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Pure punk for punk people
76 Episodes
IntroThe Reatards - Teenage Hate (Empty)New StuffSpodee Boy - Dark Days (Chunklet)Cochonne - Trop (Sorry State)Hawkbaby - Pop Punk SML (My Mind's Eye)3D & the Holograms - Projection (Warttmann Inc / Loopy Scoop)Eugh - Junk Shop (Savage  / Marthouse)The Social Lies - Kink Boy (Hovercraft)90s Garage PunkLoli and the Chones - Make Out Party (Rip Off)The Comas - I'm Not Contagious (Therapeutic)The Registrators - Right Hand Masturbation (Freaked Out Frequencies)Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Whisper in Your Mouth (Anyway)Fireworks - She's a Tornado (In The Red)90s MiscSmog - Mice (Drag City)Country Teasers - Some Hole (In The Red)My Drug Hell - Girl at the Bus Stop (Diversity)Prince Paul - Introduction to Psychoanalysis (Schizophrenia) (WordSound)The Genius - Pass The Bone (Cold Chillin)90s ANZVenom P. Stinger - My Hole (Aberrant)feedtime - Billy (Amphetamine Reptile)Snapper - I Don't Know (Avalanche / Flying Nun)Chug - Blue Rider (Alias)Bored! - Feed the Dog (Survival)90s NoiseKarate Party - Pressure (S-S Records)The Solid Gold - Paralyzed (Chocolate River (Deconstruction))Boss Hog - Hustler (Amphetamine Reptile)OutroAutechre - Rae (Warp)
IntroCheap Time - Back to School (In The Red)New StuffBig Bopper - Motorcycle Jimmy (Self-released)Satanic Togas - Teenage Garbage (Under the Gun)Mesh - Ur Dead (Self-released)SPLLIT - Amite River (Feel It)Cherry Cheeks - Go Outside (Total Punk)Ismatic Guru - Imposter (Swimming Faith)More New StuffPorvenir Oscuro - Voces En Mi Cabeza (La Vida Es Un Mus)Mujeres Podridas - El Chico en la Discoteca (Beach Impediment)Virvon Varvon - Trouble (Girlsville/Wild Wax)Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons - Free World (Feel It)The Freakees - Freakee Friday (Tomothy)Pop Songs I'm Just Stupid Enough To Know AboutGarbo's Daughter - He Makes My Heart Go Pop! (Self-released)Angry Samoans - I'd Rather Do The Dog (Triple X)Nazis from Mars - Demolicion (Ken Rock)Baby Dinosaurs vs Extinction - I Won't Tell (Die Slaughterhaus)The Fe Fi Fo Fums - One More Chance (Boom Boom)Lures - Falling Out (Salvaged)Post Punk StuffNeutrals - Your House (Domestic Departure)Wire - Dot Dash (Harvest)DAF - Nacht Arbeit (Mute)Low Life - DNA (RIP Society)Sex Tourists - Guts (Paradise Daily / Drunken Sailor)Nun - Kino (Aarrgth/Hozac)OutroTricky - Hate This Pain (False Idols)
Episode 72 - Indiana

Episode 72 - Indiana


IntroZero Boys - Vicious Circle (Nimrod)60s IndianaThe Omens - Searching (Cody)The Nomads - Coolsville (Skoop)The Tradewinds - Oop-Oop-A-Doo (Destination)The Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Ain't Cool (Lamp)The Rivieras - Cherry Pie (Norton)Indiana Punk ClassicsPanics - I Wanna Kill My Mom (Gulcher)Chemotherapy - All My Friends Are Dead (Time Change Records)Last Four (4) Digits - City Streets  (Time Change Records)Amoebas in Chaos - Disigner Genes (Gulcher)Gizmos - Pumpin to Playboy (Gulcher)Joint Chiefs of Staff - I Hate Pretty Girls  (Time Change Records)NWICCTV - Bob-Ee (Self-released)Liquids - World of Shit (Self-released)Big Zit - Suhbub'n Varmun (Not Normal)MW1 - My Butt (Part 1) (Self-released)Gordon Spicer Band - Telephone Bore (Self-released)Coneheads - I Used to Be a Cheespuff (Erste Theke Tontraeger)Central/Southern IndianaBugg - Bleached (Pop Wig)Nice Try - Angry (Self-released)Skull Cult - Stab Me With A Knife (Weirdly)Laffing Gas - On Your Own (Beach Impediment)Beta Cuck - Cream in my Jeans (CREAM OVER MISERY)Heart Attack Jizzers - No Remorse (Chapel of Crimes)Big Hog - Big Dog (Self-releaseed)Indiana Garage PunkThe Problematics - Everything Gonna Be Alright (Rip Off)The Slurs - It Just Gets Worse (Self-released)The Glazers - Untitled (Rip Off)Apache Dropout - I'm So Glad (Family Vineyard)Romance Novels - Another Summer (Pizza Party)Misc IndianaIce Nine - Tumbleweed (Bovine)The Minivans - Come on Let's Go (Oi! The Boat)Sweet Sixteens - Loverboy (Windian)TV Ghost - Sleep Composite (In the Red)HEN - I'll Help You (Self-released)OutroThee Open Sex - Rolling Stone (Magnetic South)
IntroThe Five Du-tones - Shake a Tail Feather (One-derful)New ShitSpiritual Mafia - Smiles (Anti-fade / Ever/Never)SPLLIT - Heavy Headed Side (Feel It)Lysol - Disinfectant (Feel It)Prison Affair - Out of Jail (Under the Gun / Computer Human)Cherry Cheeks - Trickin' (Total Punk)Old Sounding ShitValentinos - Looking for a Love (Cairo)Thee Flying Dutchmen - I Make You Beg (Boom Boom)Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - Little Latin Lupe Lu (New Voice)The Messengers - That's the Way a Woman Is (Rare Earth)? and the Mysterians - Do Something to Me (Cameo)Aaron & the Burrs - An Ill-Natured Wind (UT / Feral Kid)Man Or Astro-Man? - Special Agent Conrad Uno (One Louder)Ramonesy ShitShonen Knife - Watchin' Girl (Zero)Alien Nosejob - Black Sheep (Anti-fade)Dwarves - Saturday Night (Sub Pop)Personal and the Pizzas - (Don't Trust No) Party Boy (Trouble in Mind)Colleen Green - I Wanna Be Degraded (Art Fag)Ramones - All the Way (Sire)Other Shit'O' Level - Leave Me (Kings Road)Collate - Genesis Fatigue (Domestic Departure)Dribble - Cowboy Song (Cool Death)Ape Lost - Drag Baby (Bad Vibe)Turpentine Brothers - Get Your Mind Off Me (Alien Snatch)OutroThe Black Heart Procession - The Waiter (Headhunter)
IntroMainframe - RIP (Goodbye Boozy)New Aussie ShitGhoulies - Head Full of Fuck (Cuerdas Fuera)Rubber Room - Chemical Imbalance (Cuerdas Fuera)Tee-Vee Repairman - Lights Out (Urge/Wartmann Inc)Eggy - Johnny Whoop (Spoilsport)The Critics - Robots (Bellringer)Newly Reissued ShitThe Social Lies - Fuck the Scene (Hovercraft)The Donnas - Lana & Steve (Superteem)The Partisans - Killing Machine (Sealed)Gordons - Adults and Children (1972)John Du Cann - Fashion Fantasy (Just Add Water)New Punk ShitErik Nervous - Geiger Counter (Drunken Sailor/Computer Human)Bad Kiss - Gimme Action (Self-releaseed)The Geros - Be Bop a Noiz (Debauch Mood)Heavy Metal - I am Something (Total Punk)Waterworks - Jesus Christ Super Hard (Upset Condition)New Post-punk ShitChild's Pose - October (Thrilling Living)Qlowski - To Be True (Feel It)Blu Anxxiety - Black Mass Romance (Toxic State)Klapper - Born to Obey (Mangel)More New ShitThe Serfs - Dissection (Market Square)Print Head - Can You Complain (PEROQUÉBIEN)Kneeling in Piss - I Love My Echo Chamber (Anyway)Cher Strauberry - Put Me Down (Silver Arrows)OutroReal Numbers - In the End (Slumberland)
