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WrestleFania : WWE Wrestling Talk By Two Former Male Models
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WrestleFania : WWE Wrestling Talk By Two Former Male Models

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We talk about WWE. And we are the only podcast that does. Trust Us. Don't Look it Up.
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What do you get when you take two handsome stallions and ask them to talk about WWE’s latest Pay-Per-View? We have no idea, but we did get to hear from our favorite train wrecks Brandon and Mike – who are still locked away only venturing out of the house to get groceries and meth. Most of the time it’s just meth. We know Gary will listen – will you?
Our handsome and courageous hosts Brandon and Mike - whilst having nothing to do but stay home all day while the world goes bananas - got together LIVE on YouTube to go over the massive WrestleMania card for the 2-night event that is going to be the weirdest and possibly most memorable WrestleMania the WWE has ever done. And we can't wait!
No doubt about it, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) does't care about your or the show anymore. But Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is still here. He still cares about you. Gary.
Once again, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) proves that he cares more about you than Brandon (@WrestleBrand) as he is the only one here talking about Sunday night's NXT Takeover in Portland, Oregon. Brandon cares more about going to his brother's house this weekend to celebrate the man's 40th birthday than he does about all you Garys out there. Don't forget that.
In this handsome episode of WrestleFania, our important host Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talks about tonight's Royal Rumble Event. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) thinks he's too good to talk to you this month. Let that sink in.
TLC is tomorrow night, so we put out a challenge to Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher. Each do a podcast about TLC in under a minute. This episode is what happened. Don't worry - it's over fast.
We're back! Brandon (@WrestleBrand) sorta kinda makes an appearance as your true hero Mike (@WrestleWatcher) takes charge - gives and delivers some audio magic to your ears! Oh and he talks about tonight's NXT Takeover War Games and tomorrow's Survivor Series.
To be fair, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) sent in his audio days ago. This time it was Mike (@WrestleWatcher) who waited until the last second. Mike talks about the week that was in wrestling leading up to tonight's Hell in a Cell. We have no idea what Brandon talked about because we didn't listen before posting it. It's probably podcast gold though...
This is what happens when Brandon (@WrestleBrand) only texts Mike (@WrestleWatcher) his PPV picks and sends no audio. This is what happens.
It's been rumored. It's been talked about. It was said WWE would announce it this past Monday on RAW. Then it came out via an email and a tweet. WWE is moving it's NXT brand to the USA Network as a new live 2 hour weekly show. Why? Let's be honest - to go head-to-head with the new AEW weekly show starting in October. So our handsome idiots, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), wanted to weigh in with some thoughts for your ears. You can thank us later.
Garys worldwide rejoice! The sexiest podasting duo in the known universe, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk SUMMERSLAM and NXT Takeover. Brandon talks for an entire 7 F'n minutes. You get what you pay for.
Your favorite crime-fighting duo of pure sizzling male sexuality, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk into their phones about a WWE PPV that is happening this Sunday. Gary gets it.
Seriously? This PPV seemed to pop up out of nowhere - and yet, do we actually hear Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talking about to TO EACH OTHER!? It's True! There was some audio recording trouble - and a lack of overall passion - but it happened. Our two hosts got together....For friggin' Stomping Grounds?
Brandon (TWITTER REDACTED) put as little effort into this episode as possible. Mike's (@WrestleWatcher) contribution isn't much longer - but it at least took some effort. Anyway, Money in the Bank is tomorrow night - so better later than never?
Brandon is dead. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) decided that rather than just ignoring the fact that Brandon (@WrestleBrand) didn't have time to record because he's SO BUSY before going IN PERSON to see NXT Takeover AND WrestleMania - his character should just be killed off the show. So now he is dead. Could he come back to life? Well that is really up to you the listener. For this episode we just have Mike - who literally recorded this episode in the bathroom so he wouldn't wake up his wife.  HOWEVER - on Sunday you might hear from a resurrected Brandon when WrestleFania goes LIVE for the fourth year in a row. 4pm on Sunday right before the big show. Mike will be there for sure, and hopefully he can patch in Brandon in the midst of him getting drunk in the MetLife Stadium parking lot. Tell a friend!
Welcome back smart listeners. Are you ready for some smart and thoughtful podcasting? Well we sure as shit hope not, because we don't want to set any expectations. In that way, we can always make sure we deliver what we promise - and in this case it's Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talking about WWE Fastlane alone while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. And Brandon (@WrestleBrand) - we just assume he was talking while taking a shit. Listen, subscribe and tell a friend!
In this episode featuring the most handsome podcasters in America, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) pours his heart and soul out to Gary and anyone else who might be listening. He talks for almost 30 minutes. Then Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talked for less than 10 minutes. The end.
Our handsome hosts had every intention of recording this episode together - but something went horribly wrong when they were recording another show and time got the best of them. That something that went wrong is named Mike (@WrestleWatcher). He basically broke Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last night which lead to this - another episode of the two of them recording separately. Oh we're available on Spotify now! Go Pats!
Hello Loyal Garys! We are back with an episode of WWE TLC featuring the heel (@WrestleBrand) and the hunk (@WrestleWatcher). WWE television hasn't been all that great, but that won't stop these jerks from watching TLC tomorrow night. Probably.
Hark the Herald Asshole Sings! Brandon (@WrestleBrand) returns to the show after we almost luckily were rid of him for good. Listen to him and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talk about tonight's NXT Takeover Wargames and tomorrow's Survivor Series! Or don't, it's really up to you.
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