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After losing the sight in her right eye at age 11 and losing her eyesight entirely at age 17, Lucy Edwards lives in a world not constructed for her. Lucy has the very rare genetic condition incontinentia pigmenti, one that only about 1,200 people have in the world, and 97% of those people, are women. At the time, and as a teenager, whilst having the utmost support from her nearest and dearest, Lucy struggled, and her mental health took a hit. Now, at 26 years old, and as a presenter, producer and content creator, Lucy has dedicated her social media and TikTok channel to educating her followers on her day to day, and in 2021, Lucy was announced as Pantene’s newest Ambassador, for a product line featuring trailblazing technology making packaging accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Lucy and Katie discuss the strength of the mind, societal pressures and obviously, their current haircare routine! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Grace Victory is a fighter. After starting her YouTube channel at 21 years old, writing a book, being a body positive activist, a digital creator, a TedX speaker and falling pregnant with her first child, Grace had already fought for who she wanted to be, and life was going in the right direction. But in December 2020, Grace was struck down by a severe case of Covid-19, forcing her to give birth to her baby boy 2 months early, and being put into a coma 2 days later. A year on from “waking up”, and now a loving mother to her son Cyprus, Grace and Katie discuss trauma, the debilitating effect of coma dreams, and feeling empowered through her ongoing recovery. This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Holly Ramsay is making waves in the podcast and social media world, speaking out about her own struggles with mental health, which in turn is helping others not to feel so alone. After the courageous decision to open up about her sexual assault at university, on Instagram, Holly decided she would tell her story exactly the way she wanted. So last year she started her very own podcast 21 & Over, describing her journey, and chatting to her guests about the struggles they’d overcome too. Today, in her first guest spot on another podcast, Holly passes on her host hat to Katie, as the pair discuss the importance of self-care, having the right people around you, and cancel culture in 2022. This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tilly Lockey is a 16 year old with a superhero style difference. As a model, presenter and ambassador for Open Bionics, a company which develops medical devices that enhance the human body, Tilly is on a journey to help give as many other children like her, a chance at having hands again too. Tilly lost both of her hands when she was just 15 months old, after battling a devastating strain of meningitis. The support from her family and her incredible inner strength has got her where she is today, and world, watch this space! Tilly isn’t stopping yet! Katie and Tilly talk about dark days, showing up for yourself and others and how, at 16, she continues to help Open Bionics develop the Hero Arms of the future!  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In 2019 Dr Julie Smith decided to start making videos to post on social media about how to help keep our minds healthy. Little did she know, a pandemic was just beginning and her knowledge and expertise was about to help millions of people on the world wide web. Dr Julie is a Clinical Psychologist, blogger, online educator, Tik Tok genius, and as of 6th January, an accomplished author too! Inspired by her own quick and easy watching videos, Dr Julie has written ‘Why Did Nobody Tell Me This Before?’, a book with practical, easy reading guidance on how to help our minds thrive! Listen to Dr Julie tell Katie about negative bias, healthy habits, and how to look after the minds of the next generation.  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fatima Timbo is a comedian, model and content creator, making waves in the industry about the treatment of people with disabilities. Fatima has achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that has restricted her growth, and she has had her fair share of negativity from others over her 24 years and which she still gets today.  In Fatima’s words, she now has an “invisible shield” and has found comedy and modelling to be some of her favourite things to do. She has been part of BBC Three’s “Laugh Lessons”, where some of the best new comedians on the scene tell their story through sketches about their modern life, and more recently you may have seen her on Celebrity Gogglebox as part of Channel 4’s Black to Front Project, part of the channel’s commitment to improve black representation.  Fatima is passionate, funny and here to make a change and the pair talk about Fatima’s life growing up, changing how you feel inside and how we all have something to offer the world. An extraordinary person indeed! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lucy Dawson is the epitome of the word extraordinary, and what this podcast is all about! At 20 years old, whilst in her final year of university, Lucy experienced head pain which quickly evolved into manic episodes, leading to her being sectioned by medical professionals for 3 months.  This however was the opposite of the treatment Lucy really needed. As we now know, she had encephalitis, a deadly and acute inflammation of the brain and due to the malpractice at the hospital, she is also now paralysed on her left leg.  Listen to Lucy tell Katie about her pretty unbelievable story, and as a model and activist, what Lucy is doing now, so others don’t go through what she did. This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Candice Brathwaite started blogging about being a black British mother in 2016. An online space that was Candice’s for the taking, and boy did she claim it! After sharing her story and helping other mothers whilst she was at it, Candice grew a dramatic online following, and in May 2020 released her first book ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother’, to critical acclaim!  Now a presenter, author and campaigner for making motherhood inclusive for all, Candice released her second book ‘Sista Sister’ in the summer this year, a collection of essays of advice she wished she’d heard when she was a young black girl.  Katie and Candice catch-up on this chapter of Candice’s story, and the many that have got her to where she is today.  This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Anton Ferdinand is a former professional football player, husband and father and is now using his own experiences to mentor the next generation of young players.  Anton was involved in probably the biggest racism case within English football in 2011 when John Terry was accused of using racist language towards him during a huge West London Derby.  The repercussions of the incident had a huge impact on Anton’s mental health, which he talks about candidly in his BBC documentary “Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism & Me” which aired in November 2020.  Anton speaks generously to Katie about the loss of his mother, changing perceptions and being a family man.  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jack Ivens-Gardiner is living his best life as a married, gay man with autism, but finding his place in the world hasn’t always been so easy.  Katie met Jack at ITV studios many moons ago, doing his job in production on ITV daytime. Katie loved Jack’s vibrant clothes and kind nature, and the two found common ground more recently as they made their voices heard about their invisible disabilities in a new ITV campaign.  Jack and his husband Wes have also recently adopted a little boy and made an informative podcast about the process called “2 Dad’s Can Do It”, and along with their Instagram page are hoping they can help others on their own adoption journey too. Jack tells Katie about living confidently with autism, how some companies could do better for their neurodiverse employees and how he kept his gay balloon to himself until he was ready to let it fly!  