IntroDes Demonas - The South Will Never Rise Again (In The Red)New StuffZorn - Fall to Pray (Sorry State)Mainframe - Employee (Goodbye Boozy)Satanic Togas - Unaware (Goodbye Boozy)Fugitive Bubble - Grotesque (Impotent Fetus)Staffers - On Staples (Ever/Never)Dischord RecordsMinor Threat - Filler (Dischord)Government Issue - Hey, Ronnie (Dischord)S.O.A. - Gang Fight (Dischord)Teen Idles - Deadhead (Dischord)The Make-Up - They Live By Night (Dischord)Slant 6 - Don't You Ever (Dischord)Void - Time to Die (Dischord)60s Garage PunkBunker Hill / David Walker - Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (Mala)The Hangmen (The Reekers) - What A Girl Can't Do (Monument/Windian)The Dagenites - I'm Gone Slide (Heigh-Ho)The Juveniles - I Wish I Could (ZAP)Early DC/MD PunkThe Shirkers - Drunk and Disorderly (Limp)Ebenezer and the Bludgeons - Oh! I Love This Weather (Primal Stomp/Windian)Bad Brains - Black Dots (Caroline)Assault & Battery - Assault & Battery (Alona's Dream)Killer Bees - Rock and Roll Hangover (Limp)NoiseNo Trend - Human Garbage (Demo) (Drag City)United Mutation - Your Own Way (Radio Raheem)Pussy Galore - Die Bitch (Shove)1/2 Japanese - I Want Something New (Limp)2010s Punk/HCSick Thoughts - Beat on Beat (Goner)Quitter - Altered Flesh (Blow Blood)Stuck Pigs - Go Away (Self-released)Pure Disgust - Caged Profit (Katorga Works)Wet Brain - WIfe Life (Girl Problem)Priests - Radiation (Sister Polygon)More DC Punk RawkThe Shirks - Get Out (Big Neck)Tru Fax and the Insaniacs - The Twin (Wasp)The Points - Never Trust My Heart (Mud Memory)Thee Lolitas - Velvet Underwear (Fandango)Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - Killer Diller (In The Red)OutYoko K. - Huggy Robot (SevenMu Music)
Episode 68 - This is Heaven

Episode 68 - This is Heaven


The Sound - Cold Beat (Reminder)Kagami - Inside Me (Self released)Dollhouse - This Is Heaven (Toxic State)Exek - Several Souvenirs (Lulus Sonic Disc Club)Predator - Hands Reaching Out (Total Punk)S.L.I.P. - Daddy's Little Girl Part II (Cruel Noise)Neon Christ - Doom (Southern Lord)Artistic Decline - Andy Warhol (Meat House)Lost Sounds - Tronic Graveyard (FDH)Screamers - Mater Dolores (Superior Viaduct)Gape Attack! - Be With Me  1983 (FDH)Zero Boys - B.I.T.C.H.I.N. (Let's Pretend)The Brentwoods - The South City Shingle & Shake (Radio X)Weenie Roast - Meat Prices (Positive Force)Midnite Snaxxx - Faded Pictures (Bachelor)Neutrals - Personal Computing (Slumberland)Detestados - Descubrimientos (Discos Hardcorridos)Human Mess - Uncaged Animal (No Way)Haircut - Prayer for a Little Girl (11pm Records)Nightmare - Actuality (La Familia/Farewell)Kaleidoscope - Volunteer Armies (D4MT Labs)Amber Alerts - Somewhere Under a Shit Cloud! (Sweet Rot)
Episode 67 - North Carolina

Episode 67 - North Carolina


