn't think about social distancing and novel viruses. This is the last episode we released from Tapcraft Studios, man we miss that place and actually recording our show in person. We sat down with Mike Czech and Chris Leguizamon from Pure Project to talk about their brewery that has been cranking out exceptional beer since the day they opened.This was a great show and we hope it reminds you of a simpler time. Pure Project just won 13 medals in the San Diego Beer News as well! 
There are several dozen amazing breweries in San Diego that we tend to gravitate towards without even consciously knowing it. North Park Beer Co. is one of those shining stars in the top tier of #SDBeer. We're in for a treat, and another IPA fest, when Kelsey joins us to discuss all things NPBC! We're looking forward to an evening to write home about, that's for sure. We will be featuring the following beers: Archaic Technology - Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA Infernal Combustion - Double DryHopped West Coast IPA Clockwork Intelligence - Double DryHopped Hazy Double IPA Lupulin Collider - Triple Dry Hopped Hazy Triple IPA We hope you enjoy the audio version of the show, and just in case you want to relive the live stream, that's below as well! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Here's to unexpected things happening in 2021 like it's the 14th month of '20! The show that should be publishing right now won't see the light of day, sometimes that happens. Exactly 2 times, to be precise.We thought we would take a trip back in time, all the way to December of 2019, when our guest was Mobile West Canning. At the time of recording this episode there was no way to know the extreme importance MWC's service would have the following year. Just four months after this recording, we went into lockdown due to Covid.The lifeline of canned beer Mobile West offered several of our favorite breweries during to go only restrictions cannot be overstated. For some breweries, MWC is the only reason they survived this unprecedented time.Sit back and remember a simpler time, when people could sit at the same table and drink and laugh together all night!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Every once in awhile we like to do a Show where it's just us hanging out with you. In the long, long ago, we would be having a bottle share or some other fun activity to interact with our friends and supporters.Pink elephants aside, we'll fire up TIBS! at the same bat time and on the same bat channels as usual to talk about the current state of beer in San Diego, our future amazing guests we have scheduled, and most importantly, have fun!This week, we're drinking all dark beers!We'll be featuring the following:Midnight Expression from Port Brewing - Dark LagerStout from Sierra Nevada (the first beer they brewed)Spicy Maya from Thorn - Dry Irish Stout with cocoa nibs, pasilla peppers, cayenne and a touch of cinnamonDoom Blade from Modern Times - Black IPAThank you for being the best humans on Earth; we hope you enjoy the audio version of this episode and/or the live stream below!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Who's ready for the first anniversary preview show of 2021?! We are, that's for sure! We're ready for anything celebratory after the last 28 months of 2020. We'll be joined by Brian Mitchell from Pariah Brewing Co. to discuss all the details of their upcoming 4th Anniversary, their Valentine's Day pairing with Good Seed Food Co. and everything else we can cram into a few hours celebrating this achievement with our friend! We will be featuring: Dank Drank IPA - the original Pariah IPA and always a delight to drink Colors IPA - new release for the anniversary - melon/citrus/tropical flavor notes await our enjoyment Lebron Haze - All Galaxy, all the time Dorcha Extra Stout - coffee stout with coca nibs We hope you enjoy this audio version but just in case, the live video is below. Cheers friends! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On this extremely exceptional episode of The Indie Beer Show, we have the legendary Vinnie Cilurzo from the almighty Russian River Brewing Company! This terrific retirement gift has come to be due to the diligence of Brandon, and I, Brian, am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have one of my favorite breweries of all time join us for an evening that will certainly not be forgotten.We will be featuring the following beers:Intinction Pinot Noir – Wild Ale w/ Red Wine Grapes, 7% Citra Flash Mob IPA – Citra “flash-hopped” IPA, 7% Pliny the Elder– Double IPA, 8% Pliny the Elder Double Dry-Hopped– Double IPA, 8% (side by side with the original!) We know you'll enjoy this Show but just in case you want to see how it all went down live, the video is below!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Maybe this will be the start of a new series, who knows?! We're very pleased to have Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer, Sales Manager, Social Media Manager, and Outside Events Manager (I'm sure there's actually 4 more jobs in there) on the show to talk about all things Moksa. For those that may not know, Derek started his craft beer career here in San Diego, and was one of my teachers in the SDSU Craft Beer program. We are seriously looking forward to tasting through his excellent products. VIRTUAL HUGSFor this beer, we teamed up with Corey from 3 Sons Brewing Co and combined our Imperial Stout recipes to incorporate elements of how we both approach Non Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts with post fermentation treatments. For Virtual Hugs, we used 14 lb/bbl of cashews, 2 lbs/bbl of Guatemalan cacao nibs, and .4 lbs/bbl of Congo vanilla beans. Expect this to be thick, sweet, nutty, chocolaty, roasty and all around delicious. SNAPPY THE LAGERThis beer is about as pure as you can get. Minimal hopping and a super basic grain bill makes this style incredibly hard to do well. For Snappy The Lager, 100% of our grain bill came from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, CA. We then ferment the beer using our favorite lager yeast from Augustiner and let it set in the tank for multiple weeks. Although it seems like a simple process, every step of producing this beer has to be monitored to reduce the slightest hint of off flavors. This beer drinks crisp and snappy with refreshing malt flavors. And at 5% you can enjoy plenty of it in one sitting. HOW ARE YOU DOING?2020 has been a shitty year that has limited our interactions with the people we love. How Are You Doing? is a reminder that even though you cannot physically see your friends and family, reach out and ask how they are doing. Who knows, it may be the message they have been waiting for. This beer is a Hazy IPA brewed with 5.5 lbs/bbl of Strata and Citra.This pillowy beer has notes of yellow peaches, satsuma tangerines, a bunch of sweet pineapples. FORSAKEN BRILLIANCEWe'd never thought we would see the day that people come up to the bar and order beer based on how hazy it is. It's weird AF to be honest. This is strange to type but we feel there is still a desire for a clear, crisp West Coast IIPA. For that reason, and the fact that we think they're effin' delicious, we will continue to make this "forsaken" style for all, errr, some of you to enjoy. We hopped this beer with a 6.6 lb per bbl combo of all hand selected Idaho 7, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe. NTU:500Short for Nephelometric Turbidity Units of 500, at over a 6.5 lbs per barrel combo of Citra and Galaxy. Aromas and flavors will be very citrus and tropical forward, almost juice like. We hope you enjoy the audio version of this show, but just in case, the live stream video is below as well! See for privacy and opt-out information.
We are filled with stoke and excitement to get 2021 started! We'll have on members of the illustrious Mikkeller Brewing San Diego team to talk about their early days as a gypsy brewery, landing in a beloved SD location, and traditions of pushing beer boundaries in all directions. We'll be featuring the following beers (all available at Mikkeller Miramar): The Lager of Your Life - Easy drinking lager. Crisp, clean, crushable helles lager, collaboration with Musical artist Hamilton Leithauser Fun W/ Foudre - Ale Aged in Oak Foudre w/ Grapefruit, and Smoked Sea Salt Rick & Murky - NE-style IPA w/ Galaxy & Citra Hops The OCHO Imperial Stout - Imperial Stout Aged in Blanton's Bourbon, Oregon Whisky, Firestone Walker Union, and Superstition Mead Barrels We hope you enjoy the first audio release of 2021 but just in case the live show is below as well!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This Is The End of 2020!

