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In this episode, we meet managing partner of Noetic Outcomes, Bill Gardner. Bill's training is in Organization and Leadership Development and his career taught him the power of leaders to create and maintain culture. He now primarily coaches senior executives and consults with leaders about building their teams, organizations, and culture. To learn more about Bill Gardner online, visit:LinkedIn:
As an expert, how do you stand out in today's noisy online business landscape? How do you craft a message, build a business, and attract your ideal clients when everyone is standing on a mountaintop with megaphones, screaming that they can do everything you say you can do...only 10x better and with less work. As an expert in today's world, how do you get heard above the noise of social media?Despite the difficulties of cutting through the cacophony in today's online world, there is an immense amount of potential in the expert and advisory business, which has been valued to be worth Billions of dollars annually. In my research into what it takes to be a successful "highly paid expert", I was fortunate to come across an awesome, powerful book of the same name, and even more fortunate to interview its author, the incomparable Debbie Allen.In this episode, we meet Author, Speaker, and Business Coach, Debbie Allen, who helps Coaches, Speakers and Entrepreneurs attract and acquire High Paying Clients with Expert Market Positioning.The best ways to connect with Debbie Allen online are:LinkedIn: Website: 30 minute Masterclass:
One of the most powerful experiences a professional can have is to take a personality and strengths assessment that shows them how others see them, how they show up in the world, and how their proclivities, behaviors, and personalities are directly related to their personal and business outcomes.In this episode, we meet ICF, Gallup, and StrengthsFinder Certified Coach Micah Lorenc. In his work as an Expert facilitator and leadership / team development mentor, Micah helps startup founders and leaders of small businesses close the gap between their goals and their greatness.You can find Micah online at:LinkedIn:
When the sky is cloudy and the world feels bleak; when times are hard and one wants to give up; when all we think we have left is gloom; how and from where do we find the belief systems and strategies that can lift and sustain us?In this episode we meet author, certified Speaker, Trainer, and Turning Points Coach Sylvia Worsham whose lived experiences have brought her to a place of complete conviction for help others. Today, using wisdom and techniques from her book—Journey To Me—she guides  entrepreneurs to implement new habits that lead to personal and professional breakthroughs!The best ways to connect with coach Sylvia online are:LinkedIn:
Far too many of us have decided (knowingly or unknowingly) that ..."we will be happy ... WHEN ... " However, as most of us have learned over time that WAITING to be happy someday WHEN we get this or that material result is a recipe for pain and disaster. In this episode, we are privileged to meet and learn from certified Mindset and Transformation Coach Jayme Shiarla.  Coach Jayme has 'walked the walk' in her own life and experiences and is passionate about helping the workaholic—and others—make the CHOICE to find fulfillment and balance in their everyday lives.My Favorite Quotes from Jayme Shiarla in this episode, (paraphrased):“Beauty, Beast, Bootcamp!”"Coach Jayme -- empathetic, but also ready to help you leave your comfort zone.""You're either going into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of a storm!""Do Monday's suck, or do YOU suck?""Expect to put in the work, you're worth it!"The best ways to connect with Jayme Shiarla online are:LinkedIn: the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful experts who have built impressive influence and business success through the use of Profitable Happiness principles. For a recurring conversation on MINDSET, MARKETING, and MOTIVATION, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS® Podcast with Dr. Pelè.
How do you stand out in a crowded world of social media content? Do you write more blogs? Do you advertise? Do you stand on top of a mountain and scream? Our next guest—jokingly—has no problems with any of those strategies, as long as you do it alongside one of the most powerful 'Trojan Horse' strategies for B2B business development we have today: Podcasting.In this episode, we meet Tom Hunt, Founder of FAME, where he leads a team that starts and grows the world's most profitable podcasts for B2B businesses.The best ways to connect with Tom online are:Tom’s Linkedin profile: Tom’s podcast agency: Tom’s podcast hosting software: About the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful experts who have built impressive influence and business success through the use of Profitable Happiness principles. For a recurring conversation on MINDSET, MARKETING, and MOTIVATION, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS® Podcast with Dr. Pelè.