IntroISS - Spikes (Self released)New StuffThe Smog - Noise Noise (Episode Sounds)Dollhouse - The Shadow Baby (Toxic State)Screamers - Peer Pressure (Superior Viaduct)Qlowski - In a Cab to Work (Feel It)Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh - We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years (Post Present Medium)Sorry StateFitness Womxn - Easy (Sorry State)Brain F≠ - V-2 (Sorry State)Das Drip - Gym Rat (Sorry State)Cochonne - Mensonge Humain  (Sorry State)Menthol - Inner Trip (Sorry State)Joint D≠ - Polluntant (Sorry State)60s Garage PunkThe Paragons - Abba (Bobbi /Altercat)The Nomads - This Life Is Not For Me (Stark / Crypt)The Horde - Press Buttons Firmly (JCP / Break-A-Way)The Huns - Shakedown (Pyramid / Crypt)Linky Wray - Roughshod (Norton)80s PunkCorrosion Of Conformity - Nothing's Gonna Change (No Core)Stillborn Christians - Agression (Schoolkids)A Number of Things - Justice for All (Fartblossom Enterprizes)Subculture - Words I've Never Heard Before (Puke n Vomit)Th' Cigaretz - Scared of Girls (Cancer)Flat Duo Jets - I'm Sorry (Dolphin)Dark AgesDead Things - Lemmy Rides a BMX (Self released)The Toll - Track 3 (Self released)Crimson Spectre - Strength of Ten Men (Magic Bullet)Undying - This Day All Gods Die (Fifth Column Conspiracy)Misc 2010sPersonality Cult - Heart Attack (Drunken Sailor)Paint Fumes - Egyptian Rats (Slovenly)Reigning Sound - Stick up for Me (In The Red)OutroSean Mustache - ii Deluxe (Self released)
IntroPrefuse 73 - The Color of Tempo (Warp)Clicks and CutsPole - Pferd (~scape)Farben - Beautone (Klang Elektronik)Gas - Nach 1912 (Kompakt)MicrohouseMatthew Herbert (Dani Siciliano) - Foreign Bodies (!K7)Luomo (Sasu Ripatti) - Tessio (Force Tracks)Tim Hecker - Borderlands (Kranky)Minimal TechnoIsolée - My Hi-Matic (Playhouse)The Other People Place (James Stinson) - Moonlight Rendezvous (Warp)Dominik Eulberg - Adler (Traum Schallplatten)Booka Shade - Body Language (Get Physical Music)Jurgen Paape - Mit Dir (With You) (Kompakt)MaximalEllen Allien - Sehnsucht (Nostalgia) (BPitch Control)Vitalic - Poney Pt. I (PIAS)SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross (Ed Banger)Kavinsky - Wayfarer (Record Makers)EtcFlying Lotus - Breathe Something / Stellar Star (Warp)Burial - Wounder (Hyperdub)Ben Frost - Peter Venkman, Pt. II (Bedroom Community)Oneohtrix Point Never (Daniel Lopatin) - Betrayed in the Octagon (Deception Island)kaito - Hundred Million Lightyears (Kompakt)OutroRicardo Villalobos - Sieso (Cadenza)
Crazy Spirt - I'm Dead (Mata La Musica Discos)Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands (Iron Lung)M.A.Z.E. - 311 (Lumpy)The Serfs - Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty (Market Square)Nightclub - Listen Up (Urge)Paul Messis - Win or Lose (Market Square)GG Allin & the Jabberz - Bored to Death (Blood Orange)Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral (Ancient Monument)Vitamin - French Fries (Don Giovanni)The Breakers - Radio Love (You Are the Cosmos)Benjamin Russell - Out of It Girl (Mean Bean)Frantic - Ghoul (Die Slaughterhouse)Manic - Land of Nod (Scavenger of Death)Zap - Eatin' Trash (Not Normal)CHEW - Neuroleptics (Is It Over Yet?)D.R.I. - Couch Slouch (Beer City)Vanilla Poppers - Get Away from Me (Feel It)Retainers - Waste of Time (Fashionable Idiots)The Geros - Sexual Bitch (Killer Boy)The Mighty Go-Go Players - Suck My Fun (Profêt)Giorgio Murderer - Nobody Likes You (Goner)Amber Alerts - Blackhole (Jeth Row)Native Cats - Run with the Roses (Rough Skies)
