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You can’t always get the answers you want from Siri or on Google and it doesn’t help to talk with your dog about real life problems. Things like a bad breakup; unrealistic expectations from friends and family; or getting bullied at school or work. Maybe you’re totally stressed out or you just can’t take the pain anymore. So where do you go?

You’ve come to the right place. Utalk is all about YOU talking to us.

We’re here to listen. You can talk about what’s important to you. We’ll give you some ideas that we think might help. We’ll also mix in what’s trending in pop culture, chat with some celebs and talk about how we can make a difference in the world.

Give us a call at 1-855-50-Utalk or text "UTALK" to 411 247. You can also reach out to us on our web site: or on social media @utalkradio
119 Episodes
Utalk host Steve had a chance to chat with Matt Baird of the band Spoken. They chatted about his band, what he orders at his favorite food places and his thoughts on making a difference in the world. For more follow us on social media @utalkradio and check out our website
Utalk host Steve had a conversation with young entrepreneur Zaemelys Ramos. She has an awesome story of how she took her creative gifts of passion to open her own shop, create a webcomic and support sex trafficking organizations. Listen for more. You can watch the episode on our IG TV page @utalkradio. Check out our website for more.
Utalk Host Steve chats with Dr. Josh Morgan about how to have the life we want in this "new normal." Some important things to think about as we transition are: becoming more self-aware, understanding our values, being there to help others and thinking outside the box. For more check out our website and follow us on social @utalkradio.
The founder of Generous Generation Sarah Hartono joined Utalk host Steve for a conversation. They chatted about flipping the script, Kimchi Fried Rice and pursuing your dreams. Sarah told Steve about how her company Generous Generation was started and what they do. They also chatted about social media, reimagining the status quo and learning from others.For more check out our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio
Grammy award-winning drummer Will Dorsey, Jr and Utalk host Steve talk drums, music, racism and Ice T - not the drink but the actor and front man for metal band Body Count (Will’s the drummer).You can watch the episode on our IGTV @utalkradio and find more on our website
Utalk Host Steve catches up with model, actress, philanthropist and international game changer Mychal Bella. They discussed her new Amazon Prime TV series The Underground Railroad. She gives us the scoop on what it's like to work on a tv set during the pandemic, if she met Brad Pitt and details about her character, You can watch the full interview on IGTV.
Utalk Hosts Steve Russo and Larissa Lam had a conversation about racism, hatred, and meanness in our world today and how we can be the change. They also talked about the broadcast premiere of Larissa's award-winning documentary "Far East Deep South" on PBS which aired as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. You can find out more about Larissa's documentary at Don't forget to check out our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio.
Utalk Host Steve had a conversation with Mental Health Advocate Ross Szabo. They talked about what a wellness coordinator does, teaching about mental health in school and how to get mentally healthy. They emphasize that its okay to not be okay and to need help. Check out our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio.
Utalk host Steve chats with teen influencer Arianna Fox who is an author, actress and motivational speaker. Arianna tells us how she started writing and acting when she was young. About her book she wrote when she was 6 but published at age 12 called “The Princess Chronicles.” They chat about her new book called “False Awakening” that’s soon to be a movie; and already has a screenplay.Arianna tells us about being a motivational speaker, what ages she speaks to and what she speaks about. She also chats about a video she was featured in called “Time To Unify.” Check out and follow her at @afoxauthor. You can find more on our website utalkradio and our social media @utalkradio
Utalk host Steve has a sit down with actor Bubba Ganter. He has been on shows like Nickelodeons Game Shakers, Young and Hungry, Rusty Camel and more. He is an ex Footballer player and has been a personal security guard for Country singer Dolly Parton and Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block. Bubba and Steve have a conversation about motivation, mental illness, creativity and determination. For more check out our website Follow us on social media @utalkradio and you can watch the conversation on our IGTV.
Meet Piper one of our Utalk interns. She is a student at Biola University majoring in design. Utalk host Steve sat down with Piper for a chat. They talked about what its like to do distance learning and having to have community through technology instead of in person. Piper tells Steve what she is passionate about and why she chose Art as her major. We learn about designers block and how to get out of it. Listen to find out what else they talked about. For more check out our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio.