"When you understand paradigms, you'll understand why brilliant people do silly things.Why is it that people who are absolutely brilliant, stay broke?Why is it that people with wonderful formal educations seem to have dumb jobs?"— Bob ProctorIn this episode, we hear the wisdom of Bob Proctor!
What do you REALLY, REALLY want?If You Wish To Achieve Your Goals, You Must Awaken The Hidden Science Of Success Within You.Profitable Happiness is a LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook channel devoted to featuring the very best thought leaders who teach and exemplify the principles of Profitable Happiness.
WHAT STOPS YOU FROM BEING HAPPY? Failure? Rejection? Looking foolish? We all carry these fears, but they don't have to hold us back from living full, happy, productive lives.In this episode, we meet Dr. Rebecca Heiss, keynote speaker, thought leader, and author of the book, INSTINCT.  Dr. Heiss is also the founder of 'Year of Happy', an online, science-backed program and learning experience to help you find happy. My Favorite Quotes from Dr. Rebecca Heiss in this episode, (paraphrased):“When will YOU be happy?”“Our brains are constantly changing!”“You're enough the way you are!”"If you want to rewire your brain, you need to PAUSE, PRIME, and PRACTICE it!"The best ways to connect with Dr. Rebecca Heiss online are:Year Of Happy program: website: Media: @drrebeccaheiss
Studies have shown that a majority of today's employees would feel more motivated at work as well as proud to recommend their companies if their employers took more of an active role in supporting Mental Wellbeing.In this episode, we meet Katie Urtnowski, Vice President of People and Culture at the CNY Group, who is passionate about the important link between mental health and employee engagement.The best way to connect with Katie Urtnowski online is:LinkedIn:
According to Customer/Employee Experience expert, Jill Raff:"There’s a simple mistake most companies make that leads to lost customers and lost profits. Most companies have one MAJOR misconception that leads to lower customer satisfaction, poor ratings, and ultimately going out of business. They think that a good customer experience starts with the customer...In reality, it starts with your employees!"In this episode, we meet Jill Raff who is the Authority on EX2CX™, Employee Experience-to-Customer Experience. Jill is a Consultant, Speaker, Show Host, Author, and Expert on How To Turn Employees Into Advocates and Customer Magnets.The best ways to connect with Jill Raff online are:Website:
Ready to take the gloves off of the Employee Experience conversation at your organization? Well, according to Human Capital thought-leader Jim Smith, "there are two types of Employee Engagement / Employee Experience (EE/EX) initiatives: the ones HR and the experts lead that make no difference whatsoever, and the ones CEOs lead that positively impacts both employees and investors."In this episode, we deliver on the promise of some tough-love words from Jim Smith, a true warrior in the enterprise management space. Over the past forty years, Jim has served as the owner of Enterprise Management Group, providing an integrated employee engagement, cost reduction, and culture transformation process to client organizations.The best way to connect with Jim Smith online is:LinkedIn:
Not capital, not innovation, not even products or services. Perhaps the single most important business lever any organization has, is engaged employees. Without them, nothing works. In this episode, we meet Jon Stemmle and Mark Dollins, co-authors of the book: 'Engaging Employees Through Strategic Communication.'My Favorite Quotes from Jon and Mark in this episode, (paraphrased):“Employee Engagement is NOT a boring academic topic!”“Engaged employees are CRITICAL for business success!”“Change management and Communication campaigns are great tools for driving employee engagement!”The best ways to connect with Jon Stemmle and Mark Dollins online are:Book: (Jon): LinkedIn (Mark):
Arguably, it has become increasingly clear that in today's business landscape, the average company's 'customer experience' could use some improvement. Similarly, within companies, it can be argued that the 'employee experience' could also use some improvement. The common thread here lies in the word 'experience'. How do companies make customers and employees 'feel' as they interact with them over their business relationship lifecycles? And more importantly, what can they do to improve these experiences in order to achieve greater business performance?In this episode, we meet Dr. Rick Garlick, Vice President of Strategy and Consulting at Magid. Dr. Rick is also co-researcher of 'The WorkProud Study', a groundbreaking research effort that revealed the powerful impact of workplace pride on employee experience.Link to the WorkProud Study: best ways to connect with Dr. Rick Garlick online are:Website:
In today's volatile business climate, it has become increasingly difficult to attract, retain, and engage valuable employees. As leaders scramble for solutions to improve company performance, they usually end up considering the thorny question of how to build an inspired workplace culture.Thankfully, there are several answers for inspiring and engaging employees, but perhaps the most powerfully supported by research is the use of employee rewards and recognition.In this episode, we meet the author of several highly-regarded books on this topic, Dr. Bob Nelson. Dr. Bob is a thought leader, keynote speaker, consultant, and multi-million-copy bestselling author of books such as '1501 Ways to Reward Employees' and '1001 Ways to Engage Employees'.The best ways to connect with Dr. Bob Nelson online are:Website:
Let's do a quick thought experiment. Call three of your colleagues and ask them for a definition of leadership. Here's my guess: you'll get more than three different answers back! This points to an interesting paradox. So many of us may have different ways of describing leadership, and yet, very few organizations have done the hard work of defining, identifying, and training the ranks of their employees to understand that 'leadership' is more than a title; it is something you do, and it requires practice to get really good at it.In this episode, we meet Jacob Morgan, 4x best-selling author, TED and keynote speaker, professionally trained futurist, and the founder of The Future of Work University. Jacob is on a mission to help organizations grow and nurture "Future-Ready Leaders."My Favorite Quotes from Jacob Morgan in this episode, (paraphrased):“The first thing we must accept is that Leadership is changing, and so must we!”“Leadership is about the people you serve — not you!”“Invest in your people and you'll unlock their discretionary effort!”"You need people to get to profits!"The best ways to connect with Jacob Morgan online are:Email: jacob@thefutureorganization.comWebsite: Download: 9 Skills & Mindsets For Leadership Mastery
After all that we've learned at work about technical skills, ability, intelligence, and even talent, it turns out that getting ahead still boils down to how well we can deal with PEOPLE ... doesn't it?Well, within the 'people' context—especially in today's 'new normal'—workplaces are experiencing significant change and transition. The key question many of us have is this: how do we set ourselves up for 'people' success in these trying times?In this episode, we meet Lia Garvin, executive coach, and operations leader at influential companies including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. In her new book, Unstuck, Lia shows us how to harness the power of perspectives to re-envision and reinvent our approach to work and, well, life, to achieve more, stress less, and overcome the barriers that stand in our way. My Favorite Quotes from Lia Garvin in this episode, (paraphrased):“We need to create Inclusion-Centered Companies!”“We need psychological safety!”“Accept that we will need to experiment for a while to get through these transitions!”The best ways to connect with Lia Garvin online are:Website:
Do today’s Millenium and Generation ‘Z’ employees care only about getting a paycheck? Or do they require something more intangible to be fully motivated to achieve their very best? In this episode, we were delighted to have this question addressed in excellent detail by Josephine Monberg, Head of Culture and Communication, Global Industry and Value Advisory at SAP, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies.My Favorite Quotes from Josephine in this episode, (paraphrased):“My number one passion is optimizing the employee experience!”“We must find new ways to communicate and create cultures of kindness, authenticity, and psychological safety!”“Companies must seek to fully understand the psychological needs of their employees.”The best ways to connect with Josephine Monberg online are:Company:
In today's chaotic business landscape, the concept—and importance—of a personal and professional brand is familiar to most people. Yet, how do we develop one that encompasses every stage of our entire lives? How do we develop a 'life brand' that is accompanied with the confidence and tools to successfully navigate relationships and careers throughout our lives?  In this episode, we meet Irina Soriano, Author of 'Generation Brand' and Vice President of Enablement at Seismic, a leading technology solution for Sales and Social Engagement.The best ways to connect with Irina Soriano online are:Website: the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who exemplify the use of Profitable Happiness™ to build influence and business success. For a weekly journey of music, marketing, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.Apple:
In today's fast-paced,  virtual business landscape, it is entirely possible that an organization's best resource for certain core functions are to be found externally. This is where the value of fractional or on-demand services and expertise comes into play.In this episode, we meet Monique de Maio, the Founder and CMO of onDemandCMO, a marketing consultancy that provides insightful and impactful marketing--on demand. The best ways to connect with Monique de Maio online are:Website: the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who exemplify the use of Profitable Happiness™ to build influence and business success. For a weekly journey of music, marketing, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.Apple:
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