Terror Visions - Itching (FDH)Ray Gun - History of Education (Self released)Psykik Vylence - Untitled (Under The Gun)Gimmick - Chalkboard (Sorry State)Kneeling in Piss - I'm a Patsy (Anyway)The Mind - The Pod (Lumpy)Gee Tee - Thugs in Cars (Goodbye Boozy)013 - Tyonvalittaja (Puke n Vomit)Ooze - Slow Zrch (Not Normal)Nandas - Bellona (Toxic State)Predator - Honest Man (Rob's House)Loli and the Chones - Rumble in My Pants (Repent)Teengenerate - My GTO (Sympathy for the Record Industry)The Shirks - Action Men (Cricket Cemetary)Midnite Snaxxx - Let Me Do What I Want (Bachelor)The Gorls - Television Addict (Hozac)White Zombie - Gentleman Junkie (Numero Group)Nots - Fix (Goner)Preening - Rapt Fashions (Ever/Never)The Stabs - Wading (Weather)Sacred Product - Tram and Train (Quemada)Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion (Verve)
Pussy Galore - Spin Out (Shove)Psykik Vylence - Untitled (Under The Gun)MAZE - Zipper Back (Lumpy)Snooper - DOG (Goodbye Boozy)Vitamin - Black Sheep (Don Giovanni)Cassie - School Talk (Reminder)Predator - Dots (Total Punk)Smirk - Goons on the Beach (Feel It)Paranoias - Mislead (Helta Skelta)CDG - Living Between (Domestic Departure)Hot Tubs Time Machine - Praise Me (Self released)The Speedies - You Need Pop (Radio Heartbeat)Tina and the Total Babes - She's So Tuff (Sympathy for the Record Industry)Soda Boys - Soda Pop Band (Lumpy)The Barbies - Teenage Alcoholic (Puke n Vomit)The Barreracudas - Don't Roll Your Eyes (Douchemaster)Black Time - Psychic Tracks (In The Red)Folded Shirt - Smell You Later (Fashionable Idiots)Deformity - Shards (La Vida Es Un Mus)The Coltranes - Sweet (Hip Kid)Miss Destiny - The One (Hozac)Death Commando - Face & Conquer (Going Home)
Toy Love - Pull Down the Shades (Goner)Spread Joy - Unoriginal (Feel It)The Prats - Nothing (One Little Independent)CDG - Remove Officer (Domestic Departure)The Mind - Lets Experience Yr Head (Lumpy)MAZE - Spread the Germicide (Lumpy)Children with Dog Feet - 1-800-Homocide (Toxic State)Mister - Refugio (Not Normal)The Stools - Multiple Maniacs (Goodbye Boozy)Hated - Innocent People (Meat House)Spodee Boy - Tombstone (Goodbye Boozy)Kneeling in Piss - Columbus Day (Anyway)UV Race - Good Money (S-S Recorrds)JJ Doll - Egotist (Katorga Works)Knaughty Knights - Tommy of the River (Shattered)Outdoorsmen - Dead Weight (Red Lounge)GG King - Drug Zoo (Rob's House)Warm Red - I am the Pig (State Laughter)Schematix - Nothing Special (Ancient Monument)Screamers - Vertigo (Fanclub)Wizzard Sleeve - Chrome Intensifier (Jeth Row)The Hunches - Same New Thing (Almost Ready)
The Sweet - Funny Funny (RCA)Smirk - S. Construction (Feel It)Sick Thoughts - Poor Boys (Goodbye Boozy)Cassie - Keep in Touch (Reminder)Prettyboys - I'm Falling (Reminder)The Gorls - Tracie (Hozac)Spodee Boy - Dress the Part (Goodbye Boozy)Zig Zag - Burn Out (11pm Records)Gimmick - Deep Slice (Sorry State)Fairytale - Better off Dead/Damaged (Desolate)Red Red Krovvy - Despise the Rich (Helta Skelta)Romeo Void - Confrontation (415)A Frames - Search and Rescue (S-S Recorrds)Ex-Cult - Shot the Beehive (Goner)Gibbous - No Elevators (Lumpy)New Vogue - Keep Talking (Self released)Satanic Togas - No Solution (Under The Gun)Angry Samoans - Steak Knife (Bad Trip)Ausmuteants - Kicked in the Head by a Horse (Aarght!)Heart Attack Jizzers - Try To Understand (Chapel of Crimes)Mozart - The Tick (Self released)Soft Pink Truth - I Owe it to the Girls (TigerBeat6)
