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Author: Andre Bernier

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A podcast focusing on meteorology, the earth sciences, general science, and occasionally open, unrelated topics of interest hosted by Cleveland television meteorologist Andre Bernier of WJW-TV, FOX 8. Support this podcast:
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Our quirky summer of 2021 continues with another dramatic shift from warm and very humid to quite crisp inside of 24 hours. Plus, a rather unique tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico! --- Support this podcast:
Don't take my word for it. Let's get the taste-testers from the FOX 8 Cleveland newsroom to give your their honest review of my "healthy(ier)" chocolate chip cookie. But don't ask for the recipe (at least yet) for reasons you will discover on today's episode.  --- Support this podcast:
In today's Science Wednesday focus, we'll take a closer look at two kinds of unusual summer clouds, one from a WeatherJazz® listener who saw an unusual cloud in Colorado. There is also a rare bird who recently showed up for the first time in Ohio in 80 years! --- Support this podcast:
Variety IS the spice of life! At the very least, it keeps meteorologists very busy. There has been so much deviation from the normal since March 1 in NEOhio that keeping track of it has been a full time job! --- Support this podcast:
Summer weather memories can be so special, but my contest winner has a great reminder about perspectives and how that can really change a story! If you would like to order my 2011 book, The Extra Mile, you can click here for the Amazon link. The Extra Mile is also available for Kindle readers. --- Support this podcast:
WeatherJazz listener, frank from Norwalk, Ohio, called The WeatherJazz Podcast Audience Connect Line wondering how his "weather owl" was able to "predict" the weather based on the color it changed. The substance is called cobalt chloride (click here for the Wikipedia entry). I also over why your home barometer doesn't have a lot of exciting movements in the summer compared to wintertime. --- Support this podcast:
After a stellar weekend, here comes a round of unsettled weather. It's the perfect kind, really! Let's also dig a little deeper into the medium range forecast through mid-June. Will it be more of the same flip-flopping or does it become more stable? Let's take a look. --- Support this podcast:
So what's so special about this barometer? A lot! Not only was it my Uncle Arthur's prized possession, but how it ended up on my studio wall is nothing short of God's abundant provision. I'll read the story from my 2011 book, The Extra Mile, a copy of which I will give away today to a lucky listener. Call The WeatherJazz® Podcast Audience Connect Line at 234-525-5888 and tell me about your fondest summer memory in 60 seconds. Remember to leave me your name and town, and a contact of some sort in case I select you as the winner (I will not put that info on the podcast, FYI). --- Support this podcast:
Temperature isn't the only parameter that has is directly impacted by the sun's high angle in the summer. Sunset times and length of day have the biggest impact in places you may not suspect! --- Support this podcast:
As we wrap up the month of May on this Memorial Day, let's focus on the most recent 7 days, a pattern that repeated quite a bit all month! --- Support this podcast:
So what do I do on a cold and rainy Friday in late May? I like spending time creating things in the kitchen! After much experimenting, I finally came up with a GREAT recipe for almond flour chocolate chip cookies. I share the recipe on this episode and on I'll also share a crazy story about a recipe I shared on the radio in Iowa in 1981, some 40-years-ago. Plus an update on the strange sounds coming from the oozing lava field in southwest Iceland. --- Support this podcast:
People who watch weather segments on television sometime wonder what thought process goes into determining the probability of precipitation. I'm joined by meteorologist Scott Sabol to discuss the model that we use at WJW-TV. --- Support this podcast:
Out of the starting gate, I look at 90°F degree day stats for Cleveland since we were within 2°F of reaching 90°F over the past few days. After the break, I take a look at some of the animal mascots that have a tie with weather in some way. Check out some of accompanying the photos for Episode #194 on --- Support this podcast:
It's Open Line Frrrrriday! Let's get to know Meteorologist Leo Hirsbrunner from WDBJ-TV-7 in Roanoke, Virginia. Leo and I share not one, but TWO special bonds! --- Support this podcast:
Have you noticed how quiet the weather has been here in NEOhio? That quiet stretch is setting records! Let's dive into it. Also, there's a major project in Iceland to see if they can delay or even divert the volcano's lava flow! --- Support this podcast:
The cool and wet pattern in the Ohio Valley has broken down. We see a major shift back to warm and dry this week in the Ohio Valley. Plus, I talk briefly about my weekend activities. Look for the links I mentioned in the show notes for Episode #191 at --- Support this podcast:
I'm in the business of "predicting," so it's my forecast that today's Open line Friday episode will be exceedingly popular! Why? My special guest is FOX 8 Meteorologist Jenn Harcher! You'll get to know the Jenn Harcher we all know well from what drove her into meteorology to some of her interests outside her passion for weather and science. Please share this episode with all of your friends who enjoy watching FOX 8 News! --- Support this podcast:
It's Science Wednesday! Let's get caught up on what's happening near the Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland. Also, it's on this date in U.S. history that the very first weather map appeared in a newspaper. Can you guess what year? And do you have a question for FOX 8 Meteorologist Jenn Harcher? She will be my special guest on Open Line Friday so get your questions in today! That and more in Episode #189 of WeatherJazz®! --- Support this podcast:
Sunday's wet snowfall added an interesting dimension to an otherwise cold, raw, rainy Mother's day. We are starting to close some of the rainfall gap since January 1. We'll explore the latest numbers in light of a dry week ahead. And we'll talk about the Ki-NetX rocket launch expected tonight from Wallop's Island, Virginia and how some of us might be able to see it! --- Support this podcast:
I have a special tribute to a dear flight instructor who graduated to glory this week, and I get "poetic" and share some short poems about the month of May. --- Support this podcast:
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