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Author: Tyler Kluver

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3 former Iowa Hawkeye football players try to fill an hour with words.
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A few short years after deciding to be Hawkeye, Anthony Nelson stands atop the football universe with the title of Super Bowl Champ. What does a rise to glory with that type of speed feel like? What were the obstacles along the way? We discuss the victory with Anthony as well as the parade, Tom Brady, Gronk, Switching positions, his favorite memories from Iowa, putting on weight to be able to compete, and representing his home town. Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
WUW 191 | Cole Fisher

WUW 191 | Cole Fisher


Cole played football for Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska before traveling East to play football for the Hawks in 2011. After redshirting in his first year, Cole saw action on special teams in '12, '13, and '14 but could never breakthrough to a serious role on the Defense. That is, until his senior year which happened to be the magical 2015 perfect season run. A regular season that was capped off with a win in Lincoln, Nebraska, the team that Cole has family ties to, was an hour down the road, and grew up dreaming about playing for. We talk all about the 'Student Athlete' Dynamic and how he approached that, how it affected his effort on both ends, and how he processes that time in his life now. Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
Today we arrive at another bi-monthly Patreon Exclusive Full episode. For those that arent a Patron, you will get about 1/3 of the podcast. If you would like to become a patron visit We discuss an interesting development in an Iowa current event, we talk about what it would take for us to escape a ride out from Spencer Lee, What its like from the player perspective adjusting to a new coach and what positive impact that could have on a career, we talk about Pre game nightly routine, Braithwaite taking the Head S&C job, and more!
WUW 189 | Doyle Drama

WUW 189 | Doyle Drama


Today we discuss the nice bounce back from the Iowa basketball team and what changed over the last 2 games. The performance rise from Joe Weezy Wieskamp and what the winning formula is for the hawks. What does the short notice game plan look like for a post season Hawkeye opponent to defend Garza, Joe, and the boys? Then we move on to discussing the Coach Doyle story line from this past weekend where in 36 hours he was both hired and resigned from the Jacksonville Jaguars staff. What amount of time will it take for him to be allowed back to work, cancel culture, and more.
In this episode we reflect on how grateful we are to bring you guys this show, and how it truly is incredible that some of our stuff can help listeners get through tough days. We talk the GOAT Tom Brady and what makes him so great, and his teammates, former Hawkeyes, Tristan Wirfs and Anthony Nelson getting their first Super Bowl Ring. We discuss the departure of Tim Polasek and Derrick Foster from the Iowa coaching staff and what that means for the Hawks moving forward. How do you replace a guy, what do you look for, and who is the right fit? And finally we discuss the recent slide of Iowa Basketball and what they have to do to turn things around.
Today we caught up with Brandon Bishop, who came to Iowa City in 2014 from Sugar Grove, Illinois. Brandon is one of the best people you could ever meet and throughout the episode those layers start to peel back. He was known as the effort guy on scout team and took pride in his role to get the First team Defense ready for the gameday opponents. He excelled in this role earning Team Leader Award 2 years in a row. We talk about all of this plus the moment he figured out he wasn't a D1 talent, how he approached his role in the program, the mental health of living the student athlete lifestyle, how Coach Ferentz and Coach Doyle were pillars every step of the way, and a crazy tragic story that Kluver and Bishop were a part of in 2015.
WUW 186 | Drake Kulick

WUW 186 | Drake Kulick


Today, we took a different spin on things, and one host interviews the other. We look deeper into what makes Drake tick and talk about some more serious things on the podcast for the first time in a while. We discuss mental health, dealing with bad days, toughness, happiness, and the Superbowl... one of those things do not belong.. oh well. Enjoy!
WUW 185 | John Kenny

