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Music journalist B.Getz explores the inner sanctums of music and festival cultures. With guests from across the spectrum, the focus of this podcast leans toward inspiration and human resilience, high brow conversations from a variety of voices. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE, Herb An’ Music, and more.
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Twas an honor and privilege to welcome legendary DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist GREYBOY to Episode 079!! A career highlight for this program to facilitate a wide-reaching, ever-rare interview with the man born Andreas Stevens, who's pioneering 90's work on Ubiquity Records set, raised, and re-raised the bar for West Coast acid jazz and trip-hop. Greyboy's solo canon is long revered for blurring the lines between hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, and beyond; he's also the visionary behind rare-groove ragers The Greyboy Allstars. Released June 2024, Greyboy's latest LP Word On the Street represents an artistic rebirth and musical revolution tied to the broadening of his palette and a personal evolution. 0:00 - episode preview 3:30 - sponsor - For The Funk Of It Fest 5:45 - sponsor - Fete du Void 8:20 - The Upful Update 12:30 - introducing GREYBOY 16:30 - interview w Greyboy [90 min] 1:46:30 - introducing Spencer from FTF Fest 1:49:00 - chat Spencer [17min] 2:05:00 afterglow x Vibe Junkie JAMZ 1988 DMC Regional Champion. Recovering midcentury modernist. Responsible for wrangling together esteemed boogaloo bandits The Greyboy Allstars, hence their moniker and sonic blueprint. Over the course of three decades, DJ Greyboy has worked with musical and cultural luminaries that span genre and generation, his music oscillates between styles yet remains consistently Era Correct. Grey shares a few of his leftfield non-musical passions that are sure to surprise even the most attentive fans of his timeless tunes. During this sprawling 90-minute conversation, Greyboy was stoked to explore the inspirations, losses, and motivations that gave us his most recent LP, Word On the Street. Plus unpacking seminal releases Greybreaks, Freestylin', Land of the Lost, and reflections on crucial collaborators. Grateful that Grey was such a open book, and seemed quite happy to hop in the sidehack and bomb the hill down memory lane. Give Thanks for Greyboy. After wrapping with Grey, we check in with Spencer from For The Funk Of It Festival, slated for Aug. 6-9 in NorCal, to get the 411 on this year's throwdown on the Feather River. Vibe Junkie JAMZ - GREYBOY: "Unwind Your Mind", "Grey Royale", "Word on the Street" Dwell Magazine article about Greyboy's house restoration Greyboy - Word On the Street album on BandCamp Check out  FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL  August 9-11 in NorCal Our friends Fete du Void, Oct. 3-6 in Oakdale, LA EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome Florida-bred, Denver-based electronic producer duo MZG to Episode 078! Zach and Charles Weinert are wildly talented yet humble and hilarious, studio wizards who can cook up with the best in the game. Many of us have long been convinced these two handsome gents are destined for superstardom, if not global EDM domination. I've had the privilege of watching the evolution of their craft, careers, collaborations, and trademark sound since before they were even performing as a duo, as well as call them real-life homies for nearly 15 years. Get ready for the Twinzies Takeover! 0:00 - episode 078 prevoew 2:40 - For The Funk of It Music Festival sponsor 6:00 - Fete du Void Music/Arts Fest sponsor  9:00 - The Upful Update 15:00 - introducing Zach n' Charles - MZG 20:20 - interview w/ MZG [92 mins] 1:52:20 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAMZ Topics include: growing up twins, coming of age in Northeast Florida, separate musical journeys, Greenhouse Lounge/Sir Charles, exploring Ableton, discovering festival culture, finding Soundtribe Sector 9, figuring out Phish, collaborating with Big Gigantic, The Floozies, Griz. Spirit of Suwannee/Hulaween magic, moving to electronic mecca Denver, distilling/focusing their sound. Unveiling house side-project Duplex. A classic tale of the ol' switcheroo, plastic bong/pocket-p*ssy/kazoo with a country cop, plus barrels more laughs and memories. We run thru a few of the most nuclear MZG bangers to finish strong. Bio: Twin brothers, Zach and Charles Weinert, spent many years working on separate musical projects, but in 2015, they relented to the inevitable and joined forces to create MZG. Shorthand for “monozygotic” (the scientific term describing identical twins), the name MZG describes the unique bond these two share. After honing their craft in Jacksonville, FL, the pair began playing out for audiences. MZG’s reputation for setting dance floors aflame saw them soon sharing the stage with like-minded acts such as RL Grime, Herobust, and Opiuo, as well as earning residency at Florida festival mainstay Suwannee Hulaween. They've also appeared at festivals Sonic Bloom, Okechobee, and Electric Forest, among others. Rooted in Colorado the past six years, the brothers have wasted no time in making a mark, performing with respected state staples Big Gigantic, Griz, The Floozies, Barclay Crenshaw, and Manic Focus. These self taught musicians and producers deliver bass driven, hip-hop influenced electronica while sharing a chemistry on stage that is natural and infectious. Vibe Junkie JAMZ "One 2 Shtep", "BANGA," "FAYDED2023", "FTCU Flip" - MZG unknown unreleased joint from Duplex Stay up on all things MZG ---> Bandcamp, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify   Check out  FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL  August 9-11 in NorCal Our friends Fete du Void, Oct. 3-6 in Oakdale, LA   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome NY-bred, Nashville-based PETER LEVIN, a keyboardist/singer/producer to Episode 077! A veteran of multiple music scenes, bands, and geographies, Peter Levin has written/performed with numerous artists who've appeared on this show, & dozens more who have not. A well-respected musician, songwriter and producer, across 3 decades Peter has collaborated with legends like the late, great Gregg Allman, cultural institutions such as the Allman Brothers Band and Blind Boys of Alabama, rising stars i.e. Amanda Shires, and appears on the award-winning album The Highwomen.   0:00 - ep.077 preview 3:00 - a word from our sponsor For the Funk of It Festival 6:20 - The Upful Update 11:00 - introducing PETER LEVIN 14:25 - interview w/ Peter [65min] 1:20:30 - introducing Jason Abrams 1:23:00- Summer Tours '24 Preview w/Jason  [37min] 1:59:00 - Afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM   Late last year, Levin released the fantastic record under his own name: 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning'. The LP features an all-star slate of contributors that dot his musical journey, including guitarists/friends-of-the-pod Adam "Shmeeans" Smirnoff and Eric Krasno. Most recently, Peter has been an integral member of the Allman Brothers tribute ensemble 'Trouble No More', with our hero Nikki Glaspie, among others. Peter Levin was kind enough to take some time to drop in and explore his career and collaborators, a conversation that took place at the very end of 2023. Special Thanks to Solaris Entertainment Studio for making Peter available for this interview. After Peter's interview wraps, we head right into the Summer Tours 2024 Preview segment with returning fave Jason Abrams, co-host of the Rock n' Wrestling Connection Podcast, my friend of nearly 35 years and an encyclopedia of both rock n' roll and pop culture.   