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Your Daily Starter w/ Ademola Morebise
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Your Daily Starter w/ Ademola Morebise

Author: Ademola Morebise

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Start your day on the right note! Every single day, Ademola Morebise shares important words that will help you innovatively create wealth and lead an excellent life!
595 Episodes
Three tips as we begin to look towards the future ahead of us, post COVID-19 
Preparing for life after COVID-19
On Vision, Mission, Missions and the most important thing a visionary must do.
Taking the long view on recent global events
The Review
When people think about marketing, they rarely think about it this way 
More than ever before, this is what getting better at marketing can do for you. 
The role of digital platforms in today's world.
Keep the mind open and make bolder moves might as well be building your empire!
Keep calm, get better and chart your course
A word for the uncertain times
Charging a premium for what you do depends upon this one thing...
Before branding and marketing, you have to do this thing first. 
The big secret about discovering the deeper things you are selling!
What are you really selling? 
Your life. Your Work. Your Decisions.
Listen to this. Seriously. Just listen.
The most important thing to do this season!!
Start or stink. Keep moving or stink. Your choice?
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