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Adjust your headsets and gather your raid party as Ryan, Lindsey, and Savannah are led by GM Sean through a story filled with action and drama. Adventure and wackiness abound as tabletop gaming collides with the world of MMORPGs.

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22 Episodes
Ep. 21: Heist, Heist, Baby

Ep. 21: Heist, Heist, Baby


Our adventurers finally escape the mines and emerge into a whole new world. Now in the Quinlock Province, what better to do than go on a crime spree?
Put your thinking-caps on because it's time for some brain-teasers. The gang has their final showdown with the Digester.
The party's new ghost bff guides them further into the Ironstone mines, and they encounter more strange abominations along the way.
The party stumbles and fumbles their way deeper into the Lost Kingdom of the Ironstone Clan seeking treasure and a kidnapped friend... but mostly treasure.
Taking the world's worst detour, the party enters a derelict dwarven kingdom on their way out of the Boundary, and encounter creepy crawlies and spooky secrets to spare.
Tal, Whist, and Aster dive back into Cyberscape on the hunt for the whereabouts of Donny Whitman.
Leaving a busted arcade in their rear view mirror, the gang tracks down a super-powered gamer to solve their latest mystery.
Ep. 14: Arcade Fires

Ep. 14: Arcade Fires


Back in the real world, the gang helps Tal investigate a new case involving Cyberscape. As they hunt down a missing teen, they get a little bit more than they bargained for...
Ep. 13: Hack the Planet

Ep. 13: Hack the Planet


The gamers log out after finally clearing the Font of Ancients, and learn that things may be even more complicated "IRL" than they originally thought.
The epic conclusion of the Gauntlet approaches. The party faces off with Ivory Ryder in battle. Only the victor will claim the right to challenge the mighty warlord Hercules for the fate of the Font of Ancients. Don't look down!
After pulling ahead in the wacky races, the party climbs higher in the Gauntlet. Faced with their most absurd challenge yet, they are forced to put on the performance of a lifetime.
Things are really heating up for the party as they climb even further in the gauntlet. Within these deadly chambers, they meet new friends, encounter old enemies, and face a challenge unlike any they have seen.
The dungeon crawl continues! Our fearless gamers are reunited with Whist as they tackle the next challenges of the warlord Hercules. After a test of wit, their strength and fighting prowess are put to task. Someone shouldn't have skipped leg day...
The trio's trials continue deep within the gauntlet as they seek to uncover the mysteries of the Font of Ancients. The party faces a deadly ambush, and scratches their collective heads over perplexing riddles.
It's finally here! The game's first public event: The Font of Ancient. Things aren't quite what the group expects as they ascend the Titan's Spine Mountains, but, true to form, they charge in without a thought to spare. Will they claim the prize that waits for them at the end of these deadly(ish) challenges?
Following the Great Griffon Heist, our terrible trio takes flight towards the Titan's Spine Mountains in search of the Font of Ancients. Of course, trouble finds them along the way as they stumble upon an orc raid. Whist, Tal, and Blue attempt a daring rescue mission, but their sticky fingers may land them in hot water...
Ep. 5: Strange Happenings

Ep. 5: Strange Happenings


Tal, Blue, and Whist reconvene in "meatspace" to discuss the weird events of their first dive into Cyberscape, and probes for information from Utopia Gaming. After jumping back into the game, Whist encounters an old rival. Blue pulls off their first heist, and things get a bit hairy... or rather, feathery.
Ep. 4: Trading Places

Ep. 4: Trading Places


The thrilling conclusion to the dog-napping is finally here! Will the party be able to negotiate peace with Burl the Troll? Will Brutus and Sir Antony be reunited? Why are we making this so unnecessarily dramatic? There's only one way to find out, so stay tuned!
Having been given their quest by Sir Antony, the trio begins their jaunty trek through the woods in search of the dognapper. Whist picks a fight with a passing player to test her considerable gaming "skillz." Tal negotiates a hostage release. What could go wrong?
After vanquishing the fiendish rats infesting the Salty Spruce Tree Inn, a quiet stroll through the countryside turns into a bloodbath as Whist takes her avatar for a test run. Will any small creatures escape the trio's insatiable blood-lust? No. No they won't.
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