Vibe Junkie JAM "The Chain" [Fleetwood Mac cover] - The Highwomen   Check out our awesome sponsor FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL , going down August 9-11 in NorCal   Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More!  Reviews, Purchase Links, Playlists   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Agent 23 aka Cactus aka Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, welcome to The Upful Life Podcast! A founding member of pioneering Asheville-based live hip-hop collective Granola Funk Express (GFE). A progenitor of "family hip-hop" with his Secret Agent 23 Skidoo project, which took home a Grammy in 2019 for Best Children's Album. Cactus is a published author of several books, and a prolific educator around the country for kids of all ages and backgrounds.   0:00 - episode 076 preview 3:30 - iamavl - thank you for the sponsor 6:30 - The Upful Update 12:40 - introducing Agent 23 aka Cactus 16:10 - interview w/ Cactus [95min] 1:51:30 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM    From train-hopping, to Rainbow Gathering kitchens, to rap ciphers at Phish festivals, this conversation is a colorful strut down memory lane for any GFE fan. And my man makes sure to spread the love around the krewe. Similarly, Cactus takes us through the birth of his daughter Saki, her transformation into MC Fireworks, and the heights their inspiring hip-hop connection took this beautiful family. These days, 23 and his 'Secret Agency' collaborate with students and symphonies, to wed classical music, global indigenous instruments, and storytelling to the elements of hip-hop. Cactus has also evolved into a successful educator, bringing hip-hop into the classroom as a multi-faceted teaching device.   bio Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is an internationally touring, purple velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenemenon. Combining the positive, primal power of hip hop with the surreal storytelling of science fiction, 23 Skidoo has concocted a potent potion that wows family crowds across the planet. After a decade of touring nationally as a rapper and producer in Granola Funk Express, he released his first kids' hip-hop album in 2008.   The ingredients of his magic spells include reverence for the boundless mindstates of young children, respect for the culture and DNA of hip hop, funk and soul music, and a deep belief in the power of the imagination to change the world in positive ways, both personal and universal. At the 59th Grammy Awards in 2019, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo won Best Children's Album for his record Infinity Plus One. At the 57th Grammy awards [2017], his record The Perfect Quirk was nominated in the same category. Book Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out won Silver at the 2014 Moonbeam Awards.   Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & Asheville Symphony - The Beat Bach Symphonies Dennis Cook feature article on GFE - 2006   Vibe Junkie JAM  "Dreamland Theatre" Agent 23 feat. Adam Strange   Please visit our awesome sponsor iamavl for the latest free Asheville livestreams!   Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More!  Reviews, Purchase Links, Playlists   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE



Live n' direct from their studio in Vienna, Austria, iconic electronic producer/DJ duo KRUDER and DORFMEISTER tap into the Upful LIFE.  On Episode 075, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister pull up for a colorful, career-spanning conversation, both fellas waxing nostalgic, and piloting the wayback machine through the pair's prolific, pioneering journey in sound. Our chat starts at the 22min mark. 00:00 - episode preview 04:30 - our sponsors: iamAVL, & Love That Baby 09:00 - The Upful Update 13:00 - Introducing KRUDER & DORFMEISTER 22:00 - Conversation w/ Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister [83min] 1:45:45 - Afterglow & Vibe Junkie JAMZ Listening to these two fine gentleman humourously reflect on their embryonic origin story and enduring connection was nothing short of a pinch-me, bucket-list, feather-in-the-Kangol experience for your humble narrator, as K&D music remains among the most sacred in my lifetime playlist. Pod topics include: the serendipitous rendezvous that first brought them together. exploring their idiosyncratic creativity & DIY modus operandi. Atari to Ableton: sampling obsession & tech/gear evolution. the lost mystique of vinyl crate-digging. their early days of globe-trotting. developing a trademark sound/aesthetic. crafting genre-defining records & timeless remixes: G-Stoned, DJ Kicks, K&D Sessions, 1995 reinventing themselves onstage w/ a sensational comeback 3 decades deep. K&D's virgin sojourn to Burning Man aka the Black Rock Mudpacolypse 2023. Kruder & Dorfmeister Bio During the 1990s, Vienna, Austria-based producer/DJs Kruder & Dorfmeister helped invent the electronic music genre known as downtempo/trip-hop. Their presence has loomed large over the scene ever since, despite a relatively small discography as a duo.  With 1993 EP G-Stoned- the first release on their similarly titled record label - the pair established a laconic, smoked-out, organic sound & aesthetic rich in live instrumentation. K&D are well-known to incorporate acid jazz, dub, house, atmospheric drum & bass, hip-hop, bossa nova, funk, soul and beyond into their trademark, succulent sonic gumbo.    The duo built up a lengthy résumé of remixes for a diverse smattering of artists, including Roni Size, David Holmes, Depeche Mode, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Several of these were aggregated on the landmark double-album The K&D Sessions (1998), which was lavished with much critical acclaim upon release and its reputation continues to age like a fine wine. Over the years, the two producers remained active with solo work and adjacent projects (most notably Tosca, Dorfmeister's duo with Rupert Huber, and Peter with Peace Orchestra). 1995, a fantastic full-length studio album of original material that had been mysteriously shelved for a quarter century, was unearthed and released in 2020. Kruder & Dorfmeister are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary with an expansive world tour that unveils an authentic, emotional, kaleidoscopic audio/visual concert experience. Eternal thanks to Peter & Richard for the time, music, & energy. -bg   B.Getz's feature: K&D return to US, 1st Burning Man, SF show- Sept.23 K&D 30th anniversary show - Belgium, Nov.23  K&D at Burning Man - DISTRIKT sunrise, Sept.23      Vibe Junkie JAMZ "Speechless" - Count Basic [K&D drum & bass remix] "Useless" - Depeche Mode [K&D remix] "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" [Roy Ayers remixed by NETSKY]     Please visit our awesome sponsor iamavl for the latest free Asheville livestreams! Check out the dope apparel at our friends LOVE THAT BABY   Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More!  