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Listen Loudly

Author: Marnie Clark

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We will learn to listen loudly together! Knowing God is the key to understanding ourselves and others. He wove you in your mother's womb and has a unique purpose for your life. It only makes sense that we would focus our time and energy on seeking Him until we can hear Him clearly. And then seek some more. #ListenLoudly
15 Episodes
God has a wonderful plan for your life and Satan has a hateful scheme. What is the landing pad for Satan’s lie in your life?
The Christian life is a journey of trust. Trade your frustrated plans and prayers for His plan and find peace.
God Rejoices Over You

God Rejoices Over You


You have heard that God loves you. Your whole life you have heard it, but do you live like it? Have you taken time to let it sink in? We cannot truly love Him unless we are convinced of His love for us.
As Christians we fail to appropriate the good news of the Gospel to our everyday lives. Quit paying for free stuff!
If we read Scripture without the lens of the finished work of the cross then we could quickly become burdened, frustrated, and fearful.
Have you ever suffered from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? I have for many years! Check out the new and redeemed FOMO!
Who, Me?

Who, Me?


I believe that if each of us knew the importance of the assignment God has given us, then we would be shocked as the Virgin Mary was when she was given hers.
Face Your Goliath

Face Your Goliath


As you step into your purpose you may feel like you are about to slay a giant or two. If God has called you, then He will equip you!
When you are forced to operate out of your natural personality traits and gifts it can be incredibly frustrating, but there is hope!
God delivered the Israelites out of the land of Egypt and Jesus delivered us by fulfilling the law. For some reason, many of us keep trying to go back to Egypt.
How can we rest in a world that doesn’t rest? With Jesus’ short time on earth, He still took time to rest and so can we.
On our journey to hear God’s voice, we are going to have to open up some old baggage. These “unanswered prayers” are crowding our heart.
In our quest to hear God’s voice the elephant in the room blocking our ears is our sin. I really don’t want to talk about sin, but why? When Christ’s death and resurrection set us free from condemnation then why are we still hiding?
Are you puzzled about what people mean when they say they have a “personal relationship with God?” I was too for many years. I’m this episode we will talk about the missing link in your prayer life that will make all the difference!
Hearing God's voice is the key to finding direction for our lives. He made us and already knows our future, so knowing Him is the only way to truly receive clear direction.
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