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Author: Nikita Williams

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A show for women in creative businesses. Here you’ll hear conversations about the real everyday struggles of juggling life and business while trying to maintain passion and balance. As women, we have the skill of getting things done but sometimes we get in our own way. It’s here where you’ll that see you're not alone. You’ll discover that success does not mean perfection. Fear, negative thoughts & challenges are a part of the journey. On this Podcast, you’ll find the inspiration and tools you need to have a life and business that thrives.
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From Dream To Journey

From Dream To Journey


In this episode, our guest in Rosalynn Daniels, a content creator and lifestyle brand just to name a few of her hats. From the East to West coast this woman is working toward her goals so fierce! Rosalynn shares her big dream and what she is doing to reach it. It all starts with the decisions we make, our own mindset, and the people we surround ourselves with. Be sure to stay tuned to the end because Rosalynn shares her tips for a more sustainable business.
And we’re back! In this new episode find out what I’ve been up to and learn how life reminded me of these 3 very important steps to help any creative business stand out and create more consistent income. We hear a lot how as small businesses we have a lot of disadvantages but why not look at some of the big boxes' disadvantages and turn those into our strengths. These three steps are a no brainer but can easily get away from us if we are not paying attention. I share some examples and tips on how to increase customers by going back to the basics. 
In this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our guest is Kristi Monte, owner of Coffee With Kristi. She's a serial entrepreneur, who loves cats, music, and helping creative entrepreneurs create profitable systems. If you are a service-based business or thinking of starting a virtual assistant business this episode is for you. We dive right into talking about how to run multiple businesses, 3 things you need to do first when thinking about starting a virtual assistant business, and some tools to get you started.
What does Crafted To Thrive mean? If you have listened to any of my shows and heard my little slogan at the end, "Yes, YOU Are Crafted To Thrive", you may have wondered what I really mean by it. On this solo cast, I share what it means and why WE are crafted to thrive.
In this episode of She’s Crafted To Thrive, our expert is Janine Mix, Business Strategist, Retail Consultant and CEO of The Complete Boutique. Money isn't everything but it is a tool. If you are looking to make an impact in your community, your life, and your business it starts with making more decisions that lead you to profitable businesses. Janine explains how that happens with what we say to ourselves, who we surround ourselves with and to stop comparing. We talk about comfort zones and War zones. So whether you are a retailer of a brick and mortar, online shop, or a creative entrepreneur you’ll hear lots of tips on how to build a profitable impactful business.
This solo cast episode I share the importance of focusing on the ONE. Many creative business owners work with one client at a time or create one piece at a time. But somehow they get caught up in the big picture. They forget that it's the small everyday actions and connections that create success. The one person and the one day. I talk about the myth & mindset shift we need to have when it comes to trying to be and do #allthethings. Statistically, numbers matter but how we reach the people is what really counts. Stay tuned if you want to hear my practical and easy tips that you can implement today to help you refocus on really brings you success, people.
On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive our guests are Kelly and Renee owners of Love Letters Co, a wedding photography business and planning company. These ladies share their journey to building a business partnership that provides excelling value in a saturated market. Building a business with someone else is like a marriage or doing a collaboration is like dating, it takes patience and honesty.What I love about this conversation is that whether you are looking to have a business partner, collaborate with another business or provide more value to your clients, Kelly & Renee share a few key things that will for sure bring you success.On the show, they share the foundation that they had built before jumping into a partnership. They tell us how they identified a pain point for their customers and share exactly what they did to bring a very unique and valuable experience to their clients. We talk about the importance of embracing our weaknesses and learning ways to work through them. If you're looking for inspiration to figure out ways to grow your business this is the episode for you and these ladies at Love Letters Co are so much fun and very passionate about what they're doing. Be sure to tune in!
On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive Our Guest expert is Galen Mooney, Owner of Local Creative Co. She'll be teaching and helping us learn how to get found using SEO! She makes SEO easy and fun and shares how just implementing small things slowly can lead to WINS. But wait this is not just a how-to on SEO, Our expert has gone to college but has taught herself a lot, she says shares how everything is "Figureoutable" (Thanks Marie Forleo)! Galen tells us about her fears, challenges and favorite people and things that’s helped her to build the business she has today. So tune in my lovely ladies.
On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive, our Brand Expert is Business Coach and Graphic Designer, Danielle Mah, owner of The Unbranded Lifestyle. Building a brand for your business is so crucial now in a sea of so many of us doing the same or similar things. Have you ever wondered what it means to create a brand or personal brand for your business? If so this podcast interview is for you. Danielle shares her personal successes and challenges with starting a business online. What I love about her journey is that instead of feeling defeated by the common obstacles of building a business, she worked on finding a way to set her self apart from the crowd. When you here branding, you may think of things like logos, websites, and fonts. But those are only a part of the brand and not what actually makes it. Believe it or not, You are. In this conversation, we talk about why building a brand for your creative business really starts with ourselves. Getting specific with why, who, and what we provide as value is what Danielle says is at the foundation. She'll share some practical tips on how to do this starting today.
On this episode of She's Crafted To Thrive, I share 3 mindset shifts that will help you cope better with your chronic illness. You guys these steps have really helped me in living with multiple chronic health concerns. I talk about the importance of gratitude and get real about what that actually means and how to work towards it. If you are looking for a beautiful and helpful journal to assist you in keeping account of what you're grateful check out Rachel Allene's. I tell you about one of my new favorite shows, Women’s Pelvic Health Podcast that shares very real, authentic and uncensored information on women’s pelvic health. This episode is all about how to feel better even though our bodies are fighting against us. We can fight back and thrive.
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