Reviews, Purchase Links, Playlists   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome ROGERS STEVENS, guitarist/co-founder of Blind Melon - as well as Towne & Stevens - to Episode 074! A dream come true for your host, an unabashed lifelong Blind Melon fanatic. Rogers joins the pod from his cozy home studio just outside Philadelphia for a 90-min conversation about his career - past, present, and future. A peek inside Rogers' process making records with Nathan Towne, and Stevens finally finding his singing voice later in life. Working with Rene Lopez again, long after Extra Virgin and The Tender Trio. Growing up a rocker in rural Mississippi. Embarking on the storied sojourn from the Deep South to the Sunset Strip, arriving at the peak of glam-rock hair-band decadence. Rogers pulls up in a Cadillac, sittin’ in the back, opens the passenger door and invites us on a wacky, wild, reflective ride through the galaxies of yesteryear in the Blind Melon wayback machine.  Buckle up fam, this ep is my love letter to anyone who ever treasured this beautiful band, and those of us who still grieve deep for the dearly-departed Shannon Hoon. 3:15 - a word from our sponsor IAMAVL 6:15 - shoutout COLD BLOODED DESIGNS 7:30 - The Upful Update 10:15 - Introducing ROGERS STEVENS + B.Getz’s BLIND MELON rabbithole 31:20 - conversation w/ Rogers [97 min] 2:08:30 - Afterglow & Reflections, + Vibe Junkie JAM   Background: In 1990, 23-year-old Shannon Hoon first met Rogers Stevens in Los Angeles after taking a bus from Lafayette, Indiana to SoCal. A year or so earlier, Stevens and bassist Brad Smith had relocated to L.A. from West Point, Mississippi, where they graduated high school and worked on the kill floor of a local slaughterhouse. Stevens connected with Shannon through a mutual friend in Hollywood; Hoon - hometown homies with W. Axl Rose and already making waves on the West Coast - swiftly reeled off a couple of tunes for Rogers. Immediately taken with Hoon’s voice and mesmerized by his presence, they decided - on the spot - to form a band together. Blind Melon consisted of Stevens, Hoon, Smith, drummer Glen Graham, and guitarist Christopher Thorn.  A promising, multi-hued, idiosyncratic brotherhood that was sadly short-lived. Dreamy single “No Rain” blasted the band into superstardom pretty quickly, and their self-titled debut went triple platinum in the tailwind of the huge hit. In less than five years, the quintet released a strong pair of studio albums, while touring at a furious clip. They appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, SNL, MTV, Canada's MuchMusic, and threw down a legendary set at Woodstock '94. Headlined clubs and theaters, opened stadiums for The Rolling Stones, supported Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, and numerous others.  After the monster success of their debut CD, Blind Melon set about refining/redefining their unicorn sound, as evidenced on sensational sophomore record Soup. Critically-panned and a commercial disappointment at the time, over the course of nearly three decades Soup has proven a celebrated fan favorite. A gumbo of compositions and performances that transcend era and genre, Soup is a magnificent work of high art in the Crescent City voodoo tradition. When Hoon died suddenly from a drug overdose, on tour in New Orleans in October 1995, the band was evolving rather organically, though still finding their stride. A posthumous collection of B-sides and outtakes, the gripping Nico  (named for Shannon's daughter Nico Blue Hoon - only a few months old when he tragically transitioned) was released in 1996, an emotional nod towards what could’ve - and should’ve - been.  These days, Rogers Stevens is an attorney who lives in the Philly suburbs with his family. He’s currently workshopping songs with Nathan for the next Towne & Stevens record. I offer the deepest of bows & eternal thanks to Rogers Stevens for his time, energy, the music and memories. Rest easy, Shannon Hoon & Long Live Blind Melon!   Vibe Junkie JAM  Blind Melon - "Time" (1995 > 1992 > Woodstock '94) sourced from the film Letters From a Porcupine   Letters From a Porcupine film [1996] All I Can Say [2019 documentary] An Angel On One Shoulder, Devil On The Other by Greg Prado [2008 book] Shannon by Greg Prado [2021 book] MELONcholy & the Infinite Sadness by Chris Heath [article in Details/Nico CD-Rom - 1996]    Please visit our awesome sponsor iamavl for the latest free Asheville livestreams!   Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More!  Reviews, Purchase Links, Playlists   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Episode 073 proudly welcomes a pair of prolific special guests: the magnificent multi-instrumentalist, multimedia enchantress, self-confessed storyteller, bard, and muse: Ms. MARYA STARK sits down for a colorful, career-spanning conversation. Chased by a second, equally-illuminating chat with WREN LIZABETH, an herbalist, permaculturist, and educator, the founder of alternative holistic health/self-care collective The NOHM Co., & elixir line The MerTails. 1:30 - a word from our sponsor iamavl 4:15 - shoutout Cold Blooded Designs 6:00 - The Upful Update 10:00 - introducing MARYA STARK 13:15 - interview w/ Marya Stark [46 min] 59:15 - introducing WREN LIZABETH  1:03:15 - conversation w/ Wren Lizabeth [49 min] 1:48:30 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Marya Stark found her voice in the high desert, and marks a memory as a very young child singing herself into an ecstatic state as the embarkation point for a lifelong dalliance with sound art and music therapy. A decade-long run of critically-acclaimed records would patiently and intentionally unfurl; a career cannon punctuated by emotionally-charged, introspective songcraft, frozen time capsules illuminating her own lived experiences. Nascent explorations in soul retrieval and energetic psychology through expressive arts and ritual performance. In September 2023, Marya Stark released her fifth solo LP, Weightless; an exquisite collection of songs soft and vulnerable, human and dreamy. She's also 1/5 of the acapella supergroup Starling Arrow with Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia. When not composing music or performing onstage, Marya Stark mentors artists and women. She teaches courses in The Art of Voice, Cultivation of the Muse, and songcraft. Stark is the founder of the Temple Of The Muse, leading inner alchemy through immersive expressive arts containers and womb wisdom. Marya Stark currently lives in Grass Valley, California. stay up on all things Marya Stark music HERE find out more about TEMPLE OF THE MUSE Ep.073 also includes a deep dive with a dear friend, the renowned herbalist/entrepreneur Wren Lizabeth (fka Jill TrAshley), founder/owner