DiscoverWrestleFania : WWE Wrestling Talk By Two Former Male Models
WrestleFania : WWE Wrestling Talk By Two Former Male Models
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WrestleFania : WWE Wrestling Talk By Two Former Male Models

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We talk about WWE. And we are the only podcast that does. Trust Us. Don't Look it Up.
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No Brandon? No Problem. Mike is back and ready to talk about Elimination Chamber less than 24 hours before the actual event. So either fall asleep listening to it late tonight or listen tomorrow. After that, what's the point?
February 14th is a time for lovers, not fighters! Unless those fighters are only pretending to fight, then it's fine! This Sunday night NXT Takeover is back so Mike (@WrestleWatcher) to talk a little bit about it while yawning and drinking Ginger Ale. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) couldn't be here tonight, mainly because he didn't want to be here and Mike didn't want him to be here. So it worked out.
Does this episode actually feature dashingly handsome and witty Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and the other guy...I wanna say, Brad? Brendan? Bodie? BRANDON!? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is on the show too? Holy sh*t it's a miracle! Oh and they talk about the Royal Rumble AND just how up-to-date Brandon is on all things WWE. Wait, could that title be true? Are BOTH hosts of @WrestleFaniaPod in this episode?
Snoop Mikey Mike is back with a new WrestleFania episode talking about the WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV. Brandon supposedly sent in audio too....
Hello wrestling fans and WrestleFania fan, it's me Mike (@WrestleWatcher) here to talk about tomorrow night's big NXT show on the network! And guess who is joining me for this episode? NOBODY! I'm all alone again! My co-host cares more about spending time with his daughter than he does this podcast. Can you spell S-E-L-F-I-S-H? I can. I mean, I think that's right. Anyway, you get me for a half hour of your life. But cheer up, it could've been longer....
Here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons….I have no idea why I started writing the theme song to the 80s sitcom, “Silver Spoons” because I am not coming face to face with anybody, let alone that (soon to be former) co-host Brandon who didn’t even bother showing up. He did text me during the show though, so I’ll share that. Oh and I talk about Survivor Series. Oh, RAW and Smackdown go face to face – so hey it DOES make sense. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
A wise man once said, “Don’t do a podcast with your cousin Brandon.” That wise man was a fool. That wise man was me. I told myself as I gazed into the mirror on the ceiling over my bath tub – don’t do it, he will only hurt you in the end. And look where we are today. Today I am talking about tomorrow night’s Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network – and I am doing in alone. Why? Because the fool won. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
Brandon lied to Mike. He said he would try to send him audio - he never tried. He said he might not be able to because he was going to be with friends - he has no friends. He is a liar. Mike is a giver. And he's here to give you the mediocre wrestling talk you've come accustomed to over the years - talking about tomorrow night's NXT Takeover 31.
WWE is back with a new PPV on Sunday night and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) decided to call up Brandon (@WrestleBrand) to talk about it. For some reason Mike's audio sounded like shit. Brandon's sounded better - but then you had to listen to his voice, which isn't great. Anyway, they talk a little wrestling. Spoiler alert - this episode is longer than the amount of time Brandon has been watching wrestling this month....
Mike & Brandon? Talking to each other? For real? ONLY on WrestleFania!
It's Summerslam weekend! Not exactly what we were expecting - but Mike is still here to talk all about it. Brandon shows up too.
Guess what? Once again Brandon is not here to ruin this award winning podcast. Sorry Gary, but you're getting 100% Mike again! Oh and I talk about RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and Extreme Rules. Mostly I just mumble. Still better than Brandon.
Two weeks in a row WWE has a PPV show on the WWE Network, so two weeks in a row WrestleFania brings to you a subpar excuse for a podcast. But fear not, Brandon is not hear to make your ears cry. It's all Mike all night, bay bay!
Hi Gary. And maybe a few other people. Guess what!? Brandon and Mike took time out their daily routine of locking themselves in the bathroom for too long, but they're fine - they're fine, they'll be out soon. Don't worry about it...Wait what were we talking about - oh they're here to talk about the NXT Takeover In Your House The Reckoning Electric Boogaloo Wrestling show that will be streaming on the WWE Network tomorrow night. I assume this is not part of the free tier right? Want to make sure we're not wasting money...
What do you get when you take two handsome stallions and ask them to talk about WWE’s latest Pay-Per-View? We have no idea, but we did get to hear from our favorite train wrecks Brandon and Mike – who are still locked away only venturing out of the house to get groceries and meth. Most of the time it’s just meth. We know Gary will listen – will you?
Our handsome and courageous hosts Brandon and Mike - whilst having nothing to do but stay home all day while the world goes bananas - got together LIVE on YouTube to go over the massive WrestleMania card for the 2-night event that is going to be the weirdest and possibly most memorable WrestleMania the WWE has ever done. And we can't wait!
No doubt about it, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) does't care about your or the show anymore. But Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is still here. He still cares about you. Gary.
Once again, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) proves that he cares more about you than Brandon (@WrestleBrand) as he is the only one here talking about Sunday night's NXT Takeover in Portland, Oregon. Brandon cares more about going to his brother's house this weekend to celebrate the man's 40th birthday than he does about all you Garys out there. Don't forget that.
In this handsome episode of WrestleFania, our important host Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talks about tonight's Royal Rumble Event. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) thinks he's too good to talk to you this month. Let that sink in.
TLC is tomorrow night, so we put out a challenge to Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher. Each do a podcast about TLC in under a minute. This episode is what happened. Don't worry - it's over fast.
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