Utalk host Steve has a sit down with Dr Josh Morgan to talk about being victimized in various ways and the need to get help. They also talk about creepy trends, social media hoaxes and healthy ways to respond to them. Dr Josh brings up the idea that rape, sexual assault and violation of you (interpersonal trauma) is all about power. The person committing the act wants to feel dominate and powerful. It’s normal human nature to want to have power and be in control. We have to learn how to balance these feelings and desires so we don’t hurt each other. They talk about the trauma of sexual violence and the many forms it can take from online to in person and how to deal with it and where to get help. For more check out our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio.
She lets her actions STEM from care - meet Emily KumaEmily Kuma and Utalk host Steve had a conversation about her experience in the beautypageant world, her fashion design company and why she decided to get into the medical field. Emily tells Steve about her nonprofit Stem From Care and how she got it started. Check out our website for more and follow us on social media @utalkradio.
Meet our intern Jedidiah Cheng. Utalk host Steve sat down for a conversation with Jedidiah. He tells us about his college and his major. Jedidiah talks to Steve about the challenge of distance learning and online classes. He tells Steve what his passion is and how he likes to take candid photos of others. Jedidiah tells Steve about a documentary he made and ways we can make a difference.Take a listen for more!Follow us on social media to keep up with what we are doing @utalkradio and check out our website for more.
The Utalk crew Steve, Larissa, and Kati got together for a conversation about current events.Topics that came up included the inauguration, quarantine life, mask life, the new normal we are living, Dr Martin Luther Kings quotes to live by and what’s trending.Leave us your thoughts on what’s going on currently in the world and check out our social media @utalkradio and our website for more.
Fashion Designer Hollis Kolmansberger of ByHollis sat down with Utalk host Steve for a conversation about fashion, life experiences and making a difference. Hollis tells Steve that she got started in fashion at age 14. She wrote her first business proposal and got family and friends to invest in her. Hollis's father is an entrepreneur and her mother loves interior design which is where she got her drive for fashion. Hollis is in school for fashion design and she tells us what she does in her studies. She talks about how she had a pop up shop and used that to help her learn what people like and gained customers that way. Hollis talks about how she has lived overseas and other experiences she has had and where her inspiration comes from. Check out our social media @utalkradio and our website for more.
14-year-old actor Griffin Santopietr joins Utalk host Steve for a chat. Griffin has been acting since he was 7 and has done theater, tv shows and movies. He talks to Steve about how he got started in acting and some of his favorite roles he has had. Griffin tells us what it has been like working with actors like Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi and the guys on Cobra Kai. He tells us how he learns something new on every set he is on and about his acting classes he takes. Griffin shares a story with us about a fire breaking out next to him on set and how he reacted to it. Check out more on our website and follow us on social media @utalkradio
Utalk Hosts Steve and Kati have a conversation about how to have community long distance and in quarantine. When you are long distance, in isolation, quarantine, or lockdown it is hard to have community with your circle. We all need community and social interaction it is good for our mental health. Steve and Kati give us ideas of ways to still be able to get together even though you are apart including zoom, facetime, google hangouts, drive through parties and more. Check out the episode on IG Live: and check out our website and our social media @utalkradio
Ever wonder who's behind the voices you hear in movies, tv shows, commercials, animation and toys? Check out our conversation with voice actor Laci Morgan. Laci tells us what a voice actor does and gives us some advice on what to do if you want to be a voice actor. How she got started in voice acting and her job at Disneyland. She tells us about some of her first jobs in voice acting and the roles she likes to play. Check out the interview for more.
Utalk Host Steve caught up with a friend of Utalk's Actor, Rapper and Athlete Shel Bailey. Shel fills us in on what he has been working on including executive producing a movie called "Black Skin" it speaks to police brutality and social injustice. He has also been promoting a video game he is in NBA 2K. Shel tells us about his re-occurring character in the game and what that is like to see himself in the game. Listen to find out who Shel was in boarding school with including some major players in the NBA and what its like to be Lebron James double. Shel tells us where his inspiration comes from and that he likes to be inspiration to other people. He says the best way we can make a difference is to show love to each other. Show compassion and remember that what we say and do to some one matters.Follow us on social media @utalkradio and check out our website
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