This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lauren Mahon is a campaigner and podcast host who has gone, and continues to go, above and beyond to share the truth of what being diagnosed with breast cancer as a young woman really means.  After receiving her own diagnosis in 2016, at just 31 years old, Lauren took her natural strength and gumption and started raising money for charity the very next day, all whilst spreading the word to women to check their breasts.  Lauren went on to write about her experiences candidly on her “girl vs cancer” blog and after gaining a huge following, began co-hosting award-winning BBC podcast “You, Me and the Big C”.  5 years on, Katie catches up with Lauren to find out the impact cancer has had on her world, why she simply had to use her diagnosis for good, and her exciting “girl vs cancer” news!  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie Campbell joins Katie on the day “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”, the star-studded film, drops on Amazon Prime.  This is a huge day for Jamie, who’s story of wanting to go to his small town high school prom in drag, started out on the small screen in the BBC Three documentary “Jamie: Drag Queen at 16” in 2011.  This poignant time of Jamie’s life went on to be told on stage in the popular musical version in 2017 in Sheffield, moving quickly into London’s West End.  Katie chats to Jamie about his inspiring story of courage, support and inclusion, exactly what you need if you’re an aspiring drag queen and how to support others who are finding their place in the world. The ultimate uplifting listen!  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke became the Locke-Locke’s less than a year ago, as they got married with only 13 guests in attendance, 1 minute before another lockdown hit the UK. Not ones for going low-key though, cast members Ollie & Gareth filmed their wedding for the popular reality tv show Made In Chelsea, and it became the most watched wedding, worldwide, of 2020!  A few months ago the happy couple started their surrogacy journey and are taking their huge following of fans with them through the highs and lows, and are using their platform to try to break the stigma of IVF.  Katie chats to them about their coming out stories, embarking upon IVF, and they bond over memories of nights out at iconic London club, China Whites!  This is a Somethin’ Else production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dawn O’Porter is an author and presenter, wife and mother, who thrives on been open and honest, especially with her dedicated Patreon fan base. Dawn is well- known for her critically acclaimed books and presenting deep-diving documentaries but, like the rest of us, the lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic hit hard. To add to the struggle of not being allowed to leave the house, Dawn experienced the tragic and sudden loss of her close friend Caroline Flack, and so, dealing with this grief and sadness along with day-to-day family life, Dawn started writing a diary. In October 2020, Dawn released Life In Pieces, her first non-fiction book, and all about her life in lockdown. As the paperback of the book released yesterday, Dawn and Katie chat parenting, charity, grief in lockdown and of course…. weed gummies! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ed Jackson is a successful TV presenter, mountaineer, and as of yesterday, an author, however this hasn’t always been Ed’s way of life. A former professional rugby player, Ed was involved in a freak accident, diving head-first into the shallow end of a swimming pool back in 2017. Ed broke his neck and crushed his spinal cord, leaving him paralysed in a hospital bed, and was told he would never walk again. That, however, was not going to get in the way of Ed living his life to the fullest. In the last four years, Ed has not only focussed on his own recovery, defying the odds and learning to walking again, but felt immediately inspired to help others. Ed has unbelievably been climbing mountains since 2018, raising thousands of pounds for charity, and has more recently started his very own charity “Millimetres to Mountains”. Ed’s first book “Lucky” was released yesterday, to unite and inspire the reader, whatever their story. Lucky by Ed Jackson (Published by HQ) is out now. This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Seema Jaswal is a successful sports presenter who most recently landed her dream job as lead co-host of ITV’s coverage of Euro 2020. Having worked across sport for many years, including for Channel 4 and on the Premiere League’s worldwide coverage, Seema is an absolute pro, but her success has not been handed to her on a plate. After being hit by bacterial meningitis at just 16 years old, sport was an important part of Seema's recovery and accelerated her passion for life and her work! Seema's energy is completely infectious as she talks to Katie about how the industry is slowly changing for females, why she wants to inspire young people and the lessons she’s learnt along the way! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Gareth Thomas is a former Rugby Union captain, winning 100 caps for Wales, then moving to rugby league and leading his country to victory over France in the European cup. Going against the grain in the world of male dominated sports, Gareth came out publicly as gay in 2009 and more recently, 10 years on, revealed that he was HIV positive. Now leading a Tackle HIV campaign, Gareth uses his passion to end the stigma surrounding HIV to educate others. Gareth tells Katie a story about his experience being blackmailed, how he used this to take back control and the joys of living his life now truly as himself. This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Emma Barnett is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster, having worked for several newspapers and across the BBC for a number of years. In January this year, Emma stepped down from her show on BBC Radio 5 Live to begin her new role as lead presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. In 2019, after opening up about her struggles with endometriosis, Emma published her first book “It’s About Bloody Time. Period.”, extending the conversation about the secrecy and stigma attached to one of women’s most natural bodily functions. Yesterday, Emma released the paperback version of the book and shares with Katie a plethora of hilarious “bloody” stories and just HOW that “blood drop” emoji finally made it to our keypads! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are the most successful same-sex couple on YouTube in the UK, renowned for their very honest and open conversations about their relationship as a gay married couple, and at the same time tackling wider LGBTQ+ issues.  After struggles with not knowing exactly how to go about having a baby, and Rose going through a miscarriage in lockdown, the pair are now pregnant, with Rosie giving birth in a matter of weeks!  The couple discuss their difficult journey to pregnancy (giving the listeners their top tips too) and where their boundaries are with what they put on the internet. The three get on so well and Katie’s already a proud auntie! This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nic Hamilton had a dream of becoming a racing car driver when he was just 4 years old. As a child however, he was told he’d always be reliant on a wheelchair and never have his independence because of his disability. Nic was born with Spastic Diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy which affects the use of both his legs. Not one to be told what to do, Nic was determined to prove everyone wrong. He became the British champion of an online driving game, developed the strength in his legs to drive a racing car for real and was the first disabled driver to take part in the British Touring Car Championship, the pinnacle of British motorsport. As well as a driver, Nic is also a motivational speaker and wow will you feel motivated after listening to this episode! Nic tells Katie about the struggles he has overcome, his excitement to become a father one day and gives some inspiring thoughts to take-away! A Somethin' Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Neil Holmes