IntroBad Times - Trapped in the City (Goner)New StuffCollate - Medicine (Domestic Departure)Preening - Economy Head (Ever/Never)The Smog - Set in Stone (Going Underground)Song Birds - Brooklyn Tarts (Rubberneck)The Bell System - Flexi (Celluloid Lunch)More New Stuff (DIY Pop)Hot Gum - Clothes (State Champion)Hot Tubs Time Machine - No Thanks, Google Maps (Self released)Real Numbers - Darling (Slumberland)Dolly Mixture - Spend Your Wishes (Spa Green)GG King - Evoker Tape (Total Punk)PunkFinale - Me Siento Ridiculo (Flexi Discos)The Urinals - She's a Drone (In The Red)Sin 34 - Live or Die (Spinhead Records)Soga - Anuncios De Neon (Iron Lung)Men's Recovery Project - In Khartoum (Load)Garage PunkAction Swingers - Bum My Trip (Noiseville)Oblivians - Bum a Ride (Crypt)Los Huevos - James Brown Pts 1& 2 (Moo-La-La)The Sultanas - You're the One (Boom Boom)The Yolks - I Do What I Do (Randy)OutDan Melchior Und Das Menace - I Got Lost (S-S Recorrds)
Barracudas - Summer Fun (Zonophone)Romero - Troublemaker (Cool Death)Dolly Mixture - How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane? (Spa Green)Midnite Snaxxx - 12 O'Clock (Sweet Time)Paranoias - In the Bin (Helta Skelta)Pushups - Pop Power (Hozac)Wompers - Summer Buzz (Lumpy)ABC Gum - Dandy Ride (Let's Pretend Records)The Shivvers - Teenline (Rerun)The Younger Lovers - Sha-Boo-Lee (Raw Sugar)Sweet Faces - Cool Kids (Don't Wanna Listen) (Douchemaster)Norma Tracy and the Cinderella Kids - Skateboard Song (Romulan)Dee Dee Ramone / Barbara Zampini - Sidewalk Surfin' (Conspiracy)Gang Green - Terrorize (Taang!)The Faction - Fast Food Diet (Beer City)McRad - Mcshred (Beware)The Babysitters Club - Surfing Queen (Rock N Roll Parasite)National Wake - International News (Light in the Attic)Mercenarias - Inimigo (Baratos Afins)Taco Leg - Raiders (Fan Death)Toy Love - Swimming Pool (Flying Nun)Dick Diver - Alice (Trouble in Mind)Fat Boys - Wipeout (Tinpan Apple)
Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance (Norton)Freak Genes - Followed it Down (Feel It)Silicone Prairie - Dance to the Beat (Feel It)New Vogue - Change of Heart (Self released)Snooper - Running (Computer Human)Hot Gum - Names (State Champion)013 - Takaisin Todellisuuteen (Puke n Vomit)The Insults - Dummies on Parade (Last Laugh)The Gorls - Planet Vator (Hozac)Monoshock - Everything Near Me (Feeding Tube)The Daze - I Wanna Be A Star (Reminder)Reatards - Fashion Victim (Empty)Useless Eaters - Smoke Alarm (Shattered)Black Abba - Betting on Death (Goner)Randoms - Let's Get Rid of New York (Dangerhouse)Vom - Too Animalistic (Rerun)Lumpy and the Dumpers - Ratas En Las Paredas (Cretins of Distortion)Bloodmobile - Little Boy Blue (Schoolkids)Pscience - Reborn Digital (Goodbye Boozy)The Mummies - (Doin') The Kirk (Planet Pimp)Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Foreign/Aft (Mammonth Cave)SOPHIE - Unisil (Numbers)
