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Conversations With Dr. Evonne

Author: Dr. Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

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Writer,Inspirationist and Talk Show host
Dr. Kahdejah Evonne is coming to you with a Podcast of sprituality, self-improvement, motivation, relaxation business talk and psychological reasonings. Twitter: @kahdejahevonne Instagram: @conversationwithevonne_
48 Episodes
Dr.Evonne enjoys an intellectual conversation with friend Cristle discussing the importance of accepting and handling rejection for mental flexibility.
Dr. Evonne sits down to discuss what men really want, during a natural hangout and dinner night with friends.
Kahdejah Evonne explains narcissism and it’s key terms, red flags and the history of a narcissist relationship with someone who has detachment issues.
Kahdejah Evonne speaks with Eszylife Taylor owner of reality TV show Mind, Body & Money as well as author, entrepreneur and philanthropist on growing your business by building yourself first.
Kahdejah Evonne sits down with CeCe Newman Executive Officer if She Got Game Women’s Semi Pro League and speaks on the mental health of the college athlete.
Kahdejah Evonne and Tayia The Grad sits down and speak on burnout and depression interventions and how these symptoms can alter your life.
Kahdejah Evonne talks with friends about being proud of yours business and not putting little in front of your business.
Kahdejah Evonne checks in with Thadius Craft and Reed speaking on relationships, companionship and partnerships. #WineWednesdays
Shayy Winn, American Idol finalist and musical artist expresses her gratitude as an upcoming R&B Singer. Regardless of life's obstacles, and being told she was legally blind during her junior year of high school, at the age of 22 years old, Shay has went against all odds to become who she wants to be in this world. Singing with pop/r&b star Andra Day, you will read all about her. For more information on Shay Winn, visit
@cweblogpodcastandradio had a great bonus episode today! Speaking about “The Mental Health Of The Business Owner” and @damionhype_ 🇯🇲🇯🇲 international artist from Jamaica decided to stop by who also is owner of @evelynandolive and @jamrack.ent. Also did a little shopping at the @cweplatformstore__ . Then, He spit straight facts 🔥! “The venue was empty and depressing” yet as an entrepreneur we came to the conclusion that business will build and even in our toughest times we must press forward. It doesn’t happen overnight yet it will happen. Check @damionhype_ out this weekend Sunday @carolinawatershed with host @big_boogie_music fir the NuWave/ JamRak 2nd annual foam party! @cweblogpodcastandradio will be there front and center. Get your tickets now‼️ #StayTuned! To the CWE Network 💚💚💚 . . . . #Jamacia #Memphis #Trending #Business #entrepreneur #BlackOwned
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the importance of the CWE Platform in low poverty communities and how she is connecting mental health to financial stability, motivation, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Find out more on the next season of Conversations with Evonne, Season 4 at Which sill be airing live in the official Conversations with Evonne blog & Podcast studio. Thank you guys for tuning in!! And have a blessed day.
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the subconscious issues independent women face within childhood issues and today’s society. “Some of us are still living in the past.”
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the importance of change through the growth of monarch butterflies and building your entrepreneurship foundation with God to last through any storm. For more info and blogs visit
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the importance of developing black entrepreneurship and the difference between a entrepreneur and hustle which is tampering black excellence, as well as how to separate yourself from the few.
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the psychology and the importance of gaining understanding of the African American people through racial inequality regarding the Breanna Taylor case and multiple others.
Kahdejah Evonne expresses 3 significant tools to use to beat the olds of ANYTHING while remaining humble.
Kahdejah Evonne addresses the social issues of African American Communities & Low Poverty, finaicial literacy and the real behind the situation and child hood trauma.
Kahdejah Evonne Introduces Season 3 of Conversations with Evonne! Be ready to tune in!
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the importance of understanding that people will have their own judgment of you and that’s ok, never lose your God given personality.
Kahdejah Evonne expresses the importance of being real with yourself, facing realization, as well everything is not for you, and that’s ok.
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