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On the Shaping Chaos podcast, you will hear do-ers and makers from the worlds of leadership, innovation, marketing, research and design share their stories on how they thrive with chaos and make the most out of it.
14 Episodes
Speculative design helps individuals and organizations shape their future success by enabling everyone to think outside their focus. During this inspiring conversation, Phil shares how he managed chaos when unsure what to do and how he uses speculative design to develop solutions for problems that are yet to come. 
When working under uncertainty, playbooks and frameworks for decision making might fail when the level of complexity is too high. Mariana works at the interception between social innovation, education, business and design to help founders, managers and students navigate complexity by using what she calls a design attitude — a set of cognitive skills that spark change. She introduces concepts that can change our approach to problem-solving and help us navigate the uncertainty without fearing the unknown.
Governments often take big decisions. They come in the form of policies, mandates or directives aimed to create a better future for the country and its citizens. Sometimes, these institutions lack a holistic understanding of how the smallest change can have a significant impact on something they overlooked. Marco Steinberg, the founder of Snowcone and Haystack, helps governments navigate the chaotic nature these entities go through by showing them how to approach problems from the various standpoints. In this conversation, we talk about how to drive change by understanding the forces at play when creating a lasting positive impact. 
The world is interconnected and multiple perspectives allow us to see deeper connections and relationships. Indy Johar, the founder of Dark Matter Labs, brings this multitude of perspectives to every challenge, and helps organizations to "radically redesigning the bureaucratic & institutional infrastructure of our cities, regions and towns for a more democratic, distributed great transition". In this conversation, we talk about how we can understand chaos and complexity.
For some, innovation happens to the lucky ones. It is hard to attain, difficult to measure and unpredictable. For Bob Moesta, the innovator and founder of the Re-Wired Group, understanding and learning how to innovate is what makes a great product, service or organization. In this conversation, we talk about innovation frameworks and how to make sense of chaos.
COVID-19 devastated the travel industry.  For many, it meant the end of the business. For Charlie, the ultra-marathon runner and founder of Epic Travel, it became an endurance lesson. Tune in to this episode and learn about the parallels between chaos, endurance running and business planning.
In a small town of west Wales, David Hieatt is focusing on the difficult task of bringing 384 jobs back. He's not afraid of difficult things, and often he uses them as the source of inspiration. As the founder Hiut Denin and other successful businesses, he has faced chaos multiple times. Now he calls it a silent friend, the one that is there to show you the way. Tune in to this fantastic conversation and learn how to learn from chaos.
If you ever been in a chaotic situation you know it: your heart races, you make quick decisions, you want to get out there fast.  Alisan designs services and products to calm you down in those situations, making sure you make the right decisions and focus on what matters most.  He has something to say about working with chaos an understanding its significance in the ecosystem
For the past 10 years, Claire Lew has been shaping businesses in the background. She founded Know Your Team to help leaders become better at leadership by focusing on topics that most of us overlook: how to give honest feedback, how to nurture your talent and how to run a team effectively. In this conversation, we go deep on what prevents us from becoming great leaders and what we should do about it. BONUS: Claire shares her framework on how to give feedback that inspires action.
 [Former Captico Talks Episode] Pip Jamieson is on a mission to make diversity the driving force of the future and created The Dots network with that as one of the core values for growth. She talks about how important is diversity for success, how to make it an integral part of your plans, how to create a thriving creative culture and how should we look at creativity in the era of quantum robotics.  Pip also shares the challenges she faced as a female founder in the tech industry whilst trying to grow and fund her company and ideas and what to do to best overcome that. ⚡For comprehensive episode notes visit
 [Former Captico Talks Episode] Pedro Brandão has built Significa to thrive on creativity. Today Significa is one of the most renowned digital product studios in Portugal, and in this conversation Pedro shares the habits that are leading them to create a thriving environment and culture, how to grow creative talent and how building relationships with other companies creates a thriving ecosystem - a contrarian perspective over what every other businesses are doing. Tune in!
 [Former Captico Talks Episode] Doist is the fully fledge remote company behind the productivity tools Todoist and Twist. Ana shares incredible insights on async communication, managing creativity remotely, from first designer to design management, mental health, hire remote talent and much more. ✨Show Notes ✨ Start up Chile happen in 2012 and not in 2009 as mentioned in the show.  👨‍🎨👩‍🎨People Mentioned  Amir Salihefendić - @amaix3k - Founder of Doist  Alex Muench - @alexmuench - Product Design at Doist  Margarida Mouta - @nargaridamouta - Illustrator at Doist  Ben Breckler - @benbreckler - Product Designer at Doist  Sam Beckett - @samjohnbeck - Product Designer at Doist  Wallace Chao - @Chiachichao - Product Designer at Doist  Panagiotis Tsamoudakis - @tsamoudakis - Product Designer at Doist  Weihung Yin - @WeihungYin - Illustrator at Doist  📃Articles  How Slack is ruining work - @ranimolla - Vox  Designing distributed: collaboration on Doist’s fully-remote design team - Ana Ferreira for the Invision Blog  What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work - Amir Salihefendić  📖Books   A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking  Ruined by Design - Mike Monteiro   Mismatch - Kat Holmes  The Making of a Manager - Julie Zhuo    21 Lessons for the 21 Century - Yuval Noah Harari The sound of this podcast has been optimised by my great friend Ash Castanheira! Thank you 🙏 
 [Former Captico Talks Episode] Matt Brooke-Smith is the Founder and CEO of Future Workshops the London based digital product company that has been delivering products that people love for more than 10 years. In this conversation we talk about the importance of investing in your own ideas, diversity in the team and in your business, the best way to invest in talent and much much more.   People Mentioned in this episode: Fabio Galloneto - Jenny Grinblo - Noble Union David Ashford Andy Honas Brands Mentioned: ClickTech Apple iPhone Steve Jobs Blackberry Nokia Vodafone O2 Austin Martin McLaren Saatchi & Saatchi Top Gear Goldman Sachs 
A fantastic conversation with the co-founder of the uber-successful studio Ustwo, about ultra running, ego, succeilure, Fampany, the bestseller mobile game Monument Valley and a meeting with Tim Cook. ✨Mills JDFI Podcast ✨ Documentary mentioned: Life in a day Ustwo Games mentioned: Monument Valley People mentioned: Ustwo Co-Founder Jonh Sinclar a.k.a “Sinx” Ustwo CEO Carsten Wierwille Tim Cook Apple Ustwobes Dem Gerolemou Nuno Coelho dos Santos Danny White Daniel Gray Ken Wong Ultra Runners Timothy Shieff Rich Roll Books mentioned Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
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