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Author: Duke Machado

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Tune in to the Official RNHA Radio program if you want to listen to Grassroots news reports, updates, politics and life.
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Tonight, we talked about the monumental decision by President Trump, to issue an Executive Order, requiring the Commerce Department to provide a full count of persons living in the United States.  Against the wishes of the Democrat Party, Republicans are finally in  a position to have a clearly defined number of Illegal immigrants now living in America.  Using multiple Federal agencies, including Homeland Security, the State Department and even the Medicaid and Chip registration data to help identify those persons living here illegally and using American taxpayer resources.  We talked about this Executive order and visited with Rosie Paulson, RNHA Member in Tampa Florida.  Please Share!
Raul Reyes Jr Interview

Raul Reyes Jr Interview


RNHA News interviewed Air Force Lt. Colonel Raul Reyes Jr, Candidate for US Congressional District 23 in Texas.  In this interview, we discuss the South Texas region of District 23 and the issues facing the people in that area.  From our Border Crisis to growing the economy, Reyes shares his vision and plans for revitalizing much of the district.  Sit back and enjoy this one-on-one conversation and get to know the Candidate.  #RNHA 
Tonight, we visited with Luis Burrola Jr, Director of Texit, a Conservative movement in Texas.  We talked about their purpose and the work they are doing in Texas to reach Hispanic voters.  Going door-to-door, meeting people where they are, Texit talks with local Hispanics about the issues that face them, like family values, faith, and the difference between Freedom and Socialism.  They debate people, discuss ideas and distribute information to help people make clear decisions when it comes to voting.  Listen to this interview and get an inside look at what Texit is doing to make a difference.  #TEXIT #LEXIT #RNHA #TRUMP2020 #KEEPAMERICAGREAT
I couldn't help but say a few words on the recent testimonies of Christine Ford and Kavanaugh. We are witnessing the downfall of our legal process. In this episode I share my thoughts on how wrong all of this is
Getting tired of the propaganda coming from these anti American socialist Democrats. In this episode I talk about gun control, illegal immigration, health care, free college tuition and welfare.
This episode is a response to a live stream video I just watched of a town hall in Katie
The Democrats and liberals would have you think that President Trump committed treason when he visited with President Putin of Russia. My response talks about how that is just not so. Please feel free to leave audio comments and please also share this program with your friends.
Had to put this podcast together and share some thoughts on what everyone is calling a disrespectful moment where president Donald Trump supposedly loses the Queen of England. The Liberals aren't going to stop attacking and neither are the never Trump folks. They have one thing in common and that is their disdain for our president.
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