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Songs from the Surface of the Earth
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Songs from the Surface of the Earth

Author: Lu Quade

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This is a little space for me to share my songs with you - and to dig and dive into the context and stories within and around them, beyond what i'm able to do at a show.
2 Episodes
Two Bens

Two Bens


This time round I talk about my song 'Two Bens' - a drunken rampage through Newcastle upon Australia. I also try to say some smart things about song writing.
Slow Motion Diving

Slow Motion Diving


Hey - I made a thing. Here I talk about my song Slow Motion Diving - the story behind it, the place I was at the time, and Terry Pratchett and the power of Narritivum. L x o
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Ellen Saxon

love this! interesting, fun and nerdy. more please <3

Oct 11th
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