Control Test - Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)Astute Palate - No Queen (Petty Bunco)ISS - Spikes (Self released)GG King - Remain Intact (Total Punk)Tetanus - No Excuse (Sorry State)Neutrals - Personal Computing (Slumberland)Intelligence - Test (S-S Recorrds)Vodovo - Neuer Code (Killer Boy)Moth - 2021 (Polaks)Factums - See Inside (Sacred Bones)Young Marble Giants - Eating Noddemix (Rough Trade)Los Huevos - Too Many People (Moo-La-La)The Pizzas - Bad Ass Youth (Daggerman)The Mummies - Girl You Want (Pre-B.S.)Lamps - Bob the Cat (In The Red)The Donnas - I Don't Wanna Go to School (Super*Teem!)Suck Lords - LSDoomsday (Edger)Sweet Tooth - Skate for Fun (Lumpy)CB Radio Gorgeous - Decline (Thrilling Living)The Irritations - Schoolyard Justice (Sack o Shit)The Fatals - Get Out My Life (Cass)Patois Counselors - Let Beauty Be (Ever/Never)
Episode 57 - Stupid Street

Episode 57 - Stupid Street


Formaldehyde Junkies - Road Hazard (Firestarter)Warm Red - Super Bowl (State Laughter)Midnite Snaxxx - Fight Back (Slovenly)Star Party - No Excuse (Feel It)Mystic Inane - My Life As A Fish (Cletapatra)True Sons of Thunder - Yo Back (Total Punk)The Daze - At the Seaside (Reminder)Ravi Shavi - Hot (Almost Ready)The Busy Signals - Stereo (Dirtnap)Home Blitz - Stupid Street (Self released)Hunx - Private Room (Hardly Art)Ausmuteants - Felix Tried to Kill Himself (Goodbye Boozy)Drug Sweat - Pingu (Aarght!)No Limit - Moving Out (Goodbye Boozy)Hierophants -  Bain Marie (Goner)Alien Nose Job - Weight of the World (Drunken Sailor)Ausmuteants - Mate's Rates (Lumpy)Intelligence - Sailor Dive (In The Red)BB and the Blips - The Ballad of Personal Growth (Thrilling Living)Our Neighbors Suck - FBI (Rock-o-Rama)The Stabs - House Of The Peter Gunn (Stained Circles)Amber Alerts - Antibodies (Sweet Rot)Lavender Flu - New New Tabor Boogie (Meds)
Episode 56 - Best of 2020

Episode 56 - Best of 2020


Milk - Deny (Hysteria)Brandy - Wish You Was Madball Baby (Total Punk)Lamps - Confirmed Frenchman (In The Red)Nag - Art on the Wall (Die Slaughterhouse)ISS - Too Punk for Heavy Metal (Total Punk)Spyroids - Paperboy (SPHC)XYLITOL - Dim the Sun (Thrilling Living)Fried E/M - Lobotomy (Lumpy)Laffing Gas - On Your Own (Beach Impediment)Straw Man Army - Amnesia (D4MT Labs)Mutant Strain - Hog Tied (Sorry State)Gee Tee - Dudes in the Valley (Goodbye Boozy)Satanic Togas - Teenage Garbage (Under The Gun)Collective Hardcore - Radio Piracy (Goodbye Boozy)Soakie - What's Your Gender? (La Vida Es Un Mus)Sleeper and Snake - Lock up the Loose (Upset the Rhythm)Cassie - Change My Image (Reminder)The Times - Red with Purple Flashes (Static Shock)Bob - Bird Lanes (Rerun)Astaron - Little Girl Crying (Sealed)United Mutation - Wake Up (Radio Raheem)Ultra Violent - Crime for Revenge (Static Shock)Lithics - Hands (Trouble in Mind)Neutrals - Your House (Domestic Departure)Sweeping Promises - Cross Me Out (Feel It)Special Interest - Don't Kiss Me in Public (Thrilling Living)Optic Sink - Personified (Goner)Morwan - Waves (Feel It)
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