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Author: James PM Gaffney

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Well, hello everyone. This is the voice of James PM Gaffney, discussing (real) punk music, branding, design, morton salt and conscious thought. Each week, I'll feature a different designer, marketer or general weirdo answering 5 questions about something or other. Value? You bet! Support this podcast:
22 Episodes
In Debacle Twenty Two (I can't have it in the title anymore, or Apple throws a hissy and refuses to index the show,) I have another sit-down with John Jones of Dr. Jones PC Support.Always a lovely time! In this hour-ish episode, we get a little into John's involvement in the Marie Curie, supporting terminal patients and their families.We laugh a bit too much and tell awful jokes in between massive nuggets of science, wisdom and vaping anecdotes.Plus Hives and Dead Kennedys!--- Support this podcast:
In this highly immoral episode, I speak with the wonderfully talented Donald Dodson of Dodson Designs. Donald is an amazing leatherworker and artist - and it was a pleasure to get into a little natter with the man.We talk leather, old-school printing, badassery and what the hell externality means. I'm still not sure - but I'm sure we talk about it.While you're out there looking at leather, please be sure to visit and BUY MY SHIT!!!Also, Scratch Acid and Southern Culture on the Skids!--- Support this podcast:
In this highly controversial episode, I sit down with (I am assuming he was sitting) Paul Tokgozoglu and talk about higher intelligence, lower intelligence, the military, space, drugs, block chain, weird smells and those little black rubber things.Check out more of Paul at Beyond Homosapien. Good stuff from a great guy with a real interest in what it all really means and where it's all really going.While you're online, be sure to visit and BUY MY SHIT!!!Also, Daughters and Entrance Band!--- Support this podcast:
On this weeks debacle, I have the distinct pleasure to welcome the person on Facebook who I probably annoy the most.Katie Switzer of Guilt Free Families is a parenting "guru" (she hates it when I call her that) with a real focus on healing parents to heal families to raise healthy kids. We talk parenting & entrepreneurship, obscene rage and why we all just need to calm down a little bit.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand - be sure to check out my website at AND BUY MY SHIT!!!Plus Protomartyr and Idles!--- Support this podcast:
On this weeks debacle, I have the pleasure to grill Mister Kyle Butler, professional copy writer.We talk a little bit about being an introvert vs. being a punk, writing simple (and pure) copy, lame-ass copy writers who aren't really copy writers, plus Uncle Jimbo's exceptional laziness.Check out Kyle and his mastery of the English language on his Facebook profile by CLICKING HERE.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand - be sure to check out my website at AND BUY MY SHIT!!!Plus Mike Watt & The Hives!--- Support this podcast:
On this week's debacle, I have the pleasure to present one of my oldest buddies, Brett Wilson. He's a solid dude with a lot of talents - not the least of which is telling some great stories and singing a tune or two.We talk all sorts of things - mainly boundaries, ass, grass and gas.Be sure to check out Brett and his bad-assedness on his Facebook profile by CLICKING HERE.After you're done listening, be sure to visit and BUY MY SHIT!!!Plus - Misfits & Ministry (PLUS GIBBY!!!)--- Support this podcast:
In this debacle, I have the pleasure of talking with The King Gorilla himself, Landon Porter. Known far and wide as the Sales Gorilla, Landon has been a vociferous ape for changing the way sales is done.He's a solid guy with solid advice and somewhat decent taste in music. We chat about sales, egos, ties and a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to type out. Good shit, though.To learn more about Landon and the Gorilla Way, visit you don't know Landon, you need to know Landon. If you know Landon, you probably love Landon. If you know Landon and you don't love him, you may need professional help.Plus Dead Kennedys and Tool!Damage your eardrums at Support this podcast:
In this sweet little debacle, we get to hang out with Charles Bram, business coach, fitness dude and - in his own words "Helping personal trainers build businesses that will sustain a healthy lifestyle: the ability to buy a home, drive a decent car, raise a family and take actual vacations." Charles is a good guy, and we get into some seriously deep conversations. Cough cough.Learn more about Charles and a bit of what he gets up to at Hater and Butthole Surfers!!!For more audio idiocy, visit Support this podcast:
Debacle Fourteen - Tim Burt

Debacle Fourteen - Tim Burt


During this debacle, I get a chance to speak with Tim Burt of - a fella with an incredible resume in all things advertising and an undeniably rich, buttery voice. We chat about coffee, tea, super-powers and advertising that suuuuuuuuucks.Plus, They Might Be Giants and Peeping Tom.Give yourself ear wax buildup!--- Support this podcast:
During this debacle, I get to talk to a dude I've been admiring from afar. No - not like that. I've always enjoyed Nathan's swagger and the level of professionalism he brings to all his projects. We have a bit of a chat about social media, artistic integrity (or the lack thereof,) content and memes.Check Nathan out at - goooooooood shit from a good dude with great ideas.Plus GBH & Mark D!!!Sit back and stick a sharp pencil in your ear.--- Support this podcast:
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Deb Schumacher

You never know what you're going to get with Uncle Jimbo and that's a good thing. Listen for the wisdom, listen for the wit. Listen because your ears need a good cleaning.

Dec 12th
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