of The NOHM Co., as well as The MerTails (elixirs as mixers), Village Witches Elixir Bar, plus much more. Based in Asheville, NC, Wren Lizabeth is a familiar fixture at music festivals all over the country and internationally. Often tending bar with The NOHM or Village Witches, as well as curating nourishing meal plans for retreats & parties, or sourcing/making herbal medicine for The MerTails elixir line. Art is her first love, as such the plate and the cup are her canvas. Wren believes our food is our medicine. Wren is passionate and motivated to educate about decentralizing and divesting our dependence on modern day supply and demand cycles and trends. Her work is often focused on rooting them back into local bioregions with her own hands, and creating/nurturing collaborators in such spaces. Wherever Wren goes (including our hangs and this podcast) she sparks profound conversations about conscious consumption, with a goal to expose the accessibilities we have to better facilitate living in sync with our natural surroundings, one bite or sip at a time. Follow Wren Lizabeth on IG @herban_urbalist Keep up w/ all things The NOHM Co. & The MerTails   Vibe Junkie JAM "God Morning" - Ra-Be 333 feat. Marya Stark Please visit our awesome sponsor iamavl for the latest free Asheville livestreams!   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome Alex Wasily to Ep.072 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast*! #VeryGood trombonist with NOLA institution Dumpstaphunk since 2016; musical director of Francis Comes Alive, Neal Francis new 11-piece big band experience and concert film. Teacher and student, the crew cheerleader and a masterclass mentor, plus expert mixologist and host with the most. Alex was kind enough to bring his huge personality, beautiful journey, and insightful perspectives to the show for a lengthy conversation. 2:30 - A word from our sponsor iamavl 5:30 - The Upful Update 11:00 - introducing ALEX WASILY  13:15 - INTERVIEW w/ Alex [103 min] 1:56:00 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM With a passion for life, art, the hang, and the pursuit of unity through music, alex wasily has made a standout approach to music that can be attributed to his unique unyielding optimism and positive outlook on what most would consider a wild way to live. He goes by many names. a-waz. waz. my dawg. ya boy. the forever hang. Egyptian born, American raised, all soul, and all hang. alex was born in alexandria, egypt and raised in savannah, georgia. performing music is alex's way of taking you out of what may have been a depressing day and into what might be the wildest night of your life. Alex regularly performs and tours the world with Dumpstaphunk and is Neal Francis’ music director when the 11-piece goes on the road. he also throws the funkiest party in Los Angeles every monday at Gold-Diggers at his series simply called Very Good Mondays™. Vibe Junkie JAM "Hard to Face the Music" - Idris Muhummad [1976]    Check out Alex Wasily's Very Good Cocktails HERE Alex Wasily trombone masterclass   Please visit our awesome sponsor iamavl for the latest Asheville livestreams     EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
A very special guest many moons in the making, please welcome dear friend and fearless leader PAUL LEVINE of Hulaween, Purple Hat Productions, co-founder of Bear Creek and Purple Hatters Ball, Suwannee Resonate, and all-around ambassador of Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Paul is a major force of nature in our little sliver of the musical universe, responsible for so many epic endeavors over the years. On the occasion of the 10th Hulaween, Paul the Wolf finally slides through the pod to discuss the joys, journey, success, teammates, peaks, valleys, tragedy, community, and the Spirit of Suwannee dream. After our conversation, BG runs thru the Hula 2023 schedule and gives you a handful of can't miss picks. Episode 071 begins with your host’s lengthy, personal eulogy/tribute to the late, great James Casey, who passed away August 28th at the age of 40 from colorectal cancer. 3:30 - a word from our sponsor iamavl 6:30 - The Upful Update 11:15 - Remembering JAMES CASEY 28:15 - introducing Paul Levine & a love letter to Spirit of Suwannee 39:45 - interview w/ PAUL LEVINE (73 mins) 1:52:45 - B.Getz’s Hulaween 2023 Picks 2:17:45 - Vibe Junkie JAM Please check out our sponsor IAMAVL   James Casey was a longtime saxophonist/vocalist with Trey Anastasio Band, he logged time with Lettuce before that, founded hybrid electronic squad Animus Rexx, performed in various ensembles with The Nth Power, and sat in with countless bands and artists across genre and geography. A certified musical genius, he was a personal friend to me and so many others in the jam diaspora. Offstage, James Casey was somebody I admired for the way he moved through life: determined, ambitious, graceful, loving. From when we met in 2011 til our last interaction, he was always very kind to me. I wanted to say a few words about the man while the wound is still fresh. Rest easy, James Casey. Paul Levine interview: After recognizing the ingenuity, resiliency, and longevity of HULA, naturally Paul and BG hop in the wayback machine for treasured memories of Bear Creek, the long-defunct, bitter-cold, beloved funk olympics hosted in those same spiritualized woods on the banks of the Suwannee River. From there, we love on Lettuce for a good long while, as Levine was instrumental in the band's SE regional come-up, Bear Creek was LETT HQ for seven glorious years, and he remains a major ally and asset to the squad. Paul offers poignant recollections of Rachel Morningstar Hoffman, revisits Purple Hatters Ball, talks Mama Margie, plus music and community as medicine in the wake of tragedy and grief.   Thank you Paul, for EVERYTHING. Vibe Junkie JAM Scott T - 'Get Back (to the River)'   Scott T workshop on the history of the Spirit of Suwannee (Hula 21)   James Casey - Music As Medicine (mini-doc)   Hurricane Idalia Fundraiser for Sonny Perez at SOSMP   ECHT! Live mini-set 2023   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome the great guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer PAPA MALI! Based in NOLA for the past dozen years, Papa Mali is a certified rock n' roll troubadour, having lived several musical lives in numerous locales across the past half-century. An artist for art’s sake and rad to the core, Malcolm is an old-school bluesman, reggae devotee, soul/R&B aficionado - he’s at home with funk, folk, and gutbucket piano joints too. The man is a living breathing chameleonic musicologist in our midst. A conversation brimming with detailed ruminations and colorful pointifications. In addition to the Crescent City, Papa Mali reflects on nascent days soaking up culture in his Shreveport childhood, before wandering onward to Little Rock, Kingston Jamaica, Austin, and eventually New Orleans, with a plethora of potent points between. The lifelong soundtrack to these travels, trials, and tribulations is a terrifically-tasty gumbo on the transistor radio station. Episode 070 starts with a short message from your host, a moment of reflection and prayer for peace. Followed by a brief tribute to the dearly departed NOLA drummer/icon RUSSELL BATISTE JR. Papa Mali begins our conversation with a lengthy, touching tribute to fallen friend and collaborator, an Austin legend, bassist BRAD HOUSER. 