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Author, and singer-songwriter Danny Rongo aka 'That Oneness Guy' addresses many aspects of the Spiritual concept known as Oneness. His unique message combining his original musical compositions along with the Spiritual insight he has gained in over 40 years, makes this the perfect podcast for anyone who senses humanity's urgent need for Oneness.
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OK, so by now I’ll assume that you know that I’ve released my latest Oneness guide, ‘The WAYZ of Oneness’ Helping to Navigate Life in a Kindle version that’s being offered on Amazon. As I’m still sifting through a few specific offers from traditional publishers, and knowing all too well that even after I sign on the dotted line, it will still be, at the very least, a 4-6 month process before the book is manufactured and available to the public, I realized that the information that this book contains needs to be made public. So, I am grateful to the folks at Amazon Kindle for the service that they offer. With that said, I figured, why stop there? I mean, if the book is now available in a format that you can read, how about those folks (like my wonderful wife Andrea) who totally love ‘Audible books’, or ‘Books on tape’ as they used to be called. What about a format for them? So, therein lies the thought behind this podcast episode, and the ones that will follow.  Starting with this episode, I will be reading my latest book ‘The WAYZ of Oneness’ Helping to Navigate Life, from start to finish. So, for those friends who listen to my podcast while they’re driving, or those who only like to have books read to them, these podcast episodes will be right up your alley!So, for this episode I will be reading, the Forward, the Introduction, and Chapter 1 with its featured topic ‘Crisis’. So, sit back. Pour yourself the beverage of your choice, and let me read to you:
Continuing with my Season 3 trend of highlighting individuals who selflessly and tirelessly advocate for humanity, this episode features a very good friend of mine who dedicates his days and nights to support New Jersey musicians and artists. Fellow musician, Radio and TV Host Danny Coleman.  YOU'LL LOVE THIS EPISODE! (here's his bio)Danny Coleman has said, "My cousin gave me, 'Led Zeppelin IV' for my twelfth birthday and it literally changed my life forever." The receipt of that record was the impetus behind a career in music; eventually leading him to become a published entertainment journalist and radio personality. Faced with having to re-invent himself after several difficult life events including an unexpected severe back injury, he returned to the one constant in his life: music. It has been said that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" and 'Rock On Radio' is proof positive of that statement. Left unemployed and with his back to the wall, he returned to his past after answering an ad that read, "Radio show hosts/ideas wanted" which had been posted by an AM station in South Central NJ. Coleman pitched the idea of giving unsigned indie artists a platform to be heard and "Rock On Radio" was born.From the program sprung a journalism career and a resurgence in gigs as well as YouTube programs, "One More with Danny Coleman" and "What's Next? w/ Danny Coleman and Maryann Castello."  "Rock On Radio" celebrated its 10th Anniversary on April 26, 2019, and can be found every Sunday evening at 7 p.m. EST on and in syndication throughout the week on multiple other outlets.Danny's "Rock On! this Week's Sound Bites" column is published weekly on and in syndication on several other sites as well. In this, you will find an interview piece with a musician, entertainer, or artist and event/venue listings for the coming week. Danny’s mission statement is:“Music makes the world smaller, live, love and as always....ROCK ON!”
After leaving the modeling world. My guest knew that she would never go back and came up with the idea of after considering ways that could not only make her life easier but help humanity in general. So, she created the website and then took it from there. Along with her Twitter and other social media platforms, her objective is to get Music Artists and actors to share their positive story’s from around the world. Her aim is simply to bring people together from all walks of life through positivity. By getting people talking and sharing their story’s, MISS POSITIVITY realized that if it could help just one person out there, it is all worth it!  ... Her mantra is “there is no time for negativity in my world” A way of life that I, for one, live by as well.You will love this episode as much as I loved getting to know her!Please visit 'Miss. Positivity' at:WEBSITE:  @miss.positiveuk
In this episode, That Oneness Guy kicks off Season 4 by bidding farewell to 2020 (and to Covid) and by reviewing the importance of the 'choices' that we make in life.  As we head into 2021 it will be our individual choices that will determine the kind of year we will have, regardless of what is going on around us.
In this episode, 'That Oneness Guy' interviews Australian Spiritual Author Andrew Seaton. Andrew shares some of the important aspects of his latest book 'Spiritual Awakening Made Simple' How to see through the mist of the mind to the peace of the here and now. Visit Andrew's website at:
In this episode, 'That Oneness Guy' Danny Rongo interviews Spiritual Author Susan Smith Davis. Susan is the author of FORETOLD: An Epic Spiritual Journey, and Journey to Mystic Island. She is also the founder and owner of Entertainers Plus, an entertainment agency in the tri-state area. Susan shares how enlightenment has shaped her spiritual journey, and led her to these two non-fictional stories. 
In this episode, 'That Oneness Guy' interviews Jess from 'Living in Alignment'. With alignment being such an important aspect of Oneness, this episode provides the insight you simply have to hear! Listen to Jess describe the 'life-changing decision' she made that led her towards alignment. Jess also shares her unique ways on 'how to live in alignment', and the importance of 'manifesting'. Visit 'Living in Alignment' at:
In this episode, Danny Rongo ('That Oneness Guy') interviews friend and fellow Spiritual Author, Raymond Posch. The featured topic is Raymond's book 'Awakening to Wholeness'. Raymond Posch, is the Founder of Live Your Success LLC where he is a personal success mindset trainer, writer, speaker, student of personal and spiritual growth, and spiritual teacher. He is the author of Wisdom Thoughts blog, which you can find on his website, He is the host of the very popular spiritual podcast called ‘Spirituality Beckoning’ which you can find on any and all podcasting sites. He just recently launched an internet radio show called “Be Empowered Be Inspired” which is found on ‘News for The’. Some of you may have heard Raymond’s show just last week, as I was his featured guest. And finally, he is the Author of an outstanding spiritual book, which we will be talking about today, called ‘Awakening to Wholeness’ How to Live Consciously, Creatively, and Abundantly.
In this latest podcast episode from "That Oneness Guy", Spiritual author, speaker, and singer-songwriter Danny Rongo uses Oneness to address the epic fear that has gripped our world during Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. This episode also features Danny's song "It's Not About Me"http://www.iamgodbook.com
The very fact that we live in a world of contrast and duality (or 'twoness' if you may) is what inspired Spiritual Author and 'That Oneness Guy', Danny Rongo to create this podcast. In this episode, Danny discusses why a world of duality is imperative for us to come to our full realization of what we are as spiritual beings and Oneness. A MUST LISTEN TO EPISODE!
My Songs of ONENESS

