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Bill Perkins | WUW 341

Bill Perkins | WUW 341


Bill was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1969. His Father played football for the Hawks, eventually earning his degree and moving on to Seton Hall Law. Bill followed in his dads footsteps as he didn't quite have a plan until after college. We talk about what those year were like, how Bill felt he was wasting his potential and never really giving a full effort, and how all of that eventually drove the change to chase big dreams. After earning his own degree is electrical engineering he moved to New York, got into oil trading, energy markets, and eventually started his own hedge fund. A belief in himself that he was capable of stepping up to the plate and hitting home runs with his work ethic allowed him to do the required jobs that would provide him the lifestyle he wanted to live. We discuss what he learned after becoming 'rich' and what he would go back and change. We talk about his memories of conditioning at Iowa, what he thinks of Kinnick stadium and the current day Game Day environment, playing poker with the best in the world, being friends with Dan Bilzerian, and a whole lot more!
On the show today is Brad Heinrichs. He is a 1997 graduate of the University of Iowa and former Hawkeye Golfer. After graduating and leaving Iowa City to pursue being an Actuary, and eventually starting his own Actuarial Firm in Fort Myers, Florida, He has now set his sights on being the head man for what hopefully becomes the Iowa Hawkeyes thriving, annual NIL source. Brad formed The Swarm Collective recently which seeks to approach the new world of college athletes making money by doing the right way. Hear how he has structed the Collective and how the Hawks will be able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. We also dive deep into the general discussion of NIL, big money, projections, and his best ever round of Golf.
Known also as Skinny Kenny, DJ Octane, and several other nicknames from friends, Kennington as you will soon find out is an absolute grinder in the world of Sports media/journalism. A guy with the passion, dedication, desire, AND though he's only 27, the experience you would ask for when looking for someone to cover your team. Listen to his story from 12 yrs old in middle school to now 15 years later as one of the newer beat writers in the Iowa sports scene, and you will hear the love he has for the game of journalism and the work ethic bleed through his answers.
After a rare 2 week break Drake and Tyler sit down to catch up and gather themselves and the show as we round our way to 1 month our from college football. We talk a little bit about the escapades of our recent trips across the country, discuss some small bits from Big Ten media days in Indy, brush over NFL starting camp and Wirfs housing Krispy Kremes mid practice, and some other topics. We also break down what is to come in the next month including some potential for new and expanded content under the Walkon umbrella.
In part 2 of the David Eickholt sit down we get into actual Iowa Football specific Talk. What are David's biggest questions for the Hawkeyes as we get closer to the 2022 season. Some more details about the departure of Charlie Jones, and who could help fill that spot on special teams. What is our best lineup at Receiver and who fits where, and who is going to play the Cash position that has become so meaningful to the last couple renditions of Phil Parkers defense? How warm is Brian's seat as OC and how does moving to QB coach change things for this year? And finally, where are we with QB potential with Petras/Padilla/Labas but also the 2 commits' Carson May and Marco Lainez.
In Part 1 of the Eickholt sit-down we dive deeper into the world of Journalism, and specifically the Iowa landscape that David has worked himself into. What was it like his first time sitting down at a media availability to ask Fran and Kirk questions? What was his approach to build trust and rapport with coaches, staff, and players? Was it natural for him or were there struggles? What are his thoughts on the changing NIL landscape and players becoming more involved in content production and media, and does he see that as competition or a rising tide lifts all ships situation? We also get into the some of the 2020 Summer news cycle and how dicey it was as someone who produces content during that time, as well as a whole lot more.
The boys are on a short Summer break to recharge before we LOCK IN for a big upcoming season of college football. While we are away, many newer listeners have caught up on the growing back log of episodes, so we are throwing it back to one of the milestones, Episode 100 with Chad Greenway. Chad is a well known Iowa Football legend. He would make many people's Hawkeye Football Mt. Rushmore and is one of the greatest Linebackers in history to wear the black and gold. After being a crucial part of the 3 year domination period of Hawkeye football in 02' to 04' he was drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings where he spent his entire NFL career. A perfect story if there ever was one. Chad talks about all of this and more including his recruitment story, Reese Morgan, stories from high school and Iowa city, and how being a Hawkeye shaped him into the man he is today post football life. Chad now lives in Minnesota with his wife and 4 daughters(future Olympians) and is an entrepreneur. His most recent venture is having a hand in a vodka company, Grey Duck Vodka. We hope you enjoy our chat with Chad.
A variety episode that includes topics of conversation such as DJK coming on the show as a guest, the Patreon heating up, 'Every Kick Counts' and how tory Taylor and other specialists around the area are using their performance on the field to help out a charitable cause, an event put on by Keith Duncan that Kluver attended, Estella's and their 5 star food, and Penn St players being extorted by some random chick, Drake's own 'What's in the golf bag', some discussion about his trip to Gatlinburg, Crumbl Flavors of the week, and a whole lot more.
Tonight we get into more thoughts on the NIL Club that is going on in Iowa City, most notably, why we aren't the ones back ending this for the Hawks, and how we plan to take over. Then we get into some Crumbl review, we discuss each of our Top 3 most influential people to our football careers, our favorite podcasts, and wrap the episode by revealing the Top 5 Shows all time for each Walkon.
Proc Is A Hawk | WUW 332

Proc Is A Hawk | WUW 332


In todays episode the boys recap the weekend full of events ranging from Kluver's first golf outing of the year in Grand Island, Nebraska all the way to Nashville where Drake attended the 3rd Annual KittleFest which is a backyard Summer celebration party that George throws at his compound, this year bigger and better than ever. Kevin was working this weekend. We discuss Recruiting and why the Hawks are trending upward as of the last 3-4 years. What could be the reason why the classes have been stacked a little heavier? Does Iowa have the best O-line class of '23? How will these last few classes translate to on field results? And how did Drake almost tear his ACL?
Join The Club | WUW 331

Join The Club | WUW 331


Today we get Turn Signal Kev on his way home from work to discuss the breaking news of Wednesday the "NIL Club" that the Iowa Football players have curated. We discuss the brief initial details of the what the club is about, how much it is to join, what you can expect as benefits, and our questions surrounding how the club will work from both sides of the coin. This conversation, what most people will care about, starts at the 34:30 mark and carries through the end of the episode. Before that Kev and Kluv talk the mindset of dealing with an injury, predicting the 2015 12-0 run, sleeping without AC in that summer prior, and some other random stuff.
In this episode we record on Kevin's favorite Holiday, America's Birthday, the 4th of July. However, this one isn't going like Kevin had probably hoped, Drake taps into to every Man who loves to golf dream, and the boys talk training, Kittle being Kittle, and the mindset of Drake when it comes to communication. Then we get to the meat that is the 2 new members of the Big Ten conference. USC and UCLA announced they will be joining the Big 10 in a couple years which opens an entire new can of worms for the boys to talk about. Logistics of travel, new rivalries, the odds of these teams playing well in the Midwest, does any of it even make sense? The episode concludes with discussion over PJ Fleck catching some heat recently, and an alleged arrangement that he had, that included a star player at Western Michigan.
In this episode we record late Wednesday evening, discuss the tiers of fast food burgers, Get into a discussion about Summer and Fall Camp, and eventually land on a tweet from the boys at DRF Sports that poses the question: Top 5 Greatest Hawkeye Football Players of All Time. This sends us into arguments over Nile Kinnick, comparing Eras, Why Wirfs isn't in the discussion with Scherff and Gallery, and a whole lot more. We finish with pondering where we would fall in the all time complete list of Iowa players ranked first to last.
The boys catch up after a long weekend that saw Drake and Kluver both attend weddings, and now has the podcast home basing out of Indianapolis for the week. Mullets are on the loose, multiple chicken coops are in play, Dallas Clark knows about the WUW, Drake was touching Josh Allen, Kevin got a personal letter from KF, Keegan Murray is the highest ever drafted Hawkeye, and a whole lot more
Kevin works late, and Drake ditches the podcast for something called Tight End University, so Kluver is left to fend for himself. Luckily friend of the Show David Eickholt hops on to save the day, and the 2 get into some relevant recruiting news, which young guys can play early, and the chances Iowa lands a big fish close to home.
One of the more odd vibes on a podcast that we have had in a while, Drake was late because he was selling his black market equipment, and he was in a bad mood. We talk about being rated the best podcast in the world, or something like that, and then we bring up a picture from the Rose Bowl of the 2015 season.. which takes us down what can only be described as a rabbit hole of despair. We bring up clips and commentate on some of the most sad moments of our career.
Tim Semisch | WUW 325

Tim Semisch | WUW 325


Tim grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended Millard North High School and is the 'baby' of a family of 3 brothers. While he stands at 6'8 275 present day, he graduated high school 100 lbs lighter at the same height which led to his recruitment for college football being delayed. He attended D2 Neb. Omaha before eventually ending up at Northern Illinois for 4 years, which later blossomed into a 5 year stint bouncing around the National Football League. He majored in organizational/corporate communication and later Kinesiology, and after retiring from football now has settled in as the Director of Strength & Performance at Nashville MMA East, which happens to be where Drake trains his Jiu jitsu.
A New Walkon | WUW 324

A New Walkon | WUW 324


Rally For Reid camp hosted by "sUpeR BOwL ChAMpIoN" Jake Gervase is happening in just over 2 weeks! If you have a kiddo entering K-9 sign them up and give them the opportunity to be coached by an incredible staff of Former Hawkeyes who know a decent amount about football. The rest of the episode is a mix of banter and one big announcement.
Pete and Kim, 2 of the most legendary people on earth join the show. they are owners of the local restaurant Graze in Iowa City, and have been catering Hawkeye athletic meals since 2015. They have play a significant role in fueling the Hawks for 7 years and go above and beyond the competition. they are far and away the team favorite within the football facility and after listening to this hour + with them you will get a sense of why they stand out amongst the rest.
Dallas Clark has been inducted into the Iowa Hall of Fame, Kris Murray will be returning for another year at Iowa, Kluver applied to be draft eligible for the XFL in 2023, how does a league like the XFL stay alive? What is our go to tailgate beverage and food, We give our opinions on what B1G coach each other is most like and why, Crumbl cookie reviews from this week, a quote from 2013 in the locker room, and a whole lot more.
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Randi Masek

Hey Hawks .... Breath and Bleed black and gold for 63 year's Love you guys so entertaining and insightful. Have always wondered what you guys and coaches think before and after games. Also have learned alot. Amazing job. Gotta tell you Drake you are hilarious laugh my ass off. Keep up the good work Go Hawks!!!!

Oct 28th

Michael Reeder

I have lived in Oregon for the last 7 years. A few years ago when Nebraska came out here to play the ducks in football I was having a cocktail at my local haunt. I look down the bar and on the Friday before the game there are roughly five Husker fans all in red shirts at the end of the bar enjoying drinks just as Hawk fans might do while they are out of of them however was wearing a Idiots Out Wandering Around shirt all in red. I sent him what he was drinking from the bartender. As he looked around to see who sent it I approached and informed him that I bet on my Hawks the last five years during the "farmegeddon game" and that until Tom Osborne returns to Lincoln it'll always be a safe bet. His friends laughed, I gave him a hug and our discussion about our love for the Midwest started and was followed by many shots. In short I'm torn. They are the team we were before Hayden Fry. I hate and love their fan base simultaneously.

Nov 29th

Dan Russell

drake that's a shitty take on martin...

Jun 12th
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