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Author: Tyler Kluver

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3 former Iowa Hawkeye football players try to fill an hour with words.
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Jake Gervase | WUW 222

Jake Gervase | WUW 222


Jake is from Davenport, Iowa. Played Safety for the Hawkeyes from '14-'18, and has now been in the NFL for the past 3 seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. In this episode we get deep on some topics, the conversation is some of the most entertaining to date, and this is a perfect 2nd appearance for Jake on the show as an equally entertaining follow up to his first episode. Jake has partnered with an incredible lineup of other Hawks and current NFL players to bring to life the Rally For Reid Youth Football Camp. The camp is happening in Davenport on Sunday June 27th, and is available for kids K-8. The proceeds of this camp will go towards the foundation whose main goal is to help support families that are affected by childhood cancer. Sign up for the camp here- If you simply want to donate to the cause you can do that here-
In this episode Drake debriefs his visit to Kevin Kasper's house and training compound. We talk about the levels of athleticism and how genetics play a role as well as how on top of things you are throughout your life. We discuss Kevin's son Kyler and the possibility of him becoming a Hawk, and more. We of course have some banter over the Fauci emails and the ongoing 'pandemic' and try to decipher when all of this ends? We talk about the 2 top recruits out of South East Polk and how Iowa will go about keeping them in state. What are the biggest selling points for the Hawkeyes and how do they compete in todays recruiting landscape vs the likes of Alabama and Clemson when there are 4 and 5 stars in the homeland. Kevin phones in mid episode with some heat from the lake house as well.
Tyler Wiegers | WUW 220

Tyler Wiegers | WUW 220


Tyler is from Lake Orion, Michigan and joined the Iowa Hawkeye football team in 2014 as the class's scholarship QB. After seeing early success and comfortability within the program he was beat out by eventual 3 year starter Nate Stanley in 2017. Tyler transferred to Eastern Michigan the next semester and went on to have a very successful year as the QB for the EMU Eagles. He received his Masters in Human Nutrition from EMU and just now completed Year 2 of Med School. Tyler is a health and fitness fanatic, athlete, a very intellectual guy, and an all around great dude.
We stirred up a speed bump of controversy with out discussion about the Bohannon downtown incident and we discuss the layers of conversation. We talk about the middle east, why Josey and Ike are ghosting the podcast, the topic of former athletes criticizing current athletes, Home invasion and where the line of assault lies, Full capacity at Kinnick Stadium, and much much more.
The juicy good content in this one starts 37 minutes in when we start discussing the Jordan Bohannon incident. You will all surely love our ideas on that, and we dive into more generally the downtown scene as a Division 1 athlete, the unwritten rules of how to carry yourself, and more. Before that we talk: -Only Fans -Sleep tactics and why they matter -Recovery and how alcohol plays a role -Nebraska vs Northwestern in Ireland -AJE primed for big year in Buffalo -And More
Todays topics are extremely wide ranging in one of our most diverse episodes ever. Items discussed: -Kluver's wardrobe and Arizona living -Phil Mickelson making a run at a Major -How long can a 'Prime' be? -How we approached home workouts on breaks -Compromised to Comfortable to Competitive in Summer training -How Iowa handles bodyweight/performance balance and better solutions -How should a PB&J be put together? -Plenty More
Its Q&A time, we took your questions from Twitter and answered them to the best of our ability. The episode starts and ends talking about massage... and there's plenty in between. If big time recruits flop, what are the main reasons? How could the environment inside Kinnick be made even better? Where would we choose to go play right now? Ranking some of the most emotional moments of our career and MORE!
*Drake gets animated* Today's discussion is highlighted by the topic of Hawkeye twitter over the weekend concerning the Football programs staff lack of pay cuts during the last year in which the athletic department has been tight for cash. We discuss the idea of concerning yourself with someone else's money, what KF specifically has done for the U of I for the last 20 + years and much more. We discuss what period of time the Hawkeye football team is in now as they prepare for summer workouts and reflect on our long 3 week pre summer breaks and then add in some conversation in the beginning about over estimating your opponent, always working to be better, and how to deal with being served slices of humble pie.
WUW 214 | Keith Duncan

WUW 214 | Keith Duncan


In this episode Keith Duncan makes his second appearance. We start with Keith being from Texas and beating Kevin on the golf course and then move into how the spring went training for the NFL, an update on where that process is currently at, and why it is so hard to find a spot in the league. We crap all over Gervase while also praising him at the end of the episode, talk about what teammate we would take to a bar fight with us, discuss what pro sport would be hardest for an average Joe, and discuss Keith's twitter antics. Keith and Kluver talk about Keith Duncan Kicking and the new Specialist empire they are trying to create and promote the Polk County IClub Golf Outing happening in July, Plus so much more.
WUW 213 | Matt Nelson

WUW 213 | Matt Nelson


Matt is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and was part of the 2014 recruiting class for the Iowa Hawkeyes. With his 6'8 frame and exceptional mental ability to understand the game and schemes, Matt found his way on to the field early in Iowa City as a redshirt freshman D-lineman. After 4 years of playing time in the Black and Gold Matt now finds himself as part of the Detroit Lions in the NFL, but on the opposite side of the ball. Making a transition that is rarely made from college to pro has left Matt with quite the story to tell about learning Offensive Tackle, adding more weight to his already large frame, a custom training plan to morph his athleticism and movement to that of the O-line, and a fight to make the 53 man team. We talk about all of that including, what it was like to be excelling off the field as well as he was passing the MCATs, pursuing medical school, getting married, and a whole lot more. We also hear what its like to love trading cards and now have one of himself, what room is more fun to be a part of between the lions O-line and the Hawks D-line, How he approaches the off season, and more! We hope you enjoy!
WUW 212 | Mark Weisman

WUW 212 | Mark Weisman


Mark is from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. After enrolling in the Air Force Academy in 2010 he quickly decided that it wasn't the path for him and he decided to pursue walking on to the University of Iowa Football team. That turned into a great decision as Mark established himself as an extremely hard worker and great team leader off the field, as well as becoming a the feature running back due to injury problems on the team. Mark gave the NFL a run but ultimately made a decision to retire from football and he talks about how the compounding effect of playing Fullback eventually took its toll. He then took a medical sales job where after 7 short months he decided to find his way back to the Iowa weight room as an intern for Coach Chris Doyle and the Iowa Strength Staff. After completing internship a full time opening became available and Mark stepped into an official coaching position. He took a job as Head Strength coach at Southeast Missouri St. for one year before again realizing that he wanted to move a different direction. Mark's career at Iowa is one that is widely known as he finished Top 5 in Hawkeye history in Yards, Touchdowns, and Carries.
Spring ball wrap up into Draft recap and talking Hawks chances in the league. In this episode we briefly discuss the final spring practice that was open to the public on Saturday. Where are the current Hawks at and what do they need to work on most? How does a large injury list play a role moving into the summer months and what are the strengths of this Hawkeye team? Then we get to the meat of the podcast talking about the 4 Hawks that got drafted over the weekend and the 7 more who were almost immediately picked up by teams as undrafted free agents. What is Chauncey's ceiling in Dallas? What kind of impact will ISM have in Minnesota? Could we be looking back in a few years saying Daviyon was the BIGGEST steal of the 2021 draft? Will Nick carve out a career that mirrors what Ben has been able to do with the Chiefs? All of this and more!
Today Kevin and Tyler start the podcast by themselves after Drake went Zero Dark Thirty right before recording time. A variety of topics are discussed including, Luka Garza starting his own NFT company, CJ Fredrick entering the transfer portal and how his "Greasy Uncle Joe" is involved, Jordan Bohannon announcing that he will return for his 34th year of college basketball, what the lineup for the basketball team will look like next year and their potential, this weekends upcoming NFL Draft and where this years Hopeful Hawks will go, and more. We also blank on Jack Nunges name and talk about if Drake were to disappear for good, how would that affect the podcast?
WUW 209 | Connor Keane

WUW 209 | Connor Keane


Connor is from St Paul, Minnesota and walked on to the Hawks in the same class as the Walkons back in 2013. An entrepreneur at heart, something was part of his life even before college, Connor found ways to start making the most of his time in Iowa City that most players dont, starting up business ideas. From a restaurant device to a laundry service to managing travel themed social media accounts, Connor has always had a knack for creating his own income, and is an all around interesting dude. We talk all about his ventures as well as his time on the team, favorite memories, games, and moments in Iowa City.
WUW 208 | Shaun Beyer

WUW 208 | Shaun Beyer


Today we go Live with Shaun Beyer, product of Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School where he excelled in multiple sports. After arriving at Iowa Shaun was in a position purgatory where he could have played multiple positions, but eventually landed at receiver due to depth issues. After his freshman year Shaun's size allowed him to switch to Tight End, and follow the path of guys like Kittle, Fant, and Hockenson. We dive into why those guys are great and what he took away from playing behind them as well as why Iowa is so great at producing tight ends. We talk a little about how living the D1 lifestyle changed Shaun and developed him along with the intensity of the off season program. We talk about how Covid affected not only him but the 2020 Hawks as a whole and how that manifested itself early in the season, and we finish with how Shaun is now seeking an opportunity in the NFL and we get his pitch on why a pro team should take a chance. All of this and more!
Today we regroup after the first day in Kinnick for the 2021 season. The Hawks held an open practice and we got to see some of what will be on display this fall. We go position by position and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each as well as depth issues, star talent, and where the Hawks are 9 spring practices in. What do we think about the QB competition, Just how deep are we at DB? Will the D-line figure it out in time for the season opener? How much can the special teams help out this year? And more.
On this episode we look ahead to the first live look at the 2021 Hawkeyes as the team is set to practice in Kinnick Stadium in front of an audience on Saturday. We discuss the ins and outs of spring football, compare it to camp, and talk about where the biggest improvements can be made during these 5 weeks. We discuss Kluver potentially infiltrating the Iowa press, player comments from Tuesday media day, 2 possible freshman contributors, and where Xavior Williams fits in with Iowa. Also what are the odds Cooper Dejean sees early field time? All of this and more.
WUW 205 | Kristian Welch

WUW 205 | Kristian Welch


Kristian is a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He is from Iola, Wisconsin and played for the Hawkeyes in '16-'19. He found early playing time as an athletic special teamer and played in over 40 games in the Black and Gold. In his Junior and Senior seasons he started at Middle Linebacker for Iowa teams that finished 9-4 and 10-3 including 2 Bowl victories over Mississippi St. and USC. We sat down with Kristian to talk his journey to Iowa City, Coach Seth Wallace, learning behind guys like Josey Jewell, Bo Bower, and Ben Niemann, being denied a Pro Day and entering the league during Covid, being on a team with Lamar Jackson and other elite NFL players, and more. The mindset of being 'overlooked' is present throughout his story and it was awesome to pick his brain on how he approaches being a fringe guy that works his ass off to make it.
In this episode we cover a variety of topics with the focus of the conversation being the hot topic item of Name, Image, and Likeness for college athletes. What are NIL rights, how do they differ from being paid a salary, what does that opportunity even mean? What are the issues that could arise from changing the rules and what are the implications of leaving them the same? We talk about all of this in detail. We also discuss Luka being the consensus player of the year, Gonzaga v Baylor, and The Masters... you could say this is an episode unlike any other.
James Branstetter joins the show as the first ever fan to make an appearance. James is part of the Walkon Army on Patreon. We talk about Iowa football and listening to the show from the fan perspective. What are the expectations of the Iowa program. Bonus info on the making of the Drew Tate episode, James favorite Hawkeye moments, How players from bad schools are motivated to play, and how we got motivated to play them, and a whole lot more. To join the Walkon Army go to enjoy!
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Michael Reeder

I have lived in Oregon for the last 7 years. A few years ago when Nebraska came out here to play the ducks in football I was having a cocktail at my local haunt. I look down the bar and on the Friday before the game there are roughly five Husker fans all in red shirts at the end of the bar enjoying drinks just as Hawk fans might do while they are out of of them however was wearing a Idiots Out Wandering Around shirt all in red. I sent him what he was drinking from the bartender. As he looked around to see who sent it I approached and informed him that I bet on my Hawks the last five years during the "farmegeddon game" and that until Tom Osborne returns to Lincoln it'll always be a safe bet. His friends laughed, I gave him a hug and our discussion about our love for the Midwest started and was followed by many shots. In short I'm torn. They are the team we were before Hayden Fry. I hate and love their fan base simultaneously.

Nov 29th

Dan Russell

drake that's a shitty take on martin...

Jun 12th
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