WUW 185 | John Kenny


John is from Indiana was a part of our class that joined the Hawks in 2013. John was actually the first guy on campus for Spring semester that year after graduating high school early. He started at Linebacker and switched to fullback, where he saw several starts in 14', after some injuries at the FB position left us searching for someone to fill the role. Drake and John have a fun conversation about the life of a Fullback. After that year John found himself looking for an identity in the program and found his way to Arizona as a transfer. He talks about about the Iowa edge and what makes the Hawks different, and why Iowa prepared him for the business world, which we catch up on as well.
We talk about a whole variety of things ranging from the crazy shit going down in the stock market to Nebraska fans converting because of our show! We discuss the NFL games from the past weekend and the Superbowl matchup that awaits, where 2 Hawks will be getting a ring. Drake, at the request of Kevin, gets to dump on Tyler.
WUW 183 | Keith Duncan

WUW 183 | Keith Duncan


The GOAT, #3, Keith Duncan finally joins the show. After coming to Iowa City from the East Coast, Keith exploded into the Big Ten with a dagger 33 yard field goal to knock off Top 5 Michigan Wolverines in Kinnick Stadium in 2016. Yet, with an all time Iowa moment under his belt, he spent the next 2 seasons behind Miguel Recinos. He talks all about that journey and the ups and downs of his career. We talk about the specialist room, blowing kisses at Nebraska, his All American season, being snubbed by the Groza committee, and being in a leadership role as the Hawks faced the most tumultuous off season in school history. Please consider donating to help a Hawkeye brother, Dace Richardson GoFundMe: All Patreon Subscriptions and HBAM Tshirt sales for the next few months will benefit the above GoFundMe!! Links Below Patreon: HBAM T-shirts:
In this episode we open with some personal stories about the U of I parking police in the spirit of the recent feud between Jordan Bohannon and the parking cops. We will go to war. We talk about Iowa wrestling and how dominant they are and will continue to be. We then discuss the 4 teams left in the NFL playoffs, the hawks on those teams, and what we think about the upcoming games. Lots of fun to wind down your week!
WUW 181 | Casey Kreiter

WUW 181 | Casey Kreiter


Casey is from Dewitt, Iowa and joined the team in 2009 as a walkon linebacker. He spent his first year in the back of the room as Pat Angerer watched film before being asked to move to D-line in the spring when the defense needed bodies. After realizing he wasnt going to be a Big Ten lineman either, he made the transition to Long snapper. He played 3 full seasons as the starter and preceded Kluver at the position. We re-live many memories from our short time together in our overlapping season and he talks all about the specialist dynamic and how it take a while to earn respect. Tells an awesome Mike Daniels story, discusses his time in the NFL, and much more.
In this episode we break down the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, We talk about how important a bye week is in the NFL, and what the chances are of each team winning their next matchup, we touch on the National championship game where Alabama dominated Ohio St, and how there is a major disparity at the top of college football right now. What are the solutions and what could help level the playing field. We finish with some talk about other Iowa sports.
WUW 179 | James Morris

WUW 179 | James Morris


James was a 4 year starting Middle Linebacker for the Hawkeyes from 2010-2013. After a historic prep career at nearby Solon, he quickly started making an impact in Kinnick Stadium. One of the best leaders and mentors of our first year in the program, James provides some insight on his 4 years. There are tons of stories including the Rhabdo workouts, hosting Nate Meier for an official visit, A fight in practice with Scherff, How he approached leadership as an older guy, who he looked up to, His crazy 3 years in the NFL, A Superbowl after party, a blood clot, and more.
On a day where DC was swarmed with protestors, all 3 walkons make an effort to lighten the mood and talk football. We talk about how crazy of an athlete Devonta Smith from Alabama is, and why he broke the mold of beefing up to win himself a Heisman trophy, the first receiver to do it in 30 years. Then we discuss the possibility of the National Championship game being postponed so that Ohio St could fully recover from COVID concerns, And what it would be like playing a final in the back half of January. A massive weekend in the NFL hits Saturday as the playoffs start and there are 18 Hawks in the playoffs on 10 of the 14 rosters. This means a Hawkeye is probably bringing home a Super Bowl ring. We discuss who that will most likely be and the lines of every NFL game ahead. Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
WUW 177 | Lets Have A Year

WUW 177 | Lets Have A Year


We pick up with the news that Linderbaum, a top Center in college football will be back for the Hawks next year. We talk about why coming back for senior year as an Offensive Lineman is much safer and different than as a skill player. Tristan Wirfs is a legit candidate for rookie of the year and we talk about his potential in the league. We shift to the CFP semifinals and break down Bama handling Notre Dame, and the surprise of Ohio St. dismantling Clemson. Why Fields performance reminds us of CJ Beathard and the Buckeyes chances against the Tide. We discuss the targeting rule and why it needs fixed immediately. We touch on the Cyclones historic year and why Matt Campbell should leave now for a new job. We finish with Iowa basketball and breaking down their road win at Rutgers. Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
Drake is officially COVID positive and in content creation gold status. In this episode we talk about New Years Resolutions and why its time to invest in yourself, we update you guys on what the Walkon Army Patreon is going to look like in 2021 and what new perks are rolling out, we dive into Iowa basketball and a big win against Northwestern. Bohannon's performance, Joe Wieskamp, Garza, and more. The extreme mishandling by the Missouri program and thoughts on why they clearly didn't care about this Bowl Game. Why KF said he was against a new opponent on 3 day notice, and the importance of preparation at the college level. We talk about who we are trying to get on in 2021 as guest for the show and why we are super excited for what the year has to bring and we finish with a funny conversation about the twitter fingers coming at college players, who is sending those tweets, and how to make sure your kid doesn't turn into one of those little snots. Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
Corona in Arizona. Its the Sunday after Christmas and and we get together for a conversation about CJ and George taking over in San Francisco, Fantasy Football, Tom Brady, Gronk, and the Bucs Offense. We talk about the wild endings of the Coastal Carolina/Liberty and Raiders/Dolphins games on Saturday night. We also discuss if Iowa State deserved their ranking all season, the 3 year anniversary of the Pinstripe Bowl, Alvin Kamaras all time performance, Ben Niemanns swag and how he will die a Chief, and ISM calling it a career.
It's Christmas Eve, and we were not going to leave the Walkon Army hanging, we are here to discuss all things holidays. This episode begins with a hilarious conversation about 'Baby its cold outside' getting canceled and how consent meetings should really be taught for Iowa Football. Best movies, best songs, best gifts, and more. We also talk a little bit about what the Holidays generally looked like inside Iowa Football and how the staff went above and beyond to bring the Christmas spirit inside the facility in a time where guys don't get to be home with their families. We also settle the debate on Diehard.
A huge weekend in sports took place including the biggest basketball game of the year to date and a variety of conference championship football games. Iowa faced the teams #1 team in the country and came up short, we discuss why we aren't worried at all about the Hawks moving forward and the statistics that support why. Conferences around the country crowned champions and we talk about the implications of that and what the playoff should look like including updated opinions on how the format should look. We finish with mayonnaise.
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Michael Reeder

I have lived in Oregon for the last 7 years. A few years ago when Nebraska came out here to play the ducks in football I was having a cocktail at my local haunt. I look down the bar and on the Friday before the game there are roughly five Husker fans all in red shirts at the end of the bar enjoying drinks just as Hawk fans might do while they are out of of them however was wearing a Idiots Out Wandering Around shirt all in red. I sent him what he was drinking from the bartender. As he looked around to see who sent it I approached and informed him that I bet on my Hawks the last five years during the "farmegeddon game" and that until Tom Osborne returns to Lincoln it'll always be a safe bet. His friends laughed, I gave him a hug and our discussion about our love for the Midwest started and was followed by many shots. In short I'm torn. They are the team we were before Hayden Fry. I hate and love their fan base simultaneously.

Nov 29th

Dan Russell

drake that's a shitty take on martin...

Jun 12th
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