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Healing is in your hands - Empower yourself through holistic healing
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Healing is in your hands - Empower yourself through holistic healing

Author: Erik Harris & Kim Fleck

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We invite you to join us as we share our stories, laugh, educate, inspire, and provide you with tools and information so you can make informed wellness decisions in your life and put the healing power back in your hands. We offer information about various holistic therapies, meaning we consider the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

We have engaging segments like our meditative moment, healthy lifestyle tips, distance healing and more.

Our guests will share their expertise, stories, and insight into many aspects of holistic healing, and tools that worked for them. Tune in! Support this podcast:
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In this episode, Kim goes on a 6,000 mile round trip journey to Northern Ireland to meet our incredible guest, Amanda McTaggart. Amanda has a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). EDS affects every function in Amanda's and causes severe pain, dislocations, heart problems, stomach issues, sleep disturbance, lack of concentration and overall poor mobility. She has a long list of other severe conditions that are connected to her EDS. Amanda’s situation is so severe that she is at risk of rupturing any large organ or artery at any time. Her five year-old son Ethan also exhibits some traits of this condition. Despite all this, as you'll hear, Amanda is warm, bright and resilient. There are no specialists who can treat Amanda's condition in Ireland, so she must travel to London every eight weeks to meet with her medical team. Amanda's treatment is not covered by the British National Health System, so she relies on crowdfunding to keep going. Visit Amanda's Facebook Page ( for updates and her Go Fund Me ( page to help out. Get in touch at Do you or someone you love have EDS? If so let us know. We want to hear about your journey and how Amanda’s story touched you. You can use the Anchor app to leave us an audio message. Or, use your phone’s voice memo app to record a message and email it to us at We’d love to hear from you, and you may hear yourself on a future episode of Healing is in Your Hands.Production of Healing is in Your Hands is by Andrea Muraskin with musical interludes by Craig Norton.  Our meditative moment this time is by Nicole Thorp. Erik Harris will be back next episode! Follow us on all our social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on Snapchat at Feral20 and Earthwalker11--- Support this podcast:
Healing is in Your Hands

