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Early Careers Podcast | Jack & Ollie Show

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The Early Careers Podcast with Jack and Ollie will guide you through every aspect of the early careers market. As the co-founders of and R M P Enterprises, the pair have more than 20 years of experience in the marketplace between them and hope to bring some of that experience to the fore, to help anyone invovled in any aspect of early careers get new insights, perspectives and ways of thinking with the goal of raising the game across the industry from the best minds and the most progressive organisations.
45 Episodes
University education has been around for over 800 years in the UK and over that time there have been enormous changes ranging from accessibility to teaching methods. Right now universities are dealing with the huge impact that COVID-19 has had on the sector and how that may shape the future of university education. Listen to what Chris has to say.
The wonderful and highly functional German apprenticeship system is widely touted as the gold standard by governments across the world, but that doesn't mean it will work everywhere. Ulrich talks through the strengths of the Birtish economy and how that might work in the apprenticeship space.
Is this something you can see happening in other industries? Are the lines blurring even further between graduate and apprenticeships? Listen in to find out more.
In this episode, Ben and Natasha talked us through the concept, their passion for the data they'd seen and how they managed to integrate wellbeing into the early careers campaign.
The United States of America, the global powerhouse and home to a thriving graduate recruitment market. Matthew helped us navigate the space and highlighted some of the big difference between the UK and the US. This is a great episode if you're looking to broaden your horizons and find out what other people are doing across the world. 
The structure of the SAP team is multi-disciplinary, fast-moving and highly versatile. Those strengths shine through and have made adapting the onboarding process in a virtual world easier than it could have been with a more rigid structure.  
We had a wide-ranging discussion with Tom, Sophie and Cristian that is a must-listen for any early careers teams. It highlights the importance of good and clear communication and the reputational damage that can be caused if it isn't handled correctly.   
We spoke about outcomes, measurements and different approaches. This is a great podcast for anyone who works in education or any employers who want to understand how the careers worlds work across educational levels. 
We'd like to say a big thanks to all our guests and of course all of our wonderful listeners. We hope you're enjoying the show and if you have any recommendations or if you have a topic or a guest in mind just let us know. Keep your eyes peeled for series 5!
We talked about tech, social mobility and virtual internships and of course Westpac Wendy, who could forget her! Due to the geography of the country, they are used to working over huge distances and both universities and employers have had to adapt to working from afar and Julianne helps us understand how it's possible to give top quality provision when face to face isn't  always an option.
We run through the problems with the previous surveys, what the new report shows us and what that might mean for the future of employability in universities. 
Teresa talks us through the long tradition of college employer relationships and how as an employer you can embed yourself as part of the curriculum, more stats than you can shake a stick at and some practical tips on how to build successful relationships with colleges. 
We explore in-depth the long term value of placements for employers, students and universities looking at increased academic performance, employee retention and huge reductions in the cost of graduate hiring.
This episode will help you understand the eight benchmarks where they came from, what their purpose is and how they may evolve in the future. 
Sarah and Laura talk through each stage of the changes they made, so you can see how you could do the same in your organisation. The results speak for themselves, so join us in our conversation to explore what they did and how they did it. 
Cathy helps us navigate the graduate system in South Africa and the unique challenges they face as well as the common challenges that graduate recruitment teams face across the world. 
This episode is perfect for anyone involved in early careers branding and attraction. It will be especially useful for anyone with a consumer brand or anyone who has city-centre locations for their business. 
Jack & Ollie would like to say a huge thank you to all our listeners and of course to our fabulous guests. The podcast wouldn't be here without either! We hope you are enjoying it and if you would like to come on the show or can think of someone who would add value to the show please get in touch. 
Ben Williams is the Chair of the Association for Business Psychology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and founder of Sten10, the assessment design consultancy. We couldn't have hoped for a more informed guest. 
Universities are increasingly aware of the importance of teaching employability skills to their students to make them more employable in addition to the academic pursuit of excellence. Sophie helps us explore this area based on her extensive experience working with universities all over the UK. 
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