This Is The End of 2020!


We did it! We made it to the end of 2020, as far as The Indie Beer Show is concerned. This will be our final show of the year. We will be mainly celebrating the culmination of a pretty crappy year for everyone and looking forward to a cleansing, hopefully as effective as a giant sage burning, start of 2021. Here are the amazing beers we will be featuring in this Show: Noble Tendencies - Czech-Style Pilsner from The Lost Abbey Nut Brown from AleSmith Citra by the Sea - Hazy IPA from Burgeon Zumbar - Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout from New English We hope you enjoy this audio version of our finale of 2020 but just in case you want to relive the live fun, the video is below as well. We'll return January 7th with the first live show of '21 and 1/18 with the first audio release of the year. We hope you have a delightful holidays and a New Year full of positivity and health!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
As we're winding down this loco year, we thought it would be nice to talk about the holiday season in reference to craft beer purchasing and more importantly, drinking. In this vein, we bring you a wonderful evening with Gene Fielden the Beer/Wine/Spirits Buyer from Bottlecraft North Park to talk about holiday beer traditions, his holiday shopping advice and celebrate that we'll soon see the end of 2020! We will feature the following beers (all available at Bottlecraft NP): Foliage Autumn Lager from Enegren Bacon & Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter from Pizza Port Christmas Ale Belgian Winter Ale from St. Bernardus Gene is a wealth of knowledge, if you ever have a beer or spirit question, don't hesitate to visit him at Bottlecraft and get some advice. We hope you enjoy this audio version of the livestream! Just in case you want to relive the live show, the video's below.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
If the modern beer era has taught us anything it's that the public wants an incredible variety when they visit local breweries. Enter New Motion Beverages and Embolden Beer Co.These two brands offer a wide variety of craft beer and other options, including kombucha, seltzer, and sparkling tea. Add to that brewing 32 North beers (former owners of the facility), and their plans for low and no alcohol options, and you have fast moving company from day one. We will have Andrew Kelly and Cody Morris, the brewing team, on to discuss the nuances of having all of this under one roof. We will be featuring the following beverages on The Show:Original Sin - Bohemian PilsnerRose All Dae - Barrel Fermented Hard SeltzerPomegranate Unicorn - Hard SparklingGreen TeaRewriting History - Juicy West Coast IPAIt's been more than a month since we have had a #SDBeer brewery on, let's welcome this exciting new comer! We hope you enjoy this audio version of our live stream show but just in case you want to relive the original, it's below. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Our World Tour November culminates with a fearless Portland brewery, Great Notion Brewing. Known for pushing the limits of what an IPA or sour can be, we're really happy they agreed to hang out with for an awesome night of beer friendship. They have found success by selling their products direct to the consumer through several tasting rooms and a stylish app to keep their fans updated on all available products and merchandise. We will be featuring the following beers on this episode: Ledge Bier - German pils with Hallertau and Saaz Juice invader- IPA featuring Galaxy Apricult- Collab with the head brewer's side project, Brujos. Its a tart ale with apricot, tangerine, and milk sugar. Baked- Sour with peach, cinnamon, vanilla, milk sugarWe hope you enjoy this audio version of show as we march towards the end (thankfully) of this ludicrous year that we call 2020. Aand if you want to see it, the live stream is below!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We are beyond excited to bring you an evening with Bierstadt Lagerhaus from Denver Colorado. We will have Ashleigh, Bierstadt’s co-founder and head brewer, on The Show. We'll dive into why they have made the decision to focus on Reinheitsgebot-approved German lagers, the possibility that they may be more known outside of Denver than in their own town, and anything else you want to ask this brewer that reminds us to #lagerhard . We will be featuring the following beers: The Slow Pour Pils - your favorite brewer's favorite beer Dunkel - Dark, flavors of bread crusts and chocolate. Franconian classic The Slow Pour Pils - yes, we will drink and revel in this beer's greatness twice! This is a great episode focusing on the dedication to lagers; it's always refreshing to talk to a brewery that has been able to scratch out an existence doing their own thing and forging a unique path for themselves. Have a listen or relive the live stream below! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Live with Pacific Beer Chat

Live with Pacific Beer Chat


That's right, it's time for a full on collaboration show. We'll be joined by our friends from Pacific Beer Chat; you heard us correctly, Canada will be in the house! We had a blast hanging out and joking with our friends, even if they are way, way North of us.  We will be featuring some classic San Diego beers that are available in their area: Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing - stove pipes if you want to match us perfectly Sculpin from Ballast Point - 12 oz bottle Speedway Stout from AleSmith - 16 oz can - The only member of the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame! Please enjoy this audio version of the show or you can go back in time and relive the live extravaganza below! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Live with WestBrew