An inspirational young lady interviewed by the Queen of inspiration. A wonderful episode of a fantastic podcast. @GiveTillyaHand and @KatiePiper_

Feb 11th

Nisha Chotai

Fab podcast, been in awe of all the work Dr Alex is doing around mental health...such an important cause.

Jan 31st

Nisha Chotai

Amazing listening to Mr Good vibes himself, truly inspired me to read the book, can't wait to be on my Good vibes Good life journey!!.

Jan 4th

Sharon Carter

'Life is short' he says at the end, how awfully sad. He was certainly an extraordinary sounding man who at least found the happiness he was searching for. RIP.

Sep 23rd

Ian Porteus

wow this woman is amazing. the way she carries her self and her attude is unbelievable

Apr 28th


Yawn! take a breath....

Jan 15th
Reply (2)

Sarah Purdey

Such an inspirational woman... well human! Loved this episode so much.

Nov 14th
Reply (1)

Natalie Cole

Could listen to these two wonderful ladies all day.

Sep 22nd
Reply (1)

Samantha Main

A brilliant listen with 2 of my favourite woman who speak so honestly and remind us all it's okay to be you. uplifting and honest.

May 17th
Reply (1)

Neil Holmes

Katie interviews fascinating guests with incredible life experiences. Add to this Katie's own relevant interjections making this an inspiring listen.

May 9th
Reply (1)

Anna Collins

I loved this podcast with Becky O'Brien x

Dec 6th
Reply (1)

Neil Holmes

A wonderful Pod. An extraordinary person meeting extraordinary people. The heart can't failed to be warmed.

Dec 6th
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