3:15 - a word from our sponsor iamavl 6:00 - a brief acknowledgement of current events 9:30 - The Upful Update 16:00 - Celebrating the life of Russell Batiste Jr. 21:30 - Russell Batiste Jr. talks about Frenchy 23:15 - introducing PAPA MALI  27:15 - INTERVIEW w/ Papa Mali (108 mins) 2:15:30 - afterglow & Vibe Junkie JAM Please check out our sponsor IAMAVL Papa Mali interview topics include: Remembering Brad Houser, discovering/absorbing music as a kid, Howlin' Wolf, Rolling Stones, Johnny Slim Campbell, a wide-eyed, shape-shifting 1977 sojourn to Kingston, Jamaica at the apex of political gangland warring, getting adopted by rastas in the bush, moving to Austin, acclaimed American reggae band Killer Bees, the death of co-founder Michael E. Johnson, coming back to reggae decades later with NOLA’s Shantytown Underground, the connection between reggae/rocksteady and New Orleans R&B/soul, meeting/dosing with Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead at Oregon Country Fair, embarking on 7 Walkers with Billy, George Porter Jr., and Matt Hubbard, writing with Robert Hunter, moving to NOLA and creating Music Is Love album, Reverend Goat Carson, making two LPs with Dan Prothero and Fog City Records, Papa Mali the record producer, and more!   Vibe Junkie JAM  “Flouride” Critters Buggin’ (1998)   ECHT! Live mini-set 2023 Stanton Moore and Adam Deitch talk Russell Batiste Jr.   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Finally... KARINA RYKMAN has come BACK to *The Upful LIFE Podcast*! The bassist/vocalist just dropped a dynamite debut LP JOYRIDE, with contributions and co-production from Trey Anastasio. On the heels of several barnburner festival throwdowns this summer, she's blasting off on a huge headline tour from coast to coast in the fall. Karina slides thru for a candid and colorful conversation, revealing how her career has evolved and exploded since we last spoke. A detailed unpacking of the creation and manifestation of her record. Reflections on musical partnership with producer Gabe Monro, bandmates Adam November and Chris Corsico, plus mentor Marco Benevento. Selling out the venerable Blue Nile during Jazz Fest after dark. And so much more! Ep.069 also contains a short, spirited chat with BRIAN SWISLOW,  keyboardist of Humboldt County's R&B-soul upstarts OBJECT HEAVY. A real hot band out here on the West Coast. Check out my record review of their phenomenal Color Red LP Love & Gravity HERE.   2:30 - a word from our sponsor iamAVL 5:30 - The Upful Update 8:45 - introducing KARINA RYKMAN 14:30 - INTERVIEW w/ Karina (80min) 1:45:30 - introducing BRIAN SWISLOW [Object Heavy] 1:49:00 - quick chat w/ B-SWIZ Order Karina Rykman JOYRIDE on vinyl   Vibe Junkie JAM "Dropkick" - Marco Benevento  2.25.22 Ardmore Music Hall KARINA RYKMAN BIO Born and raised in New York City, Karina Rykman’s musical path began in her early teens playing in bands whenever she could while attending a veritable ton of live music as a fan. Her remarkable prowess on the bass guitar soon landed her a number of high-profile television gigs spanning America’s Got Talent to backing up pop star Julia Michaels on TODAY. By the end of her senior year at NYU, Rykman’s virtuoso talent and infectious spirit saw her invited to join pianist Marco Benevento’s band (as recommended by Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz), with whom she performed countless shows including dates with Vulfpeck, Dispatch, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Guster, and many more. Rykman soon formed her own namesake band, accompanied by Adam November (guitar, loopers, effects) and Chris Corsico (drums). She quickly earned a reputation as a mesmerizing, unmissable live act, lighting up an array of international stages with headline sets, show-stealing festival performances (including Bonnaroo, Peach Music Festival, and Sweetwater 420 Fest), shows alongside Khruangbin, Guster, and The Disco Biscuits (among others), and recent appearances sitting in with the 8G Band on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. That same spellbinding power was soon captured on a series of independent singles, including “Elevator” and the million-streaming “Plants,” both of which have now been newly enhanced for Rykman’s debut album, JOYRIDE. Written and recorded with childhood friend, producer Gabe Monro, the album serves as a vivid canvas for Rykman’s vibrant expression and chameleonic songcraft. JOYRIDE features Trey Anastasio as co-producer and featured musician, contributing guitar on five of the album’s nine tracks.   About OBJECT HEAVY Object Heavy is Northern California’s hardest hitting Soul sensation. Based in Arcata, this cast of musical characters has made waves up and down the North Coast of California, the Pacific Northwest, and various parts of the United States. Object Heavy was voted best band in Humboldt, four out of the last 5 years, including 2022. Object Heavy hit the studio to cook up Love & Gravity, a new album produced by Kelly Finnigan (Monophonics), showing off their progressive yet soulful sound. The band is proud to partner with Color Red Music.   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
What an absolute thrill to welcome FRENCHY to Episode 068! Based in NOLA, this icon of live-painting in both music/festival culture(s) and pro sports is renowned around the world for his stunning version of acousti-optics. Frenchy's joyful, freestyle process and pioneering visual art set the bar sky high for a quarter century to come, and continues to elevate and innovate to this day. Frenchy's flow-state sessions painting the finest live music performances are long the stuff of legend. Funkafied renderings of the heroes of yesteryear and stars of today. A self-taught wizard wielding kaleidoscopic colorways, total Zen amidst the bombastic beats and dancing freaks. Now 53, married with an 11-year-old son, Frenchy marks over 2 consecutive years of sobriety with humor, candor, and gratitude. He offers this beautifully human reflection on his unique journey on this rock. Episode 068 is dedicated to the late Andrew Laganella, aka Lag. I'm sho' those four winds blew you safely Home. 3:30 - SECRET DREAMS Music & Arts Festival 6:45 - The Upful Update 12:15 - Lettuce-Praise merch giveaway, Give Thanks 19:00 - introducing FRENCHY, dedication to Lag storytime w/Bee 31:30 - INTERVIEW w/ Frenchy (75 mins) 1:56:00 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAMZ Bio: Frenchy paints with soul and celebration, as he travels the world capturing live music performances, festivals, fundraisers and sporting events with style and finesse. From his palette comes vibrantly colored brush strokes inspired by rhythms and melodies, giving emotions a shape in real time. His vivid, energetic pieces captivate art collectors, sports fans and music lovers alike, as if they had the best seat in the house. Based in the talent-rich city of New Orleans, Frenchy is an ambassador to the arts and a bastion of creativity. Born to a boxer and a saint on August 16th, 1970, in the industrial New England town of Lowell, Mass., Randy Leo Frechette -– a.k.a. Frenchy –- has been drawing since he could grip a pencil. In grade school he impressed friends with caricatures of teachers and classmates, but he did not realize his true calling until The Boston Horns approached him in Orlando and persuaded him to paint their performance live in 1994. Since then, Frenchy’s presence has filled venues both large and small with an explosion of creative spirit. I'm mighty proud to be the platform where Frenchy chose to share of himself so freely. -bg for more info on FRENCHY, check out Vibe Junkie JAMZ Brotherhood of Groove - "Wookie World" (2004) SOUL Brass Band - "If You Want Me to Stay" (live 2019 on WWOZ)   WIN a limited edition 'LETTUCE PRAISE' T-SHIRT  info to enter in this episode's intro     EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