Healing is in Your Hands


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Our guest George Herrick is a life coach, a recovery coach and a visual artist. He has also been in long term recovery. George leads meditations, facilitates retreats, and builds beautiful rock sculptures called cairns. He has been on his own wellness journey with cancer and shares some of that experience on this episode.Learn more about George Herrick at or on his Facebook page, where you can see photos of some of his cairns. Get in touch via email: & IG:  HealingisinyourhandsTwitter: HealingIsInYou1Snapchat: at feral20 and earthwalker11 Production of Healing is in your hands is by Andrea Muraskin with musical interludes by Craig Norton.Remember to subscribe and tell your friends. And if you have a minute, rate and review Healing is in Your Hands on Apple Podcast or iTunes.--- Support this podcast:
Our guest Heather is a holistic mom who raises her kids to eat healthy and live earth conscious lives, navigating food allergies with aplomb. Not only is she a talented chef and Instagramer @essentialwellness_heather, she's also wild food forager, and a graduate of level 2 Dharma School with the Naughty Shaman Center for the Shamanic Arts in Glastonbury, CT. Follow HIIYH on all our social platformsFacebook & IG  @HealingisinyourhandsTwitter @HealingIsInYou1And of course on Snapchat at feral20 (Kim) and earthwalker11 (Erik)Production of Healing is in your hands is by Andrea Muraskin, with musical interludes by Craig Norton and Hannah’s Field.Remember to subscribe and tell your friends. And if you have a minute, rate and review Healing is in Your Hands on Apple Podcast or iTunes.--- Support this podcast:
Kelvin Young is a sound healer and has been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for over ten years. When Kelvin discovered sound healing it had a profound effect on his life. He has since studied sound healing with master sound healers, studied holistic stress management, and obtained a recovery coach certification. Kelvin’s story is featured in the upcoming documentary Uprooting Addiction.Kelvin serves on the board of directors of Eat the Sunlight with Kevin Reese, a non profit organization that teaches children healthy eating habits. www.eatthesunlight.comConnect with Kelvin on Facebook and Instagram @sacredsoundhealingllc Support this podcast:
For this episode, Kim and Erik take the show on the road to Compassionfest, an event that aims to  "unite like-minded people that believe in the values of being just, kindness, equality and compassion." Held annually in Hamden, CT, the festival is a hub for vegan food, cruelty-free products, animal rights advocates and "wellness peeps."Here's where to find the fine folks you'll meet in this episode:Tynne Love, clinical herbalist and owner of Herbal Deva. Find her on Facebook  @Tynne love clinical herbalist  and Instagram  @Tynne_love , or email Jo-Anne Basile, executive director of Connecticut Votes for Animals Calvin Cline and Rachael Ricker of Naturally Custom. Find them on Instagram @Naturallycustom and Facebook @naturallycustom, or email Young, sound healer (and upcoming guest on this podcast!)--- Support this podcast:
This episode was taped on Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT.  Erik and Kim talk with previous podcast guest Rachel DeCavege who is the owner and creative director of Cinder and Salt, where style meets sustainability. Rachel makes clothing using sustainable practices and is an advocate of earth conscious living. Rachael organized this beach cleanup and partnered with Tony Marino of The Rockfall Foundation located in Middletown, CT. Rachael shares big news about being named one of Hartford Business’s 40 Under 40 for 2019.Erik and Kim chat with local beach clean-up participants with their children and share their reasons why aquatic animals and conservation efforts are important to them. There’s lots of beautiful ocean sounds including a quiet beach meditation.You can find Rachel at http://cinderandsalt.comOn Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @cinderandsaltAnd theRockfall Foundation can be located at the Support this podcast:
On today’s episode, we welcome Roslyn Brault to the podcast who has 30 plus years working with various animals. Ros is a pastoral counselor and an intuitive animal communication consultant. Her specialty is with working alongside animals and owners to build a harmonious space for all. She also provides intuitive dog training lessons and wellness reiki services for people and their animal companions.This episode will pull on the heartstrings of animal lovers for sure. Erik and his wife lost their beautiful dog Shades a four months ago and Kim lost her “soul cat”, rescue Siamese, Yum-Yum (age 14) on June 23rd and her senior kitty Basil (age of 18) on April 27th. This episode serves as a beautiful reminder of how animal companions play such a beautiful and rewarding role in our lives. We dedicate this episode to Shades, Yum-Yum, Basil and all our animal companions that have gone before them. We send endless love to the Rainbow Bridge now and always.Blessed are those who have had the opportunity to share their heart and life with an animal companion.Below are links to learn more about Ros Brault and the many services she provides for humans and animals.Intuitive Pet Care and Training, LLC. the taping of this podcast Finnegan (Kim’s rescue dog) did in fact win in the category “It’s All About Work” in the Best Dog In The World contest in Washington, CT. We are so proud of him and honored to be one of his sponsors at the event.To see some of the event’s highlights and Finn in action, check out the Best Dog in the World facebook link below. Support this podcast:
Cooking for healing can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn't have to be! This episode is packed with information to help you take back your healing power in the kitchen, from gadget recommendations and meal prep tips to online ordering services that make healthy food affordable. See below for links including discounts for Healing is in Your Hands listeners!Gadgets mentioned in the episode VitamixOmega JuicerInstant PotExcalibur DehydratorSlow cooker, rice cooker, citrus juicer, mandolin Food Gurus and Cookbooks Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, Crazy Sexy Juice, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and more Life Changing Foods by Anthony William, the Medical Medium Kathy Hester, author of Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just For You, the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Instant Pot and more Thug Kitchen vegan recipes and cookbooksOnline Ordering ServicesThrive Market - organic and non-GMO foods at up to 50% off store pricesGo to for 25% off your first order. Read this 2016 blog post on campaign to allow the use of SNAP benefits for online retailers like Thrive.  (Unfortunately the USDA is no longer allowing Thrive to accept SNAP because they don't sell fresh produce - but we will keep you posted! Misfits Market-  Subscription service for fresh organic and non-GMO produce that’s a little misshapen but no less delicious. Go to for 25% off.Production of Healing is in Your Hands is by Andrea Muraskin, with musical interludes by Craig Norton and Hannah’s Field.To learn more about Hannah’s Field listen to our episode from March 6, 2019. And if you want to learn how Erik makes oxtail bone broth in the slow cooker, check out our December 19 episode, “Is This Soup for You?--- Support this podcast:
In  this episode, Erik chats with Kim and Dr. Wu about their recent  wellness trip to Dublin, Ireland in April 2019. They discuss what the  trip entailed, Dr. Wu’s documentary showing, the amazing people they met  and the techniques that they shared with the participants. This entire  trip was originally organized on Snapchat by Kim and came to fruition in  April. Sounds like more trips will be organized in the future to the  Emerald Isle.Dr.  Ming discusses the idea of being carefree and having effortless power.  He explains how to apply these practices to your lifestyle and not just  use book knowledge. He stresses how fear and stress cause real problems. Erik,  Kim and Dr. Wu also discuss the power of Dr. Wu’s most recent tool, the  Quantum Energy machine and how it can go deeper and help with serious  blocks. Dr. Wu explains how Tong Ren, Qigong, and Quantum together with  herbal treatments, etc can be utilized together to make a huge  difference in his patient's lives. He calls this natural healing,  opening, using smart chi to allow the body to heal itself. There  are wonderful testimonials from some of the people who attended and a  hilarious meditative moment by one of the participants who demonstrate  for all of us how laughter truly is the best medicine.Here  is the link to Dr. Wu’s website where you can find links to all his  social platforms and learn more about upcoming events and his online  teaching programs.  link is to the online closed Facebook group for Ireland Workshops feel  free to request entry Dr. Wu and Kim are excited for their next trip in  2020 and want to connect with as many people as they can in Ireland and  the UK.  is the link to the episode "Who Am I?" The Life and Work of a Chinese  Medicine Master, with guest filmmaker, Caleb Vinson of the documentary  Who Am I? * Who Am I? ~ winner of the award of merit from the Impact Doc Awards* hear the episode, Love From the Inside Out, with our London guest, Karen Geraghty Click here: Support this podcast:
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