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Oh yeah, WrestleMania Backlash is tomorrow! Such a memorable show that Mike waiting until Saturday night to put up an episode about it. Which is this episode. The one you're listening to right now. Lucky.
Holy crap, could it be? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) are both on the show together!? How much did that cost us? Well you can be sure to hear every penny's worth when you listen to them talk about everything happening during WrestleMania Weekend!
Mike is back again and flying solo. Again. What else is new? Mike takes a few minutes to talk about this Saturday’s “Premium Live Event” from Saudi Arabia while also taking a few minutes to talk about the news and rumors surrounding “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Stardust, who I guess is also known as Cody Rhodes to some people…. FOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
The only actual host Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is back to talk about Saturday night's Royal Rumble PREMIUM LIVE EVENT! He tried to include Brandon (@WrestleBrand) but once again that proved to be fruitless. Go Wrestling!
Mike was going to talk about NXT New Year's Evil on the last episode, but thought it'd be cooler to break it out into its own episode so he can talk about Brandon not being here yet again! We may need to stop paying this guy.
A brand new PPV for a brand new year, Day 1 kicks of WWE's 2022, and I think it actually could be a really good show. And the "I" in this case is Mike, because once again Brandon is a no show. It's time to give up hope.
You'd think a 100th Episode would be this great celebration, right? Well when you can't even get your co-host to record ONE WORD for you to play as a joke of him not joining the show - you start to realize that the only person you can count on is Gary! Thank you Gary for 100 episodes of listening. But you still voted for Brandon. Oh, and I talk about NXT WarGames that takes place tonight...
It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost time for WWE Survivor Series. And sure, while there is a lot to be thankful for in the world of wrestling, there is also a lot to be frustrated with. Mike touches on the most recent WWE releases a bit before talking about Sunday night's Survivor Series event. And Brandon wasn't here again.
I am not going to lie to you. I will never lie to you...Mike almost forgot to even do this episode - and Brandon? Brandon doesn't care about you anymore. Anyway, Mike talks about how he isn't all caught up on WWE because of Red Sox playoff baseball - and how he might not be that "all elite" after all. Oh and he talks about Crown Jewel.
Short and to the point - Mike (@WrestleWatcher) brings you a musical number with his predictions for Sunday night's Extreme Rules. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was not available for comment.
Baby, what a big surprise! Right before my very eyes....Did the unthinkable happen? Okay, maybe that's a little strong. But could it be? Is Mike (@WrestleWatcher) an AEW watcher now, and dare we say an AEW fan? With the huge news coming out of Chicago and their All Out pay-per-view, Mike is finding next to impossible to ignore this wrestling company any longer. Oh, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand)? Yeah, he was too busy becoming a father again to be reached for comment. Also, Mike didn't ask.
The boys are BACK! Yes somehow Mike (@WrestleWatcher) managed to trick Brandon (@WrestleBrand) into coming on for a SummerSlam livestream - which you are now about to listen to - to talk about some recent WWE stuff, including tomorrow night's Summerslam and Sunday night's NXT Takeover. And hell we even talk about probably the biggest story in wrestling right now - tonight's possible/probable return of CM Punk into the world of wrestling on AEW's Rampage. But don't worry, there is a ton of nonsense along the way. Listen with the whole family!
It's almost a joke to say that there are two hosts on this show, right? I mean, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) hasn't been on an episode since - well to be honest, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) cannot remember the last time his voice has made an appearance. But your trusty Mike is here to talk about tomorrow night's Money in the Bank PPV - because at least he cares. He cares.
I am about as excited about watching this PPV as I was talking about it. You can pretty much pick that up right away. Oh it's me, Mike, BTW. Apparently, I'm the only host of this show now. Brandon has given up on all of you.
At least one of the hosts still cares about Gary and all the Garys out there. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) took a few moments to talk about tomorrow's NXT Takeover that will be live on The 'Cock. Meanwhile, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is nowhere to be found or heard from. Which, let's be honest, Mike prefers.
Let's be honest. There is only one match that people even remotely care about for tomorrow night's WrestleMania Backlash - and everybody just assumes what the outcome will be. But what if it wasn't that? Mike (@WrestleWatcher) takes a few minutes to talk about the upcoming show, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) - well Brandon just doesn't care anymore. I said let's be honest, right?
It's Friday night. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) just finished watching Smackdown. And guess what - There's STILL not a Brandon (@WrestleBrand) in site. So Mike very tiredly sloshed his way through this weekend's WrestleMania crowd and announced that YES - the tradition continues. WrestleFania Live will return once again on Sunday at 4pm on the Fans Not Experts Youtube channel.
It's Monday night. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) just finished watching RAW. There's not a Brandon (@WrestleBrand) in site. Mike thought it would be a perfect time to turn on the Podcasterator and record an episode talking about the upcoming two-night NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver. So he did just that. And you'll probably hear is marble mouth again before the week is through too. Happy WrestleMania week, jerks!
Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is back and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is nowhere to be found. Hopefully he's safe, I guess. Anyway, today Mike (also known as me) is talking about tomorrow night's big WWE Fastlane show, the first WWE PPV that you can stream on Peacock. I'm sure it will go swimmingly....
No Brandon? No Problem. Mike is back and ready to talk about Elimination Chamber less than 24 hours before the actual event. So either fall asleep listening to it late tonight or listen tomorrow. After that, what's the point?
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