  On the heels of a fantastic NOLA Jazz Fest 2023, please welcome New Orleans-based guitarist/vocalist ARI TEITEL (The Rumble) to Episode 067. I’ve been keepin’ ears and eyes on Ari for the past few years as he continually makes waves in this country’s greatest musical city. With numerous irons in the fire, as well as a laundry list of colossal collaborators, it was high time that I catch up with the young axe-slinger and hear all about his musical journey thus far. 2:30 - The Upful Update: Irmzie injury, NOLA Jazz Fest 2023 14:00 -  introducing ARI TEITEL 18:25 -  INTERVIEW w/ Ari Teitel (73 mins) 1:32:40   - aftermath/reflections 1:36:20   - Vibe Junkie JAM  1:44:30 - BONUS- Summer Concert Tours Preview w/ J.A. (50 mins). Please consider $upporting the Upful Life Podcast   Ari Teitel - Bio GRAMMY nominated Ari Teitel began his career at 11 years old on stage sitting in with Robert Randolph at the Michigan Theater in his hometown of Detroit. Leading a band in the Motor City by age 12, Ari immersed himself in the musical heritage of the city. Studying and adhering to the traditions with the deepest respect. After graduating from Michigan State in 2016, he made the pilgrimage to American-music mecca New Orleans, Louisiana. He earned a GRAMMY nomination as musical director of Mardi Gras Indian Funk band Cha Wa, and worked alongside contemporary groove gurus Eric “Benny” Bloom & Nigel Hall of Lettuce. In 2022, Teitel co-founded The Rumble, a new and improved take on the funk band steeped in NOLA’s sacred masking traditions. Also last year, Ari dropped a phenomenal solo LP, I Got My Thing. Now a staple on the Crescent City scene, Teitel has recorded or performed with PJ Morton, Iggy Pop, Mononeon, Cyril Neville, Ivan Neville, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, George Porter Jr, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nicholas Payton, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Davell Crawford, Herlin Riley, Papa Mali, Quiana Lynell, Roosevelt Collier, Bill Summers (Herbie Hancock), Erica Falls, Russ Liquid, Adam Deitch, Alvin Ford Jr (Pretty Lights),  and Jamison Ross (Snarky Puppy).  Ari Teitel - Instagram    Ari Teitel - website    Ari Teitel - Link Tree     Vibe Junkie JAM “Burn Rubber” The Nth Power & Friends (feat. members of Dumpstaphunk & more!) Tribute to The GAP Band. April 28th, 2023 late night. Toulouse Theater. NOLA Check out B.Getz's annual NOLA Jazz Fest wrap up on L4LM   BONUS: 2023 Summer Concert Tours Preview with very special guest, the return of J.A. from The Rock n’ Wrestling Podcast, one of my hometown homies and oldest friends. His first Upful LIFE podcast appearance in about 2 years! Since this episode came in a couple weeks late due to life stuff, I wanted to throw in some bonus content for the people! So great to reconnect with Jason and talk about some of our favorite topics du jour including - but not limited to - The Phish from VT, the geopolitical lens b/o pro wrasslin', Erykah Badu, Metallica,  Billy K. leaving Dead & Co. just days before their "Final Tour", plus riffing on Taylor Swift-mania, Blink-182/Turnstile, The Cure, Motley Crue/Mick Mars drama, & some hearty laughs too.   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome STS9 bassist ALANA ROCKLIN! Based in Nashville, Rocklin has a diverse musical background and thorough collaborative resumé. Mentored by the great Victor Wooten, she studied jazz improvisation at the University of Michigan. After a few seminal years immersed in Chicago's fertile avant garde, she eventually made her way back to Music City, where she worked as a session musician for some time. Long before her stint with STS9 began, Alana and her husband Brad Bowden befriended the band in 2001. The duo formed experimental electronic project sub-ID, releasing music on STS9's 1320 Records. Rocklin has toured with Jim James' solo project, worked with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League on Rick Ross/Andre 3000's otherworldly "Sixteen", and has session credits on numerous other releases. Jazz, classical, rock, hip hop, and IDM electronic are equal components of her extensive musical toolkit. Alana joined Sector 9 in early 2014 after founding member David Murphy's departure. She's been an essential cog in the quintet's jamtronic wheel ever since. Give Thanks and a ***Deep Bow*** to Alana Rocklin for being so generous with her time, and for this illuminating conversation! 2:00 -L4LM's FEST BY NITE. [NOLA Jazz Fest After Dark] 5:00 - The Upful Update 12:00 - Introducing ALANA ROCKLIN of STS9 16:15 - INTERVIEW w/ Alana (100min) 1:56:45 - Reflections & Vibe Junkie JAMZ   Vibe Junkie JAMZ "Sixteen" - Andre 3000 (via Rick Ross) "Cheesecake" - ECHT!  LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC - FEST BY NITE SCHEDULE EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
The Du-Rites' JAY MUMFORD, formerly known as the producer/emcee J-Zone, has worn many hats throughout his career—rapper, beat-maker, DJ, author/journalist, and finally drummer. J-Zone developed an underground rap following during the early 2000s indie hip-hop explosion. As he got older, Mumford grew increasingly jaded with the rap industry, before bottoming out. Sitting on the throne of a drum set, Jay would rediscover his passion for the funk music that first inspired him as a teenager. The major transition began to take shape in 2011, when J-Zone attempted to quit rap, write a hip-hop memoir, and start over as “Jay Mumford on drums” in his mid-30’s. An unlikely story, but one definitively his own. On Episode 065, with no holds barred Jay Mumford takes us through this roller-coaster journey, career highlights, lowlights, battles between his ears, and a-ha moments along the way. 2:30 - Thanks to Discovery 2023, Bicycle Day, Electric KoolAid for sponsoring ep.065 6:30 - The Upful Update  9:45 - Introducing JAY MUMFORD (fka J-Zone) 13:30 - INTERVIEW w/ Jay (119 mins) Currently, Jay Mumford holds down the drumkit in a few bands, his main gig is The Du-Rites, a garage-funk duo with Tom Tom Club guitarist Pablo Martin. Mumford has been working with Adrian Quesada’s solo projects, including a performance on Austin City Limits with an 18-piece ensemble, an evening Jay refers to as the best experience of his 25 year career. Mumford remains renowned for his ‘Royalty Free Drum Breaks’ drum packs, ideal for sample-based producers to mine meticulously-crafted breakbeats laid down in his late grandparents’ basement. For a few years, he moonlit as a music journalist, blogging nuanced topics in hip-hop and drummer culture. Jay hosted the phenomenal ‘Give The Drummer Some,’ - an illuminating interview series for now-defunct Red Bull Music Academy. The talk radio-style program highlighted the songs, lessons, and legacies of underground/unsung heroes from the ‘60s and ‘70s.  ***Deep Bow*** to Jay for this thoughtful, personal, inspiring conversation. Stay up on all things Jay Mumford/The Du Rites HERE   Vibe Junkie JAM "Funk Monk" - The Du-Rites feat. Money Mark   DISCOVERY SESSIONS Psychedelics Conference SF 4/18-19  BICYCLE DAY Concert 4/19 - SF ELECTRIC KOOL AID Block Party SF 4/23   Upful LIFE 2022: Favorite Records & More! 22+ album reviews, 22 more records recommended, 22 singles/EPs, 22+ DJ sets/mixes, plus 2022 live releases. 6th annual B.Getz compendium w/ playlists   EMAIL the SHOW PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome KATHY IANDOLI to The Upful LIFE Podcast! Ever since I tore thru her Aaliyah book last year, I've been patiently-yet-anxiously awaiting an opportunity to speak with Kathy on this show. Ms. Iandoli is a media professional whom I've admired for some time, there's a lot to glean from how she moves thru music/media industries, and I aspire to the levels she's already climbed time and again. An Okayplayer OG, Iandoli has projects and relationships with movers n' shakers all over the map, in hip-hop, punk, fashion, and more. Topics of conversation include - Women coming of age in hip-hop since the golden era, stanning Lauryn Hill, the book on Aaliyah's life, co-authoring Lii' Kim's forthcoming memoir The Queen Bee, the groundbreaking God Save the Queens book, Iandoli's book and friendship with the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, memories of Okayplayer/Black Lily, her NYU course focused on Lana Del Rey, and Kathy's own personal reflections/stories/perspectives. 5:30 - The Upful Update 12:15 - Introducing KATHY IANDOLI 22:00 - INTERVIEW w/ Kathy 2:18:45 - Reflections + Vibe Junkie JAMZ Kathy Iandoli is a critically acclaimed journalist, author, podcaster, media coach, and documentarian. She has nearly 25 years  experience working in the music industry—from media, to publicity, radio, and artist management. Her first book, God Save The Queens: The Essential History of Women In Hip-Hop (2019, Dey Street Books / HarperCollins) was named an NPR Best Book Of the Year. She is the author of the biography Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah (2021, Atria Books / Simon & Schuster), as well as the co-author of rapper, Lil’ Kim’s upcoming memoir, The Queen Bee (2022, Hachette Books). Kathy has written about music and gender for two decades, with bylines in VIBE, The Source, XXL, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, BUST, Teen Vogue, PAPER, Playboy, i-D, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, The Guardian, VICE, and many others. Kathy was a professor-in-residence of Music Business at NYU for 7 years as well as an alum of Steinhardt's Music Business Graduate Program and has served as a pundit (television, radio, and panels) for discussions on hip-hop and gender. Follow all things KATHY IANDOLI here!   Vibe Junkie JAMZ "The Sweetest Thing" Lauryn Hill (live in Japan 1999) "More Than A Woman" - Aaliyah (last live performance, July 2001)   Upful LIFE 2022: Favorite Records & More! 22+ album reviews, 22 more records recommended, 22 singles/EPs, 22+ DJ sets/mixes, plus 2022 live releases. 6th annual B.Getz compendium w/ playlists   EMAIL the SHOW!  PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Season's Greetings n' Upful vibrations! Please welcome back to the show Dave from Dopey Podcast - now going by his gov't: David Manheim. After 5 years of my dedicated listening/contributing to Dopey, plus his epic, record-holding May 2020 appearance on Upful Life ep.033, and much correspondence between us in the interim, the man they call "Dopey Dave" and yours truly finally met in person, live n' direct at Park City Song Summit in Utah, Sept.2022. A cosmic convergence in stunningly beautiful environs where we were both there in our respective official capacities: as podcast hosts and journalists. We dropped in pretty deep on the last evening of the 4-day event. The revealing - at times intensely-personal - conversation was recorded from the cozy confines of my palatial suite at a high-falutin' ski lodge I really had no business staying. 2:30- Upful Update: Give Thanks n' Gratitude in 2022 10:30 - Introducing DAVID MANHEIM of Dopey Podcast, + a personal message why I feel called to produce programming on wellness/addiction/recovery. 22:00 - INTERVIEW w/ DOPEY DAVE (100min) 2:03:30 - Reflections on Dave + Vibe Junkie JAM Dopey Podcast is a unicorn program - a dark comedy on drug addiction and recovery, plus all the dumb sh*t that happens in between. (check out the profile on This American Life). In addition to holding down 2 full-time jobs (executive for Katz's Deli in NYC, father to two young daughters) - plus numerous losses and unfathomable grief - Dave has not missed a Friday night episode since he started the show with his late friend Chris over six years ago. Dopey recently celebrated it's 8 MILLIONTH DOWNLOAD, and has a legion of fiercely-loyal, dedicated listeners around the world, known colloquially as the Dopey Nation..  On Upful Life ep.033 in May 2020, for nearly 2 hours Dave meticulously and painstaking recounted his journey through heroin addiction of nearly 2 decades. We covered the nascent beginnings of Dopey pod, his relationship with Chris and his friend(s) sudden death, the tragedy and resurgence of Dopey in the wake of their passings, losing his family due to his addictions - then reuniting with them thru sobriety, and a whole lot more. (It's somewhat essential listening before tapping into ep.063, a  reconvergence 30 months on down the number line.) For Episode 063, we pick up where things left off, digging into the evolution of Dopey, embracing the transition to David Manheim, the legitimization of Dopey Podcast into professional wellness/recovery spaces, the concept of survivor's guilt, why Dave is a habitual line-stepper, and beyond.  After unpacking his magical interview with Carolyn 'Mountain Girl' Garcia, former wife of the late Jerry Garcia, we hear about his relationship with Seth Ferranti, renowned chronicler of outlaw/drug/psychedelic cultures. As we delve deeper beneath the surface, Dave and I chop it up on some real sh*t: more polarizing topics/Dopey guests like "Fentanyl Jay" and divisive shock-rapper Tom MacDonald. From there, things get a bit serious - and personal. The dialogue detours into family politics and our divergent approaches to conversations on the culture wars. Fret not, as friends we certainly course-correct for a properly warm n' fuzzy landing.   