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Author: Dee Railya

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Positive rants about roller derby & other topics sometimes too.
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Ep: 21 Humble Composition

Ep: 21 Humble Composition


This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Preflash Gordon - the 13 year roller derby photographer veteran. Not only is he a freaking delight to talk with, he's a wealth of knowledge with a heart of gold and his love for the game and its community is unparalleled.  If you are an aspiring derby photographer or want to learn more about roller derby in general, listen in as we discuss this sport we love so much. From landscapes, to fishnets, to gold medals: sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!I added some timestamps if you'd like to jump around!00:01:30  Get to know Preflash Gordon00:31:55 "RAW" Photographer Chat00:53:00 Why we love your photos01:11:00 Humble Talent
Do you know what you'll be doing when you're 90?  Freight Train does!  Join in as I recap our weekend with Freight Train and share our post brunch conversation about rhythm skating, roller coasters, derby gear preferences, and our favorite candy!Here's a link to the coaster Freight Train mentions in the interview, The Valravn Dive Coaster you again Freight Train for your time and dedication to teaching the masses how to be awesome on skates inside and outside of roller derby! Thank you to for taking care of the derby community and our gear needs! Use code BALCONY10 at checkout to save 10% on your order!
Ep. 19: Welcome Back Odder

Ep. 19: Welcome Back Odder


📸: Northland PulpAwkward Dee is bbaaaaccckkkkk!!!! Coaches need to grow their toolbox, just like skaters. I talk about 3 things I ask myself as a coach from our most recent game to grow from the experience, recap some Michigan rankings & scores, and give a much needed tribute to my pal Moush. Visit our sponsor allaBOUTderby.comCheck out her weekly deals and use code BALCONY10 at checkout to save 10% on your order.
Hi, hi, HIII!!!!  I'm so excited to FINALLY have time to record some audio!  yaaaayyyyy!!!  This episode I announce our partnership with All aBOUT Derby and I talk about a recent bucket list moment calling derby FROM THE BALCONY! aaahhhhh!  Believe in yourself! And just in case you need to hear it,  I believe in you too!I started recording outside but once my neighbor got to close with her lawnmower I had to take it inside. 😂Check out our sponsor, All aBOUT Derby!  Use code BALCONY10 at checkout to save 10% on your entire order! I am extremely excited to announce our partnership with Lulu at All aBOUT Derby!! All aBOUT Derby is Michigan's premier derby owned an operated business. Skip the prime shipping, use code BALCONY10 When checking out at to save 10% on your order. Have any special requests or questions? Shoot Lulu a message and she'll get back to you ASAP with the best advice and competitive prices. Thank you for all you do for the Derby community Lulu! We appreciate you!
April 6th I had the pleasure of announcing at the Sixth Annual Spring Breakherout Tournament in Mackinaw City, MI. It was my first in person junior derby experience and it's one I'll never forget. Listen in as I recap the past 2 weekends scores then move on to how junior derby has impacted myself, my family, and our league. Thank you Jam Carrey for the awesome picture and for joining me on this adventure. Definitely one for the record books. ♥️
Have you ever gone to a roller derby training clinic?  Regardless your answer, listen in as Jam Carrey, Sandra, and I ride that derby high and talk about the lessons we learned from Baller Shot Caller of Atlanta Roller Derby and Lady Trample Denver Roller Derby.Embrace your passions!  Do THE THING!  And... don't forget, "The more chins the better!"  Now will someone crack a window? :PThank you one million times over to Baller and Trample for teaching us amazing things and for inspiring us to achieve more together. #derbylove
Aaahhhhh! I'm sorry it's late! Sometimes sleep just takes precedence! *deep breath* This week after score recaps, I interview Juicy Gogo from Lakeshore Roller Derby! We talk about our love for the microphone, how we connect with the crowd and bicycle polo! Juicy is an absolute hoot! Thank you again Juicy for joining me for this cherished conversation. #derbylove
On my way home from one of our best practices of 2019, I discuss those inner voices that challenge us and why it's important to educate not dictate practice. Check out our FB and Instagram pages for the brief video mentioned in this episode.
This week I launch a new series where I recap Michigan Roller Derby scores and highlights. Ali Jahr, also known as Jahrmageddon, from East Lansing Mitten Mavens, joins me in talking about the importance of derby culture and it's impact on skater growth and retention. Thank you so much for joining me Jahrmageddon! I am in awe of your love and passion for the derby KTkaBOOM!
While I didn't get kitty cuddles this recording session, I did enjoy diving into the following Casebook sections. Part 2: 2.2.4 Passing the Star *01:28* C2.2.4A *02:25* C2.2.4B *03:19* C2.2.4C *06:48* C2.2.4D *08:44* C2.2.4E *10:58* C2.2.4F *12:12* 2.2.5 Blockers *14:50* 2.3- Engagement Zone & Pack *15:07* C2.3.A *15:43* C2.3.B *18:13* C2.3.C *20.23* 2.4 Blocks & Assists *22:10* 2.5- Passing *22:22* C2.5.A *22:52*
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