Live with WestBrew


This week we have a brewery that has just celebrated their grand opening and is starting things off with a bang! WestBrew's modern, coastal tasting room is open, airy and inviting. Better still, there are multiple locations currently being built, this is no timid entry into #SDBeer . We are joined by Joshua Schreer, Owner, and Jay Jones, Head of Sales. Their main location is at 1061 La Mirada Court, Vista, California 92081 and they just opened the Del Mar location we talk about, located at 1435 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California 92014 We feature the following beers on the show: WestBrew Pils : 5.2% featuring Amarillo, Tettnang, and Hallertau Blanc Hazy by the Sea: 7% featuring Citra, Motueka and Rakau Mosaic Surfer Pale: 6% with Mosaic Righteous Coast: 7% WIPA We hope you enjoy this audio version of the episode and just in case you want to relive the livestream, that's below as well! See for privacy and opt-out information.
We have another special evening planned for you! We're joined by brewers Rodg Little and Geoff Scott from Oak Park Beer Co. and Theodore (Ted) Mack II to talk about his father's legacy and partnership that lead to this special beer. Peoples Beer is brewed to honor the legacy of Theodore Mack Sr., the first African American brewery owner. In 1970, he purchased Peoples Brewing Co. to provide employment opportunities in minority communities and brew beer for the people – Peoples Beer. We will feature the following beers on the show: Catch Me Coastin' from Pariah Brewing Co. - WCIPA featuring Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo Clever Kiwi from Burgeon Beer Co. -Nelson hopped pilsner Peoples Beer from Oak Park Brewing Co. - American lager featuring Cluster We want to take a moment to extend tremendous gratitude to Ted Mack II; his presence made this a truly immersive episode and we are so glad to share this episode with you. Original video is below is case you want to relive the live stream.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
For the first episode of Season #3 of The Indie Beer Show we bring you the awesome people behind California Wild Ales! Bill and Zack will join us to breakdown their process, love of Comic Con, and all things local, small batch, sour beer production. We will be featuring the following beers: Peach on Peach:We took a ton of peaches… almost 2 pounds per gallon and rested them on our barrel-aged golden base for 2 months. We then took 120 gallons of that beer and racked it onto another 200 pounds of peaches for an additional 2 months. The result is an explosion of fuzzy peach flavor.500ml | 16.9oz | 5% ABV Mead Berry with Vanilla:Made with berries from Lost Cause Meadery, this Wild Ale Collaboration contains hundreds of pounds of blackberries and raspberries that previously rested in finished mead.Exploding with bright raspberry and a blackberry-jam finish, the tart berries and golden ale is perfectly balanced by a beautiful sweetness from the honey. We took a portion of the mead berries and rested it on Bourbon-Soaked Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Adding the vanilla created a sweet berry pie flavor and is one of our best pastry sours to date.500ml | 16.9oz | 5% ABV Darth Citrius:Darth Citrius is made with the best Bearss Limes, Meyer Lemons, and Satsuma Mandarines we could get our hands-on. All this citrus was picked fresh off the trees at our friends Summer’s place in Escondido, CA.500ml | 16.9oz | 4.7% ABV Black is Beautiful:The Black is Beautiful initiative, created by Weathered Souls Brewing Co., is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily.One hundred percent of this beer’s proceeds will go to support Color of Change. Color of Change leads campaigns that build real power for Black communities. They challenge injustice, hold corporate and political leaders accountable, commission game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advance solutions for racial justice that can transform our world. Made in collaboration with our friend Samantha Olsen, we chose a grain bill extremely reminiscent of an Imperial Stout. Coming in around 9% abv, it has a light pleasant roasted character with deep notes of plum and a malty sweetness to compliment the acidity for an extremely well balanced sour stout/dark sour. This beer has been aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months and bottle conditioned for an additional 6 weeks.500ml | 16.9oz | 9% ABV Enjoy this audio version of a great episode and relive the video at the link below! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Second Anniversary Show!

Second Anniversary Show!


Yep, we made it through the second season of The Indie Beer Show! This year was not what anyone had planned but we feel really good about how we morphed The Show to remote live streaming to keep everyone safe. It had the added benefit of being able to broadcast live to our fans and have breweries on that may not have been able to join us in person. For our Second Anniversary Show we focused on giving back to those that got us here, the best people on Earth, the TIBS! fans and Patrons! We talk about some of our favorite moments in The Indie Beer Show history, cover some show stats, and giveaway several prizes to patrons and participants alike. We also covered that Mug Club Members will receive an actual mug this year (and one for last year if you were a member already). Thank you so much to everyone that has listened, watched, liked, commented, rated, participated, drank along with, high fived (when we could do that), shared, and supported us in any way! We couldn't do The Indie Beer Show without you! Here's to Season 3! See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week we'll be joined by Edgar Preciado from Beer Thug Life and Morgan Keller (possibly more) from Indie Brewing Co. We have always wanted to get the indie on indie show going and what better way than to include the great people at Beer Thug Life?! We will be featuring the following beers (Shout out to Dan Diego's for being the first place in SD that stocks Indie Brewing Co products and they provided the beer (through Beer Thug Life) for this episode): Eastside Pale Ale - New England Pale - 100% Simcoe Nuestra Ciudad - Collaboration with Beer Thug Life and Cerveceria Mundial - DDH Hazy - 100% Mosaic Find That Juicy Double - DDH Hazy Haze twins - Collaboration with Beer Thug Life, Beer Zombies, and Cerveceria Mundial - Citra and Mosaic There is going to be a bunch of fun as we taste through this haze parade from the far off land, north of Camp Pendleton. We're live at exactly 6:30 PM PT, every Thursday on our Facebook page and YouTube channel; we hope you enjoy this audio version but just in case the live stream is also below!    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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