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Author: Kevin M. Scrima

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A podcast that is about all things gaming! We discuss and talk about important games or current topics in the gaming world. If you're a gamer, you've came to the right place! New episodes released on weekends.
71 Episodes
SUBSCRIBE for more ►► There's a very easy and infinite money glitch in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to the Untitled 18 Brancesi 2021 painting you get from the Space Oddity mission where you can repeatedly sell it for more and buy it back for less over and over while refilling the drop point by skipping time to 24 hours. Repeat. This is basically the Cyberpunk 2077 Infinite Money Glitch. FULL VIDEO HERE
Let's talk about this phenomenal next gen update for Destiny 2 Beyond Light on console. 4k 60 in pve and 120 fps in pvp. This update is on the Series X but is also on PS5 (and has already been on pc lol). I share my reactions and others to the update and how I feel it impacts my gameplay and experience. Would this next gen update give you some type of advantage in pvp? Yes. Full video here
SUBSCRIBE for more ►► This is a quick gamer review of the Xbox Series X, one of the next gen consoles that has enhanced the gaming and entertainment experience of many millions of people. Check out the full video here Check to see if the console is available here: (if you order through this affiliate link, it will support the channel).
This is a quick gamer review of a 4k tv, the LG OLED55CX 55 inch 4k Smart OLED 2020 TV. Priced at $1,400 or more, it's the recommended tv for next-gen gaming. Full video here: out the tv here: (if you decide to get the tv, buying it through the affiliate link would support the channel)
In this podcast , we go over the best deals for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and for the Series S! YouTube Video Version:
We go over the recent surprising and powerful Nintendo Direct that celebrates Super Mario's 35th Anniversary! Lots of heavy hitter games, especially Super Mario 3D All Stars, which has Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. YouTube Video Here:
The analysis is based on what the game says, not exactly based on what I MYSELF think, although there are some amazing educational points in this video. A motivational video based on ocarina of time from 2016. The old YouTube video:
Is Mario being able to possess/capture enemies & creatures good or evil, empathetic or apathetic? Yep, the voice is different because it's an old video -- and here's the old YouTube video:
Discussing the mega discovery quest, mega battles, and sharing my opinions on megas so far in Pokemon Go. Mega quest was easy, took like a few hours. Video here:
I discuss all the datamined news and graphics so far for Pokemon Go regarding megas, which are being added to the game today! Exciting! Check out the video here
August 23rd is the last day to get your free competitive event Porygon2 via Mystery Gift in Pokémon Sword & Shield! Code: PKMNPLAYERSCUP . Check out the video here
In today's Destiny 2 video, I explain how to do the emote and mote ghost god mode glitch and still can't believe that an emote had to be disabled. I think this was a very fun pve glitch and should've been allowed to go on a bit longer for players to have fun with! Check out the YouTube video here
Another reupload from 2016. You'll notice the mic and voice difference. I might re-voice this! Scrima Games: | | Hello community of Gamers' Reality! The FIRST official episode of Video Game Motivation. Man, this series has me so excited and motivated--I know it has you feeling as pumped as I am too! I could have gone even deeper, but this video is already long enough, longer than your average motivational video that is on regular channels. I put a lot of work into this so I hope you enjoy it :)
Audio version of an old YouTube video where I discuss Pokémon Evolution and Darwinian Evolution! You'll notice the mic and voice difference, most likely (this is from 2016!) Video here:
Many players have recently experienced laggy raids where they are unable to attack or do anything or noticed other players not attacking. Also, blank shop screen for tickets are still a thing. Plus, I briefly talk about Magikarp Community Day. Video version here
This is my reaction and discussion regarding the Halo Infinite N64 video, prompting more talk about the graphics and music. Video version here
Here's how you can beat Lapras easy with these two counters -- then finish off the rest of her team! A powerful fighting type or powerful fire type is very important to have here -- along with a Pokémon that can get rid of her shields quick without dying! Video version here
A quick and easy video guide on how you can get more and smoother frames in Dragon Ball Legends and control lag reduction on your end as much as possible. If you already know about this trick, congrats, you've been playing correctly the whole time. If you didn't know about this, get ready to enjoy a brand new game. Video version here
Here's an easy coin farm in Paper Mario: The Origami King, where you can get 1,200 coins every minute very early on in the game, which is useful for items, accessories, and battles! It's an early form and you can do this while doing other stuff like watching tv! Video version here
Breaking down the brand new trailer for Destiny 2 Beyond Light -- analyzing the new stasis abilities and parts of the trailers and how the abilities can be used in PvP. Then discussing the Game Pass and Series X perks for Destiny 2. Video version here
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