My Songs of ONENESS


In this episode, author and singer-songwriter Danny Rongo (aka 'That Oneness Guy) highlights 8 specific songs of his that all resonate with a specific aspect of Oneness. Danny introduces each song and its meaning with a brief introduction.
I recently held a special book signing event at Rutgers University. How I made it ‘special’ was by including a half-hour presentation before the actual book signing segment took place. I decided to pick a few specific aspects of Oneness, talk about the importance of it and then follow each segment with a song of mine that coincides with what I just spoke about. It was a lot of fun as it gave me the opportunity to introduce Oneness to college students who seemed all too eager to hear what I had to say.So, I figured for this podcast episode I would give you (my faithful listeners), the chance to hear that performance exactly how I presented it at Rutgers, music and all. So, sit back and relax. Here’s what I presented at Rutgers University:
Author and Activist Danny Rongo wrote his song "I Can't Comprehend Hate" in the days following 9/11/01. The message from this song that is featured in this episode is direct and to the point. The hatred he speaks of does not just pertain to the tragic events of what is now 18 years ago but more specifically right now. The recent mass shootings that highlight the hatred in our society has reached a boiling point. Oneness remains our only solution. In this episode, Danny explains how our world got to this point and how Oneness can eradicate hate from our lives and provide a better world for our children.
In this episode, Author Danny Rongo looks at some of the many quotes he has shared on his social media sites, and expands upon their meanings, to help us better understand Oneness.
So many of us have wondered (myself included), that if we are spirit, can our lives here on Earth actually be a dream? With so many nightly indications from the dream world that our spirit is very active, to say the least, it makes you wonder. This episode expands upon that notion and will challenge much of what you may believe.FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOOK PLEASE VISIT:
Where Oneness Leads

Where Oneness Leads


The question of 'where oneness leads', like the individualized expressions of the source that we are, is honestly up to you based on the choices you make. This episode explains how we will naturally find ourselves living from a more peaceful and loving foundation, and how that foundation also helps to remove stress from our lives. This episode also reveals the importance of 'acceptance' and shows how 'intuition' becomes the divine guidance that helps to point us eventually to where oneness leads.
We are naturally a product of who we were born to, and where. For many of us, what we were taught as children becomes the foundation for how we live our lives. But does that foundation serve our higher purpose? This episode asks the question 'Are your beliefs your own? or what you were taught?'
In this most revealing episode, author Danny Rongo takes us deeper into the more intricate aspects of Oneness. Specifically, where it fits into your own life. Danny tells you when and how his life changed which correlated to when he started questioning religious practices he was taught as a child. He explains how Oneness can be an accessory to your current beliefs (whatever they might be). He discusses why it’s important to recognize some of the ‘God-fearing’ aspects of religion that still permeate our world. He discusses ‘prayer’ and why so many people still believe in praying to an entity outside of themselves. He talks about Jesus and what part he plays in his life. And he even references a hilarious George Carlin skit ! THIS IS A 'MUST HEAR' EPISODE!
In this episode, Author/Podcaster Danny Rongo addresses one of the more sensitive topics when discussing his book entitled 'I Am God' (And so are you my friend) A Common Man's Guide to Oneness.
This episode comes on the release of author Danny Rongo's new book: "I Am God" (And so are you my friend) A Common Man's Guide to Oneness. Danny took this episode to tell his podcast listeners exactly why he decided to write this guide to oneness that can be used to not only help us all individually, but in turn to help our world collectively. 
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