Thanks to David Manheim of Dopey Podcast for always bringing the Upful vibes! Shoutout to the Dopey Nation - WE SEE YOU!! If any Upful LIFE listeners would like to know more about the Dopey podcast, Dopey Nation, Dopey Zoom meetings, or link w/ Dave, send me an email or DM! Happy to connect, been doin' it for YEARS!   Vibe Junkie JAM  "Mouthful of Cavaties" - Blind Melon   LOUD: A Mac Miller Experience. bass/dubtribute mixtape by Lavier Lab Group v.2 - Long Live the King (CharlestheFirst tribute curated by FAVREAU)   A Deadly Silence- Christopher O'Connor (video of late Dopey co-founder) Please consider supporting Upful LIFE by donating. Thank You!  Upful LIFE 2022: Favorite Records & More! 22+ album reviews, 22 more records recommended, 22 singles/EPs, 22+ DJ sets/mixes, plus 2022 live releases. 6th annual B.Getz compendium w/ playlists   EMAIL the SHOW!  PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Welcome DAN CHARNAS! His latest book - Dilla Time: The Life and Afterlife of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm (2022) - is a New York Times Bestseller. Award-winning music and business journalist, author of four books, producer of records and television. Associate Arts Professor at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. In the 1980's, Dan was part of the opening team at The Source magazine, in the 1990's he worked A&R for Rick Rubin at American Recordings. 3:00 - The Upful Update 9:30 - introducing DAN CHARNAS & Dilla Time 17:45 - INTERVIEW (102min) The product of four years of research and nearly 200 interviews, Dilla Time emerged from a course on J Dilla developed by Charnas at NYU in 2017, but its roots go back to Charnas’s time in the record business, when he first made the trip to Detroit to work with the producer then known as Jay Dee.  A huge fan of both Dilla & this expansive book, I'd been waiting since Feb.2022 to speak with Dan about this project, his process, & the Church of Dilla. I've been through the 430-page tome twice, listened to him on numerous podcasts in preparation for this conversation, still Dan was kind enough to give me nearly 100 minutes of his time and thoughtfully answered each inquiry with intention. This topic was so wide-ranging and engrossing that we didn't have the time to get into his long, colorful career path, we stuck exclusively to Mr. Yancey. As a music journalist and lifetime hip-hop head, Dan Charnas is nothing short of a North Star to me; as such it was an honor, privilege, and educational exercise to host him on Episode 062 of The Upful LIFE Podcast. Funk It's Dilla Time Mixtape 2022   33-hour J Dilla Anthology courtesy of Mista Vee   Vibe Junkie JAM Oblighetto - Brother Jack McDuff (J Dilla remix)   EMAIL the SHOW!  PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Live & direct from the Park City Song Summit with the sensational LEAH SONG ! An 80+ minute deep dive with one-half of the siren sisters Rising Appalachia. Explore the passions, pathways and pillars that built the bedrock of their unicorn sound. Unspooling Rising App fifteen years in: ambitious activism, adventurous travels, treasured traditions, and a kaleidoscopic career. Musicology and cultural anthropology. Community, collaboration, catharsis. This is powerful podcasting. 2:30 - The Mertails / The NOHM Co 6:00 - The Upful Update 10:00 introducing LEAH SONG x dedications 18:00 Conversation w/ LEAH (81 min) 1:40:00 - reflections / Vibe Junkie Jamz Leah Song takes us back to the early days in the filthy dirty South. Coming of age with one foot in fiddle camps with Mama Appalachia, and the other kickin' Dungeon Family rhymes in the high school cafeteria. Leah's version of the heroine's journey, and the sisters' half-decade long Crescent City swoon. Coming full circle to the French Quarter for a live LP from the prestigious Preservation Hall. We unpack the improv-heavy, surprise 2020 album The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know and get a window into it's ethereal masterpiece "Silver". Leah Song loves long and hard on her sister and their ever-loyal squad: essential contributions like Chloe's magnum opus "Resilient". The unique skillsets of multi-instrumentalists David Brown, Biko Casini, Duncan Wickel, Arouna Diarra, plus longtime Bayou collaborators Aurora Nealand and Brandon Lewis. Get hip to brand-new girl-band Starling Arrow, a celestial acapella quintet featuring Leah, Chloe, Tina Malia, Marya Stark, and Ayla Nereo. Rising Appalachia has always been proudlly - and defiantly- an activist band. Leah discusses retreating from front line justice work, she ruminates on softening the storytelling with regard to protest music in a post-pandemic landscape. With her band hitting the road again, dealing hopeful global soul in search of community and spreading catharsis, the veteran songwriter reflects on the effects of the epic pause. One of the more profound programs this podcast has produced, a proud day from Atlanta G-A all the way to the East Bay. Big Up Leah Song and Rising Appalachia. Give Thanks! Yes, indeedy. Stream / Download links Vibe Junkie JAMZ "Downtown" - Soul Visions Rising Appalachia/The Human Experience   "Novels of Acquaintance" Rising Appalachia - live in Switzerland,  14 Sept 2018   EMAIL the SHOW!  PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen to Upful LIFE on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE
Checking in from the Asking For A Friend Tour, Umphrey's McGee keyboardist/co-founder JOEL CUMMINS saddles up for an insightful chat. I was lucky to run right into Joel at Sacred Rose outside of Chicago at the end of August, where UM headlined with two sets on Saturday night. Turns out the multi-faceted artist was keen to come on this show! I'm a bit less familiar with this band's catalog than many of the guests who bless up these podwaves, yet I've always been friendly with Joel over the past decade or so. I have a tremendous respect for what he - and his brothers in Umphrey's McGee - have worked so diligently (and independently) to build over the course of twenty-five years. 2:45    - The Upful Update 7:00    - Introducing JOEL CUMMINS of Umphrey's McGee 14:00 - Interview- JOEL CUMMINS I was stoked to link up with Cummins right after Sacred Rose, and chop it up on the backstory on his band's new album and the latest on the tour behind it. We get into Umphrey's McGee road-dawg trends and preferences, the advantages to routing weekend runs, keeping an improv band fresh and focused onstage, getting along off of it. We hear about the music business book that Joel authored a couple of years ago, plus some wisdom and perspective on the back end of the pandemic experience. Cummins touches on his passion for the iconic Fender Rhodes electric piano. Nods to Keith Jarrett, Donny Hathaway, his love for Claude Debussy and classical music, as well as Metallica's 1988 prog-metal masterpiece ...And Justice For All. I was sure to sneak in a smidge of Steely Dan debate before our time ran out. Big thanks to Joel Cummins!   Vibe Junkie JAMZ "So Much" Umphrey's McGee - Asking For a Friend   "Tonberry" lespecial Live from Rick's House June 2022   EMAIL the SHOW! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen to Upful LIFE on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE