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A sports show based in Kingsgrove, Sydney, Australia, from our original Kingsgrove Sports Centre store location, supporting sporting communities for over 40 years! Discussing cricket, rugby league (NRL), English Premier League, AFL — and more!
52 Episodes
After a months-long hiatus, we're finally back for our 50th episode! Join Hamish, Charlie, and Leisa as they recap the cricket highlights from the first half of the year, look ahead to the exciting events on the horizon — and Hamish lists five of his favourite ways to prepare during the preseason. Join us! We're so glad to be back!Website — YouTube — Facebook — Instagram — Twitter — 
Bowlers wearing hats? Two balls in ODI cricket? Abolishing tea in county cricket? It's just not cricket! What do you think? Join in the discussion! Leave us your comments about our opinions and share your own thoughts about which cricket trends are just NOT cricket. You can find us at,, and
Wind-blown caps onto stumps, bright-coloured undies peeking through split pants, and every variety of Duck a batsman could conjure up in his or her nightmares — we're talking epic cricket fails on this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast! Stuart, Hamish, and Leisa discuss a whole host of unfortunate moments in cricket, both famous and lesser-known, as well as many of the fail moments that YOU our listeners submitted on social media! Also, Hamish's Unique Top 5 has a quick look at cricket brands that fell by the wayside.
The WBBL season is on and we're looking forward to our favourite T20 competition of the year! Stuart, Hamish, and Leisa discuss their predictions for WBBL|06 and standout players to watch during this exciting tournament. Also, Hamish finds some of the most unique songs about cricket ever written — in this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast!
Red hankies, lucky undies, tapping routines, and... toothbrushes?? We cricketers have loads of crazy superstitions to ensure our luck on the pitch! Stuart, Hamish, and Leisa discuss some well-known (and not-so-well-known) crazy cricket superstitions, including yours from social media!
Have you ever dreamed of playing cricket around all of Australia? Craig Dodson made that dream a reality! And he joins us for this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast to chat with us about his new book chronicling the entire adventure — "A View of Australia From Fine Leg". Stuart, Hamish, and new podcast team member Leisa Johns (Sunday Sports Wrap) chat with Craig about his experiences with all the cricket clubs he visited on his fantastic journey, and how he teamed up with Gus Worland's Gotcha4Life Foundation to raise money for men's mental health charity. You can follow Craig Dodson on all social media platforms @FromFineLeg.
On this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast, we've got special guest Daniel Solway! He joins Stuart and Hamish to chat about his stellar debut last season with NSW, his mindset and approach to training, and how excited all the boys on the squad get when someone shows up with a new cricket bat. It's a great listen, join us! Make sure to like and subscribe, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!,,
The global pandemic has affected us in all walks of life, and sport is no exception. What's happening in the world of cricket to make a comeback once the world has survived COVID-19? Join Stuart, Hamish, and Charlie as we discuss the future of cricket, including some unique ideas for new tournament formats... Make sure to like and subscribe, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!,,
Nathan Ellis, fast bowler for Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes, joins us to take your listener questions on this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast! Make sure to like and subscribe, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!,,
What's been the biggest, most impactful change to cricket throughout the history of the game? Was it the regulation of bat sizes following the Monster Bat Incident of 1771? Was it the introduction of the middle stump? Was it changing overs from 8 balls to 6? We asked you on social media and feature your responses in our discussion of the Evolution of Cricket! Join Stuart, Charlie, Hamish, and Nick on this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast! Follow us at,, and
She's an accomplished cricketer, captain of the Hobart Hurricanes WBBL team, former Kingsgrove Sports Centre employee, and now the published illustrator and co-author of her new book, #Victress, which celebrates the lives and achievements of some of the world's greatest female athletes. We are so excited to welcome our friend and all-around legend Corinne Hall to this 40th episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast! Stuart is joined over Zoom by Hamish as we discuss Corinne's exciting new book, her experiences with female greats, how she's coping with isolation, and the future of women in sport. It really is our best podcast yet! Don't miss it! Pick up your own copy of Victress at Follow co-authors Corinne Hall and Michael Randall on Twitter at and And you can reach us at,, and
Who are your top 5 favourite cricketers of all time? In this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast, Stuart, Charlie and Hamish recap their personal top 5 favourite cricketers of all time, from the socially distanced safety of their own homes. Tell us what you think of their lists, and leave a comment with your list of top 5 cricketers of all time! You can reach us on Facebook at, on Instagram at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at
In the spirit of social distancing, we've decided to take a shot at a remote podcast! Coming to you from the safe comfort of their respective homes, Stuart, Hamish, Charlie and Nick take inspiration from our recent social media post about your favourite cricket bats of all time and discuss some of the all-time greats. Our YouTube version of this episode features pictures shared with us on Facebook as well as many classics from across the internet! Join us! And if we've happened to miss any of your favourites, let us know! You can reach us on Facebook at, on Instagram at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at
Will the Women's T20 World Cup Final get washed out? With Ellyse Perry sidelined with a hamstring injury, what are the Aussies' chances? Stuart, Charlie and Hamish get together to discuss the effects of the Coronavirus in sport and American President Donald Trump's flawless pronunciation of the names of Indian cricket legends. Join us for this 37th episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast! You can follow us at,, and
Don't let the title fool you — there's HEAPS more cricket to be discussed! In addition to the WNCL and the Australian Cricket Awards, Stu and Charlie discuss India's recent foray into day/night test cricket, the resignation of South African captain Faf du Plessis, Sydney Sixers victory in the Big Bash, and much more! Don't ask them about the NRL Nines, though.Follow us! You can find our content at,,, and
Stuart and Steve are here to discuss the upcoming BBL final between the Sydney Sixers and either the Sydney Thunder or Melbourne Stars. We also talk about the recent Mankad dismissal in the U19 match between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the women's T20 Tri-Series between Australia, England and India, New Zealand's struggle to win Super Overs, and a quick chat about the Australian Open and the Super Bowl. Turns out Steve has little patience for tennis players!
India takes a win over the Aussies in their latest ODI — but did Virat Kohli really deserve to win man of the match? Stuart, Charlie and AJ take your listener questions and discuss the Australia v India ODI series, the test cricket series between England and South Africa, and the current state of the BBL and their predictions for which team will take it all. 
We're kicking off our first podcast of 2020 with more cricket! Stuart, Charlie and Hamish discuss the test cricket series between Australia and New Zealand as well as the ongoing BBL.Our hearts are with those most affected by the ongoing bushfires here in Australia. If you are able and would like to donate, please visit the following links:Donate to NSW Rural Fire Service: to Victoria's Country Fire Association: to Celeste Barber's Facebook Fundraiser: to the Salvation Army: to the Australian Red Cross: to Vinnies: to WIRES to help Australian wildlife: to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: to the World Wildlife Fund:, if you'd like to see the prototype for the Kingsport Saber:
There's so much cricket to talk about — truly the most wonderful time of the year! Stuart, Charlie and Hamish talk about WBBL05 and back-to-back champions Brisbane Heat, the international test series between Australia/Pakistan and England/New Zealand, and predictions for BBL09. Also, can you guess which one of the boys has never seen the movie Titanic? Find out in this episode of the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Podcast!What would you like us to talk about on our podcast? Do you have feedback for us? Let us know! We're at,, and
Sydney Thunder star Chris Green joins us for this episode! In this episode, Chris answers questions about his bowling technique, his mindset when playing the game, his experiences playing in places like Guyana and Canada — and many more of your listener questions!We'd like to give a special thanks to Chris for making time in his busy schedule to join us. He's an exceptionally talented athlete and an even nicer person. It was a pleasure to have him with us!If you have any feedback for Chris Green or about our show, please let us know! We're at,, and
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