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Interviews with amazing people by award-winning British journalist Dan Wooding. We open a window on the world to learn about what God is doing today.
48 Episodes
Dan Wooding interviews this South African-born Salvation Army leader about the exciting new projects at Strawberry Field. In mid-September, they will be opening the famous red gates for good, inspiring new generations. Strawberry Field, immortalized by John Lennon and the Beatles, will have a visitor’s attraction about the history of the place, and a training hub for young people with learning disabilities and other barriers to employment.Note: Please help Assist News Service to be a voice for Christians around the world. Donate to ANS today
Dan Wooding interviews his younger son, Peter, about how he is following in his Dad’s footsteps by becoming involved in international journalism, and recounts some of his latest trips with Mercy Projects to Ukraine and Georgia. He also shares about his work with Stan Jeter of the Global News Alliance and how his younger daughter, Abigail, is soon to join Youth With A Mission for training in Kona, Hawaii.Note: Please help Assist News Service to be a voice for Christians around the world. Donate to ANS today
Dan Wooding interviews talented Welsh-born singer, Bryn Yemm, who was paying a short visit to Southern California with his wife, Ann. In this moving conversation, Bryn talked about being adopted as a baby by a Salvation Army couple, and how he now dedicates many of his albums to support their work.Note: Please help Assist News Service to be a voice for Christians around the world. Donate to ANS today
In his latest interview, Dan Wooding interviews Kathy Green, who was born and raised in Sheffield, which was for many years, the steel capital of the UK. She has a powerful story to share with lots of pain. Now a Christian, she works with Church Army and has been chaplain at the Sheffield Children's Hospital for many years, where she ministers to dying children and their families. It is a don’t miss interview, especially for those going through difficult times in their marriage and with their sick children.Note: Please help Assist News Service to be a voice for Christians around the world. Donate to ANS today
Jody Wainwright is a director of Boodles, one of the UK's most prestigious jewelers. However, he left the business for a time to join Youth With A Mission in Kona, Hawaii, to get get his life and marriage sorted out. Now he is back being a Jewel in God's Crown.
Sharon Wooding with her mother Glenys Sturgess in Wales, UKThe 1904–1905 Welsh Revival was the largest Christian revival in Wales during the 20th century. While by no means the best known of revivals, it was one of the most dramatic in terms of its effect on the population and triggered revivals in several other countries. The movement kept the churches of Wales filled for many years to come, seats being placed in the aisles in Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Swansea for twenty years or so, for example. Meanwhile, the Awakening swept the rest of Britain, Scandinavia, parts of Europe, North America, the mission fields of India and the Orient, Africa and Latin America.Note: Please help Assist News Service to be a voice for Christians around the world. Donate to ANS today
George Beverly SheaHistory Podcast (ANS) - Listen to Dan Wooding's moving interview with the late George Beverly Shea. Shea, who, although he was known as America’s Beloved Gospel Singer, was actually born in Canada. He was considered "the first international singing 'star' of the gospel world." This came as a consequence of his solos at Billy Graham Crusades, radio exposure, records, and television presence. Because of the large attendance at Graham's Crusades, it is estimated that George Beverly Shea sang live before more people than anyone else in history.
Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life

Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life


Podcast From the UK (ANS) - Have you ever wondered if Bob Dylan is still a Christian?  This question has perplexed many Dylan followers over the many years of his career.  Dan Wooding recently conducted a fascinating interview with Scott M. Marshall, the author of a recent and wonderful book called “Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life.”Are you a Bob Dylan fan?  This podcast is a program you won't want to miss.  Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life reveals a depth of insight that has not been previously explored.  Enjoy!
From the UK (ANS) - Christian actor Christopher Lee-Power has become a well-known actor in the UK. I caught up with him recently to interview him about a new movie being made about his life called Free to Be.  We have his amazing story on our recent podcast.  Christopher Lee-Power appreciates our prayers as he serves the Lord in the movie industry. Enjoy!
Jeff with J Warner Wallace and Sean McDowellIt's a fact, young people are leaving the church in record numbers—but what can we do about it?  Bestselling authors and worldview experts, Sean McDowell, Ph.D., (son of Josh McDowell) and J. Warner Wallace, (author, Cold Case Christianity) know that parents, youth leaders, and Christian educators need to help the next generation embrace a biblical worldview. Their new book is available now!Anaheim, CA (ANS) - Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace’s rushed into the interview booth at the annual NRB convention, Proclaim 2019.  These gifted men, both university professors, and authors came to talk about their new book, So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World.   Their new book is an extraordinary resource for equipping Generation Z with a biblical worldview."Sean is a professor at Biola University and he called me to talk about how this generation is more disconnected from their Christian faith than others.   Truly, this generation is walking away in relatively large numbers," J Warner Wallace said.  "Not to be alarmist about it, however, the numbers don't lie.  Sean said we need to equip leaders, educators, parents, and youth pastors to pass on the truth of Christianity to this generation.  Not just what they believe about church or faith, but more, why are these things true?  We felt like we needed a "how to" book because of people always asking us, how do we pass on our faith to our kids?"Now the narrative is that Christianity is bad, bigoted, harmful and exclusiveA "how to" engage with Gen Z"There are more ideas, more narratives out there, both in the media as well as the classroom, than before.  Our young people are bombarded with a "worldview" that doesn't include God and is anti-biblical, Sean said.  The primary narrative used to be that Christianity is false.  Not any longer however, now the narrative is that Christianity is bad, bigoted, harmful and exclusive.  Thus, many in this generation ask if this is a faith that I really want to embrace?  This belief system is going to cause me to be excluded, and marked as a racist or a bigot."J Warner Wallace continued, "This generation is the first to literally grow up with and be connected to smartphones.  Thus, as Sean said, the sheer number of voices out there espousing different narratives are available and promoted to every 12-year-old in America.   It used to be that you had to study philosophy or worldview in college.  Now you are inundated with ideas without training in critical thinking skills."This wonderful resource is officially available May 1st from Amazon, however, a special offer "pre-order" is available right now!  Go to to get several free resources when you pre-order through the end of April.  This special offer disappears on May 1st.  Listen to Sean's podcast at Reasonable Theology here.So the Next Generation Will Know covers how to: Recognize the uniqueness of Generation Z Connect with the hearts of young people Relate and share what we know about Jesus Provide kids a worldview that is significant Prepare students through movies, music, social media, and current eventsThis may be the most important book of the year! (Lee Strobel)About Sean McDowell, PhD, - He is a bestselling author, coauthor, or editor of more than 18 books, including Evidence That Demands a Verdict (with his father, Josh McDowell). He is also an associate professor of apologetics at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University and blogs regularly at Sean speaks internationally on a variety of topics related to culture, students, and apologetics. Follow him at  or www.seanmcdowell.orgAbout J Warner Wallace - He is a cold-case homicide detective, speaker, and author. He is a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview,
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