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Author: Duke Machado

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Tune in to the Official RNHA Radio program if you want to listen to Grassroots news reports, updates, politics and life.
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President Trump has received lots of flack for his decision to withdraw US Troops from the Middle East.  Some say it is a huge mistake, and we are letting down our allies.  John Allen,  retired Army Veteran and retired from the Veteran's Administration, shares his views on President Trump's decision, and gives reasons why this is the right decision.  There's some great insight and wisdom in this episode...please share!  #Trump2020 #BringTroopsHome #RNHANews #PresidentTrump #KeepAmericaGreat
Speaking with State Chairman, Santiago Avila Jr, we got a great glimpse inside Florida politics and the Hispanic voter.  Santiago is doing amazing work, organizing in Florida.  One thing we talked about was whether Hispanics will be able to Unify in 2020.  We also talked about several Hispanic Republican candidates running in Florida, giving us a great opportunity to gain representation in Congress and local elections.   You can visit the Florida RNHA website  #RNHANews #SantiagoAvilaJr #Trump2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #FloridaPolitics  
We visted with Alex Veras, Republican activist in Boston, Massachusetts.  He has been working for years, pleading with the MASS GOP to recognize the conservative Hispanic voter and take steps to bring them to the Republican Party.  Alex shares his thoughts and gives us a glimpse of the scene in Massachusetts.  We talked Hispanic Heritage, Football, Politics and more.  
Tonight on the RNHA News Podcast, we talked to Miguel Flores, who was at Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001.  He was working for the NYFD's Paramedic Unit, and was there when the 2nd Tower collapsed as well as Tower 7.  He talks about the carnage and surreal environment of that day.  He shared his story and we talked about the current threat Radical Muslims still play in America.  From Bio-Terrorism to hone-grown terrorists, we talked for a full hour.  You don't want to miss this podcast.  #RNHANEWSPODCAST #RNHA #MIGUELFLORES #NYFD #SEPTEMBER11TH 
In this interview with Roseanne Rodriguez, we talked about the way she thinks the GOP leadership is being disrespectful to Hispanics.  She cites a few instances where individuals and some elected officials have said things to offend Hispanics.  We have some great back and forth on this subject and think you will get a lot out of this podcast.  From Illegal Immigration, to Abortion and Democrat policies, we dig into a little bit of everything.  President Trump,  Republican Party, Hispanic Republicans, Illegal Immigration 
Republican Candidate for US Congressional District 51 in California, John Renison, joined us tonight on the Podcast.  We talked about life in California, and the issues Californians face.  From Socialists ruining the cities, to homelessness and illegal immigration, John shared his thoughts with us a bout his plans to change the direction of his district, which includes the Southern California border region with Mexico.  A business owner, and Hispanic, John is fluent in Spanish and understands the people's concerns.  Listen to this Podcast and get to know John Renison.#RNHAPodcast #California #CD51
Tonight, we talked to Tony Gonzales, US Naval Veteran, Retired Master Chief.  Recently retired, Gonzales launched into the Public square with his announcement that he is running for the vacated seat of Republican, Will Hurd.  Hurd will not seek re-election.  In this conversation with Tony, we went back into his childhood, and learned a little bit about who he was before the Navy.  After 20 years of serving the country, Gonzales feels a strong pull to help youth, and his community.  He wants to go to Washington and fight.  Unlike many who say they will take the fight to Washington, Gonzales is a combat veteran, tested and determined to save America from the Socialist attack.  Listen and share.  #RNHANews #RNHAPodcast
Tonight, we visited with Fabian Cordova Vasquez, Republican Candidate for Texas Congressional District 33.  This District is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, a critical region in the future of Texas and the United States.In this RNHA News Podcast, we discussed Fabian's position on Illegal Immigration, DACA, and the recent shootings in El Paso,TX and Dayton, OH.  Listen to this podcast to get to know Fabian Cordova Vasquez.You can follow him on Facebook: Fabian Cordova Vasquez 2020Or on his Website : #FCV
Tonight's program featured Robert Cross, the RNHA's National Publisher, who spoke to us about the importance of alternative media and a strong message.  We also talked about our Immigration issues, including dealing with DACA recipients and the Border crisis.  We also discussed the Mueller Investigation and how the Democrats' strategy to impeach President Trump essentially dissolved with the recent Committee hearings.
Tonight, we talked about the monumental decision by President Trump, to issue an Executive Order, requiring the Commerce Department to provide a full count of persons living in the United States.  Against the wishes of the Democrat Party, Republicans are finally in  a position to have a clearly defined number of Illegal immigrants now living in America.  Using multiple Federal agencies, including Homeland Security, the State Department and even the Medicaid and Chip registration data to help identify those persons living here illegally and using American taxpayer resources.  We talked about this Executive order and visited with Rosie Paulson, RNHA Member in Tampa Florida.  Please Share!
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