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The podcast for junior developers and the cure for imposter syndrome. Support this podcast:
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In this episode of Devmap we interview 3 women who recently graduated from a coding bootcamp or career accelerator here in San Antonio. They each provide some perspective on their experience and share their thoughts in regards to women in tech and tech in general. Guest List: Elvira Valadez (LinkedIn) (Github) Kristen Collier (LinkedIn) (Github) Eleanor Ellingson (LinkedIn) (Github) --- Support this podcast:
In this new season we are switching gears and going to follow a C# boot camp. Our guests today include Kaisinel, who is the boot camp curriculum writer and boot camp mentor. Along with Kaisinel, we also have  one of the mentors of the boot camp, Josh Mond. Checkout the slides we are referencing during the show below: Link -> Slide-Deck To join the discord server: Link -> CS-Inn Discord Server Contact the devmap team by: E-mail: Twitter: devmappodcast --- Support this podcast:
Ben, Jason, and Omar tackle the elephant in the room: open source software. We talk about what makes something open source, how licenses work, and work really hard to prevent Ben from using acronyms and jargon. If you have questions or feedback, hit us up on Twitter @devmappodcast! Below is a link to the video Ben mentions in the episode: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, we learn what pokemon Jason would be, why certifications matter (they don't) for developers, and what are some ways to continue learning outside of school. It's a jam-packed episode full of Ben Rants and great transitions. Reach out to us on Twitter at @devmappodcast or email us with questions and comments at Recommendations Closure For The Brave And True Designing the Obvious: A Common Sense Approach to Web & Mobile Application Design --- Support this podcast:
Jason and Omar talk about something so meta, it’ll metaphorically blow your mind. No April Fools joke here! Speaking of minds, though, they talk about learning and how to learn. When you’re tackling a new project or looking to add a new tool to your tool belt, understanding the best way to learn something will be key to your success. Don’t give up! Learn something new, and get engaged! Join The DevMap Podcast Discord Server --- Support this podcast:
This is the first episode of 2019 and we are covering an exciting topic. Zodiac signs and Jeff Bezo's packages. Kidding aside, we discuss the difference between a Jr and Sr Developer.  We invited a special guest, Ben Trent, who is a software engineer on the Machine Learning Team from Elastic and he shares his philosophy on the differences between a Jr and Sr Software Developer. Show Topics Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Developer Week VIA Metropolitan Transit The pereptual beginner Stop learning frameworks --- Support this podcast:
Software development, history, metaconcepts, and more... this interview is a doozy. I thought about splitting it up into two episodes, but since this is a podcast, might as well give you all the opportunity to listen to everything all at once. Jon Roberts has been in development for decades, and he has a lot to say about our industry and how to think about team dynamics and company culture. You will definitely learn something here! Links mentioned in the show: --- Support this podcast:
Sukari, Jason, and Omar talk about what you should do when starting a new job. We're working on a way to deliver better show notes to you all, so be on the lookout for a new website coming out soon! --- Support this podcast:
Sukari, Jason, and Omar talk about how to master the technical interview and share some techniques on how to prepare. Also, Omar really likes Python, and Sukari has a loud cat. --- Support this podcast:
In our first episode, Sukari, Mary, Jason, and Omar talk about getting that first job as a junior developer. Searching, applying, and interviewing, we talk about it here! Stay tuned for our next one where we talk about mastering the technical interview. Send feedback, questions, and comments to us on Twitter @devmappodcast or email You might get featured on our show! --- Support this podcast:
100 - Pilot

100 - Pilot


In our pilot episode, we tell you what to expect from this podcast. Give us your feedback by tweeting us at @devmappodcast or emailing us at --- Support this podcast:
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