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Effective Church Communications Podcast by Yvon Prehn
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Effective Church Communications Podcast by Yvon Prehn

Author: Yvon Prehn

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Church communication is one of the most challenging ministries because it is often the gateway to the entire church. To do it effectively requires more than the latest images, social media, and technology tips. You need timeless strategy, inspiration, and Biblical challenges that work no matter what tech tools and channels you use, the size of your church or age of your audience. You'll get them here. This podcast is part of the ministry of Effective Church Communications, Go there for articles, resources, training, and free templates that are ministry-effective.

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Why just "Come to Easter at Our Church" isn't enough in your Easter Outreach materials
What do you think it is in your Easter Outreach materials that will draw people outside the church to your Easter Services?We know many people will visit our churches for Easter events—how can we connect them not only with the church, but with a relationship with Jesus?Why just "Come to Easter at Our Church" isn't enough in your Easter Outreach materialsI'm part of several church communication discussion groups and recently people have been sharing their outreach ideas for Easter. They all look great, but I am concerned that many of them simply say something like "Easter at whatever the church is." Now there is nothing wrong with that if you go to the church and want your people to know what time your services are being held. But there is a challenge with an invitation like that if you want to use Easter as a time to reach out to your community.This podcast will remind you that many unchurched people have no idea why Churches celebrate Easter. They think it's all about bunnies and brunch; chocolate and Spring.  We have a great opportunity from the time we send out our first invitational materials to remind them that Easter is about so much more.I'll share ideas on how to do that and on the website are free templates and text messages you can use to help people understand that Jesus is the reason for the Easter Season! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Don't default to Magical Thinking when planning your seasonal outreach
Easter is fast approaching and as we look at all the work ahead, don't you wish that people would magically appear at your events after one announcement from the pulpit or one notice in the bulletin and in social media?Not only that, wouldn't it be wonderful if they'd magically come back and start attending the church regularly after one visit?But we know it probably won't work out like this will it?Today our topic is:  Don't default to Magical Thinking when planning your seasonal outreachYou might protest that you would NEVER count on magic to do anything in the church and mean it. But unfortunately, the communication actions in many churches tell a different story because. . . . .Magical thinking takes place when you assume that simply by doing certain things, you will get the results you want without actually doing the hard work you need to do to get themAnd sadly, churches do this all the time and wonder why they don’t get the results they want from their outreach.In today’s Podcast we’ll go over FIVE examples of Magical Thinking in church seasonal communications, why they don’t work and what you need to do instead of Magical Thinking to assure the response you want at your church for your seasonal celebrations.For the FREE TEMPLATES mentioned in the Podcast and many other resources and articles related to this topic, go to Become a supporter of this podcast:
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